It was a lower middle class neighborhood, built as a subdivision in the late 1950's and the ranch houses, the split levels and the occasional two-story homes were in various states of repair. Some were newly renovated, some carefully maintained over the years even though they were outdated, their colors unusual to the new residents, and others were in disrepair with leaking roofs, windows broken and interiors damaged by time and abuse. A neighborhood of working class people, some who struggled to make ends meet and others comfortable, although lacking any wealth for their future retirement. It was a neighborhood of do it yourselfer's, people who did their own home repairs or renovations, and when their cars or trucks needed repair they jacked them up in their driveways and did the repair themselves.

Neil moved into the neighborhood for it afforded him the opportunity for his own home with a yard large enough for his dogs to romp around and in one corner he staked out a garden and a place for a little shed. The house was a ranch style house, less than thirteen hundred square feet, but for Neil large enough. He had moved in at the end of April and with his job keeping him busy with extra hours and him running errands to get the things he needed for his home he went for a couple of weeks before he met any of his neighbors.

The neighbors on his left were a couple who were in their late forties with all their children either on their own or in college. There were three families across the street he met that were in their twenties with young children and the properties behind were more young families, only one not having young children. It was the house on his right, the side where his drive ran parallel to the neighbor's that he had not met. Neil was told it was occupied by a guy name Samuel who traveled a lot for pleasure, his job allowing him to take weeks at a time during the year. The house was locked up, curtains drawn, and the garage door pulled down giving no indication to the person that lived there.

Neil was a landscape architect, worked in a small architectural firm in town and he spent weekends planning his yard and digging up the existing shrubbery getting the property ready to begin installation of his plan, this vision of his own place. Neil was pruning the small ornamental trees in his front yard on Saturday morning, a warm clear May weekend, when an Audi pulled into the drive parallel his own. Neil looked over and watched as a guy stepped out of the car, closed his door, opened the rear door and pulled out two bags. He set them down on the concrete and walked over to Neil, his dark shades concealing his eyes, and his brown hair was blowing unruly in the light breeze, flopping down over his face. Neil killed the motor on the chainsaw and set it down as he moved toward the guy he knew had to be Samuel. He sized him up, tall, broad shouldered with a torso tapered down to a narrow waist with jeans riding low and a wide black belt that accentuated his waist line.

"You must be Samuel?" Neil said as he approached.

"Yeah...I guess the neighbors have given you the run down on me" and he chuckled lightly then held out his hand to Neil. "I am Samuel."

"Neil; nice to finally meet the mystery owner next door" he replied letting a sarcastic tone show in his reply. "You're just getting back from a trip?"

"Yes. I went to Argentina for a couple of weeks; then stopped at Martinique for a few days before coming home."

"Damn, that's some trip."

"Sorry, don't mean to sound flippant or anything but I like to travel and my work is set up to give me the means."

They talked for nearly twenty minutes before Samuel finally excused himself to go get his house opened up and he settled back in. Neil worked for another couple of hours then called it a day, going in to clean up. For the next few days Neil would come home from work and see Samuel's car in the drive and at night he'd see the lights on. He was tempted to go over, maybe bring him a beer but he knew he had ulterior motives. He found the guy attractive.

What stopped him was simple. All the neighbors had told him of Samuel exploits, his dating several women when he first moved into the neighborhood, then finally getting married. They thought it was a perfect marriage, his wife beautiful, someone intelligent with her own career and together they looked the perfect couple. But less than eight months later she left. That was nearly a year ago and since then Samuel traveled whenever he had the ability to take the time, from just a few days to some regional destination, to leaving for weeks to some overseas locale.

For Neil it meant going after the unobtainable, something he had done before only to get hurt and he had vowed not to do it again, so he left Samuel alone. The next Friday night he went out with friends to dinner, then a bar where they hung out far too long and consumed too many drinks. It was late when Samuel made it home and he slept in the next morning, dragging himself out of bed after ten that morning. He slipped on a t-shirt and a pair of old gym shorts, not even bothering to comb his hair. In the kitchen he waited for the coffee to brew, the smell alone reviving him, and he leaned against the countertop and waited, the house silent, only the running of the air conditioner could be heard. He watched the coffee run into the pot, the dark liquid slowly filling it when he heard someone cry out. He couldn't make out what they had said but he thought it came from Samuel's place. Coffee in hand Neil went out the back door into his garage and raised the door. When he got to the open door the sun hit him in the face making him squint. He stopped letting his eyes adjust to the bright light.

