Tales of Never Soft Prison


CHAPTER 1: A New Toy

There I laid, on my back, knees at my chest, while this pig ate out my ass like it was his last meal. He hadn't started there, slowly making his way down from my dick, but since he had gotten there he had no intention of leaving. I laid, admittedly getting quite bored, as his tongue lapped up all it could. Damnit guy I'm wet already.

What compelled me to have these conjugal visits of sorts eluded me. There really wasn't much else to do in here so making someone my bitch every once in a while was quite literally a load off. I thought this guy was a good pull too. He was a little plump, very hairy, and submissive. He wasn't cocky about his power either which I liked. There really wasn't much to be cocky about. He could turn invisible, or some shit like that, but every time he did he went blind. It was one of those trade off powers that aren't uncommon in this place.

So there I was, half falling asleep as all the initial thrill of being rimmed had worn away. I had to do something to get this guy out of there. In a hail-Mary attempt I ripped a loud one right in his face. That ought to do it. He shook his head at the initial shock. But in no time at all he was inhaling my dirty scent, and right back in my hole undeterred. This is hopeless. This pig was obsessed with my hairy ass. That was it I had enough. I hooked my feet under his sweaty armpits and lifted him up and away from my dripping hole. I dropped him on my chest, where his dumbfound expression stared down in my eyes. I propped him up on my dick and started having my fun.

There was no gentle introduction between my throbbing head and his prostate; I forced my way through his anal ring mercilessly. He howled as I humped him up and down, already balls deep. His hole was pretty loose and seemed a little dirty, no doubt the trademark of a regular bottom. He rode up and down on my cock slowly edging his head towards mine. This fucker wants a kiss eh? I thought slapping him hard across the face. No thanks you pig.

I'm not always this domineering. I am a top, undeniably, no body's fucking me, but I d submit to a few romantic passionate things from time to time. But not with this guy. His ship had sailed around the fifth minute of him eating my ass and he had become nothing more than a hole to fuck.

He didn't seem to mind though, moaning as he bounced up and down. His gasping grew short and soon, without even touching his curved dick; he shot his load all over my hairy chest. Oh fuck no. Don't get me wrong I love cum. I'd live off of it if it was in plentiful enough supply. But this was a point of principle and I was not this guy's rag. I wiped up what I could on my fingers and force fed him. The way he sucked my fingers got me close. My dick pulsed as I knew it was the point of no return. I felt the stream of cum leaving my hard dick and entering his willing ass. He squirmed satisfied as I let him rest for a moment still impaled on my hot dick.

"Clean it off," I ordered as his throbbing anal ring pulsed off my dick with a sucking sound. He turned around, with his ass dangerously close to my face and his dripping dick rubbing against my chest, and started sucking off my slightly browner dick. Dirty fucker

His hole started burping up my load, dripping down onto my chin. I threw him off me landing ass up on the floor, back arched, as I wiped the drips from my face and couldn't stop myself from licking them. I got up and ran a finger around his gaping hole collecting the white goo that had grouped there. Balancing what I had on my finger, I fish hooked it in his mouth as he sucked it clean. Then I kicked him closer to his bed and returned to mine.

"I'm gonna need a new one Andy. This fucker's worn out," I hollered through the bars of my cell. It was a cell. They could call it my "Suite" all they wanted but I wasn't an idiot.

"Ya I'd say," my favourite guard, Oh I'm sorry, butler, replied. "I'll see what I can do,"

I laughed and rolled over, onto my back, arms up behind my head, and knee slightly bent so my still slobbering wet hole might dry. I sniffed my raunchy armpit, a gross habit that I couldn't help, and sighed in satisfaction.

Okay maybe a little pretext is needed. My names, Bruce Button, but you can probably forget that as you'll unlikely hear it again. Everyone here calls me Hammer. My kind came here when we were promised a life of luxury and protection. You see, in the world today it isn't uncommon for people to have superpowers. With radiation around every corner and gamma rays shot into our food, some people mutate into unique super beings. When the government discovered this they tried to coax us into these "resorts". Fuck it, they're prisons. They called this one "Never Soft Resort". Once a "member" we can't leave and these "butlers" carry some heavy equipment and serums that will put us out for good. I'm not too worried. I have this unmatched ability to regenerate my cells, and my strength and durability has been measured at 10 times the average human. It's quite the gift. I like it here, once you get passed the required double bunking and prison bars. They feed us well enough and the guards only tend to fuck people that aren't 10 times stronger than them. So I didn't make the cut. Women are located on a completely different island I guess to avoid us breeding an army so we've had to adapt over the years. Another thing I don't mind.

