Kemar was meeting up with Eddie. He was at a café and Eddie was 10 minutes

late. Just as he was gonna send him a mental message Eddie sent him one instead.

I got caught up in the library I'm heading over there now. He then

saw Oliver. Oliver had somehow known that Adrian was an empath before anyone

else and had been impacting Adrian's feelings towards him. Kemar was gonna

have a talk with him. "We need to talk." Kemar said. "I don't have anything to say

to you." Oliver replied. "It's about Adrian." "What about him." "I know you're

using him and I want you to stop." Kemar turned around to walk away but then

Oliver said "Make me." "I'm warning you Jones, leave him alone." Oliver's eyes

glowed. Kemar saw the flame in it. He was going to use his powers. Just then

Oliver held his throat. He was choking and gasping for breath. "You have no idea

who you're messing with." Kemar said. Oliver levitated four feet in the air still

gasping for breath. Kemar sent him flying into his own parked bike. Oliver got up

on his knees but that was where he stayed as he started choking out water from his

mouth. "If you think I'm gonna let you hurt Adrian like you did to me then you are wrong."

Oliver started screaming. Kemar didn't care. The moment he went to

speak to Oliver he cast a glamour so no one would interrupt them.

-------------- Lavar was home studying and Adrian and Oliver were on a date. They were about

to walk in the café when his mom called his phone. He told Oliver to go on ahead

while he spoke to his mom. After the call ended he went in to the café but didn't

see Oliver. He went to where the bike was and saw Oliver on his knees and water

was coming out of his mouth. Adrian could feel that he was in pain and that he was bruised. Adrian also saw Kemar. His eyes were dark and he had an evil look in

them. Adrian knew there was bad blood between them but they tried to get long for the sake of the circle. Why were they fighting now? "Stop it. You'll kill him."

Adrian cried. Adrian could feel the panic in his voice, he could feel Oliver's pain

and he could feel Kemar's rage. He had so much suppressed rage. So much that it

numbed the other emotions Adrian was feeling.

wrong." Oliver started screaming. Kemar didn't care. The moment he went to

speak to Oliver he cast a glamour so no one would interrupt them.


Lavar was home studying and Adrian and Oliver were on a date. They were about

to walk in the café when his mom called his phone. He told Oliver to go on ahead

while he spoke to his mom. After the call ended he went in to the café but didn't

see Oliver. He went to where the bike was and saw Oliver on his knees and water

was coming out of his mouth. Adrian could feel that he was in pain and that he was

bruised. Adrian also saw Kemar. His eyes were dark and he had an evil look in

them. Adrian knew there was bad blood between them but they tried to get long for

the sake of the circle. Why were they fighting now? "Stop it. You'll kill him."

Adrian cried. Adrian could feel the panic in his voice, he could feel Oliver's pain

and he could feel Kemar's rage. He had so much suppressed rage. So much that it

out numbered the other emotions Adrian was feeling.

Kemar turned. He had listened to Adrian but Adrian saw Oliver and he felt more

than saw that he was gonna attack Kemar. Adrian had to do something. Oliver

cried out. Blood started running from his nose and blood was coming from his

mouth. Kemar now had all his attention on Oliver. BURN! BURN! Adrian thought.

All he could think about was how much pain Oliver had caused him, how much he

used him. He broke his heart then ripped it in two then blamed him for it. Adrian

was gonna break every bone in his body and then rip his heart out. Someone was

shouting words at him but he couldn't hear. His surroundings went black and then

Oliver's bones started to break. One by one Adrian saw and heard Oliver's bones

cracked. Then he was standing in front of himself. Adrian was startled and then he

saw that it was Kemar standing in front of him.

Adrian's eyes moved to Oliver's now lifeless body. He did that. Somehow he took

in all of Kemar's rage and he tried to kill Oliver. His eyes moved to Kemar who

was in front of him. "You did this. This is all your fault." Kemar went limp to his

knees. Adrian was taking out his frustration on Kemar. He didn't know what he

was doing or how he was doing it. "Your blood is boiling, you heart is racing." He

said. He was upset but Oliver lay unconscious and Adrian was no murderer. He

walked over to Oliver releasing Kemar from the pain and touched Oliver's chest.

He didn't know what he was doing but all he knew was that Oliver started healing

and he was no longer in pain.


Kemar and Eddie were at the café. He couldn't stop thinking about what happened.