"Must have been a fun time last night" Neil heard Samuel ask and he shielded his eyes as he looked over and saw Samuel standing at his own garage door. Samuel held a socket wrench he was wiping the grease off of with a blue rag.

"Oh yeah, nothing like a little too much to drink to make the next morning so enjoyable" Neil replied smiling in acknowledgment the foolishness of it. "What are you working on?" he asked as he moved across the narrow side yards between them.

"Something I've been tinkering on for a while, or I guess I should say, something to test my patience" Samuel said as he smirked and stepped aside to let Neil see inside his garage. Neil immediately saw the old Chevrolet parked there, hood and trunk open, the convertible top removed and leaning against the wall. The body panels were sanded down ready for paint and the car sat on jacks with its wheels removed.

"That is some project to be tinkering on. What year is it?" Neil asked as he moved along the driver's side looking at the interior that was nearly complete then at the front where the carburetor was removed and sitting on the floor.

"68...Impala" Samuel replied as he moved along the opposite side of the car. Neil had the odd sensation Samuel was looking at him in a familiar way, the eyes moving up and down, checking him out, but he thought it had to be his imagination getting the best of him. Neil let his fingers trace the upper edge of the front fender as he moved to the front of the car.

"You ever work on a car?" Samuel asked.

"No, nothing like this, but I have changed batteries and a belt once" Neil replied.

"Oh...well I guess I'll find someone else."

"Someone else? For what?" Neil asked.

"I need some help. I need to replace the u-joints on the driveshaft and could use someone to help hold it in place. There are other repairs I'll be doing later I could use a second set of hands too."

"I could help you with that...I mean if you wanted me."

Samuel smiled approvingly and moved to the front of the car and Neil looked at him, the way his t-shirt, all dirty and smeared with grease, hung loosely and his jeans fit tight around his waist, the denim worn and faded, the knees blown out and Neil quickly noticed the hole near the crotch and the plaid pattern of boxers visible through it. He scanned up Samuel's body quickly trying not to be obvious, attempting to act casual.

"When do you want me?" Neil asked and he realized how his question sounded, the insinuation of it, as if his mind forced the question he really wanted to ask to escape his mouth. Samuel went to his tool box and laid the socket wrench down.

"I've got to get some parts and should be back in half an hour or so. Can you help me when I get back, or do you have some plans for today?" Samuel asked as he carefully placed the socket in its proper place and wiped his hands.

"I can be back in half an hour" Neil replied.

Neil went back to his house, ate a sandwich and went to his bedroom to change into some old clothes he didn't mind getting messed up. He dug out a pair of old jeans, a pair that hung low on his waist, a pair that was as worn and frayed as the pair Samuel had on and he slipped them on. Glancing in the mirror he saw how the waistband of his briefs was plainly visible, the entire band riding above the jeans and he smiled at the naughtiness of what he was doing, the fantasy he was letting play in his mind. Opening a dresser drawer he lifted out a shirt, an old plaid patterned shirt with the sleeves torn off and the pocket hanging loose at one upper corner. He couldn't help but look in the mirror. He wasn't as well built as Samuel, didn't have the broad muscled upper body, but in his own way, with his lean body, he thought he looked good. He ran a hand roughly through his light brown hair and it feel into place loosely.

He wondered about the stories the neighbors had told about Samuel, the way he had dated so many women, then suddenly settling down only to divorce within months. He let his mind consider the possibilities, the fantasy of something could happen and he had to adjust his cock in his briefs as it swelled slightly in the confines of his jeans. As he made his way through his home he grabbed up his wallet, keys and going through the kitchen he looked out the window and saw Samuel was back. He grabbed a couple of beers and headed out the door.

The light was on in the garage but the brightness of the day made it seem dim inside as Neil entered. He saw Samuel was under the car with only his lower body exposed. He stood a moment looking at the body protruding out from under the car, the narrow waist with a thin band of skin exposed since the t-shirt was pulled up, and the jeans, so tight around his hips Neil could see the bulge of cock, the way it lay across his crotch and Neil almost gasped when he realized the head was pushing at the hole, only the thin fabric of the boxers keeping it from view. Neil wanted to stoop down and touch it, to run his finger over the round head pushing upward at the hole, trying to get out.

Samuel suddenly jerked.

