I ease my eyes open slowly, knowing what I would see. The room was still dimly lit and I was alone. Hands still tied behind my back and feet cuffed together hooked to a short chain anchored in the floor meant I was still a captive. Dried cum was stuck all over me and the smell of sex filled my nostrils. How long I had laid here asleep...passed out...blacked out? I didn't know. I just know I was laying here with another hard on remembering how it all started.

Roger was an old friend, the type of friendship that came with benefits. We had similar taste, but whereas I was strictly a bottom, he loved both roles, and thus the friends category. We hadn't messed around in a while, so I had not known his new place had a basement, or as he called it, his playroom. I knew he had a sling and had enjoyed being fucked in it on a couple of occasions, and we both enjoyed a simple flogging or light bondage during sex, but that was the extent of it. We both were tall; me, six foot one and he a couple of inches taller and neither of us broke the two hundred pound mark. One area we differed was cock. I had an average size cock that curved up slightly when ready to play, but Roger had something all together different. He was huge and thick. No matter how much ass play he performed, no matter how many fingers he squeezed into your hole, you knew the minute that cock was pushing in. He opened you up like no other.

This weekend was one in which we were to go out to a local fetish night at a nightclub, something we had done in the past a few times, but this time was different in that it would be just the two of us instead of a party of 4 or 5. In my faded worn out jeans, rubber shirt and black military boots I showed up at Roger's to find him nearly dressed: black leather pants, harness across his upper body and a nice leather flogger handing from his belt. When I got inside his place he told me to wait a minute, there was something he forgot.

He returned to the living holding a chain leash in one hand and an assortment of items in the other.

"Get on your knees, bitch" in a tone that was a surprise but a tone he meant it. I dropped down on my knees before him and he put a collar around my neck, hooking the leash to it.

"Hold out your hands" he commanded and I obeyed. He put wrist cuffs on each. He then dropped two ankle cuffs on the floor in front of me.

"Put them on and let's go" was all he said as he went through his house turning off lights, shutting down his stereo and grabbing his wallet and keys. By the time he returned to the living room I was fastening the last one in place. About fifteen minutes later we were at the club looking for a place to park. A line was at the door and down the sidewalk but the VIP line was very short and moving much more rapidly. After parking, as we checked ourselves he walked up to me and grabbed the leash.

"Tonight, you are mine" he a flat commanding tone.

"Yes sir" I replied as I looked him squarely in the eye, knowing what it meant. As we approached the VIP line we seemed to gather the stares of a few patrons, some smiling in approval. Once inside Roger dragged me over to a stair for the mezzanine which was the VIP area, with its demonstration booths for flogging, for electric shock, bondage demonstrations and a few less extreme fetish scenes. We grabbed some drinks and moved through around the mezzanine. The longest line was for the flogging stations and at one, one of the host noticed Roger's flogger hanging on his belt.

"You know how to use that?" she asked with that knowing smile so many had when they saw us.

"Would you like to see?" Roger asked her. She smiled, looked down at the sign in sheet.

"Give me your name, I'll put you on the list and then you can show me when your time comes up" she replied holding out her pen. Roger took the pen and signed his name.

"Come back in about an hour and we should be close to your time, and then you can show us your technique."

"We'll see you then" Roger replied as he tightened up the leash and pulled me away behind him. He told me he was looking forward to publicly flogger me, but first he wanted to sweat me down. He knew the rubber shirt didn't breath and it was already hot underneath. He dragged me to the dance floor and we danced till almost time to go back. Grabbing a couple of drinks first we made our way back. Some guy who had to be twenty one to get in, but looked fifteen was beet red across his back as he was being flogged. His girlfriend looked on as if he was some sort of sacrifice for her. When his time was up, the host turned to Roger and told him it was time, smiling broadly as she spoke.

Roger turned to me, unhooked the leash, grabbed the hem of the rubber shirt and roughly pulled it over my head and off. Sweat ran down my torso I was so hot underneath. He handed each to the host asking her if she would hold them for a moment. She sniffed the shirt devilishly and then said she would. I could see how dangerous a pair she and Roger were at the moment. He pointed to the cross and I moved into position. Once hooked in at the wrist and ankles, unable to pull away he began. As he flogged me he asked how long we had, which for Roger wasn't very long, so he picked up the pace. Soon my skin burned, knowing it was getting red. I couldn't help it, I was moaning in pleasure all too soon and my cock was hurting from being trapped in my pants.

