Brice had been in the city less than a week, boxes still sat stacked in his apartment making it a maze to negotiate. He had been in Tampa for the last five years when he had heard of this new job and even though it would require a move he applied for it and after three interviews he found himself getting movers, arranging a new apartment with the appropriate services and saying goodbye to his friends. He knew it would be a big move, a place he didn't know anyone and very little about the city but he had drove around the city during each visit and when he came up to find an apartment he knew the neighborhood he wanted to reside. He found an apartment in an old building that had been renovated during the recent revitalization of the area and he was able to get a second floor unit facing the street, his balcony overlooking the sidewalk. Below him was a clothing store and next to that were a computer store and a small bar. Up and down the street it was similar to his building with shops, restaurants, bars and businesses that catered to the neighborhood.

His job didn't make him work late and he had been spending each evening getting to know the neighborhood but after a week he was ready to just come home and relax and try to muster up the energy to unpack a few more boxes. As he let his dinner cook he pulled a few boxes out that he knew were books, old family photograph albums and miscellaneous trinkets from his travels. He went through each box, placing the books in his bookcase, sipping a glass of wine, listening to music and just enjoying a relaxed evening at home.

After his dinner he moved out onto the balcony with a fresh glass of wine and sat with his feet propped up on the balcony watching the people come by, the traffic with its mix of cars, trucks, motorcycles and scooters, weaving in and out of each other. He especially watched some of the guys who walked by, some dressed up, others casual in jeans and simple shirts and some in gym clothes, sweaty from jogging in the park a few blocks away or from one of the gyms in the area. A few would glance up at Brice and nod or even call out a simple 'hello' as they passed and he would watch them move away, watch how they walked, how they filled out their khakis, the suit pants, jeans or the shorts they wore.

It made him feel a little anxious, seeing all these men strolling by for he had not met up with any of them, had not taken the time to go to any of the bars or even one of the simple coffee shops where he could flirt, make eye contact, start up a conversation. The cooling nighttime air, the sound of the city at night, this muffled constant noise of people interacting and Brice sat on his balcony on this particular evening and watched, listened to its humorous cries and the mating calls. And he saw him, this man with dark hair, its exact color too hard to determine in the dim street light, but his form was clear, the white t-shirt hanging loosely from his broad shoulders since it was not tucked into his jeans. The long legs carrying him too quickly by Brice's balcony, his pace in tune with his dog, a great lumbering hound, its mouth open, tongue hanging out, happy, content, companion of this man.

'I should get a dog' Brice thought as he watched the man stroll on down the sidewalk with his dog leading the way.

Friday evening and Brice stood in his kitchen, staring at the refrigerator waiting in vain for it to tell him what he wanted for dinner. He ambled into his living area, turned on the television only to thumb through the channels and turn it back off. He was restless and needed to get out, to find a place where men congregated, socially, flirting with each other or heckling each other, either would be fine with Brice tonight. He took a shower, put on a tight pull over, one that accentuated his lean body, one jogging, biking, hiking and yoga kept lean and trimmed, and he pulled out a pair of jeans, old style jeans, tight in the ass and lean down the legs, making his long legs appear even longer and he put on his Doc Martins, an old pair he had found a few years ago in a consignment shop, the leather beautifully worn, the souls he had replaced and he went before the mirror in the bathroom and looked at his image, this reflection of a twenty-eight year old man who was still negotiating his career choices, wondering when he should feel the urge to settle down.

He went down the stairs and out into the night, strolling down the sidewalk till he came to one of the small delis and he stopped in for a quick sandwich. He sat at the window and watched everyone passing by while he ate. He was nearly finished when he saw him, the man from the other night, the one with the hound, and he saw he was with three other guys, laughing and joking around as they passed by the deli, unaware of Brice's stare. Dressed in a tank top the guy revealed his muscular arms and as he passed the deli, the light from the window shining over him, Brice could see he had light brown hair, cut close to the sides and long on top and as they moved on down the sidewalk Brice noticed his round ass nicely filling out his jeans. 'Damn' he thought as they strolled out of the light and back into darkness. He wondered if the guy was a partner of one of the others. They could even have been two couples out for the evening. The scenarios of how he was being silly, this school boy crush he felt when he saw that guy again, made him smile to himself.

He passed the first couple of bars, each one crowded to overflowing and Brice just couldn't make himself wade through the mass of people. He had gone a few blocks past the bars when he began to cross another intersection and he noticed a sign down the side street. A sign that mimicked English pubs, a rough cut wood sign hanging above the door. Mack Brown's Time for One More read the sign and the peculiar name captured his attention and he strolled to the door.