"Damn, I didn't see you come up" he exclaimed.

"Sorry, I just walked up. I brought ya a beer if you want it."

"Oh hell yeah" Samuel replied as he slid out from under the car, his t-shirt riding up nearly to his chest revealing his flat stomach and Neil watched it flex with Samuel's movements. Samuel moved clear of the car and sat up, leaning back against the door as Neil handed him a beer. Neil watched his fingers gripe the cap, twist it smartly and flip it over to an empty box on the floor.

"Thanks" Samuel said just before he took his first long swallow.

Neil had never been under a car before, didn't realize how much was exposed, the wires, hoses, the bottom of the passenger compartment. He lay on the concrete floor next to Samuel holding the drive shaft in place and Samuel worked to get it back into place. It hadn't taken long but shimming under the car a couple of times and handling the drive shaft had both of them covered in dirt and grime. For Neil it didn't matter for there was something rather enjoyable being under the car with Samuel doing this repair work. The way they bumped into each other, arms rubbing over arms, the closeness of their bodies and Neil found himself reaching down time and time again adjusting his cock, trying to relieve the confinement.

"Since you're here and already messed up do you have time to help me drop the gas tank? I need to have it cleaned out" Samuel said as they were scooting out from under the car.

"Yeah, sure."

"If you don't have plans I can pay you back with dinner. I've got some steaks marinating now."

"Really...sounds like a plan. What do you need me to do?"

Neil watched as Samuel loosened the tank and got it ready to drop free and when he was ready Neil slipped down next to him and helped ease the tank down to the floor and slide it out. When they stood Samuel used the tail of his t-shirt to wipe his face, raising it up revealing his stomach and Neil stared, once again taking it in. Samuel lowered the shirt tail and saw Neil looking at him and he turned and went to the back of the garage to put his tools away.

"You can go get cleaned up and come back over around five or so" Samuel said as he put his tools away, each in their proper place.

"Okay" Neil replied suddenly feeling embarrassed at how Samuel caught him staring, worried he had been too obvious the way Samuel had turned and walked away. Neil made his way back to his home and didn't stop till he got to his bathroom suddenly desperate to get clean, to rinse the dirt and grime off.

Neil had the shower hot, the steam quickly filling the small bathroom as he scrubbed his skin clean. Scrubbed clean he stood under the spray of the shower and let the water cascade down his body as he thought of his indiscretion, his blatant staring, worried how he probably went too far.

Finally out of the shower Neil put on a pair of jeans and buttoned up a shirt and went into the living room to relax and wait for the time to go over to Samuel's, all the time anxious he had over done it. Time passed slowly, only minutes passed each time he checked the clock. He turned on the television and thumbed through the channels stopping on occasion to watch a few minutes of one program or another until, finally it was five o'clock. Shoes on, beer in hand, Neil walked over to Samuel's house, nervous to see if Samuel would act any different.

It took only a few seconds for Samuel to come to the door and Neil had to catch his breath for he was wearing a tank top, loose fitting over his shoulders, low cut around the neck and arms revealing his muscular upper body. The tank top barely hung to his waist where he was wearing jeans that rode low, were worn and frayed with the crotch almost white with wear.

"Hey...come on in" Samuel said as he moved to the side. Neil noticed how Samuel didn't look him in the face for very long and as he walked into the house Samuel was looking back toward the kitchen in back. All through grilling the steaks and sitting at the table eating Neil noticed how distracted Samuel seemed, how he couldn't keep his mind on their conversation, and on more than one occasion he noticed how Samuel seemed to be looking at him in a way that seemed sexual. And Neil couldn't help but look at Samuel's body, the way it was partially exposed, the loose tank top and the jeans riding so low and it didn't take Neil long to notice the way one back pocket was torn loose revealing the thin white fabric of his briefs. It was temptation of the worst sort, this constant display of the masculine, the way his body fit in his clothes, the way they looked so loose, ready to fall away to reveal what lay within. There was a moment on the deck, Samuel at the grill with his back to Neil and Neil stared at the hole in his jeans, felt a longing to reach out and put his finger through the hole, to touch the soft white fabric barely covering the flesh beneath. He visualized his hand reaching out in so many ways as he drank his beer and tried to focus on what Samuel was saying. By the time the steaks were done and they were sitting at the dining table Neil felt his near constant state of arousal since arriving, the way his cock felt confined and he the anxiousness of his desires.

