6:AM 5/1/2019

the storm passed aggressively as chris was engaging in his workout in the fully equpted gym, it was filled with annotated equipment were the robots engage in various muscle stimulus arrangements. His partner, mike was inspecting the outcome of the physical inquest.

"so how did i do " chis said as he was adjusting his jock, gently squeezing the head behind the cup so mike could not see his throbbing permutation.

" well"mike responded with his deep raspy voice , including a questioned look on his face ,

mike was a well rounded guy, athletic and cut like Chris. They were partners for 3 years and mike secretly had a weak spot for Chris. sometimes in the evaluations mike would slowly nudge his dick agent the desk during the workouts making his legs shake and weaken as his shifted the head of his cock agents the computer as it would slowly peak out of his jock , all he could think about was stretching chris's tight hole

but was to scared to say anything,

"this has been the second week i have my nano's activated dude and i really want to talk to you about something" Chris pondered.

"yeah dude "mike yelped as he was shifting behind the desk.

"I'm not trying to weird you out man but every time i get close to you my dick starts to throb bro, and i can't control it " Chris respond

but mike was shocked and didn't know what to say

mike knew that the magnetism from the last dose of inflorad would wirelessly send frequencies to various areas of the brain when they were thinking about the same thing.

as they started to walk down the quiet hall to the locker room, the hole way mike was thinking about slamming Chris up agents the wall and frisking his body slowly, gently pressing his cock agents his hole through the gym shorts nudging it nice and slow as he gently kiss his lips.

"dude i keep getting so hard" shouted chis and i think its because of you

mike grabbed him and rightly started to make out with him , pressing his hard on from the thoughts into actions.

Chris didn't stop he, it felt so warm agents mike and the way he grabbed him gave him a warm felling in the inside, like he just wanted mike to be in him. every throb mike was pulsating agents his dick made him pre cum even more. then mike slammed him agents the shower. (the sensors turned it on) but they didnt mind getting wet, as the water was dripping over there heads, mike made his way down to chrisis ass. Slowly

rimming his hole as his thumb was nudging the tip of his dick ,

Roaring with overwhelming pleasure Chris lifted his leg , leading mike to go in deeper but mike wanted the tight hole he was licking badly pre cum oozing all over his jock. so he shifted chis on the head of his dick easing his way in side of him while he passionately kissed him on the floor of the shower room.

all mike could think about was ripping though Chris hole for days and it was so tight he had soak Chris's hole with his pre cum easing every inch he could, teasing his hole with the head of his dick.



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