Through the old heavy wood door he entered the dimly lit interior and saw it was busy but not crowded and the first thing he noticed was the rainbow flag over the bar and the patrons being mostly men. 'Definitely the place to be tonight' he thought as he made his way to the bar.

The bartender sat his drink down on the bar and he picked it up to drink when he noticed in the mirror, directly behind him, the guy with his three friends. He hesitated with raising his glass finding himself staring at their reflection. They were in a booth, talking in an animated manner, and Brice wanted to go over and sit with them, join in their banter and get close to the guy.

"Hey, I've not seen you here before" a voice said making Brice turn to his right. The guy was smiling at him as he slid onto the stool next to him. "I'm Mike" he said as he held out his hand.

"Brice" he replied as he shook the outstretched hand.

Mike flirted shamelessly, touched Brice on the arm often, and as he kept getting Brice to tell him more about himself he constantly interrupted Brice to say hello to someone else passing by or just coming in. Brice knew Mike's type, the guy who was first to the new guy, the one who made the rounds in the bar before most had their first drink. Mike as attractive with his dyed blonde hair and stylish clothes and Brice knew Mike could be his for the night, but he kept glancing over to the booth, looking at the guy, wondering if he should separate from Mike and anyone else who came his way, make himself available, maybe even catch the guy going to the Men's Room or the bar and take the opportunity to flirt with him, the same way Mike was doing with him.

Brice stood by Mike, trying to focus on what he was saying for a long time, and he felt his sexual frustration build, his desire to fuck someone, anyone, as he glanced over disappointedly at the guy in the booth. He turned to the bartender and ordered another drink and when he lifted up the drink he saw the booth was empty and he felt a momentary defeat, of something slipping out of his grasp and he quickly looked at the door just in time to see the guys leave the bar.

Mike was rambling on, about what Brice wasn't sure, but he knew what Mike wanted, a hook up with the new guy and he turned to him, really stared into his eyes until Mike stopped talking.

"You want to get out of here? Maybe go back to your place?" Brice asked Mike, ready to bring the night to some conclusion, ready to sink his cock into some guy and release his sexual frustration.

"Wha...yeah, place" Mike stammered caught off guard by Brice's sudden change in demeanor.

Mike's condo was in another part of town and Brice accepted a ride with Mike knowing he'd have to take a taxi or bus to get home. Once inside Mike seemed to want to slow things down, to play host for a while but Brice brushed it all aside, grabbed Mike, pulling his body up against his own and kissed him.

"I want to fuck you NOW" Brice stated with his lips barely off of Mike's. He took Mike's hand and led him to the only door that could be his bedroom. He pulled Mike's shirt off and pushed him down on the bed roughly. He tugged off Mike's shoes and socks, tossing them on the floor. He pushed Mike's upper torso down on the bed and undid his jeans, pulled the zipper down, then he grabbed up his ankles to get a hold of his pant legs and he pulled them off, tossing them on the floor. Mike was in his briefs, a fashionable style with the pouch for his cock and balls and it was expanded out, his cock half hard already, excited at how Brice was taking him. Brice was impatient, ready to fuck and he took a hold of the waist band and tugged them down Mike's legs and tossed them carelessly on the floor.

Brice undid his jeans, pushed them down along with his briefs, freeing his cock, and he climbed up on Mike, straddled his chest, running his hard wet cock over his face.

"Suck my cock" he stated, his voice urgent.

Mike opened his mouth and Brice pushed in, slid his cock all the way into Mike's mouth till he was gagging with it cutting off his air. Brice liked the way it felt, Mike's throat constricting on his cock, his suction in trying to breath and he pulled back, let Mike take a breath and he pushed in again. He held Mike by the head and began to rock his hips, pump his cock into Mike's mouth, skull fuck the bastard, for he wanted to get off, wanted to feel his cock shoot its load till he was spent.

Mike took it, every stroke, till Brice wanted something else, and he pulled back, stepped off to the side of the bed and grabbed Mike by the legs, spun him around on the bed and pulled him to his chest. Brice leaned over Mike, folded him in half, his ass turned upward, open, ready for his fuck and Brice put his cock to Mike's hole, the head flared up wide, his shaft thick and hard, and he bore down on Mike, penetrated him, sank his cock into his hole.

