5 Guys Fuck Broke Straight Boys Through Scene #1,000! 5 Guys Fuck Broke Straight Boys Through Scene #1,000!

When the owner of Broke Straight Boys started handing out Benjamins to straight guys in 2006, he probably didn't think he'd film 1,000 scenes. But here we are, and he did. Awesome. A thousand videos is quite an achievement in this business, most sites don't even make 100. Broke Straight Boys has definitely proved that they have staying power -- who does like a top that can just keep on fucking?

Broke Straight Boys brought together four of their guys Paul Canon, Damien Kyle, Kaden Alexander, and Dakota Ford, and they thought it would be fun to throw newcomer and bad boy Tyler White onto the bed. This Boston guy had already filmed his first jack-off and blowjob videos, but Tyler's star is shining bright because he's also taking it up the ass for the first time in this milestone episode.

Okay, so 1,000 episodes, five guys, a first-timer getting initiated, that's enough right? No. It's not enough. While the other guys are sucking and fucking on the bed all around him, Tyler White has Kaden Alexander between his legs. Kaden has a big, eight-inch cock. Kaden has already fucked one of the other guys, but he's been dying to pick some cherries since they started rolling the cameras. Does he get it in? Oh yeah, he does. And after Tyler blows his first dick-in-ass cumshot, the rest of the guys give a very well-fucked Damien Kyle a cum shower. And that's how you celebrate your 1,000th episode.

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