Marion dribbled left, cut right, pushed past David, dribbled a couple of times as he ran to the basket and shot.

"10 to 8" Marion called out, taunting David as he went out to half court to try again.

Right hand, then his left, Marion bounced the ball, standing at half court looking for David to step one way or the other, commit to a move and when David held his ground, waited patiently Marion moved forward, straight at David then tried to cut right, to David's weak side but David's hand came out, knocked the ball free and suddenly David had the ball, dribbling around the perimeter, gaining speed, then he cut in, spun as he came upon Marion, cutting to Marion's right and drove for the basket.

"10 to 10" David called out as he moved to half court.

"You just got lucky" Marion replied as he wiped the sweat from his face with his t-shirt and David looked at his stomach, so flat, pumping in and out from Marion breathing hard. Marion dropped the tail of his sweat soaked t-shirt and David turned quickly back to the ball. When he looked up Marion had pulled his t-shirt off and was tossing it on the ground just outside the court.

"Fuck, its hot tonight" Marion uttered as he moved into position.

David let his eyes scan over Marion's body, the way his skin glistened in the artificial light, sweat running down his skin in rivulets, and he looked at how the light hairs on Marion's arms were barely perceptible, the thin trail of hair from his navel down into his gym shorts just dark enough to see and when Marion raised his arms, the sparse hair, dark with its wetness would be visible.

David didn't really know Marion well for he lived one floor below in the dorm but they had for the last two semesters crossed paths on numerous occasions and David finally realized both of them were in Pharmacology Department. Last weekend he had asked Marion if he wanted to study together and over the last few days they had spent evenings together, first studying for an exam, and then just hanging out, listening to music or going down to the bar just across from campus in town where a lot of others went to watch sports and drink. David found Marion fun to be around, outgoing, sociable and he also found Marion made him feel those attractions he tried to bury, the sexual tension he felt around some of the other guys, and in the last few days this tension was very poignant around Marion.

Marion was his own height, slightly more muscular, with skin whiter, fair, smooth, unblemished. And his blonde hair was long enough to cover his ears and hang to his collar, thick, wavy, with the front constantly falling across his forehead and into his eyes. David wondered how Marion saw him, wondered if he had any sense of the sexual tension he himself felt. David kept his light brown hair cut short and even conscious of sun exposure his skin was still dark olive toned. Tonight, pushing and shoving on the court David was very conscious of their differences, the way Marion's body seemed to almost glow against his body.

Their play was getting boisterous, pushing each around, one or the other climbing over the other trying to get the ball, and it excited David, aroused him, the way their bodies rubbed over each other, the way Marion's hands would grab him, tug on him, and the way Marion felt to his own touch. Along the edge of the court they tried to push the other out of bounds while getting the ball, struggling against each other till the sound of fabric ripping cut through the air making them stop. David looked down at his t-shirt and saw the neck was stretched out, the shirt front ripped from the neck band.

"You tore my shirt" he said, his voice betraying his humor of the situation.

"Sorry man" Marion replied, laughing, as he stood bent over, hands on knees. "Maybe you should take it off if you're going to play so rough" he added looking up at David with mischief in his eyes. David gave him a questioning look, his mind having a moment of wonder, a moment he considered the possibility and he took the tail of the t-shirt in each hand and lifted it up and over his head, tossing it to the ground by the court.

"What's the score?" David asked.

"14 to 16...but you're cheating" Marion replied, laughing as he stood up to block David as he came on court to start their play. David turned his back to Marion and dribbled slowly toward the goal. Marion moved close, brushed against his back, warm and slick was the contact of skin on skin, Marion's arms reaching around David, rubbing along his own arms and he could hear Marion's hard breathing right behind his head, the inhaling and exhaling of air. David stepped back trying to push Marion toward the net and he felt Marion's body press up against his own, chest to back, crotch to ass and his concentration was broken, his thoughts distracted from the game and to Marion's body, the feel of it, the heat of skin on skin, the feel of Marion pressing against his ass and he dribbled wrong, too far out from his body, his feet planted flat on the court and Marion moved around him knocking the ball free and dribbling back to half court.

"Your play sucks tonight" Marion taunted as he came at David, soon turning his back to him, working his way toward the goal, looking for David to make a mistake, give him an opening and he stepped back, one step at a time, bouncing on his feet, dribbling the ball as he cut his eyes left and right. David moved close, arms stretched out wide feeling the cooling night air on his body, circulating around his torso and he glanced down, eyes roaming down Marion's back watching the way his shoulder blades were moving, looked down the concave line of Marion's spine seeing how rivulets of sweat ran down it. Marion's skin was beading sweat, glistening in the light, and moving close David bumped into Marion, felt his chest push against Marion's back, it hot, wet, with his chest sliding slickly over it. He tried to concentrate on the game, tried not to think about the masculine body in front of him, so heated with its exertions, so slick to the touch but he felt his own arousal, the confined condition of his growing cock and he grew sloppy, moved too hard against Marion and they stumbled across the court as Marion lost the ball. The ball rolled off the court and into the grass and the two of them raced each other for it.