"OH Fuck...fuck" Mike cried out as he felt Brice's cock push all the way into him. Brice held still only a moment, just long enough to feel Mike's hole loosen slightly and he began to fuck, still in his clothes, his jeans and boxers pushed down to mid-thigh. He hammered his cock into Mike, just fucked as hard as he could, feeling his frustrations diminish as he exerted himself. Mike's hands were soon on his ass, pulling him down, trying to get more of the cock into his hole as it was bored into him all the way with every thrust.

Brice moved down on Mike, and let him feel the roughness of his own clothes against his nakedness, the buttons, the folded up sections of fabric, and the zipper of his jeans biting into his ass. Brice ground his cock into Mike, pushed it in as far as he could as he held Mike's body tightly, biting Mike's shoulder as he did so.

Brice felt his need rise up, his cock get harder, the head even more sensitive and he rose up on his arms, held his body over Mike and he fucked fast, slammed his hips down driving his cock into Mike's hole till he felt his body tense up, his muscles tighten and he pumped his cum into Mike, each wad pushed into the depths of Mike's hole till he was spent, his exhaustion from his exertions making him collapse on top of Mike. Brice lay on him, his breathing ragged, for a long time.

Brice rose up and saw Mike had cum, his hand and cock wet with it, his stomach spattered with pools turning clear and runny. 'Good' he thought, relieved to see Mike had gotten off too. He stood up, pulled his boxers and jeans back up and secured his jeans.

"Thanks man; it was fun. See ya around?" Brice said as he headed for the door.

" time..." Mike stammered not sure what to think, unbelieving how quickly Brice was done for the night.

Brice rode down the elevator feeling some sense of indignation with himself for using Mike like he had, but he reminded himself it was the game Mike wanted to play, or at least pretended to want to play. He went out onto the sidewalk, pulled his cell phone out and asked for the number to a taxi service. As he waited he thought of that guy, the way he had been so close, right across the room, and then, so suddenly, he was gone.

Monday morning arrived and Brice realized he had not stopped long enough to go the grocery store, therefore nothing to prepare for his lunch. He ate at a place near his job and on the way home he stopped by a grocery store to get the items he needed. He pushed the cart down each major aisle picking up all the items he needed. He had made it to the opposite side of the store, moving past the frozen food aisles making his way to the dairy when he almost ran into a cart pulling around the end of an aisle.

"Oh, I'm sorry" Brice apologized knowing he wasn't paying attention before he even looked up at the other person.

"It's okay, I wasn't watching where I was going either" the male voice replied as Brice saw it was the guy, in a white dress shirt, tie and dark blue pants. The sleeves were rolled up revealing his lower arms, the soft brown hair lightly covering them, and even with his tie still on the guy looked casual and relaxed. Brice found himself staring at him, just for a moment, but it was a moment too long and he knew he had to say something, anything.

"Sorry, but do you live near Harrington Apartments on Thirty-second? I look familiar" Brice said, his voice sounding flustered.

"Yeah, I'm just a few blocks away back in the neighborhood" he replied.

"I'm sorry, but I thought I recognized you but knew I didn't really...well...know who you are...or anything" Brice was stammering away.

The guy smiled at him, extended his hand.

"I'm Graham."


"Nice to meet you Brice, but I have to say I've not seen you before, I don't think?"

"I just moved here about a week ago and this past weekend finally started checking out the area...and I think I saw you...once or twice." Brice knew he had to be blushing, a silly reaction between two grown men.

"Maybe you did see me. I was out with some friends in the neighborhood."

'Friends' Brice thought and he wondered if that was Graham being protective of his privacy or if that was all they were, friends. The awkward moment of silence lingered until Brice finally moved his cart over and apologized once again, telling Graham that maybe they'd see each other around.

For the next three days Brice saw Graham every evening. At the small Tai place in his neighborhood, walking his dog and he even saw him in the coffee shop on Thursday morning where Brice happened to stop while on the way to work. Each time they met in passing, exchanging a brief greeting, a smile at a familiar face, someone they were crossing paths regularly. And the constant crossing of paths frustrated Brice, ate at him, for he found Graham attractive, something about the way he carried himself, casual, a part of his surroundings and not attempting to stand out special or separate from them. Brice found himself masturbating like he once did as a teenager, all the time, where ever the mood struck. Sitting on his sofa, hoping the dim light was enough to conceal him as he did it with the blinds open, in the shower after his jog or each night, lying in bed, the sheet kicked down to his ankles and his hard leaking cock in his hand. And yet he still felt frustrated, knowing what he really wanted was more than just to get off. What he wanted was to have a connection with Graham, to have sex with him, to snuggle up to him in bed, or on the sofa, and the fantasy of Graham filled his idle thoughts.