He almost killed Oliver and Adrian had tapped into his rage and was going to do it

for him. He never imagined that Adrian had that much power. He also had no

control. Kemar would have to help him with his powers. Kemar was the most

powerful member in the circle but Adrian was stronger. He had tried binding

Adrian when he was breaking Oliver's bones but it had no effect. He even tried

controlling him but he didn't even flinch. If Oliver did turn out to be using Adrian

then Oliver may very well end up dead.


Oliver was sleeping peacefully in the bed. Adrian watched as his chest lifted and

then relaxed. He kissed him on his cheek. Adrian got up to get dressed but Oliver

held onto his wrist. "You're not leaving without a proper kiss are you?" Adrian

bent down to kiss his lips. It was sweet and passionate. Oliver's hands ran down

his back and Adrian began to moan. He used his other hand to reach for something

on the bedside table. They were locked in a deep kiss and Adrian's eyes were

closed when he felt something metal against his skin and his eyes flew wide open.

He looked down and saw that the bed was soaked in blood. He tried pulling away

but Oliver plunged the knife deeper into his chest. Adrian gasped and then he

pulled it out.

Adrian was breathless. This was the third time he had that dream. He was shaking

in the bed. Oliver had forgiven him for what happened outside the café. At least he

said he had. He also kept having a dream where he was trapped and surrounded by

flames and he was asking Lavar for help but instead he walked away. Adrian

thought that it was time he came clean. He liked them both but he had to choose

one and the sooner the better. He was meeting Oliver later and Lavar was helping

Ian with a Chemistry project. He would tell Oliver the truth. Maybe he wouldn't be

quick to judge because he kind of did the same thing with Kemar.

Oliver had ridden Adrian to the old mansion. Adrian had only been here once when

Lavar had introduced him to the circle. It wasn't as bad as it seemed from the

outside. They were in a small room. There were candles that weren't lit, a table

with food and the room was recently cleaned and decorated for a romantic evening.

Adrian suddenly felt guilty. Somehow he didn't picture that Oliver would be

forgiving. He was really thinking about not telling Oliver the truth when the

candles flickered with flame. Oliver. He had to tell him. It wasn't fair to either one

of them. "There is something I need to tell to." He said before he changed his

mind. "Lavar and I have been going out." He felt the shock that Oliver felt but he

also felt that he wasn't upset; at least not yet. "How long have you been going

out?" Oliver asked in a calm voice. "Around the same time you and I started

dating. I didn't mean to hurt either of you. Things just got out of hand." "Do you

love him?" Oliver asked. He still wasn't upset. Irritated yes but not upset.

Adrian thought carefully. He had to choose his words carefully but he also didn't

want to lie to him. "Yes I do but I'm in love with you as well." Oliver walked up to

him. Adrian braced himself for the worse then Oliver took him into his arms and

kissed him. The kiss was intimate, forceful and passionate; it wasn't filled with

hate, disgust or rage. The next thing he knew they had stumbled into a room that

had a bed and cleaned sheets. Oliver had taken him there to do more than have

lunch. They were going to have sex. Adrian was a virgin. Lavar knew this and so

did Oliver. If he did it with Oliver Lavar wouldn't know would he?

He had just told Oliver he was in love with someone else and he was about to make

love to him. "Oliver," Adrian tried to plead but the moment he looked into his eyes

and saw the desire whatever he was going to say didn't matter. Adrian traced his

hands over Oliver's chest and he shivered at Adrian's touch. He slid one hand

under Oliver's shirt and used the next to pull Oliver's lips closer to him. His lips

were sweet and addictive. It felt right against his lips. Adrian was semi-hard.

Oliver braced his groin against him groaning with each kiss. Adrian took off

Oliver's shirt and began kissing his nipples. He nibbled on the left then nibbled on

the right. Then he pushed him on the bed.

Adrian ran his tongue over Oliver's chest and he moaned. Oliver suddenly was on

top and he took off Adrian's shirt. He kissed Adrian's neck then his collar bone and

then he nibbled on the nipples while undoing Adrian's pants. Oliver made a beeline

and ran his tongue on Adrian's dick while it was in his boxers. Adrian was in deep

pleasure. Adrian was now naked and Oliver was running his tongue on the head of

Adrian's dick. He paused then stripped and pressed his body onto Adrian's

widening Adrian's leg. Oliver reached to get something while was kissing Adrian.

Adrian remembered his dream but when he saw the lube and condom he relaxed.

This was it he thought.

Where are you?

It was Kemar. Adrian ignored him. Oliver stopped. He had a frightening look on

his face. "What's wrong?" Adrian asked. "The others are coming here, now."

Oliver looked disappointed but he got off the bed and got dressed.

Within ten minutes all members of the circle were present and all evidence of a romantic

evening was erased.


