It all started in high school.  I knew I liked guys, just wasn't out at

this time.  I walked into woodshop class, there were a few cute guys and

one guy that just blew me away.  Dirty blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, a

few extra pounds, sitting by himself not talking to anyone.  I said to

myself, damn is he cute!!  I sat near him just to see him close up and he

was even cuter than from a distance.  I found out his name was Chris.  We

started chatting and he need help with the first project and asked me.  o

being better and things like this, I helped him and after a few weeks we

were good buddies.  After months, the best of friends, always hanging out

doing something during school or after school.

Now to fast forward...

One day during senior year we went to the local swimming pool.  I had on my

swim shorts and a t-shirt.  Chris wore regular shorts and had to change.  I

didn't want to be too much a weirdo, so I went to use the bathroom while he

changed.  After we had our fun in the pool, cooling off, we decided to go

home.  But before we left the pool, chris got out of his swim trunks and

took a quick shower to rinse off, that's when I saw him with nothing on

shower in the nude.  That's when my obsession began.  My eyes started at

the top of his head, making their way down his smooth cute face, down his

hairy chest, down his chubby belly, down to his cock, his uncut cock.  I

starred for what felt like hours, but was seconds.  I had never seen an

uncut cock in person, only in porn and jerk off magazines.  Now I really

wanted to jerk off and think of him while I shot.

Fast forward again...

After high school, I went over to his place to watch tv and keep him

company as his parents were gone for the weekend.  We had dinner and went

inside drinking beer and smoking a joint.  We were on the sofa watching tv

and both fell asleep.  Not sure when, but I woke up and he was slumped over

to the arm of the sofa and was sleeping quietly.  I slumped over onto his

side.  Being still buzzed, I boldly reached over to see if I could feel his

cock.  Well to my surprise, I could feel the lump in his shorts, as I

gently rubbed his cock and balls, the lump got bigger and bigger.  He did a

little moan, and I froze.  I started rubbing his cock thru his pants again.

I was feeling up my best friend and was getting turned on.  I new nothing

would happen, but it was a cheap thrill for me.

After a few minutes of rubbing him, he moaned again and his hand moved on

top of my hand, I froze, I was busted.  I was gonna just say I was curious

and still drunk and stoned.  He must have been too, because he unbuttoned

his shorts and pulled them down a bit.  There is was his uncut cock, stick

up past his underwear, had as rock.  I slowly reached up and played with

the tip, feeling the loose skin.  I was ready to blow my load.  I carefully

started to pull his underwear down to reveal more of his cock.  It looked

so hot, the first cock other than my own that I was touching.  He grabbed

the elastic of his underwear and pulled them all the way down under his

balls.  I instantly knew he was semi cool with it.  I slid my fingers

around his cock and slowly began to stroke his 7" uncut cock.  It felt so

much different with the skin sliding up and down, not like my cut cock,

where the was only a bit of skin movement.  I was in a trance, sliding my

hand on his cock up and down, his skin showing and then hiding his bright

pink cock head.  I was just enjoying myself.  Then he said "tighter" and I

gripped his cock tighter.  It was amazing, a tight grip on his cock and

still moving up and down.  As I was giving him a tight grip on his cock,

moving slowly, he told me faster, so I tried my best to stroke him tight

and fast.  It worked for a few minutes, but I was in an akward position and

my arm was getting tired.  He then reached down and grabbed his cock to

continue stroking his cock.  It was so fucking hot to see this guy that I

had a crush on, stroking his cock.  Knowing his cock better than me, he

knew the right tightness and speed, and soon his breathing got fast and his

cock was getting harder.  Then his load shot out of his cock and onto his

shirt, his hand and on his beautiful uncut cock.  Once he was done cumming,

he wiped the cum off his hand and onto his shirt. I wish I would have been

able to finish him off, the cum would be on my hand and would have licked

my hand clean and tasted his load.

As he was getting up he said he was tired and was going to bed.  Before he

got to far he softly said "thanks"  I knew what he meant.  Once he was out

of the room and going upstairs, I moved over on the sofa and pulled out my

own 8" cut cock and began stroking away.  Within seconds, I blew my load on

my belly and hand, once I was done shooting, I licked my cum off my hand

thinking it was Chris' load.  I put my cock back in my shorts and started

to drift off to sleep.  I actually thought of going upstairs and telling

him I wanted to suck his cock.  But I didn't do it. What a dumb thing not

to do!!

Funny how straight guys are, we never spoke of that night until years

later.  What I mentioned to him when we did speak of it, I asked why his

foot was rubbing my hard cock thru my shorts.  He never gave me a real

answer, I will always leave it to curiosity or maybe he wanted to do

something more. But i figured this was enough for one night I know it was

my first sexual experience with another guy and I'm 100% sure, his first

sexual experience ever.

To this day, I still have a crush on him and always will, and he knows

it!!!  But what he doesn't know is that now and then I think of that night

while I jerk off and blow a huge load everytime.  But in my mind, we do a

whole lot more then me jerking him off.



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