"Hey watch's my ball" Marion cried out as he raced David to it.

"Not if I beat you to it" David replied, liking the way they were getting physical, pushing and bumping into each other, their bodies colliding, skin against skin and he moved toward the ball, Marion and he struggling to get in front of the other, their bare arms intertwined, their bodies rubbing each other. Marion just beat David to the ball, diving down on it. David came down on top of him, his arms wrapped around Marion trying to push the ball out of his hands. David let his body bear down on Marion, their torsos sliding over each other, his crotch pressed into David's ass, his cock hardening with the pressure and feel of Marion against him. Marion grabbed the ball tight in his arms pulling it underneath his chest as David hands worked to pull it free.

"It's mine...I have control of it..." Marion uttered breathlessly and David finally stopped struggling and for a moment he laid on Marion, their bodies pressed together and David leaned down till his nose and lips were so close to the back of Marion's neck, the scent of him, and the idea of touching him so great he had to fight the urge to do so.

"David?" Marion asked as he laid still, not moving.

"Yeah" David whispered, freezing in place.

And they lay there, not moving, neither saying anything, David afraid to do so for what seemed like a long time, their heavy breathing the only sound, the only movement of their bodies their stomachs as they undulated with each gasp of breath.

"David...I think you should get off" Marion whispered and David suddenly snapped out of it, shifted on top of Marion trying to get his hands down on the ground either side of Marion's body and lift himself up.

"Sorry man...I...just need to catch my breath" he stuttered but he knew Marion had to have felt it, his cock, growing hard, pressing against his ass and when he stood up his gym shorts were tented out, the contour of his cock obvious. Marion was standing up when David realized how obvious his erection was and he turned away from Marion walking back to the court, adjusting his shorts, trying to seem casual about it as he moved his cock into a less noticeable position.

"Let's call it a night...I'm beat" David said as he moved to the other side of the court to retrieve his shirt. He held it loosely in front of him hiding his erection.

Marion looked funny, his expression confused, and he moved to where his shirt was tossed.

"Yeah...I'm ready to stop" Marion uttered, his voice sounding far away.

That night David laid in bed awake, staring into the darkness, his eyes unseeing what his mind was imagining. Marion on the basketball court, shirtless, his skin hot and slick, sweat trickling down and David rubbed his hand over his growing erection, felt the hardness of it as it strained against his boxers. Even though his roommate was asleep he was afraid to slip his boxers down, afraid to take his cock in hand, to stroke it, to make himself cum, for he was afraid, absurdly, that somehow his roommate would catch him and know what was fueling his arousal.

David turned onto his stomach confining his cock beneath him and he wondered what Marion had thought when he was on top of him and his cock was hard and pressed against his ass. And he wondered if Marion had thought of it since.

Marion lay awake too, with Jordan, his roommate, still up working on a report, his desk lamp the only illumination but it was enough to make Marion feel exposed wondering if his thoughts were visible on his face. He laid there, eyes wide open, remembering how he had enjoyed the way David and he had been playing. The jostling of each other, the bump and grind of the game, the way he had felt David against his own body, it had been enjoyable, when David was on his back, their bodies slipping and sliding over each other, the feel of David against him so hot but the realization David was aroused, his cock thick and hard, pressing against his own ass, the sexual nature of it became vividly evident, and it panicked him, made him aware of his feelings toward David, the pleasure of their contact.

Marion looked at Jordan, sitting in his boxers and t-shirt, leaning over his desk reading with his glasses on instead of his contacts he wore during the day. Jordan would sit with his right hand combed up through his black hair making it stick straight up and Marion looked at him, gave thought to notions of beauty, of attraction, of how Jordan's body, lean and muscular, made him feel a sense of sexual desire he didn't understand. He rolled toward the wall, casting his face into shadow, and he looked at the line of shadow cast upon the wall, the way it curved with the form of his body draped with the bed sheet and he thought of David, the build of his body, the feel of it against him, and while he reached down and tugged on his growing erection he thought of David's cock pressed against his ass.

For two days Marion and David avoided each other, one working late at the library on a report not due for weeks and the other going on long bike rides in the late afternoon and then holing up in his dorm room. It was Marion who finally broke the silence between them, this barrier with its overt sexual nature, when he went up to David's floor late in the day and found the door open with David leaned back in his chair just staring out the window, so lost in his thoughts he hadn't heard Marion come into the room.