Friday night and Brice had gone back to Mack Brown's, sat at the bar watching the door as it opened each time someone came in. He saw Mike, at the end of the bar chatting with someone and Mike gave him a friendly nod but never came over to say hello. After midnight Brice got up and left, thinking he should try another bar and he made his way along the street, block by block, looking into doors, going into a couple of the bars his eyes scanning the crowd and each time no luck. He ambled his way back to his apartment where he found himself sitting out on the balcony at four in the morning unable to sleep, watching the last of the night's patrons making their way home.

He finally got in bed around five and slept till noon. He felt like shit and after a hot shower he threw on a pair of jeans and an old colligate shirt, and headed out for hangover food. There was a small burger joint five blocks north, near the park, and he walked the short distance to the little place on the corner. He reached for the door and it suddenly moved toward him with someone coming out. It was Graham, dressed in a tank top and cargo shorts and his lean masculine build was evident, the way his shirt hung on his shoulders and flutter loosely across his stomach and Brice had frozen in place, his tongue tied, unable to speak at first.

"Hey, you're...Bryan... no, wait, I know it...Brice! Right?" Graham said when he recognized Brice.

"Yeah, that is right and you're Graham."

"Well, someone better with names than I, which wouldn't take much, I'm afraid. I'm better with faces" Graham replied, his demeanor pleasant and friendly.

"You just finished lunch?"

"Yeah, I worked late last night on a project and then slept in this morning so I treated myself to a cheese burger, with bacon, of course" and he laughed lightly at his own statement.

"I'd heard this is a good place to eat, so I've come to try it."

"I think you'll find it is good. If you'd been here earlier we could have shared a table. Well I must go, for I still have some work to do on that project."

"Well...good luck and I guess you'll be working all weekend on it?"

"Oh hell no, I plan on being done in a couple of hours."

"So I might see you around tonight?"

"Maybe" Graham replied and he looked at Brice, seeing something in his face and he hesitated a moment, then put his hand on Brice's arm to close the space between them, to make it more intimate. "Some friends and I are going to Mack Brown's for drinks around ten; why don't you come down and hang out with us?"

Brice knew he was suddenly grinning like some thirteen year old school girl but he didn't care.

"At ten, sure, sounds nice."

The bar had its usual crowd, all the seats at the bar taken, most of the booths and a few of the tables. Brice came in and scanned the room till he saw Graham and his friends sitting at a table near the back. Graham looked up, recognized Brice standing at the door and raised his glass in greeting. Brice gave a brisk wave back and went to the bar for a drink.

When he arrived at the table Graham introduced him to his friends, Jason who worked at one of the big banks downtown, Steven who worked in the men's section of a department store, and Matthew who worked in construction. Brice found the differences intriguing and also realized he didn't really know what Graham did for a living. They made room for him at their table and soon he felt part of the group, even though he didn't know the people they referred to nor the locales around the city their stories revolved around. It was near midnight and Steven glanced at the bar and then back at the guys.

"Should we do another round, or should we head out and go somewhere else?" he asked.

"Let's go to the club" Matthew stated, referring to a night club a couple blocks away.

Graham leaned over to Brice, talking low so the others didn't hear what he had to say.

"You want to go back to my place for a drink? I'm really not in the mood for a night club tonight."

Brice nodded his agreement and as the others made their way out Graham and Brice sat for a few more minutes finishing their last drink, their talk casual, Graham telling Brice how he met the guys and some of the adventures they have had over the last couple of years. Graham set his empty glass down and asked Brice if he was ready to get out of there and the two of them quickly emerged from the bar making their way to Graham's condo.

Brice stood at the window that overlooked the city, the only light on the one in the kitchen. Graham had put Jasper, his dog, in the guest room and gone into the kitchen stirring around as he talked to Brice. When he came up behind Brice he was holding out a drink. Graham stood just behind Brice, slightly to his side, their talk casual, about the evening, the way they had crossed each other's paths and now were here, at Graham's place. Each finished their drink and Graham held out his hand for Brice's empty glass. He set them down on the coffee table and pulled Brice to him, back to chest and he kissed along Brice's neck, around to his ear, his hands roaming over Brice's chest down over his stomach.