"The hunters are here." Kemar was standing while everyone else was seated.

"There are dozens of them here. I don't know what their planning but we need to

be on the alert." "Why don't we just go after them before they come to us?" Kyle

asked. "Because we don't know where they are. I had a vision that they were here.

I couldn't tell where they were but they're here." Eddie was speaking. "Ok,

couldn't you have sent us a mind message instead of having us meet up here?"

Adrian asked. "No, I want us all to do a spell; one that will allow us to

communicate with each other even if our powers are blocked." Kemar wasn't

about to take any chances. "It's gonna be almost like the binding ceremony and the sooner the better." After the ceremony everyone left and Eddie went home with

Kemar. Kemar wasn't going to let him out of sight. He wasn't going to be taken

from him.

Lavar was with Simon and Oliver and Adrian were coming out the library. Adrian

still didn't know what he was gonna do about the whole love triangle. He didn't

know what he was gonna tell Lavar but he knew he had to stop seeing them both.

"Kiss me one last time then." Oliver said. He pulled Adrian into his arms and

pressed his lips against his. Then they walked to their rooms. Adrian watched as

Oliver closed the door then he went in.


Simon said he was running late. Lavar had ditched Adrian to help out his lab

partner and he felt bad about it so he went to Adrian's room only he wasn't there.

"He is at the library." Ian had said. He was looking thinking about sending him a

message when he looked through the window and saw Adrian in the arms of

another man. He wasn't just any man, it was Oliver. He was furious and he wanted

to go to his room and cry but instead he waited until Adrian came into the room.


Adrian was surprised to see Lavar in his room. "What are you doing here?" he

asked. "When were you planning on telling me?" Lavar said. Adrian could feel his

anger, his pain. He could have said "what are you talking about?" but he knew

exactly what he meant. Adrian didn't know what to say. "I saw you kissing him!"

Lavar shouted. Ian wasn't in the room. Adrian thanked god. He would have

probably thrown Lavar out. Ian knew Adrian was dating both Oliver and Lavar. He warned Adrian not to trust Oliver and that he should choose Lavar but Adrian just

couldn't choose. "I was gonna tell you." Adrian said. "Tell me what, that you're

banging someone else?" Adrian felt hurt. He didn't have sex with Oliver though it

wasn't by his account." "God, are you even a virgin?" "I deserved that." Adrian

said. He didn't know what to say. He could say that he was in love with both of

them but nothing he said would change how Lavar felt. His heart was torn, broken

and it was Adrian's fault. Adrian instantly flew into the wall and hit his head. He

fell on his knees and as he looked up he saw a broken hearted Lavar slam the room door.


Lavar was pissed and he felt like someone had stabbed him in the chest with a

knife. He couldn't see how sweet Adrian whom he had come to love could betray

him like that. He wanted to take it out on the world. He never thought he could hurt Adrian but he lost control. He wanted to run to him and pick him up into his arms

but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He would hurt even more. He was heading to find Simon. He wasn't aware of his surroundings or he would have heard the man's thoughts if not see him as he fired the stun gun. Lavar collapsed on the ground and

was pulled into the truck.


"How much time have we got?" Semoi asked. Oliver preferred slow and had taught him to prefer it, too. He shook his head and batted Semoi's hand away from his shirt. "Not enough for anything heavy. Get on your knees." No full sex then, not tonight. The disappointment was bitter in Semoi's gut. He needed more, had to have it. Semoi fell to the floor, dragging Oliver with him. "Please, Oliver, give me something, something to remember. You have to make me come. I can't bear it otherwise." He usually ignored Semoi when he begged, but tonight Semoi's tone must have swayed him. He shrugged. "All right, let's do it." God, he couldn't wait.

The thought of having Oliver's cock in his mouth at the same time his lips were wrapped round him had him tearing off Semoi's clothes as if they were deadly poison. Oliver wasn't far behind, either. The sight of his naked body-long and lanky, in the room drove Semoi onwards, and when they rolled onto the floor together, all thoughts of comfort and life beyond them had already vanished away.

"Slowly, slowly," he moaned. "We . . . have . . . time . . . for that."

But they didn't. Fighting back, Semoi all but swallowed his cock down, and then his lips were around Oliver's.

Still he made him wait. As always, the whole delayed agony almost made Semoi weep. He hated and loved it at the same time. Funny how Semoi always loved blowjobs, giving and getting them, but with Oliver it was on another scale.

With him, it wasn't simply flesh and sucking and heat and need, though it was that too. It was connection and completion and not feeling so alone anymore.

