CHAPTER 3: free time

So there I was, being dragged to god knows where, completely naked, while my last glimpse of Andy disappeared around a corner. Kevin was infuriated; I could still feel his talons desperately trying to cling to my mind. But it was no use. Whatever I felt for Andy was too strong for him.

The Rhino man had a firm grip on my wrists and he dragged me like a bag of sand to the centre of the hallway, where I could hear all the cells surrounding me screech open.

"This man refuses to play by my rules," Kevin announced. I cringed at the sounds of the prisoners' feet closing in around me. I looked around to see the vacant expressions of my once fellow men looking at me like a stranger. I could see frost's breath and the chilling sweat on his brow as whatever piece of the ice dildo he had made slipped from his ass and shatter on the floor. It was no use reasoning with these people, they were all Kevin's toys. "Begin," Kevin finished.

Rhino man dropped me in the centre of the circle and went to work on twisting some of the metal cell bars into a very make-shift table. He propped me up on this skeleton piece of furniture where my ass slipped through the open space and spread my cheeks wide. A bar forced my back to arch and another, my legs to raise and bend. Rhino twisted the metal around my wrists and ankles now. Even with my strength, there was no escaping this.

"I need this man to forget about that prison guard," Kevin said. "I need him to surrender to his inhibitions,"

His command was followed by a resounding chorus of "yes master".

"Go," He finished. And then it began.

Like an organised wolf pack they all knew what their task was. My face was forced back as the musky head of the elastic man's dick started flicking at my lips. When I refused to concede rhino gave me a swift punch in the guts. My mouth now opened to welcome the python of a dick that slithered around my cheeks. Frost went to work on my nipples, his cold saliva freezing around them as he licked. Four prisoners started lapping around my hands and feet, suckling on my fingers and toes. I couldn't identify them but judging by the accumulation of saliva on my right hand one was definitely the lubricator from before. I flinched as the rhino man start pushing in a very detailed dildo that twisted and bulbed so my ass was never prepared. My anal ring desperately tried to account for the aggressive intruder.

I felt the snake in my mouth twisting around faster and faster until it finally started to pulse and drown my cheeks with steamy cum. My limp cock started to twitch a little. Pulling his dick from my cheeks I couldn't stop myself from reaching for the last string of cum that was spilling. 'No' I thought 'I can't give in'.

The elastic man now noticed my vacant cock and put his stretchy tongue to the test, coiling around my hardening rod. I couldn't help moaning as his slippery, hot tongue, wrapped around my shaft several times and gently stroked. A new dick found a home in my mouth for a while, followed swiftly by two very hairy balls.

It would seem the other toys were growing restless standing on the sidelines and started moving in closer. Some entertained one another until it was time to climax in which case my body and mouth would become the target of their hot loads. Others waited in line for a turn at my mouth, or to suck at my neck or rub my thighs. Rhino had opened my hole up to a point where it pulsed and breathed with my growing heaves. Now a line was forming there for anyone who wanted to fuck me.

First though, the elastic man had to give my ass a taste. He twisted around my body until his tongue could lap up my throbbing hole. His spot at my dick was quickly replaced by a random prisoner who wanted to ride my cock like a pony. His ass bounced up and down while his own dick found a home in Frost's ass who was now draped over my chest, still content with my nipples. The foot-long tongue that was flicking around my hole now surged its way past my anal ring, fucking me like a smooth, lubed dildo. My body ached with pleasure. I was losing it. I was losing control over my mind.

The tongue escaped but my ass was soon infiltrated by a parade of prisoner dicks. Each one, twisted or thick in its own way found a new pleasure point in my fleshy mitt. Splashes of cum spattered all over my body before being lapped up by a waiting prisoner. A younger boy with electric limbs gently shocked my toes as he waited for his turn at my ass. My dick welcomed ass after ass, and a few eager mouths in between.

I knew Kevin was watching. I knew he was witnessing my defences falling apart. My mind was slipping from Andy and focusing on the orgy I was at the centre of.

My mouth would choose to spit or swallow load after load, depending on the energy I currently had. My chest was now glazed with cum and Frost, having been significantly wasted himself by the constant barrage of dicks in his hole had rolled off onto the floor with several other spent prisoners. They now acted as towels, soaking up the misfired shots of cum and sweat.

The boy with electric limbs had finally gotten his turn. My toes curled as his dick sent tiny electric pulses up my hole with each pound. He was less endowed than the others, but his dick made up for it with a new, electrifying twist. The rhino man noticed that my anal ring wasn't quite enclosed around the boy's dick and made some abrasive ivory dildos to compensate. My hole stretched to a new width as he hammered each one in. The electric boy shot his load in me, which tickled and pulsated my surrounding muscles and then pulled out. The rhino man hardly let me catch my breath before he replaced the boys dick with his own, a very unequal substitution. I cried out in a mix of pleasure and burning pain as he showed no regard for the capacity of my hole. The dick in my mouth muffled my outburst.

