One day I had been off from school and was at home alone with no one around and all the thought of previous relationships had come flooding in and all I could dwell on was the young man I had seen earlier that morning leaving for school

Oh by the way my name is Alex and I just turned 18 a week and a half ago. But all my relationships have always gone badly, I mean I'm a sexy guy. I have a toned body with a six pack,finely defined biceps and fairly long black hair with deep green eyes.

So yeah I know I'm sexy I've played football for my school for the last eight years and I am the leading line backer

But as I was saying about my relationships I've never looked at a guy or thought about having intercourse with another man so when the thought ran through my head I sprung up and couldn't believe what had happened but this young man was gorges

He drove a cherry red ferrari with fairly long blond hair, finely toned biceps very sleek body with pricing blue eyes. As he drove off this morning I watched him and started bulging in my pants.

Then as he drove away the bulge started to soften and as I laid at home that day all I could think about was this guy I saw and had thought run through my head about him walking into my house and stripping off all his clothes with a rock hard 10" cock looking me right in the face.

Then he would walk over to me and take my clothes off now by this time I was rock hard and dripping with pre cum already as these thought run through my head I heard that sexy ferrari pull up his drive way so I went to look and there this beautiful man stood with no shirt on so now I could see that he had a finely toned eight pack.

I couldn't stop myself from looking so I thought to myself that I would go over and introduce myself as he was the new guy on the block and when I got to his front door my dick throbbing at attention so I turned away and as I did the door opened and a deep but soft voice came and said " hello can I help you" I looked back to see him in just a bath rob wrapped around his gorges ass then I said I just came over to say hi and introduce myself "hi my name is Alex Chinstone" he replied I'm Jacob Sterling.

As I walked away that voice said would you like to come in for coffee I turned to him and said yes please that would be very nice of you as I walked into his house I saw pictures of naked men on the walls so I was hesitant to ask but blurred it out and said "Are you gay" he turned to me and said why are you I looked him up and down and said no but all these pictures on your walls make it look like you are.

He then said "even if I were why would it concern you if you not gay" I looked at him and turned away then I heard him say that he was and had been looking for a lover in or around the area then he asked if I knew any hot boys like myself that were gay

Just then a smile grew on my face and I was about to turn to him and say I am willing to give it a try but I shook the thought from my mind and said that I don't I'm sorry but all the guys I know are straight and love girls

He then turned to me and said here's your coffee with a smile on his face as his eyes ran up and down my body

We walked to the outside of his house and sat by the pool where my mind drifted off once again flooding with thoughts of him and me in the pool

He then yelled out............

"Hello are you there"

I turned and replied yes sorry my mind was drifting off to a place I've never been before

He turned to me and asked where it was going I smiled and turned to him where he gave a smile back then I said I would like to try things with you

He gave a eager smile and said why is that then I replied since I saw you this morning I haven't stopped thinking about you

:e then asked "So you are gay" and I replied I'm not sure but I would like to have a go at it with you and if I do turn out to be gay the I would love for you to be my boyfriend

He then stood up and dropped his towel and I couldn't help myself but my eyes dropped to his cock that arouse from its slumber

As he walked over I unbuttoned my pants and started taking them off and my cock rose to its full attention like never before. I grasped his cock with my right hand I began to stroke it gently and heard soft moans from him he then fell to his knees and swallowed my cock deep into his mouth and I let off a groan which he then knew I was enjoying this so he tightened his lips and fastened his movement witch lead me to my climax and I shot my load into his mouth and to my surprise he swallowed every drop

He then moved up to my face and we started to kiss passionately witch had me harder than ever before




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