God help me, I didn't even love him. Semoi thought. But he did something to him nobody else ever had. So, there in his room, all reason and decency scattered into nothing, Semoi lay sprawled across his bed, legs as wide apart as he could get them, while Oliver sucked and licked and all but swallowed him. Meanwhile, Semoi continued to take in as much of his glorious cock as he let him have. Never enough, never enough, never enough.

Time stopped. Semoi wanted to get to the end. The feel of his mouth surrounding him sent spasms of fire through his balls and gut, and it was the nearest thing to flying he'd ever known. Their bodies joined in the way they were made for, nothing existing but the experience. God, he could never describe it, not fully. Couldn't begin to.

Then, finally, he was coming, spurting hot spunk down Oliver's throat, and he would have been crying out words of joy meant only for him if he'd been able to.

The next second his salty warmth filled Semoi's mouth and he gulped him down, moaning his delight. This taste of him would have to do; it would have to keep him going until he had the time to fuck him again. God, he hoped that would be soon.

Semoi had been trying to get Oliver into bed for weeks and he had finally given in.


Eddie was at Kemar and he asked Adrian to collect his homework from his room.

Adrian hadn't spoken to Lavar since he saw him and Oliver kissing and he was

giving him space. He wanted to give Oliver some space as well but he was just

doing Eddie a favor and going into Oliver's room at 7:30am didn't mean that he

was gonna make out with Oliver. He opened the door and felt like his heart was

being ripped from his chest. In the room he saw Oliver and Semoi naked under

sheets making out. He was dreaming and any moment he would wake up. But he

didn't. He saw the shock on Oliver's face and the smile on Semoi's reddened and

swollen lips. Adrian ran not bothering to close the door. He ran to the elevator

before Oliver could run after him.

Now he knew what Lavar felt when he saw him kiss Oliver. He felt like he

couldn't breathe. He kept remembering his dreams. They all came through. He had

played with fire and got burned. Oliver had stabbed him in the chest and now that

he felt like he couldn't breathe and he had gotten burned he couldn't dare go to

Lavar for comfort. Adrian was running in the woods. He was out of sight. He was

cursing himself for being stupid when he didn't see that he was being followed.

Then he saw three men in robes standing in front of him and his vision went blank.


Ian searched all over school and he couldn't find Adrian. He couldn't find Lavar

either. Ian asked everyone he knew and no one could point him to Adrian's

direction. He had only one person left and it was Oliver. Adrian had told him what

happened between him and Lavar so maybe Adrian was with Oliver. "Have you

seen Adrian?" he asked. "No I've been trying to reach him but no answer." Oliver

said. "Ok, if you see or hear from him just let me know." "Do you want me to help you look for him?" Oliver asked. "No it's cool." He tried calling Kyle. "What's up

homie?" "Have seen Adrian?" "No I thought since Lavar didn't come home last

night that he was with Adrian."Kyle stated. "Lavar and Adrian had a fight

yesterday. You say you didn't see Lavar last night?" Ian asked. "This is bad, really

bad." Kyle stated the obvious. "I'll alert Kemar and the others." "He will flip."

Kyle said. "I know." "This is bad." Kyle repeated


You will tell me everything I want to know." Kemar told the hunter. He was

compelling him. "Do you know anything about these two?" Kemar held up two

pictures, one of Lavar and the other was Adrian. The hunter hesitated, big mistake.

He twisted in pain as Kemar cracked the bones in his body. "Answer me." he said.

"No I don't know them." Kemar and Eddie turned to walk away when the man

cried out. Eddie turned to see blood coming from the man's nose. "Kemar stop."

Kemar kept walking. "Kemar!" the man fell. "You need to stop this." Eddie told

him. "Ever since Lavar and Adrian's disappearance you have been acting different.

You're hurting people. This isn't like you." "I told Adrian I would keep him safe

and now he is missing. I'm the leader of the circle. It's my responsibility to keep

everyone safe and I failed." Kemar replied. "It's not your fault and you can't

protect us all the time." "Well I can damn well try." And with that Kemar walked

out searching for his next suspect.


Oliver and Kemar had agreed to work together to find Adrian. Oliver blamed

himself. If Adrian hadn't seen him and Semoi then he probably would be safe. He

didn't love Semoi. It was just sex. It didn't mean anything. Adrian had told him he

loved Lavar. He wasn't willing to leave Lavar for him. At least not yet; instead he

told him that they had to take a break. Semoi had been trying to sleep with him for

weeks so he finally gave in. He shouldn't have and now he was paying the price.

