Every young wizard must spend time in the mortal realm. The minimum of at least one year (in case something happen to their magic they can function as a human or so the thought goes).and so far my one year of being magic light (we not meant to use magic daring the assigned year unless an emergency comes up) totally blow's. The only good thing about is that some normals males are hot as hades (ok they stories about magic are funny because they are inaccurate but that becomes old quick) one in particular Dave.

My cover in the mortal realm is that I am foreign exchange student that will spending the year then I be going back to my home country. This normals school is total BS except three thing art and history and Dave in math class.

Dave is great for two reasons he excels in math and he is one the hot normal males. Now my thought of a hot man is askew for other gay men. For most gay guys it is the taller gents that are ripped to the max with prefect eyes, mouth, and chin. That is not for me; my men need to be more average height, natural body or tone, and imperfect in some respect. That why most of guys I date hybrids not pure wizard or warlock; those pure one 8 out 10 use their magic to look like most gay men ideal not mine. Half breed usually take pride their mixed heritage and hide that. To be happy is your own skin (or fur in the case of my half werewolf ex Jason, hottie but total meat head) is the best way to approach life.

Any who back to describing Dave he 5' 7" I'd guess, a little on the heavy side, has the most amazing soulful brown eyes, beautiful curly blonde hair, and the best part is has the cutest freckles ever. The only flaw I have is this stupid little goatee that I just want to shave off.

So it is finals at the high school and just my luck math is my second one on the first or finals. What drag you know. But lucky me, very lucky me Dave like to tutor me wanting nothing in return.

We go over my house; we stop in the hallway dropping off our book-bags taking out only our math books, head into the kitchen to stock up snacks and drinks, and head up to me room. We start to study when nature call I leave to go to the bathroom, thinking that nothing would happen. When I come back I am proven that couldn't be more wrong. In Dave's hand are things that I thought were safe my wand and my scrying mirror.

"What the world is this stuff man?" He asks.

"It just a toy wand that I've had since I was a kid and a mirror" I answer.

"No toy wand I ever had felt warm to the touch or written on the side 'learners wand grade two'. And I have never seen a mirror this decorated and with black glass, and what this on the top of it Latin? He retorts back.

I think to myself thank Hecate that I am aloud to tell a few mortals about magic. But Mother is going to freak out she never liked mortals or even half mortals. And then I tell him,

"Alright I will tell you the truth. I am a wizard."

To be continued...




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