The host came up and squeezed my crotch. "He really gets off on it" she said to Roger.

"More than you could imagine" he replied, and gave me a few more hits across the shoulders. "He likes it across the chest even more."

When he finished and unhooked me I tucked my shirt in my jeans and spent the rest of the night in just the jeans, collar and cuffs. My cock never did go completely soft all night, rising up from time to time when I was aroused more than usual. It was nearly one when Roger pulled me up to him, kissed me hard on the mouth and told me it was time to go. At my Jeep, he said he was driving home, so I got in the passenger seat. Once on the way he told me to take off my jeans. My cock was half hard as I sat naked in the Jeep driving through the crowd of people lingering outside the club. Once on the road, Roger grabbed me by the neck and shoved my face into his crotch. His cock was already out and standing tall. I took in immediately and began to suck.

"Just nurse it slowly, I don't want to get off too quick" was the only thing he said while I spent the ride to his place buried in his crotch. He pulled to the rear where he parked and got out, carrying my jeans and shirt. I followed nervously, afraid a neighbor would see me. Inside he tossed everything down and went to the basement door and told me to follow. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I saw it was about half as large as the house with piers running up the middle supporting the floor structure above. His sling was in the middle of the largest open space, with a cross near the wall and a odd looking table on the other side of the room. He dragged me to the cross and positioned me face out.

"I know how much you like this and was disappointed we didn't do it earlier."

Then he began, flogging my chest and stomach. After a short time my cock began to rise as my skin came alive to the sensation. Then he did what makes my head explode. He swung downward, hitting my cock. I thought I'd cum. He flogged me so long I lost track of any sense of time. When he unhooked me I dropped to my knees and begged him to fuck me.

"You haven't earned it yet" was all he said and he dragged me over to the odd table. When in position, my torso rested on a narrow board, with my hands and knees on lower boards, where he secured me to it. Then he began his ass play, working his fingers up my hole, one, two, three and finally four, stretching me open. My cock swung freely underneath me, flexing in need to cum. As he worked his fingers in and out of my hole twisting them around he leaned up and asked "You want the thumb too?" knowing I had never let him or anyone else go all the way with fisting my hole. "The safe word is 'blue'." Then I felt him working his thumb in too. I knew his fist wasn't much larger than his cock but at that point any increase was definitely felt from my hole to my brain. He worked his thumb in and then stroked my cock a few times, stroking me up for the final push. He slowly stroked my cock as he slowly pushed his fist into my hole. I raised up moaning loudly "oh, fuck". Sweat poured off me as he worked my hole. It felt like his whole arm was inside me.

When he eased his fist out he told me how good I was and now for my reward. I didn't realize he had his favorite paddle lying nearby but on the first swing I felt it. He paddled me several times on each ass cheek till they burned with the pain of every strike. Then he did it. Laid the paddle down and plunged his fat hard cock into my hole, pushing all the way.

"Oh Goddamn, fuck" I cried out as he began to pound my hole, hard even thrust back and forth, working his cock for his own pleasure. It was a fast hard fuck, with a few hard slaps to the ass as he called me his cocksucker and bitch, whore, or just a hole to fuck. He slammed me so hard my cock kept slapping my stomach as it swung back and forth underneath me. Then he pulled out and shot his first load across my back and ass. Then he left the room.

When he returned he unhooked me and dragged me over to the sling. Once secured, he brought out a large dildo, a menacing thing, larger than his cock and began to screw up my hole; twisting and pushing until it began to sink in. He pushed and pulled it in my hole until my cock was flexing with the need to cum but not able to. He tossed the dildo down and came around to my head and shoved his cock into my mouth, not giving me a moment to adjust as he just fucked my mouth. He stop occasionally to pinch and twist my nipple or to slap my stomach, making me blow snot and salvia out of my mouth and nose as he held his cock in place. Then he would resume his assault on my mouth and throat. When he finally pulled out, a few strokes later he shot his second load across my face and neck. He dragged me over to the middle of the room and hooked my ankle cuffs to a chain in the floor giving me only a few feet of maneuvering room, and then hooked my wrist cuffs together behind my back. He stood back, holding his cock as I lay there looking up at him, and began to piss on me. He covered me from neck to feet, knowing I really didn't like to be pissed on he avoided my face, then he left me there.