"Hey man" Marion said as he approached, his voice flat, unsure how David would respond. David turned and when he saw it was Marion he smiled and rotated around to face him.

"Marion...what have you been up to?"

"Got a report to write and just been doing some of the research at the library. Where's John?" Marion replied.

"Oh he's started seeing this girl and has been staying at her place a lot the last few days."

" you've got the room to yourself?"

"Yep...when he's here I have to listen to all his banter about Jennifer this and Jennifer that but I do have the room to myself a lot" David replied as he leaned back in his chair, his legs spreading naturally letting his boxers gap open and Marion could see the flesh of David's sac as it sat loosely between his legs and it made him feel anxious, his heart feel like it was beating harder.

"Grab a chair" David said as he hooked Jordan's chair with his foot pulling it out from the desk. Marion pulled it around and sat down in it and as he looked over at David he tried to keep his eyes focused on David's face and not let them scan downward, over his body down to his spread legs and what was visible up the open leg of his boxers.

David watched as Marion sat down, his posture rigid in the chair, his expression flat, distant and he worried Marion was still upset with him for the other day, upset with how he threw a boner and then ground it into his ass, for he just knew that was the real reason Marion hadn't been around for three days. The reason he was avoiding him. He tried to pretend there was nothing between them, nothing to worry about as he acted nonchalant but there was a different tension in the air, something about the way Marion was acting and he tried to think of a way to make it stop.

There talk was strained with topics as mundane as possible but after a while it was obvious they were dancing around each other, avoiding the topics that were coursing through their minds. Marion leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees.

"You want to go shoot some baskets?" Marion asked, not looking up at David.

"Do you?"

"It'll be something to do."

"Well, okay..." David replied his voice trailing off.

David stood up and he went over to a small drawer unit under his bed and pulled out some gym shorts, and a tank top. He stood up and slipped the gym shorts up his legs, tucking the legs of boxers down and adjusting the waistbands. Marion watched David's every move, the way the gym shorts slide up his legs and when David took his t-shirt by the hem and tugged it over his head Marion had watched David's upper body come into view, muscular, lean, his skin so fair and unblemished it fairly glowed in the dim light of the room and when David picked up the tank top, flipped it around and started pulling it over his head Marion reached out and touched him on the stomach. A light soft touch and why he had done it he didn't know, didn't know what drove him to do it but David had stopped with the tank top around his chest rolled up in his hands ready to slip down his torso but he held still, watched Marion's hand touch him, caress his skin, Marion's fingers traced down the thin line of hair around his navel and downward to the waistband of his shorts.

David watched Marion's fingers move over him, navel to waistband and he had to suck in his breath, hold it as he felt the light touch, the movement of Marion's fingers grazing through the thin trail of hair. Marion looked up at him, his eyes showed his confusion, his anxiety of what he was doing, this contact between men and David recognized the look, understood what Marion was feeling and it comforted him, to see Marion felt the same things as he.

"I'm going to close the door...okay?" David asked his voice so low it was barely audible.

"Okay" Marion replied as he leaned back from David taking his hand away.

David slipped the tank top over his head and tossed it on the floor as he moved to the door closing it quickly when he heard some guys coming down the corridor. He moved back in front of Marion, stood in front of him unsure what to do, unsure how far Marion was willing to go. Suddenly Marion slipped off the chair and down on his knees in front of David and he ran his hands up and down David's legs, lightly, grazing the soft hair on them as he looked up at David, searched his face for some sort of signal, an indication it was okay to go further.

David nodded his head yes.

Marion moved toward David and pressed his face into the crotch of David's gym shorts, his warm breath pushed through the fabric to the growing erection confined within. As David became more aroused Marion grew more aggressive, push his mouth along the hardening shaft, let his lips trace its form, pressing against it, mouthing it, blowing his warm breath on it and David pushed his hips forward, pressed his cock against those lips. Marion took David's shorts and boxers by the waistband and eased them down, slowly, his lips moving over the exposed skin as it came into the open, and he pulled downward till the fan of pubic hair came into view, then the base of David's cock and soon the whole shaft slipped free and flexed in the open and Marion took it, ran his hand along the shaft stroking it making it grow harder, thicker, longer.

"Fuck" David whispered as Marion leaned forward and put his lips to the head of David's cock and when David pushed forward Marion allowed it to slide into his mouth. Marion worked his mouth down David's cock as he pulled the boxers and gym shorts all the way down letting them pool around David's ankles. Marion was rough, his ministrations out of rhythm, but David didn't care, found the occasional nick of his teeth a fetish for this first time and he pushed forward with his hips till Marion gagged on his cock and drool ran down his chin. David ran his hands over Marion's head letting his fingers comb through his long blonde hair. Marion worked his mouth along the hard cock till David took him by the hair and pumped his cock into Marion's mouth, fucked it slowly, pushing in till Marion gagged and his cock was slick with saliva.