My days consist of the same boring routine. Get up, eat when I want, have "recess" when permitted, and go back to sleep. I say eat when I want because one great thing about this place is the food is always coming. There are some people here whose metabolisms burn calories crazy fast and they need that food available. The only change in this place is that Andy hooks me up with a new roommate every week, so I always have a new hole to stick it in.

I had had quite a lot in the past. My first was a fun boy who could change his size at will. He was new to the place though and a little too timid to enjoy the full range of his powers. I sent him down the line and haven't heard from him since. Then there was this hunk they called Frost, you can guess what his powers were. Fuck he was hot. A lean, ripped body, dirty blond hair, and fingers that he'd chill to freezing when he stuck them in me. Fuck that made me squirm. I remember seeing my breath after a long make out session with him, and the way he stimulated my nipples to stand firm, god its getting me hard just thinking about it. But you get tired of even the best fucks so he had to go. Reflecting on the past though, well let's just say that's something that puts a smile on my face before bed.

That morning I awoke to an empty cell. God love Andy he takes care of me. I took this private time as my chance to sleep in. I'm not going to lie, after a week of sharing a cell with someone they seem avid to wake me up with a blowjob every morning. What can I say, I'm a dominating top. It wasn't long though before the grinding sound of my cell door opening signaled the arrival of my next victim. Andy and I winked at each other as he pushed the little guy in.

Now, biased in mind being a pretty large guy, this kid was tiny. He couldn't have been over 18, and he had scrawny little features. He carried a duffle bag over his shoulder which I thought odd because we weren't allowed any of our own possessions in here, but no butler-guards seemed to oppose. I had to hand it to him he had a cute face though, and his brown hair matched mine. And his eyes. Fuck his eyes were something to see. What color they were I don't think I'd ever know. At best I would deem it a metallic blue, dark, with a silver tinge to them. Face aside; I was going to snap this thing like a twig.

"I am Kevin," He said a little robotically. "You may call me Kevin for now,"

"I'll call you whatever the fuck I want, kid," I laughed.

"You are Bruce," He said ignoring my comment. "I will call you Bruce for now,"

"It's hammer," I hissed back. This kid had balls I'd give him that.

I usually give the newbs a day to get settled. I let them get a little comfortable, and then I pounce. My hunting strategy was proving difficult today. Something was drawing me in to him. My eyes kept lingering on the curves of his navy jumpsuit (a standard article of clothing here). His ass seemed ripe and ready for the picking and there was a discernible bulge in his crotch. He gently rubbed his own sides as he lay in his bed, sniffing his pits just like I do. Fuck, patience Hammer. I tried to distract myself by talking to Andy. But it wasn't helping much and we inevitably got on the topic of my new cellmate.

"What do you know about him?" I whispered nudging over to the twink in his bed.

"Not much. He's a volunteer, I know that," Andy replied. That just meant that no one collected him. No one put a gun to his head and forced him to come to the "resort".

"You don't see a lot of them these days," I noted.

"What's it matter to you. Just bang him and boot him. Like usual," Andy joked. "Listen I've got to go, that Rhino guy is tearing the shit out of his cellmate,"

Yum. That rhino guy is on my list. Fuck he's hot, and is nearly twice my size which is a true feat. He's got this strange ability to make thick spikes from anywhere on his body. This would definitely make for one erotic fuck fest. Just thinking about it got me hard. That's it, time to play I said surrendering to my urges.

"Alright boy, here's how this works. I want to welcome you to the Resort. We can do this the easy way or the hard way, that's your choice, but they both lead to you doing whatever the fuck I tell you to do," I started my rap. This speech was almost ceremonial at this point as I made it quite clear to my prey what they were in for.

"Well I suppose I will elect for the easy way," He said. I was a little disappointed. I liked the fighters. But fuck it, I was tired anyway.

"Good choice I said," lurking towards him. But then something went wrong. Each step seemed heavier and heavier. The muscles in my legs ached as I approached, like they had all simultaneously gone on strike. My brain buzzed as I closed in on him and suddenly was on my knees, unable to stand anymore. What the fuck?

"You will suck my dick," The boy said. I laughed, but my hands moved for his crotch. I pulled down his pants, just to his thighs, grazing his warm smooth flesh as I went. His touch sent shocks up my spine. The smell of his dick escaped with the curtain of fabric and it was intoxicating. I couldn't resist, I didn't want to resist, soon my lips were engulfing his member, sucking up every taste I could.

