Dave moves his hands to my shoulders. And starts to massage them. He moves down to my pecks and plays with my nipples through my shirt and then feels my slit pot belly. He then takes my shirt kissing as he does. We move closer and feel eachother bodies. When I get to his lower back I grab his ass and he grab mine.

"You have advantage of me you can feel me without the hassle of clothes." He said. And he pushes me on to the bed.

He grabs my belt aggressively and charges at my crotch with his mouth and bites off the button (latterly bite it off and spit it across the room) and pulls the zipper down with his teeth. He flips my legs over my head and pulls my briefs off and lunges into my ass. His tongue rapidly explores my ass barely tickling my prostate with its tip.

"You got any lube?" he asks.

With a wave of my hand I conjure some and give it to him. He puts a glob of it on his fingers, he put one and two, then three and four and finally all five. I never had been fisted before I let a yelp of pain it more intense the regular fucking. Soon I adjust and cries of pain turn to cries of excitement. He picks up the pace and turns his fist which sending waves of pleasure through my enter body. He pulls his hand out and replaces it with his cock. After his fist his cock feels comfortable. He starts out slow and just puts his head in. he progress and puts the whole thing in. he trusts start to slowly increase. The faster he goes the more I move into him and our mutual delight sky rocket. He starts to thrust faster than ever we start to moan so loud I am surprised that my neighbors have not call the police by now. He leans closer to me and kisses my neck. Shortly of his kisses I feel the first wave of cum shoot into my butt. After he done cumming he dismounts me he start to get off the bed, but before he go anywhere I flip him on to his back lift legs up into the air and grab the lube squirt some up his ass and put a lot on my penis .

"One good anal session deserves another. " I said.

I push in just the head at first to see how he reacts; he is wincing a little but not complaining. I push in more he starts to scream. I put my hand over his mouth and he relaxes a bit. I put my full erect sausage in; he winces once more but only for a second. And my god what gloriously tight ass it is the tightest I ever had the pleasure of fucking let alone popping. I thrust at slow pace until he is use to it and then I go faster. He starts to squeeze my cock with his ass macules and it feels so good. I grab his cock and start to jack him off in rhythm of my pounding of his ass. He starts to moan and calling my name and saying that can't believe that he never had his fuck before it feels good. I get him to cum a gain. Lick off his cum it tastes salty and sweat just like I like it. I slow down because I know that I am about to climax. I cum so much that it leaks out of his ass. I dismount and kiss him.

We start to feel eachother again and I start to get hard all over again. Dave touches my cock and starts to jerk me off. He slow and deliberate pausing at the balls and he pauses again when he returns to the head. He then stops pushes my legs open and kneels on the floor. He stops for a second and then kisses the head and pull down my foreskin and lick my piss slit, he licks down my shaft stops at my balls and licks them too. He put half of my penis and starts to gag and comes up for air.

"The trick is to inhale as you take the penis into your mouth and exhale as out let it out" I tell him. He nods and goes back at it,

He is quite the quick study and is soon deep throating me. I am in heaven on earth but I do not want to cum again so soon. I pull him on the bed and switch places with him. I suck on his nuts and swirl them with my tongue. I then go up to his piss slit and ply with it for a while then I put his whole dick in my mouth. He starts to get excited thrust his dick deeper down my throat that I now have his ball in my mouth as well; after a few more minute of sucking, we both cum at the same time.

Too tired to do anything else we both get into bed kiss one more time and hug eachother. The last thing I think is this is probably the best sex I am ever going to have and the guy I have it with is not going to remember and I cannot tell a single living soul. Oh well it better then living the rest of my life having a lust in my heart that would otherwise never be explored. Thank you Eros and Aphrodite for bring this man into my life.




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