Acrobatic Fucking on a Dining Room Table Acrobatic Fucking on a Dining Room Table

I don't know if I'm energetic or flexible enough to be a pornstar. Jalil Jafar rolls and flips Aitor Bravo all over this dining room table and they make it look so easy. But then, if my reward was Jafar's beautiful cock, I'd fetch, roll over, play dead just like Rover, and I'd do anything else the sexy hunk might ask me to do. This scene is called "The Runner" and it's from Kristen Bjorn's "Raw Adventures" series. And it starts off with Jafar and Bravo spying each other while out for their morning run. Come inside and see the antics they get up to.

I only just discovered Jalil Jafar the other day while covering his latest scene for Men at Play, you can check out my post called "Who knew Azerbaijan Was Hiding Suck Beautiful Men." But as I said in the post, in researching Jafar, I discovered that he had filmed a whole bunch of scenes for Kristen Bjorn. I went fishing for a scene to feature here and discovered this horny bit of acrobatic fucking.

After hooking up during their morning run, Jaili and Aitor head to Jafar's apartment where Bravo lies back on the dining table. Jalil's dick has a gentle bend, so when Aitor opens his mouth, Jalil easily slides his stiffening cock right down Bravo's throat. Aitor pivots on the table so his ass is hanging over the edge and Jalil stuffs his dick inside, then he rolls Aitor over on his side and fucks him some more. Finally, Aitor is on his back again supporting himself on his arms while Jalil holds Aitor's legs on his shoulder. I'm exhausted and I'm just sitting here watching them. But Jalil Jafar lives up to my expectations, which means all those Kristen Bjorn scenes won't go to waste and my dick's going to be very sore after this weekend.

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