The wind was blowing furiously and dark clouds covered the sky. The lightning after every few seconds that shook the earth was an easy interpretation of the heavy rain that was soon to pour into the city. Stephen quickened his steps to reach his destination without getting drenched. In the last two years he changed a lot. It had been two years since he left the hotel he worked in and also he moved out of that city. In his past two birthdays he had grown even more handsome. His height increased a few inches and now he stood at 6 ft 3 inches , his lips became fuller and his mysterious blue eyes became yet deeper and more sexy if that was possible. His shoulders were broader and his chest puffed out , and through the tight fitting white shirt he was wearing anyone could see his hard nipples poking his shirt out. He has grown his hair to his shoulder length on request of Ralph and the dirty blonde look made him look no less than Adonis. As he tried to move fast, his long well built legs helped him do so. The black trousers he was wearing fitted well against his tight, round ass cheeks. Soon he turned right and hit was just a few hundred metres away when it started raining furiously. Within seconds he was drenched completely in rain. "shit god damn rain" he muttered slowly under his breath. Soon he reached his flat and rang the calling bell. The door opened and stood Ralph, wearing his tight red colour briefs that had laces knotted just beneath his navel point. Ralph was smiling sweetly at Stephen. He held stephen's arm and pulled him inside the flat.

"oh my god! You are all wet. You open your clothes and I will fill the buckets for u to have a bath. But before that" said Ralph hugging Stephen from back and kissing his shoulder gently," happy anniversary dear".

Stephen turned around and took Ralph in a tight embrace and slowly raised him in his hug and gently pressed his lips against Ralph's. after a long kiss he broke apart and said with a naughty smile" why don't we take the shower together honey?"

Ralph pushed Stephen aside ' because love I have to prepare dinner while u get washed".

" I have no need for dinner, I will eat u"

" then I have to say I have no intention being eaten" saying so Ralph went to the bathroom.

After sometime Stephen returned taking a long warm bath. He had not dried his hair and small droplets still clung to his hair. Ralph was sitting on the sofa watching his favourite porn dvds. Stephen went to Ralph and sat on the floor with his back to Ralph and his head resting on ralph's bare thigh. Ralph smiled. He took the towel and slowly began to dry his hair while they watched a hot sex session going on in their lcd.

After dinner Stephen was lying on the bed waiting for Ralph. When Ralph came in Stephen could not help playing with his enourmous tool of 11 inches. To him he could make love to that 5ft 11 inches blonde looking, gray eyed sexy Raaalph, holding his tiny waist between his firm hands, sucking on that 7 inches, licking that tight pink asshole of his , the brown pointing nipples for years without stopping for a second. As soon as Ralph came to bed Stephen pinned him down to bed and got over him. Ralph smiled "naughty you are, right sexy?" saying so Ralph pulled his fingers out of his undies and placed them on his lips. Stephen parted his lips and took the fingers inside and slowly began to lick and suck on them. With his one hand , Stephen began to rub Ralph's right nipple and slowly began to pinch it. Ralph gave a sweet moan. Stephen let his fingers go and bent to kiss the nipple and started to suck on it. He slowly began to massage it with his hot tounge bit it and again suck it hard. Ralph pressed his head on his nipple for more. After sometime Stephen began to massage the other nipple. Then he slowly began to lick his armpits slowly cleaning them of the sweat. He gradually moved down to his nipples again and then went to his navel. Ralph was moaning and making sounds of pleasure. Stephenwent to his briefs and began to un knot the laces with hism teeth. Ralph was holding the bed stands and moving his ass up and down to rub his crotch against Stephen's face. Stephen liked it. He slowly kissed his manhood above the briefs and then pulled it down and took it out of his legs. He then again went down and kissed on the forehead of the uncut 7 inches tool of Ralph. Ralph raised his ass and forced his manhood inside stephen's warm mouth which Stephen took happily in. with his hot tounge licking the head and then sucking his tool between his full lips made Ralph shout in ectasy. Stephen stopped and smiled naughtily at Ralph. Then he took his tool in his hand and began sucking it rough again going all way down pulling the foreskin back and then again coming up , licking the forehead with his warm tounge. When Stephen saw Ralph was at the edge, he stopped. He held his legs and made them wide apart and placed them on his shoulders. Now Stephen had a clear look at ralph's sweet love hole. He placed a pillow beneath his ass to raise it. Then going down with his hands he separated the ass chicks and began to lick the entrance of the hole with quick movements of the tounge. Ralph was moaning aloud. Then Stephen pushed his tounge in and began to clean ralph's prostate with his tounge. He pushed one of his fingers inside his ass and began to finger fuck him and lick him at the same time. Ralph was mad by now. "make me cum love, make me cum" he began to plead. Stephen quickly came up and took his tool inside his mouth and began deep throating him. His warm wet mouth was doing uts magic on Ralph and he began to fuck stephen's mouth furiously. After a few more minutes of hard bed action Ralph began to move his ass furiously showing he was near... after a few more jerks he shot his sweet creamy load inside stephens mouth. Stephen did not gulp it in. once Ralph was done shooting his cum, Stephen came up and began to kiss Ralph, their lips locked fighting each other and the sweet taste of cum was driving them crazy. After sometime they broke the kiss. They were sweating profusely. Ralph looked into stephen's eyes and with a smile he said " I love you Stephen". Stephen pulled him close and hugged him and repeted the words. Then they slept in each others arm for the nyt.




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