Music played in the background as they leaned back in their chairs enjoying one more beer after eating. They had talked about their careers, Samuel's travels and places in town to go out to eat or just hang out, but through it all neither brought up anything personal and Neil knew Samuel was sending out mixed signals, but there was something about his actions that seemed overly nervous, anxious even.

"The neighbors said you were married for a while?" Neil suddenly asked, feeling there was some barrier that needed to be broken. Samuel looked down and nodded his head, then looked up at Neil.

"Yeah, for 8 long months. Fucking disaster. I guess the neighbors wonder what in the hell went wrong, but it was just..." and he glanced off to the side and his voice went lower, quieter as he spoke again; "it just didn't work, not for me anyway."

"Wrong girl?"

"Something like that" Samuel replied and he smiled weakly up at Neil.

"Well ya know what they say, you just have to..."

"...get back into the saddle, yeah I know, but..." Samuel interrupted Neil then let his voice just die off, his sentence unfinished. It was silent for a moment; then Samuel looked up at Neil. "What about you? Are you dating anyone?"

"I was...a while back, but it didn't work out and here lately I just haven't been motivated to get out there, to go meet someone" Neil replied, then looked at Samuel, his expression serious; "You know what I mean?"

Samuel nodded then sat up picking up his plate and utensils.

"I'll clean off the table; why don't you go into the living room and relax?" Samuel said as he reached across the table to pick up Neil's plate.

"No I can help" Neil exclaimed as he reached for his own plate and for a moment the two of them held the plate aloft, each slightly pulling on it until Samuel let go.

"Okay, you can help" and Samuel went into the kitchen area and opened the dishwasher and began to rake his plate off in the compost bin on the counter. Neil came up behind him, the small kitchen not giving him room to stand at Samuel's side. He leaned over Samuel and set his plate and utensils down. It was only a brief moment, the way Samuel had leaned back brushing his shoulder against him. He froze, keeping their bodies in contact feeling the way it sent shivers down his spine, electric in the way it sped his heart rate. Samuel stood frozen in place, holding a plate over the sink.

It seemed such a long time, this brief encounter, this physical contact, and slowly Samuel turned to Neil, looked over his shoulder at him, his eyes pleading. Neil wondered what Samuel was thinking, wondered if he was really aware at how he appeared to be offering himself, willing Neil to do something. Neil brought his hands up slowly, lightly touched Samuel on the waist, his fingers slipping under the short tail of the tank top and touching the warm skin underneath. Samuel didn't move, didn't make a sound as Neil slide his hands upward, the tank top gathering on his arms as he let his hands roam along Samuel's sides. Neil felt Samuel breathe in, deeply, and his skin shivered underneath his light touch.

"Is this okay?" Neil asked in a low whisper, barely audible over the running water. Samuel just nodded his head as he looked into Neil's eyes. Neil leaned forward, slowly, and just before he brought their lips together he hesitated, just for a moment and Samuel moved to close the gap. The plate Samuel was holding fell into the sink breaking as he turned to Neil, his tank top twisting in Neil's hands.

"I've never..." Samuel said until Neil interrupted him, brought his lips to Samuel's cutting off what he was attempting to say. Neil knew what he was going to say, knew without Samuel saying, the way he had acted all evening, skittish like a wild animal cornered ready to bolt, but now he was passive, submitting to Neil, ready to explore feelings, desires, the fantasies that have haunted him in recent days and he wrapped his arms around Neil hugging their bodies together. Neil felt Samuel against him, chest to chest, crotch to crotch, and his own cock hardened, flexed outward against his jeans as he pressed it against Samuel.

Neil led Samuel to the sofa in the living room moving down beside him as they sat. Hands continued to touch, to caress, to move over each other as they kissed. Neil lifted Samuel's tank top off then ran his hand over the bare chest feeling the hard nub of each nipple as he let his hand caress over Samuel, feeling the soft smooth skin over firm hard muscle. When Neil moved on top of Samuel, pushing him over on the sofa they embraced, held each tightly, lips pressed to lips, hands roaming over the other.