He should have ran Semoi out of his room the moment after they had sex but he

foolishly let Semoi convince him to sleep over. Knowing that Eddie was staying

with Kemar he agreed.

Even though he was cooperating with Kemar he was keeping his distance. He

knew that if Kemar found out what he did then he would surely kill him. "Where is he?" he asked the hunter. "I don't know. I've never seen him before." The man

cried out as Oliver set the man's arm on fire. "Let's try this again.Where are the

other hunters?" "I already told you everything." The hunter said. Oliver set the

man on fire leaving only his head so that he could scream or talk. Michael smelt

burning flesh and turned away. "I think he is telling the truth." He said. "Doesn't

matter, we're leaving." Both boys left the man screaming in terror. He was the

eight person that had been burnt to death.


Lavar awoke and found himself alone in a dark room. He was chained. No doubt

by a hunter. The light came on his room and he had to close his eyes. When he

opened them he saw that he was in a room with metal walls. A woman with red

hair came in. "You are awake I see." "Who are you and what do you want?" Lavar

asked in a calm voice. "My name is rose and you know what I want." Rose said.

"Let me guess, you're a hunter who wants to purify the earth of monsters like me."

Lavar spat. "Yes you are right." The lady had an Italian accent. "There are three

types of hunters; those who kill lower level warlocks, those who kill warlocks by

using magic and those who strip warlocks of their powers." "And which one are

you?" Lavar was afraid to ask. "We are going to strip you of your powers but I

must warn you. Some warlocks do not survive the process." Then she went out the


Kemar can you hear me?

Lavar, thank god. Where are you? Is Adrian with you?

Adrian? No why would he be here? There was silence Kemar what happened to Adrian?

He's been missing for two days.

Lavar's heart began racing. Adrian was missing. Adrian had been missing for two

days. How long have I been gone? Lavar asked Three days. Do you know where you are?

No all I know is that I'm chained and locked up in a metal room

and some lady wants to strip me of my powers.

Eddie is scrying for you but can't seem to nd you.

Well he better hurry.


Eddie's scrying didn't work so the circle was doing a summoning. They were

going to summon Lavar and his captors and they would have to prepare for

whatever came.

Hear these words hear these rhyme Masters of space and time We summon from the other side Come to us we summon thee Cross now the great divide.

A big fog emerged and Eddie lost sight of everyone. When it cleared Eddie saw a

chained Lavar kneeling and he was surrounded by twelve men. Twelve others were standing by. They leaped into action. Semoi was now surrounded by a tornado and

he struck a red haired woman with lightning. She was the only woman present.

Kyle teleported to where Lavar was and then removed the chains. One of the men

ran towards Eddie with a knife but was frozen by Ian before he fell dead on the

ground. He looked to see Kemar looking at him. Just then five men caught fire,

another five got swallowed into the ground and Eddie saw Alex draining the water

out of 3men. Within minutes all the hunters were dead.

"Where is Adrian?" Oliver asked. "He wasn't with me." Lavar said not wanting to

look at him. "This is bad." Eddie said. "No shit. Sherlock." Kemar said. "Adrian

was the most powerful of all of us. If he wasn't taken by the same persons who

took Lavar then we have to intensify our search."


Adrian was walking on the clouds. He never felt so much joy. He saw a creature

with wings. It was too big to be a bird. He followed it and saw that it was a man

with golden wings. He was Latin. The man had four wings made of gold. He had

long black wavy hair that reached his shoulders. His eyes were charcoal and

Adrian was lost in them. He smiled and Adrian was mesmerized. He was the most

beautiful sight to see. His chest was big and broad like Superman's in the comics

and Adrian could see that he was just as muscular even though he wore battle

armor like the men of Sparta in 300. "Who are you?" Adrian asked. The man

started to walk towards Adrian and underneath his feet where he walked Adrian

saw plants growing. The man wrapped his wings around Adrian and he could feel

the warmth of his skin against his. The man lifted his wings and he flew Adrian

until they were over the ocean.

They descended onto the water and then all four wings began to glow as they

turned into flames. The man ascended into the sky leaving Adrian. Just then Adrian saw another man. He was standing on the water with his back tuned to Adrian.

Adrian called out to him but no response. After a few seconds the man turned and

Adrian thought he was looking in a mirror. The man looked exactly like him except that he was Caucasian. The man pointed and when Adrian turned to see what he

was pointing at he saw dozens of bodies floating in the water and the water turned

to blood.