"That cock is your life," he chanted

"That cock is my life," I mumbled the best I could with his thick dick in my throat. What is happening to me?

"You will suck it until I am satisfied," he said. I mimicked again. I went on parroting everything he instructed, unable to stop myself, losing all control of my body and mind. His dick was more than just a wet, throbbing member. It was my life now. I was desperate to have his cum. I needed his cum, without it I would surely die. I sucked so hard, as he writhed a little where he sat.

"You will enjoy this. You love sucking my cock. You love being my slave," He whispered and my cock twitched in response.

"I love being your slave,"

"You love that I am your master,"

"I love that you are my master,"

'You will be slave. I will be master,"

"I will be slave. You will be master,"

I felt the salty juice of his precum on my tongue. Just this, got me harder than I've ever been. I was desperate for more. But it wouldn't be. He slipped his cock from my mouth and pulled his pants right off. He then ordered me to go lower, go deeper, as he lifted his knees to his chest. I lingered on his salty balls for a moment, lapping up the mix of tastes, and then licked my way down his crack. There was my target, his tight smelly hole, surrounded by the slightest growths of curly hair. I kissed it like a mouth. Then my tongue went to work. Flicking then submerging into his tight ring my tongue attacked his body as provocatively as I could. I'm used to rimming. Being a top, I had to lube up there holes somehow before plunging in. There was this one guy who could cum at will, and produce copious amounts of semen. That made for a good natural lube, but that couldn't be the case for all of them.

But this rimming was different. This time I wasn't preparing for fucking. This time I was desperately trying to pry his hole open. I needed what was inside, I was begging for whatever nut, hid behind his fleshy shell. My tongue was undeterred by the browning skin it was starting to discover. His pink hole, darkened with the soil of a dirty boy, and I cleaned it willingly. I was moving my hand in for a good fingering, but then I was stopped.

"Bend over," He demanded, pulling my pants off.

"Yes master," I replied obediently. No please no, I'm no bottom! It was too late, his index finger was already massaging a circle around my objecting hole. It clenched together in protest but that wouldn't last. The soft flicking of his tongue released all my inhibitions. I relaxed and let my master do what he will. His finger quickly followed, and I felt my anal ring, engulf his tiny poker like a vacuum. A second finger joined the show, slowly working me up into a wider opening. He ordered me to suck his fingers which he yanked from my ass, with no hesitation. I lubricated them with my tongue, tasting my own ass juices as he moved in and out of my willing lips.

After forcing all but his thumb into my aching ass he started rubbing the stretched hole with his wet dick. Like fire, it burned its way into my gaping ditch. I begged for more, crying out my master's name as every objection, every restraint in my body was silenced with his will. Anything for you master.

He fucked me hard, throwing what little weight he had around. He ordered me onto my back and I obliged. There my throbbing cock was exposed, flailing about as he fucked me harder. My large hairy nuts painfully bounced away from his stomach as he slammed, balls deep, into my hole. My ass was in no way ready for a fucking. I had never so much as stuck a finger up there and now it was being impaled. It was a pain I had never felt before, but it blended so harmonically with pleasure, that I found myself in pure ecstasy. My cock spewed pre cum all over my face and chest, like a paintbrush being flicked at a canvas. I felt his dick pulsing, I knew he was close. Soon my master's load would be mine. He pulled out as my hole clapped shut, uncontrollably. It now gaped open and closed with each heavy breath I took, The tender pink flesh eager for more.

My master snaked his way up to me with his wet, throbbing dick. My ass had left a stain on his member. He ordered me to suck it and I did, the mixture of ass and cock taste filled my mouth. Within moments he exploded his thick ropes of cum deep into my cheeks. I swallowed all I could. Savouring every drop. With each bit I swallowed I felt my own free will fading away. I was a slave. That's all I was now.

Without any stimulation my load escaped me. It sprayed his backside with thick strings of my own fluid. I gasped in pleasure as I experienced the greatest orgasm of my life.

"Good slave," He whispered in my ear. His lips met mine for a short kiss that I begged to be longer. As he peeled them away my lips chased his for more.

"Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way," He stated. "If you behave, and do as I say, I will allow you to have more and more free will. But if you disobey, you will be my slave, a mindless piece of ass, forever," He gave me my choices. The answer was easy. I was completely submissive and wanted to be his.

"I will obey, master," I said.

