After a time relay during his thinking process. Chris looked at his tablet and knotice the alert of his circuit flow, the dynamic characteristics of blacking out was the output in gate resistance including the gate threshold voltage, standard conditions of his nano transmitter switch charge.

"cellular respiration's a bitch" he softly mumbled as his body muscles start to cling and retract as he was trying to remember what happened.

Highly agitated he slammed the tablet agent the wall over and over. leaving sparking flying on the floor as he made his way in the elevator for the meeting on floor 21.

The hall was nice and silent as the meeting was going on Thats all Chris needed at the time, a moment to relax when co-worker tim came out and said "your coming with me theres a problem in level c below the building and we have to check it out"

tim was a cool guy, very laid back but because he was one of the first crews with the enhancement his muscles were ripping out of his shirt, you almost wanted to feel through his shirt to see how rough his abs were. "leg muscles bigger then my dog"chris was thinking to himself.

level c is in the mining team layer. there off this week so tim ( the caption of all mining teams) had to make an follow up on the industries pipelines.

As they were exiting the elevator the mining layer was dark and misty. the light faded away at a distance and chris didn't like to be down here. but the job had to be done

"get in the train boy we have 45 min to get there " shouted tim in his interesting deep voice. kinda made Chris cock jump but he held it in his pants as the eased into the train

as they were taking the train to level c Chris was receiving message in his ear peace from the master computer system "whats the hydrophone reading man, I'm receiving 4 gravitational flow transmission in the tri-sector" said a voice on the ear peace

" were going pass level A so i will inform you soon Cameron"

Chris responded then started to focus on the computer in the train to check out the radius of the impact. it was not to bad so he didn't worry about it so he just sat back started to think about mike.

its been 73 hours after the encounter with mike and thats all he could think about, how amazing it felt to brush up next to a hairy man, thinking about how they locked lips as his hard nipples were pressing up agents his while mike was playing with Chris hole. teasing his hole with the head of his dick, making every use of the precum that was flowing out of his erected dick slowly easing in Chris thats all mike wanted to do.

using there voice to quantum size every pulsation in vibration to hit every hot spot.

mike moaning deeply making chris dick vibrate while he is throbbing in him. making chris close to shooting while mike fucked him slowly moaning the hole way Chris was resisting mikes 8inch thrusting in him but mike easily transmission his dick in Chris so good Chris gave in and left the resistance moaning with every pulse as mike fucked him gently agents the floor in of the locker room

"whoa dude, your boning the tablet dude what the fuck" tim said as he was being weirded out by Chris bone next to him in the train. But Chris was presuming the position still thinking about how mike fucked his hole in disbelief. how smooth mike was with taking care of his hole. never felt anything like it before.

"sorry dude I'm still getting use to the nano magnetism its really crazy with memory"

Chris shouted as they made there way pass sector 4 in level B but tim was secretly interested into the action

the train was slowing down and tim grabbed Chris boner with a firm grip

"aghh dude what are you doing" Chris shouted as he was already close to Cumming...



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