When he returned he wasn't alone. It was the woman who was a host at the club and her boyfriend. Roger talked as if I was deaf, about how he had already used me and how, and how he hadn't let me get off yet.

"Good, Brian loves to fuck around, and I love to watch him when he is exploring his gay side" I heard her tell Roger.

"Kelly, that is great and I think the two of you will not be disappointed" Roger replied. He turned to me and told me to get up on my knees. I struggled up and into position as Roger came over and told me to suck his cock. I knew it was show time now and he would be more commanding now in lieu of just doing what he wanted. I sucked his cock down as far as I could go, then began to work on it as best I could. I could see Brian started to grope himself as Kelly sat down on top of the fuck table to watch. Brian came up to stand by Roger and they began to kiss as Brian pushed my head down on Roger's cock, forcing a face fuck on me. Soon they gave me a moment to catch my breath as Roger helped Brian undress. He was a little less than six feet tall, average lean build and a 7 inch or so cock that stood straight out. It had no give it was so hard I was soon to find out as he put it to my lips and told me to suck his cock. I worked it in my mouth as best I could then plunged down on it as far as I could take it. Roger got down on his knees behind me, rubbing his cock on my ass and he told Brian to use my slutty mouth, to fuck my mouth hole. After a few minutes Brian told Roger he wanted to fuck my ass. They unhooked my feet and dragged me over to the sling. In short notice I had Brian's cock buried up my ass and Roger was giving me another face fuck.

"Yeah, shove that cock into his mouth, gag him" Brian kept telling Roger as he pumped his cock into my ass. "God he's tighter than I expected after what you told us you've done to him."

"Yeah, he's a good fuck; pull all the way out and slam it in a few times. It'll take his head off."

Brian pulled out, hesitated a moment then slammed all the way back in, he pulled out and did it again, and again until my grunts got loud. Then he couldn't take it anymore and he grabbed my waist and began to throw a hard rough fuck into me, slamming into my ass so hard the fuck bench squeaked.

"Yeah, fuck his ass...fuck him hard" as Roger keep up his fucking of my mouth hole.

"Oh, I'm going to cum, shit" Brian grunted.

"Pull out and unload across his ass; I want to watch you shoot" Roger asked him.

He pulled out and a moment later I could feel him unload across my back and then over my ass. The smell of cum filled the air around me and even more so when Roger pulled out and came in my face again, rubbing his slimy cock across my face and in my hair.

"Look at his cock flexing up and down; man he needs to get off" Brian stated as they stood catching their breaths.

"Yeah, he's ready to pop. I've not let him cum all night" Roger replied.

"No shit. Damn" Brian stated, then after a moment of quiet, "Can I suck his cock?"

"Goddamn, I was thinking the same thing. Go for it, I'd love to see you suck his dick" Roger told him. I could sense Brian climbing underneath me then grabbing my cock and licking its head. Then he plunged down it, working his mouth up and down its length. Roger came up behind me and began to work my hole over with a knobby headed dildo, hitting my prostrate just right to make me see stars. It didn't take long and I came. I came hard as Brian swallowed it down. Once I was spent, he licked my cock clean and climbed out. Roger was unhooking me from the bench, where he then lead me over to the chain on the floor and fastened my feet back to it and then locked my wrist back together behind my back. I could hear the three of them talking about the evening and how much fun it was to use me. Then the door closed upstairs and it grew quiet, and I dosed off.

As I said earlier, I awoke stiff, smelling of sex and covered in dried cum. Worse yet I had to piss. Roger knew I wasn't into it water sports but I knew he wouldn't be back down for a while. I rolled over onto my back and since my hands were bound behind me, I had to lift up my hips over them. I knew it was what Roger wanted, that one last humiliation. I could see my flaccid cock hanging down toward my navel half erect with a piss hard on. Then I pissed myself.



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