Adrian woke to find that he was in a King sized bed. He was in a room that was

painted in white. There was a dresser, a mirror and a clock on the wall. It was

saying 8:30. It was clearly morning as Adrian could see the sun shining through the blue curtains. Where was he?


Everyone was out looking for Adrian; everyone except Semoi. Ever since Adrian

came in the picture it had always been about him. Semoi wanted to feel normal; as

normal as can be. He had called Simon and was gonna have a drink with him.

Simon and he had been best friends until he developed his powers and they slowly

drifted apart. Simon was already waiting for him. "I got you some coffee." He said

as Semoi sat. "A lot of milk and sugar, just as you like it." Semoi smiled. He

remembered. "Thanks." "I was shocked when you agreed to meet me." Simon said

"I know we haven't really been friends over the past few years but I just wanted to

talk to someone." "What about your circle of friends, can't you talk to them?"

Simon asked. "They are busy with stuff."

"You know I always liked Ian, Eddie

and Adrian." Simon was saying but Semoi could hardly hear him. He felt dizzy.

The last thing he heard before his head fell on the table was. "They don't abuse

their powers. You however I don't like.


Semoi was kidnapped and Adrian was missing. The circle had divided into two

search parties. Kemar, Oliver, Ian and Lavar were searching for Adrian while

Eddie, Michael, Kyle and Alex were searching for Semoi. Ian froze the hunters.

"Please don't make us hurt you." Lavar said. "Speak for yourself." said Oliver.

"You take 3 I take 3." Kemar said to Oliver. "If you cooperate then we will erase

your memories. If you do not cooperate then you will die." said Ian. In the end

three were roast to death and two were placed in a coma. Only one escaped with

just memory loss. "You know I could have just probed their minds without anyone

getting hurt." Lavar said when they were leaving. "That wouldn't have been fun."

Oliver said.

Lavar snapped. He didn't want to look for Adrian with Oliver. "This isn't

supposed to be fun. Every second that we spend Adrian could be losing." "Do you

think I don't wanna find Adrian? You're not the only one who cares about him you

know?" "Oh really, is that why you were fucking Semoi when Adrian walked in on you?" Oliver was stunned. They all were except for Lavar. "If he hadn't seen you

then he wouldn't have wondered off and get kidnapped. So help me god bound or

not if anything happens to him I will kill you!" "What?" "You did what?" Kemar

and Ian were asking. Ian sent Oliver flying into the wall. "I warned you didn't I?"

Kemar was just as furious as Ian. Oliver's head snapped up and his left arm twisted fracturing his bones. Oliver cried out. Ian and Lavar was gonna watch as Kemar

breake every bone in Oliver's body but Lavar was not in the mood for wasting

time. "Just leave him, we have to find Adrian."


Adrian sought to explore the house. He encountered three other rooms other than

the one he was in. Each room had a bathroom. He was now going down a long

steep of stairs when someone called out to him. "Good morning, sir." Adrian

turned to see a blond haired guy who was in his forties. "I see you are finally

awake. My name is James" "How did I get here? What am I doing here and where

am I?" "You're safe, Nairda. That is all I can say for now." "What..." "Before we

answer your questions perhaps you should eat." An old lady in her sixties came in.

Her eyes were lapis lazuli. She waved her hand and breakfast appeared on the


Adrian ate in silence. He had an omelet with pancakes, sausages, bacons and black

coffee. James and the old lady also joined him. "I'm Amelia." The woman said

after they finished breakfast. "Now follow me and you'll get your answers." She

took Adrian down the hall and straight through the back door. The house was big.

When they got to the back Adrian saw three men who looked like they were the

same age as James. He also noticed that they wore a ring with black diamond.

Amelia was wearing one as well.

"Nairda this is Alexander, Eric and Edward." "So this is the boy?" Alexander said

to himself. "He does have a likeness." said Eric. "He is much better looking."

Edward was saying. "You may now ask your questions young man." Amelia stated.

Where to begin? He had so many questions. "Where am I?" He started with the

small questions. "You're in Wales." answered Eric. "The place of your ancestors

and where you were originally born." "I was born in Boston." Adrian said firmly.

"This time you were." Amelia muttered. "How did I get here?" "We brought you

here. We had to cast a few spells here and there so that people wouldn't suspect

anything and we had to make you unconscious because we didn't know how

powerful you were yet. We didn't know if you would come willingly and we didn't want to take the chance and go up against you." Edward was speaking.

"That brings me to the question of what am I doing here." "We are the crones. We

have been preparing for your return Nairda." Amelia said. "Why do you keep

calling me that?" Adrian asked. "Because it is who you are. You are the

reincarnation of the most powerful warlock to walk the earth."