They slowed, pulled back on their exuberant foreplay and Samuel pushed up moving Neil to sit by him as he undid Neil's shirt. Samuel pushed it off Neil's shoulders and helped him out of it. Then he hesitated, his hands hovering over Neil's thigh, suddenly letting his apprehension stop him. Neil saw the look, the confused desire, the mix of emotion that gave Samuel a pained look. He began to undo his own belt, then his jeans, and raising his ass up off the sofa he pushed his jeans and boxers down his legs and worked them free. He sat back and his hard cock flipped up against his stomach. He took it and stroked slowly up and down its length smearing the slick clear liquid down the shaft that bubbled up at the slit. Samuel watched intently every move, watched how Neil's cock swelled within his hand and leaked copiously till it glistened in the low light of the room.

"You want to touch me?" Neil asked as he reached over took Samuel's hand and pulled it to his cock. Samuel grasped it softly at first, his fingers grazing up and down the shaft barely touching it then he tightened his grip, firmly and let the slick cock slide through his hand as he pumped it up and down. Samuel leaned to Neil, his forehead coming down on Neil's shoulder as he watched his own hand stroke the hard cock. Neil moved his arm up behind Samuel taking him by the neck and he gently pushed downward. Samuel moved as guided, down he slipped till he was only inches away from Neil's cock, his warm breath blowing over it.

"Suck me...suck me Samuel" Neil whispered and Samuel shifted forward, lips parted, and Neil's cock slipped into his mouth. Neil fell back, his body relaxing to the feel of his cock in a warm slick place, sliding through it as Samuel moved up and down. Neil leaned over slightly and watched Samuel undo his jeans, spread them open as he fidgeted with his briefs till he had his own cock freed and his hand stroking it. The shaft was ramrod straight with the skin stretched tight over the hard vein covered shaft and Neil wanted it, wanted to feel it penetrate him, to breach his hole and sink into his depths.

Pushing Samuel off his cock Neil leaned forward, took him by the neck and brought their lips together. Breaking contact Neil looked Samuel in the eye.

"Fuck me" Neil said, his tone commanding, and he moved around on the sofa, up on his knees on the seat cushion as he laid his chest over the back. Looking back at Samuel he held his ass cheeks apart. "Come on man, fuck my ass."

Samuel looked at the man before him, naked, his body in position with his ass spread open for him. This was different from the women he had been with for they had been less aggressive and looking down on Neil with his masculine body there was something about it that made his cock ache. He moved up to Neil, put his cock to his hole, feeling the tightness, the way it resisted penetration. He pushed harder and saw Neil shift position, his ass push back and Samuel felt his cock penetrate through the tight ring and begin to sink into Neil depths.

Neil cried out as he pushed back to meet Samuel.

Samuel had never felt anything like it, the way Neil gripped his cock, milked it as he pumped it back and forth, slowly at first, but quickly building up his pace. The sound of his hips slapping against Neil's ass and Neil grunting with every deep penetration filled the room. Samuel fucked Neil with urgency, his need overpowering. He held firmly to Neil's shoulders and began to pile drive his cock through the tight hole.

"Fuck" Samuel grunted as he felt his cock flex up harder and he pulled out, wanting to back off, to make it last longer. "Roll over on your back" he demanded and as Neil slipped around on the sofa and got on his back Samuel looked down at his body, the muscular lean torso stretched out beneath him, the hard cock lying over his abdomen, his balls loose in their sac and his legs spread apart with his hands holding them behind the knees.

"Fuck me...come on...shove it in and fuck me" Neil whispered, his voice hoarse with its urgency and Samuel moved up between the spread legs and pushed his cock down in alignment with his hole. He shoved inward, all the way, and Neil cried out. He leaned into Neil and swung his hips furiously, thrusting deeply into Neil, their bodies once again slapping together. Neil took his own cock in hand and began to masturbate, to stroke the leaking cock till it glistening slickly in his hand as Samuel continued to pound his hole.

Neil came first, cum flying from his cock and spattering his chest and stomach and Samuel felt the way each ejaculation would cause Neil's hole to spasm around his cock milking it, bringing him to the point of no return and he shoved in hard, slammed his body against Neil and pumped his cum deep into him. He pumped his cock through his own load, the slick cum cooling to his cock and once his was completely spent he fell down on top of Neil breathing hard with cum smeared between them.

They lay still for a few minutes and when Samuel leaned up he looked down at Neil and saw him smile back.

"That was nice" Neil said in a low voice.

"Yeah it was" Samuel replied as he stood up holding his hand out to help Neil up. "You...want to stay tonight?" Neil nodded his head as he followed Samuel to his bedroom.



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