"That was easy," He chuckled, wiping my goo from his backside and running his hand over my lips for cleaning. For a moment he turned and dug around in his duffle bag. He came back with a large but plug and I squirmed. The bulbous end, which was no doubt intended for my ass, was decorated with a thin, wagging rubber tail. "Bend over slave," He ordered.

I writhed in pain as the widest my hole had ever stretched, opened to let the rubber plug into its warm home. He twisted it in me so that the tail was curved up and wagging happily, with even the slightest motion.

"That's a good slave," He said patting my head. "Now, master has to go for a walk and see what we have in here. You behave and don't do anything before I get back,"

With that he got up and hollered for a guard. Andy came over and once the initial shock of seeing me curled on a bed, naked with a tail wagging behind me, was gone, his face washed over with the same submissive expression I was sporting.

"I want out," My master said. Andy quickly fiddled with his keys and opened the door for his new master. He then followed at his heals as they both left out of sight. I felt a conflicted sadness. I didn't know if it was my master leaving, or that he had taken another slave, or even a sympathy I had for Andy, as part of me didn't want him to share my fate. Whatever the reason was, I laid there, my pain stricken ass engulfing my new rubber limb, unsure of what was in my future.

CHAPTER 2: An Uprising

Hours passed as my ass slowly but surely became accustom to the round plug. I remained curled up, where my master had left me, waiting for his return. I didn't know how much of my mind was within my control. I felt the same, but I knew if he asked me to do anything I would do it. I lived to please him. I still had my old likes and dislikes, I felt conscious enough and aware, but his will was my greatest priority. I was tired and wanted to sleep, but I hadn't been permitted to so I stayed, listening to the muffled sounds that surrounded me. It was a quiet day, the guards seemed absent, and no horns had sounded to signal recess.

Finally, I heard the familiar sound of my sell opening. My heart skipped a beat eager for my master's return.

"What a good slave you are, staying put," He addressed me like a dog. "I've made some changes around here that I think you'll like. I'm liberating our race,"

I didn't respond. My opinion didn't matter if I knew enough to give it, so I waited until further instruction.

"You must be hungry? Aren't? And thirsty too," He said caressing my naked hips with his finger tips. "Lying here all day, unable to move. I bet there are a lot of things you want to do. Eat, drink, sleep, even go to the bathroom,"

"Yes master," I admitted. I was starving and thirsty, and he wasn't wrong about the bathroom either. My dick was ready to burst I had to piss so badly and that butt plug was truly proving its effectiveness the way it held against the increasing pressure of my insides. I felt him playing with my tail. Gripping it and slapping it, sending familiar pain through my ass. Then, with no restraint, he ripped it out.

He was lucky he didn't take anything more than that with him, as my hole desperately held in what had built up all day. It was sore and literally gasping after being used like that, but still doing the job for now at least. He brought my dirty plug to my mouth.

"Here's your food," He said, ordering me to clean off the mess I had left on the warm recently submerged plug. I lapped it up, obediently, knowing I had no choice, and surprisingly enjoying it the more I collected. It really wasn't that messy, and in no way would satisfy my hunger but I licked at it hoping there would be something more to follow. "Now wash it down with this," He added, as a golden stream of his hot piss splashed my unaware face. I started gulping like a dog, quenching my thirst. My master was pleased with my loyalty, sitting down beside me and wiping my dirty lips with his fingers. He sucked them clean and gently leaned on my stomach.

"I want to show you the changes I've made," He smiled and grasped my hand, leading me into the aisle. I trailed behind him, starting to wonder if I was more than just a puppet to him.

The place seemed normal enough. The cells were closed, and quiet, not unorthodox for this hour. But the guard's absence was unexpected. I searched for them, hoping to find one face in particular, but there was no one. My master led on as we walked past the other cells.

The inmates shared a common trend. Each cell contained two men, completely naked, sitting cross legged on the floor waiting to be used. Are these the changes? They are all slaves now? I looked as the once free willed, out spoken men, sat submissive and silent on the cold floor.

"These are only some changes. And yes they are all my slaves, just like you," He said answering my thoughts. I can add that to the growing list of his powers. "Don't worry; I decided to have some more fun with some others. These ones I couldn't think of anything interesting to do yet. So they wait patiently, like good dogs. Oh, look in that cell, he's being a good slave," He said gesturing to a cell on his right.