I slowly got used to the assault on my ass while my legs flopped around, sweaty and tired, and the current ass that was massaging my dick slipped off. The prisoners left their assigned parts of my body and tightly circled me. The rhino man continued his massacre of my hole. My Mouth swallowed and choked on the remaining loads of cum that I hadn't yet managed to take care of while my dick throbbed and bounced around.

Rhino fucked me harder and harder as the surrounding prisoners stroked on their cocks, waiting patiently for one last orgasm. I could see it in their eyes. Each and every one of them was ready to explode but was waiting for me to lead the way. The rhino man ripped out the dildos that were fighting with his dick for space in my hole so that only his fleshy weapon was sticking me. I felt it pulsing in rhythm with my one member. In a moment of pure ecstasy we unleashed. He soaked my insides with his load as my own shot higher than ever before. A sprinkler of cum shot from the surrounding prisoners, every load landing at once somewhere on my body. It was over. My body was spent and satisfied and I laid in my pool of cum, licking my lips and massaging my ass, waiting for Kevin to own me once more...

CHAPTER 4: The final Tale of Never soft Prison

I was in a state of pure satisfaction. My mind was slipping in and out of an ecstasy induced coma. The hot loads that drenched my skin began to cool while my ass burped out the Rhinos shot. I was unaware of what was conspiring around me. My Eyes blinked for prolonged periods, edging towards pure black darkness. I was ready to become a slave again, ready to forget about Andy, the man I had failed. But the ropes that would suppress my mentality never came.

"I'm getting you out of here," A husky voice whispered into my ear. I turned my head to see the silhouette of a man kneeling by my side. His soft lips kissed my salty cheek.

Then we were running. I didn't know where but I grabbed the wall for support several times before the man's arms embraced me and steadied my wake. I heard chaotic screams and the muffled blasts of the guard's suppressors. Glass shattered behind me and ahead, the woosh of doors flying open. Through the next door the dark hall gave way to a blinding bright light, and the smell of fresh air. Free air.

The last thing I heard was the combined melody of helicopter propellers, the crash of waves upon the shoreline, and the roar of a boats propeller. Then darkness...

I was not awoken by the same sound, nor silence, nor a relaxing melody. Rather, I was brought to life by the buzzing sounds of a busy street. My eyes adjusted to the details of a shabby apartment, and my body awoke to the soft cushion of a warm bed. The noise was coming in from my bedroom window, which rested ajar leaving no barrier to the hustle of the street below.

A hand gently pressed against my sweaty forehead. I was too tired to react.

"Where am I?" I whispered.

"You're safe. With me," Andy's sweet voice replied. For the first time in my life, I believed him.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I heard you," he replied. "I heard you calling for me. I felt you saving me from being a slave. I felt you break the connection Kevin had on me. I slowly came to, but when I did I sprang to action. I radioed in to mainland and called for backup. Then I caught Kevin off guard and injected him with the suppressors. After that it was all a chaotic scramble, but I had to get you out of there,"

"Why I asked?" feeling more vulnerable than ever.

"Because, when you saved me, I felt something stronger than anything I've ever felt before," Andy said.

"Me too," I admitted. At that moment I didn't feel like the big tough guy I was, I felt open, and honest. I felt peaceful.

"I have to hand it to you," Andy whispered. "If you hadn't made such a fantastic distraction I never would've caught Kevin off guard,"

I laughed, remembering the orgy. "Did you like it?" I asked him

"It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen," Andy smiled. "What I want to know is if you liked it," he confessed biting his lip. I scratched my head, and massaged my ass hole.

"It was the best sex I've ever had," I answered. Andy smiled.

"Until now," he replied.

That morning was the start of my new life. My body had healed and Andy seemed ready too. We both felt something passionate for one another. He crawled over me. Both naked, our bodies met gently and warm. Our dicks hardened and mingled with each other. Our hairy chests tickled our nipples and our lips met in a long kiss. His fingers ran through my hair while mine caressed his ass. His hole would still need time before it recovered but three of my finger gently eased into the fleshy space like a mitt. I used this as a handle to roll him over with me so that I was on top. We were lost in the sheets together. All of our worries and fears slipped away with each kiss. Neversoft prison was behind us. Today, all we cared about was each other.

The End

That was the final saga of Neversoft prison. I hope you enjoyed and it didn't disappoint. Feel free to comment, I love to hear readers reactions.



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