David pulled back, his cock so hard it bobbed upward, bouncing up and down with Marion's drool and David's pre-cum trailing down to the floor. David slipped his hands under Marion's and lifted him upward getting him to stand on his feet.

"My turn" David uttered with urgency in his voice and he went to his knees, rubbed the bulging denim of Marion's jeans, felt the growing erection confined in them and he slipped the button free, pulled down the zipper spreading the jeans open revealing the boxers beneath and he took them by the waistband, impatiently, carelessly, he tugged them down Marion's legs where he had to work each foot free of its shoe. He got Marion to raise one foot then the other pulling the jeans and boxers free stripping Marion to the waist. Marion's shirt tail hung over his crotch but his hardening cock pushed up between the two sides, exposed, the flared head beading clear fluid at the slit and David leaned over and licked it off.

David ran his hands up and down Marion's legs, caressed the smooth skin and tickled the sparse hair on them and he sucked, took Marion's cock deep into his mouth, let it push over his tongue and nudge at the back of his throat and he wanted more, wanted to feel Marion against him, wanted their bodies touching, embraced in their sex and he looked up and watched as Marion undid the buttons of his shirt and let it fall open revealing his smooth chest and flat stomach. Marion pulled the shirt free of his shoulders and it fell down his arms and floated to the floor leaving him naked and David's hands moving over him.

David stood up wrapped his arms around Marion, pulled their bodies together as he leaned to him bringing their lips together. Marion hesitated for a brief moment, then his lips parted and let David's tongue push into his mouth. Marion felt David pull their chests together, felt David's cock rubbed along his own, felt it push against his sac slipping underneath, till finally it slipped between his legs. He liked the feel of it, David's cock rubbing him there, between his legs and he worked his hips back and forth, small short movements, but enough and David felt it, Marion's thighs rub his cock and he began to maneuver Marion toward his bed, backed him up to it and laid him down. David moved on top of Marion, brought his body up between Marion's legs and Marion parted them, spread himself open as he ran his hands down David's back, felt the soft smooth skin, the muscle underneath, the way it shifted and moved on top of him and he leaned back, eyes closed, as David's lips moved over his neck, around his ear, along his jaw and finally to his lips. He felt David's cock touch his hole, press against it and he pushed back, arced his hips upward as he pulled down on David's ass, wanting it, wanting David to breach his hole, to penetrate him and he moved under David, undulating his body against David's, flesh against flesh, trapping the heat of the bodies, inflaming their desires. Marion felt David's hand move down between them, take his cock and press it to his hole as David swung his hips downward and Marion cried out as David pushed through his tight opening and penetrated his hole, inch by inch sinking into him till David had all of his cock buried into him and David began to fuck, slowly at first, driving his hips up and down, thrusting his cock into Marion.

"Fuck me...goddamn...fuck me..." Marion uttered breathlessly as he pushed his hips upward to meet David's every downward thrust. David took Marion by the wrist, held him down as he rose up over him, this body tensed tight, every muscle visible with his cock still sank into Marion's hole and he began to fuck hard, driving his hips powerfully, rocking Marion over the bed, making the bed squeak, and he fucked faster. David grunted with his exertions, pumped his hips hard as he drove his cock into Marion till his body glistened with sweat. Marion felt the way David was slamming his cock into him, banging his insides so hard his cock was aching, so hard it was bobbing up and down and he took it in hand and began to stroke it in rhythm with David's fuck, and Marion was close, felt it in his body, every muscle, every nerve and he leaned back, legs spread open taking David's fuck as he slammed his hand down his cock till he was spattering his chest and stomach with cum.

"FUCK" Marion cried out as his cock began to dribble out the last of his load.

David felt the way Marion's hole milked his cock, every spasm, and he slammed his cock into Marion harder, slapping his hips down on him till he felt his cock swell up, grow so sensitive it almost hurt to thrust it through Marion's hole, but he slammed into Marion again and again and again till he pumping his cum deep into Marion's hole.

Their bodies were slick, the sweat beaded up on their skin enough to wet it, make it feel hot and smooth as David lay on Marion, their breathing rough as they gasped for each breath. David slipped free of Marion's hole and rolled to his side. Marion put his hand on the back of David's neck and pulled him down kissing him passionately and for a long time they lay next to each other, fingers lightly touching skin, combing through hair, tracing each other's features.

It grew dark outside before they dressed and went to eat dinner and afterwards, with David's roommate gone, Marion found himself once again in David's bed, where he would remain till morning.



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