12 Fucks and a Funeral 12 Fucks and a Funeral

Gay Bar or Bust was such a successful and award-winning series that UK Naked Men filmed a second DVD full of sweaty sex scenes in this sleazy gay bar. And now the British porn site has launched a new web series called 12 Fucks and a Funeral. The scene is set with a group of hunky men standing around a casket in their suits, paying their respects to the deceased. But JP was a horny fucker, so this isn't going to be a regular funeral.

Matt Brookes and Riley Tess are in the morgue with JP on the slab in front of them covered in a sheet. They talk about what a lot of fun it was to have sex with JP, and they both start getting horny. So right there in front of the deceased, Riley gets down on his knees and sucks Matt's big cock. And it's a nice juicy uncut piece of meat.

Matt pushes Riley against the wall and fucks him so hard that Riley's boner is flopping up and down vigorously and slapping against his stomach. Riley takes this forceful fucking and still wants more. So when Matt has had his fun with Riley's hole, he puts the bottom down on his knees and unloads his balls all over Riley's beard and face -- and it's a huge, sticky load. This is going to be a very horny series and I can't wait to see how the rest of these mourners pay their respects to their buddy.

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