"I want you" Graham whispered in Brice's ear as he ran his hands down over Brice's crotch, felt his growing erection as he pushed his own growing erection against Brice's ass. Graham pulled back, took Brice's shirt by the hem and pulled it over his head. The light through the window made his skin glow softly and Graham rubbed his back, shoulders and wrapped his arms around him stroking his chest feeling the hard nub of his nipples rise up. Graham ran his nose through Brice's hair, his tongue over his neck and ear as he reached down and unbuttoned Brice's jeans, pulled the zipper down and ran his hand down over the boxers, griped the thickening shaft, squeezed it, ran his fingers along its length. Brice held his arms back, hands on Graham's thighs, rubbing up and down, as he pushed his cock into Graham's hand and then pushed his ass back against Graham's cock.

Brice turned in Graham's arms, kissed him passionately, tongue dueling Graham's and he stepped back and began to undo Graham's shirt, button after button, opening it up revealing his chest, his stomach, and when he pushed it off, let it drop to the floor as he ran his lips over Graham's shoulders, up his neck, over his ear and back around to his mouth. Brice ran his hand down Graham's chest, over his stomach till he reached his jeans where he unbuttoned them, pulled the zipper down and he pushed them and the briefs down, and as he pushed down he eased his own body down to his knees. He helped Graham step out of his jeans, stripped him naked, his body aglow from the light of the city shining through the window.

Brice ran his hands up, rubbed over Graham's hairy legs and up to his cock, stroked it, rubbed the head and Graham pushed his hips forward, thrust his cock through Brice's fist. Brice leaned forward and let the head sink into his mouth, his fist still holding tightly to the shaft and he sucked the head, ran his tongue over it feeling it flare up in his mouth.

"Oh..." Graham moaned when Brice released the shaft and let his mouth slide all the way down, burying the cock in his mouth. Brice worked his mouth back and forth, felt the cock swell up larger filling his mouth. Brice pushed his jeans and boxers down his legs, one at a time, working the best he could while he sucked Graham's cock, pushed his mouth all the way down the shaft, tongued the head, licked it, wrapped his lips over it and sucked hard.

Brice stood up, his jeans and boxers tangled around his ankles, and he worked one leg free and impatiently moved to the sofa, got on his knees resting his chest over the back.

"Fuck me Graham, please...fuck me" Brice's pleading voice was so soft and low it barely disturbed the silence of the room. Graham moved behind him, rubbed his cock up and down the crevice between the cheeks till he focused on Brice's hole, pressed the head of his cock against it, harder and harder he pushed till he slowly penetrated, Brice's hole stretching open letting him in. Graham ran a hand up Brice's back, felt the tension, the way his muscles were quivering as he sank his cock into Brice's hole, inch by inch, slowly, pushing with his hips feeling the tight ring loosen allowing him in.

Graham felt Brice relax below him, felt his hole loosen, his own cock moving easily through this opening and he began to fuck, long slow strokes at first, feeling every inch slide through the tight ring of Brice's opening and sink into the warm soft tunnel of his insides. Brice began to push back, to take Graham's fuck harder and Graham held Brice's hips and increased his pace, swung his hips faster and faster till the room was filled with moans, grunts, the words of sex as each one cried out.

Graham pulled out, got Brice on his back tugging the jeans and boxers off the other leg and he moved down between Brice's legs, one thrown over the back of the sofa and the other held up and out. Brice held himself open, ready for Graham to take him again and Graham moved down on him, pushed his cock to Brice's hole and sank it into him, all the way. He moved down on top of Brice, ground his cock into Brice's hole, this fuck different, their bodies undulating on top of each other, Brice's cock trapped between them, rubbing against flesh, wet and slick, and Graham's cock pushed into Brice, pumping his hips upward and back down Brice's hole milking his cock. Brice held Graham's body, felt the heat between them as Graham's fuck got faster. Graham rose up on his arms, his body wet and shiny in the dim light, and he began to fuck hard, thrust his cock into Brice as fast as he could, his need to cum rising fast. Brice felt the way Graham was pumping through his hole, stroking him, inflaming him inside and he took his own cock, it wet and slick and he began to stroke it, feel how it made him feel, his body so rigid, his muscles locked up tight. Graham's thrusts hit inside him, feeling every punch inward and he felt his cock swell in his hand. Arcing his back, eyes closed Brice came, his cum shooting out in long thick ropes, hitting him across the face, down his chest and finally over his stomach. The spasm of his hole, the way it milked Graham's cock was too much and Graham bore down on him, slammed his cock into him as he pumped his load into Brice.

Graham lay on Brice, feeling the cum smear between them, until their breathing returned to normal. Graham eased up and standing by the sofa held out his hand to help Brice stand.

"Let's take a shower and go to bed" Graham said as he led Brice to his bath.



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