There he was, the cute blonde boy, Frost, bobbing up and down aggressively on a huge ice dildo he had made for himself. His mouth hung lazily and his eyes drooped like someone exhausted from doing the same tedious task for so long. How long has he been like that? I wondered noticing the growing puddle of water that could only be from his ass melting the dildo. I didn't want to think of the condition his hole must be in. His cellmate sat on the floor in the corner waiting patiently for orders, his stare undistracted by the man self-fucking beside him.

"Here's another cute one," My master spoke again, gesturing to my left. Damn. My cock stood firm within moments of watching this one. This particularly stretchy inmate was pleasuring himself in contortions I didn't think possible. His rubber like flesh bent and twisted and allowed him to reach places no one else could hope to do on their own. I watched as his fingers squirmed around his cheeks, spreading them wide as his now foot long tongue got lost in the juicy hole of his ass. The look on his face was one of pure bliss. Now moist and wet, his cock stretched and twisted behind him, giving himself the roundabout fuck of a life time. In no time at all his own cum drained into his waiting hole, squirting out as he withdrew his limping member. His tongue finished the job lapping up what cream remained. "I'm Borrowing his cellmate for....well let me just show you," He said, leading me to the end of the hall and around the bend. We passed by a cell with an inmate lying flat on his side, completely still like a used rag. Beside him, huge, ivory spikes, unmistakably in the shape of giant dicks were stacked in a pile by his wasted body. This must've been Rhino's inmate, but where is he? I caught back up to my master as we rounded the corner and the mystery of the missing guards was solved.

There they all were shirts on, pants off, knees on the ground, fists firmly planted up the other ones' ass. It was like a pyramid. It started with eight guards handcuffed to the bars in front of them. Then four guards would have one fist up each of the eight guards' asses, behind them. The next line of two guards would where the previous guards' asses like mittens. Finally, at the tip of the pyramid, Andy, bent over sticking his two hands in the waiting asses of the two guards in front of him. It was like homemade, human handcuffs. They all looked to be in excruciating pain but didn't protest and didn't try and free themselves. Then I saw the plastic man's cellmate. It was one of my old cellmates, one who could produce semen like a fire hose, along with all other bodily functions (sweat, piss, spit, etc). There he was lubing up each guards' arms with his hot spunk, relieving some of the pain caused by their hairy knuckled fists. I squirmed watching Andy take some to his face, as the lubricator haphazardly went from guard to guard; pouring his juice like a bartender pours shots.

"I quite like them this way wouldn't you agree," my master said.

"Yes master," I whispered.

"Although, it doesn't seem fair that this one doesn't share in their agony," He said gesturing to Andy. From Behind me came the massive Rhino man I had wondered about before. From his open palm he pulled a twisted, massive dildo-like spike. The pointed tip was luckily dull and quite rounded but the whole thing was formed with such sudden dips and bumps, that your anal ring would be completely spent after one insertion. The semen supplier rubbed his cock on Andy's ass, leaving trails of warm liquid, and then he sucked on the shiny spike in the rhino's hand. At least it's lubed up

I watched helplessly as the one guy I truly like in this place felt the pain of the thick spike making its way up his ass. The rhino man was in no means gentle and my teeth clenched as he finally stopped his assault, letting it rest almost completely in Andy's ass. His hole started pushing it slowly back out, stretching beyond repair as it slid the thickest ridges from his ring. With a quick, powerful swing, the Rhino punched it right back in.

I couldn't take it anymore; I couldn't bear to watch Andy getting used like this. I felt myself gaining control back over all my body and mind. My master, I mean Kevin, wasn't in charge of me anymore. I pushed him out of the way, and kicked the Rhino man to the ground. The lubricator came running to his rescue but his hands slipped off of me leaving wet patches of sweat and semen and I elbowed him hard in the ribs. I now turned to Andy who was beginning to push the spike back out yet again. I slowly encouraged it, pulling it gently and massaging the flesh around it. As his hole burped the last of it out, followed by a large amount of sticky sperm, I gently kissed his ass cheek, sharing his relief. Suddenly, a huge pair of thick arms had hold of me.

It was no use, Rhino was stronger than me and his anger only made things worse. He threw me to the ground at Kevin's feet, who had collected himself and was rubbing his elbow. He looked confused as he tried to get a hold of my mind and failed. I felt his connection scraping off like a cat's claws on marble. I smiled at his growing frustration.

"No matter," He said adjusting his collar. "Take him to the others," He instructed and Rhino took me away. As I was pulled off I saw something in his eyes, a disappointment that stemmed from something greater than just losing a slave. He was angry about losing me.

I HOPE YOU ENJOYED. Chapters 3 and 4 of this, hopefully enticing saga to come.

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