It was early morning when Stephen returned to his flat after visiting Brent and offering his services. he opened the door to his bedroom and went to lie in his big double bed. he was feeling tired. he stood up and removed his trousers, opened his shirt and flung it to the chair at the other corner of his well decorated room. adjusting his purple breifs that fitted well on his round bums,clearly showing his crack at back and the heavy bulge at front, stephen laid down on his bed for a short nap. he was soon asleep. his mind began to relax and stephen found himself retracing to his past when he was just a schoolboy of 17 back in his village. he dreamt the small fireplace, he and his father talking about the day at fields, stephen dreamt taking his cattle to the riverside for washing then and bringing then back usually riding on one or the other, stephen dreamt of his mother her hand made delicacies and then he dreamt of jake... the sensuous lips and a sweet smile sticking on them, the beautiful eyes, the beautiful smooth body of the medium height boy, their wrestling games they played back at their feilds in mud coverinf their bodies in mud, the feeling when his body brushed against jakes', the pleasure of sitting above jake, his arms holding jakes' declairing his victory and the slowing down of time as they kissed gently on the lips, their bodies still covered in mud............. as stephen dreamt he felt an arm embracing his naked body, slowly pulling him towards itself, a head full with silky smooth hair resting on his chest, lips kissing his left nipple.... he quickly opened his eyes and what he saw made him angry.. Ralph was holding STEPHEN IN HIS EMBRACE. STEPHEN got up from the bed freeing himself from the embrace. though he was not harsh it was not a gentle move. he got up and turned around to see ralph sad. he frowned" what the hell u think u were doing?"

ralph now got up, he too sat at the edge of the bed now looking stephen directly into his eyes, he said" what? i was embracing the man i love. is that a problem?"

stephen was as always uneasy. he said" dont saY THAT... i m not your love cause i dont love u. and Ralph u are the son of the owner of this house. if he ever got to know that u are trying to involve with me in a sexual manner he will throw me out. is that what u want?"

" so is that what is keeping u away from me stephen?"

" hell no.. i dont love u and upon that sex is what i do for money. and that too with clients who m i dont see the next time. so u are neither my client nor my love. in that case do not think to indulge with me in anything.. stop this girly maneuver of yours."

"what the fuck? i love u.. and is love a girly thing? and moreover other than sex i want comfort with u... with u around i feel happy, complete. i want to be there with u in your happy times and sad times. i want to be loved and love back. is that anything girly? and even if it is i dont care. i just love u."

"fuck off dont give me this emotional crap" saying so stephen walked away into his bathroom. there stayed Ralph sad, a tear in his eyes. he slowly stood up and walked away out of the room. at the same time stephen walked into the shower and amidst the water he too allowed his eyes to moisten. he too did not feel right to treat Ralph the way he did. he in some sort liked Ralph. the cute blonde boy was smart, was good in studies, sports- ralph was a great swimmer at sixteen, he was awesomely handsome. and many a times stephen saw lov for himself in Ralphs' eyes. but he did not wanna show ralph any love because he knew lovers never live together. he lost jake in a terrible accident, or he should say jake was taken away by him and he didnot want Ralph to face anything that happened to jake. the memory was enough to boil his blood and crush his heart.

he was here to earn money enough so that he can continue to help jake's treatment.

wanna know more? what happened to jake? will ralph ever get his love from stephen?

this is not just the story of cock and is a story of love and pain.... continue to cment and i will write next soon.




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