• The Sins of Matru

    Summer of '46...India. I spoke little of the native's language, typical of the arrogance of our nation at the time. Matru knew enough English that we could exchange pleasantries, and I made a point of greeting him every morning.

  • Trip Money

    Negotiating a sex services price list for underwriting a trip

  • Hot Toddie: Chapter 2

    No matter how loud he turned the music up, all he could think of was the humiliation he'd suffered the other night when Pat and Mike had made his dance in his underwear, give them blowjobs, and then fucked him.

  • Pay As You Go Hitching: Chapter 2

    Bigger dividend travel payment plan

  • Family Day on the Pool Table

    Served at a family feast at the beach

  • Pay As You Go Hitching

    Insisting on pay his way his way

  • The Stud

    Once in his room we pushed him down on his bed. My friend held his upper body flat down on the bed while I tied his arms to the bedposts. I just love four-poster beds, don't you? Once Jake was tied my friend took my video camera from the bag and began to film me taking off Jake's sock and shoes. ...

  • Harmin Rabb

    Palmer stripped off his tie and bound Harm's wrists behind his back. He ran his strong hands up Harm's chest and massaged his pecs, flicking his nipples and rolling them between his thumb and forefingers. Harm's head fell forward and he sighed deeply.

  • Milking Matt

    Jimmie watched as the video continued. It was obvious that Jordan was completely out of it while Rod was tying him spread eagle onto his bed and tweaking his nipples. Jordan was putting up little resistance and was making only a few noises.

  • Rest Stop: Chapter 2

    Never, never let a trucker take you into his cab..

  • Andys Initiation: Chapter 3

    He was positioned on his hands and knees as the guys continued to feel up his hot body. Andre lowered his khakis and black silk boxers in one swift motion. He took Andy's chin in his hands. The teen's eyes were glazed as he looked up at his childhood hero.

  • Antonio

    Management liked him, customers liked him, and his co-workers liked him. Antonio was just naturally outgoing, talkative and effusive. All that, coupled with his handsome Italian-American looks and coloring made for one very sexy package.

  • Gay Porn Audition

    A young gay man wanted to be a new hot porn actor. He thought he wanted to be a top but it turned out that he ahd to bottom!

  • Rest Stop

    Never, never let your car break down at a rest stop.

  • Bobby Donnell Gets Deposed

    He moved his hands over Bobby's crotch. The hypnotized stud moaned quietly as Todd massaged. Then he moved to Bobby's waist and undid his belt. He unbuttoned Bobby's pants and slowly worked the zipper the rest of the way down

  • Damons Demise

    The guy at the sink took the cue and put his hand on Damon's shoulder. "So you're straight? Well, let me see about that." He gently pushed the buzzed stud against the wall and lowered his other hand to his crotch.

  • Full House

    There was Jesse, dancing around the room in nothing but his underwear, thrusting his full crotch back and forth and swiveling his hips, just like Elvis. Joey was ecstatic. Jesse was completely under his control. He shut off the CD player and Jesse stopped dancing.

  • Andys Initiation: Chapter 2

    He never felt anything like that before. No one had ever touched his tits before, and there was a tongue in his ear that was driving him wild! He tried to turn his head, but Jim held it firmly in place as he flicked his tongue in and out of Andy's ear.

  • Benji Gets Blackmailed

    He was the star basketball player in a sports-crazed small town and was like a god to the townsfolk. The girls and women swooned over him and the guys idolized him. He was good looking, too, and knew it. He had exotic, almost Latino features. Dark, almost black, hair, and brown smoldering eyes that ...

  • Moroccan Highlights

    Two loyal young lovers take a trip to Morrocco and find there is a lot more to love that monogomy!

  • Andys Initiation

    He let his hand linger a while on Andy's lower back but Andy didn't seem to notice. He also didn't notice that Pete's left hand was behind his back the whole time they had been talking. If he had noticed, he would've seen both his boxers and his sweaty briefs balled up in Pete's fist.

  • Brett Gets Banged

    He was pulled up off the bed and unceremoniously tied to a wooden apparatus that left his dick, ass, and upper body completely exposed. Someone got down on all fours and began to suck his cock. He tried to cry out but the dildo in his mouth muffled his cries. Then the dildo was removed, only to be ...

  • Hot Toddie

    He stripped out of his clothes and stood in front of the mirror, naked except his boxers. Todd was 28 years old, just a shade under 6'2" and weighed 185 pounds. He was slender but he was also built, thanks to his fitness regimen, which included 2-hour gym workouts five times a week and a five-mile ...

  • Master of the Boardrom

    The power to hire is the power to pick

  • Amateur Night: Chapter 3

    He licked at Jeff's now hairless balls, lapping up the fresh jizz. He pulled Jeff's underwear all the way off and tossed them on the floor. He left Jeff lying on the bed groaning and writhing while he grabbed his bag, taking out a pair of leather cuffs and fastening them to Jeff's wrists.

  • Getting Ready

    He was firmly impaled on that cock and it wouldn't let up until Will had been pleased. God how he could fuck too. The quick hard jabs into his body, the refusal to lessen it no matter how much he pleaded.

  • Marats Makeover: Chapter 2

    From now on, you will only wear briefs. No boxers, no bikinis, no thongs. Just briefs. White briefs. And when you come for your future sessions you'll strip down to your underwear as soon as I close the door. You'll strip down and come sit down on the couch. It'll seem completely natural to you. Do ...

  • The Audition

    Don't worry about it," Steve said softly, continuing to massage his pecs. He bent down and put his lips to Greg's ears and whispered, "you know, you still look hot. Why don't you take your pants off? I think you'll feel better

  • The Golden Triangle: Chapter 2

    Golden hair brings good luck to the Golden Triangle of Laos

  • Amateur Night: Chapter 2

    He was in a room, lying on his back on a table, legs spread slightly and knees bent. He tried to sit up but his shoulders and arms were held down. As his head continued to clear, he realized it was he who was moaning. He lifted his head and saw someone at the edge of the table, stroking his dick ...