In the last story chris and I got drunk and stoned and I end up stroking his cock.  In this story I'm a bit of a stalker.

Chris always went to Europe to visit his family there and was a great and cheap way for me to see some of Europe.  We would be staying with his family which was fine by me. One night I excused myself saying I was tired and needed a shower before bed. Knowing Chris was just as tired, my mind started to think of plans.

I jumped in the shower and was out in a few minutes. The shower that they had was kinda cool, a folding door almost and nothing at the back end. I saw a small mirror on a base that was in the corner of the shower.

I moved the mirror to what I thought was just the right spot.  A few minutes later Chris came up and said that he was gonna jump in the shower as well.  My plan was working.  He grabbed a towel and went in.  After a few minutes, I grabbed a pair of underwear and t-shirt for him to change into while he was in there.  Just seeing Chris behind the glass door was getting my horny.  As he was showering I looked into the mirror that I had hopefully put in the perfect position.  Well I did my the job well, I made excuses to stay in the bathroom, as I looked in the mirror.  There he was washing his body head to toe.  But what really made me crazy was when his  washed his cock.  He washed everything and rinsed off.  Then he pulled back his foreskin to was whatever was under there, rinsed and did it again to make sure it was all clean.

I thought I would cum in my pants when I saw all this.  I went in our room and pulled out a straight porn mag that he bout and was looking at these hot guys and their uncut cocks got me so fucking horny, I pulled out my cock and started stroking.  Thinking of Chris and him washing his cock, looking at the hot euro hunks and their uncut cocks, I shot my load in a matter of minutes.

Just as I put everything away, chris walked in in the clothes I brought him. Damn, that was close, but so much fun for me.



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