10 Horny Men Dump their Wads in "Boner" 10 Horny Men Dump their Wads in "Boner"

If you're a reality TV junkie you might be interested to know that Big Brother 15's David Girton is jacking his dick in the newest Treasure Island Media DVD called "Boner." I'm not into long-haired, blond surfer types and I think reality TV is one of the signs of the end times -- or at least the end of television worth watching -- so I'm much more interested in the nine other men beating off of the DVD, especially Rocco Steele working his 10x7 monster cock.

"Boner" brings us 10 men sitting back stroking their meat: Saxon West, Dallas Long, Erik Grant, Luke Tyler, Krave Moore, David Girton, Tommy Deluca, Tatman, Lukas Cipriani, and Rocco Steele. There's a good mix of men featuring big and comfortably-average cocks and lots of different stroking styles. Some pump their meat slowly in their hands, some like thumping their hard-ons against their palm, some like staring at their erections while making them dance hands free. Spit, lube, Jergens hand lotion ... they use it all.

One of my faves was Tatman, a 51-year-old, conservative-looking daddy; but when he peels off his clothes he's completely covered in tatts and when he gets his bone in his hand he turns into a horny dirty talker. But with 10 sexy men masturbating in "Boner," it won't be a question of picking faves, but figuring out where to to start.

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