After the passionate kiss we shared we parted and as I walked out the door we exchanged numbers and a kiss

As I walked away he disappeared from my sight and the door closed behind him my hand struck for my phone buried deep inside my pocket and the first thing I did was add his number to my contacts

Later that night I got a text from Jacob asking me if I was available to chat so I replied "yes I was wondering when you were going to text me" he then asked me what I was doing and how I was after what had happened during the day

So I said that I was lying on my bed dwelling on the thought of him and that all I could think about was him and I was okay with what had happened

He then phoned me and we spoke about the days events and he then asked me if I was gay and I said that I was still not sure but I wanted to have more encounters with him and just as I said I liked him my mom and dad walked in and I ended the call

Alex who were you talking to

I replied and said " no one mom its really no one" is that a girl you talking to says mom

NO!!! Mom its not

Then dad yelled out


I turned around and said I'm not and I walked up the stairs to my room then I thought to myself why is this happening to me why am I thinking about a man like this I can't be........ I can't be GAY

The next morning I got a call from Jacob and he asked if I wanted to ride to school together and I said no and put the phone down

I left for school and could not believe what I had done why was I in such a bad mood

Anyway I went through the day at school on a different planet and when I got home I saw a letter on the floor of my room

I opened it and it said halloween is here attached to this letter is a costume arrangement witch you should wear to my party on friday next week

Form Jacob Sterling

So I looked across the room and said I would Love to come so I took out my phone and sent a text to Jacob that said I would love to come

He responded and said he was waiting for a text from me he then asked me if I would like to come over and the next thing I knew I was outside his house and he was infront of me he then invited me in and he made his way to his bedroom and I followed he then took of his clothes and got onto the bed I suffered my shoes off amd my pants and joined him and we started to kiss and my hand slowly made its way down to his rock hard cock and I started to stroke it ever so gently I then made my way down with my face and swallowed his cock into my mouth

I heard soft and gentle moans coming from him and I liked how this was going so I moved faster and faster and lead him to his climax after a few minutes and he shot his load into my mouth but I didn't mind I swallowed it and continued

He stopped me and asked if I had ever had a rim job and I replied no so he turned me over and opened my bum checks and started to like my hole and fucking me with his tough as he did that I was drooling over the thought of having his dick inside me

I then said that I wanted him to put his dick inside me and make love to me so he grabbed his lube and covered his dick with it and my hole and he put it inside me at first it hurt and and he moved in and out it got better and it felt so good I did not want him to stop




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