School wasn't worth attending now that Adrian was gone. Lavar could hear the

thoughts of every student in school. It wasn't overwhelming. He sometimes found

humor in the things people thought about. Then he heard it; the anger and disgust.

He looked to see Simon leaning against the door to History class. He was looking

at Michael. "I'm going to get you next. Just you wait. I'm gonna get you like how I got Semoi." Lavar couldn't believe it. Simon was a hunter but he was so young.

Come to think of it he was meeting up with Simon when he got kidnapped and

Semoi said he was meeting up with a friend the night he went missing.


Eddie was walking into History class when he brushed against Simon. Just then he

saw Simon run a knife into Lavar's back. He broke out of the vision and found

himself breathless and Simon heading out the school doors. He saw Lavar follow

him some seconds later.

Lavar what are you doing?

I'm following Simon. He's the one who kidnapped Semoi and he is

going after Michael Ok I'm coming with you and be careful he has a knife.


Lavar followed Simon outside. He had already warned Michael and he was acting

as bait to catch Simon. Michael made a crack in the ground and Simon fell right in.

"Where is Simon?" "Up my ass" the boy spat. "Is he alive?" Michael asked. "I'm

not telling you." Simon replied. "Got it?" Michael asked "Got it." Lavar answered.

Eddie came out. "We know where Semoi is." Lavar told him. "The others are in

class." Eddie said. "He is being held the same place that I was and thanks to our

buddy Simon I know where that is." "Let's go."


"I don't understand. Who was this Nairda?"Adrian asked. "He was your three

times great grandfather and the most powerful warlock. He was a part of a circle

just as how you are. You have a long journey ahead of you and if you are not

careful then history will repeat itself." Amelia was saying. "How well do you know your friends?" "What do you mean?" "Do you know their birth dates?" "I know

three of their birth dates." Adrian said. "And do they have any similarities with

your birth date?" Amelia asked." "We don't have time for that. We have to take

him to the council." "What's the council?" No one answered.


Lavar, Eddie and Michael got to the building. It was an old construction site.

Kemar didn't live very far from their so Eddie told him of their plan. When they

got there they saw Kemar and Semoi standing over two dead bodies. "The leader is inside. I say we kill him but since there are five of us I say we take a vote. Either

we kill him and get the info about every warlock we can or we get him to be our

puppet and keep him alive." Kemar said. In the end the votes were Eddie, Lavar

and Michael against Semoi and Kemar.


Adrian was standing in front of the council. They were hunters and they were

debating on whether they should strip him of his powers. There were about twenty

of them present. Adrian was wearing chains which blocked his powers. "His

powers are too dangerous. Imagine what they could be like when he comes into his full powers at eighteen?" one of them argued. "We should use his powers not

destroy them." Another said. "If he uses them for good then we don't need to strip

his powers." said another. Adrian knew he was strong but he didn't have a clue

about the "powers" he would apparently get when he turns eighteen. In the end it

came down to "Nairda used dark magic and dark magic cannot be used for good

He started to panic. They were going to take away his powers and he was

powerless to do anything about it. He was thousands of miles away so even if he

called his friends they wouldn't make it in time. Still he had to try

Kemar, Ian, Kyle I'm in Wales, help.

We're on our way Adrian! Adrian had to buy time but how? He tried to plead his case. "You don't have to do

this." "If you're good then you will have no problem having your powers

stripped." Adrian decided a new tactic. He had to stop them. He tried picturing the

chains breaking and in his mind he said open. The chains broke and he ran. He

didn't get far when Alexander came in front of him. "I thought you were on my

side." Adrian said. Alexander waved his hand and Adrian flew back and landed on

his feet. Flames started being thrown at him and he had to be dodging it. He was

buying time. Then he heard shots being fired. All bets were off. Bullets started

bouncing off like there was a wall surrounding him.

Kemar, Ian, Kyle I'm in Wales, help.

We're on our way Adrian had to buy time but how? He tried to plead his case. "You don't have to do

this." "If you're good then you will have no problem having your powers

stripped." Adrian decided a new tactic. He had to stop them. He tried picturing the

chains breaking and in his mind he said open. The chains broke and he ran. He

didn't get far when Alexander came in front of him. "I thought you were on my

side." Adrian said. Alexander waved his hand and Adrian flew back and landed on

his feet. Flames started being thrown at him and he had to be dodging it. He was

buying time. Then he heard shots being fired. All bets were off. Bullets started

bouncing off like there was a wall surrounding him.


