9-Man Bareback Orgy in a German Bathhouse 9-Man Bareback Orgy in a German Bathhouse

I find gang bangs notoriously difficult to write about, and not much easier to watch since there's so much going on. Ever time you see something hot, your eye catches something else. I generally have to watch them four or five times and force myself to concentrate on a different grouping of guys each time, which certainly isn't a bad thing. This 9-man gang bang is going to require several viewing to take it all in.

Adam Killian is the creative director over at Lucas Entertainment and he's just released his first bareback DVD. It was filmed in a German bathhouse and it started off with him doing a scene with his real-life lover and newcomer to gay porn Marco Milan, who is a sexy, bald hunk with a thick cock. Then Fostter Riviera, Ivan Gregory, and Marco Sessions did a threeway in a dry sauna (this was Marco Sessions first bareback scene), and Valentino Medici and Tomas Brand followed up with Medici riding Brand's dick, then they did a threeway with Fabio Lopez sandwiched between them.

This last episode sees all of the men coming together (plus a couple of news ones added in) for a 9-man gang bang. It starts off as a threeway, but quickly becomes five, then every minute or so another man joins until there's a giant pile of men sucking and fucking. I can't keep track of who is fucking whom -- besides it'll be more fun to watch yourself -- and the cum finale goes on forever as each man unloads his nuts in someone's ass or mouth. If you like cum-in-ass or cum-eating shots, there's plenty of it here.

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