Ian, Kemar, Kyle, Oliver and Lavar were all ready to go. They would be doing a

lot of teleleporting until they reached Adrian. When they got to Adrian shots were

being fired. Lavar searched for Adrian and saw him walking. Bullets were

bouncing off him. He ran over to him and sent 3 men flying before he got to him.

"Boy am I glad to see you." He said. Adrian smiled. Just then a flame passed

between them. Adrian looked at the man and he went limp.


There are a few others." Adrian told Lavar. "They use magic." Kemar and the rest came towards them. "We have to go he said." Adrian tried not to look at Oliver as

they headed back home. Adrian asked Kemar and Ian who was Nairda and Ian told

him that Nairda Nosredna was the most powerful warlock that existed and he was

known to use dark magic. Adrian didn't tell them about the crones' allegations that

he was the reincarnation of Nairda. Adrian had found out that he had similarities

with others in the circle. Adrian's birthday was January 9, Michael's was February

9, Alex was March 9, Kyle was April 9, Ian was May 9, and Lavar was on July 9.

He also found that He, Semoi and Kemar were all born in the month of January but those were all coincidences weren't they?

Adrian was looking in the mirror while brushing his hair when Ian came in. "So I

got the name tags you asked me to pick up for you." Ian held up a rectangular

name tag that was red with Adrian's name spelt in gold. Adrian was told he had to

be a member of a club if he wanted to graduate. He decided to join the debate

society. Even though he had to do a lot of research and he was a member on the

team it was far less hassle than being on the track team. He looked at the tag from

the mirror and froze. Right then he knew. He could say the dates were a

coincidence and he could say the crones were wrong but looking in the mirror he

saw the ugly truth. ADRIAN ANDERSON spelt backwards was NAIRDA


EPILOUGE Adrian walked in the room and saw that everyone was waiting on him. He walked

pass a smiling Lavar and a guilty Oliver. Oliver had tried to explain but Adrian told him he didn't want to know. Lavar apologized for using his powers on him but

Adrian told him that he needed to figure things out before being with anyone. "So I had a vision but instead of images I got words." Eddie was saying. "You asked me

about Nairda so we wanted to wait on you before doing anything."Kemar said.

Adrian flinched at the name. It was the name of his ancestor who was not only the

most powerful warlock but also evil. Not just did his blood run through Adrian's

veins but Adrian was his reincarnation. "You had a vision about Nairda?" Adrian

was afraid to ask. He had a dream when he was in Wales which included Nairda,

an angel and a sea of blood with dead bodies floating. If Eddie saw Nairda then he

must have seen the uncanny resemblance between him and Adrian.

"I dreamt a prophecy which includes Nairda." Eddie said firmly. Adrian shivered

but no one seemed to notice. "It goes like this."

Bound together as one, Darkness shines as bright as the sun Nairda will hear Arthur's call The one that led to Camelot's fall But only one will rest If they do not pass the test For history is doom to repeat itself

"What I don't get is why you would be having a vision about Nairda." Semoi said.

Adrian knew why. It was about him. He was Nairda's reincarnation. "I don't get

that part about Arthur and Camelot's fall." said Lavar. Adrian knew the answer to

that as well. Camelot had fallen because Queen Guinevere, Arthur's wife was in

love with both Arthur and Arthur's most trusted knight. "I forgot my phone in my

room and my mom is gonna call me. I'll be right back." Adrian needed answers

and only one person could give him. His phone was just an excuse to leave, it was

in his pocket.

She answered on the second ring."Hello?" Amelia sounded as warm and

welcoming as she did last time. "It's me. You said you had something important to

tell me." Amelia hesitated. "There are things you need to know. Nairda did you

know that once a circle is bound then the members will go through a series of

test?" "What kind of test?" Amelia hesitated "I don't know exactly." She finally

said. "What do you know about Arthur's call?" Adrian asked. "Nairda had a wife

but he also had a secret lover, a man. He was a member of the circle. He died"

"What does that have to do with me?" Adrian wanted answers and he wasn't

getting any. "History often repeats itself. Have you found yourself in a love

triangle?" Amelia asked. The words of the prophecy kept repeating in Adrian's

head. 'Bound as one' the circle was bound. 'Nairda will hear Arthur's call' Adrian

was in love with two men. Amelia was saying something but Adrian was tuned out.

'But only one shall rest if they do not pass the test for history is bound to repeat

itself.' Adrian's heart was racing as he figured out the prophecy. "Adrian, are

listening to me?" Amelia asked. She used his real name not the one of his past life.

"Yes I heard you." He said

"Someone in the circle will die."




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