• Jack: Chapter 2

    holding my throbbing shaft in one hand I coated it with the other. Then I knelt on the bed and shoved forward, up behind Adam. He'd been watching me all the while, then as he realised my intention, his eyes widened.

  • Jack: Chapter 3

    My hand jerked faster and faster on my distended cock, and then I realised that sweat was flying from my face and body after all my exertions as I worked on my meat, and I found that I couldn't seem to stop my lips pulling back as I bared my teeth in a silent snarl of lust.

  • Jack: Chapter 4

    He pistoned into me for what seemed ages and damp spread beneath me as cum leaked out of me around his cock. At last his flow subsided and he lowered his head to kiss me, his face a mass of creamy sweat that poured off him and onto me.

  • Jed and Tim

    I'm going to spank you with your shorts on first then I'm going to pull them down after a while and spank you on your bare backside, do you understand?

  • Librarian with a dick

    I felt something against my thigh and looked down and saw the biggest cock I have ever seen! I was so hot and excited I just kept kissing Alice.

  • Little Bobby

    The five boys playing poker in Jake's dorm room all nodded their hellos to the slightly built young man before returning to their game! Peter and Bobby sat down in the corner to watch.

  • Lock-up

    Now three of us were sitting on the bench and I felt excited having some hot guys shirtless and leaning against me. The oldest and biggest of the bunch Ben reached over and just placed his massive hand on my cock.

  • Man oh man

    He walks over the air conditioner and begins to dismantle the outside covering. His muscles are bulging and tight, I just can't help myself as I grab my cock and begin stroking it. He turns and looks at me with the sexiest smile I have ever seen.

  • Members only

    He stepped back from the screen, revealing his oh so tight jeans, showing me his slim body. A strange music started to play somewhere and my eyes misted over. I blinked. There was smoke across the screen.

  • Mike

    I'm going to give your backside the spanking it deserves. I'm going to teach you to respect other people and their property and you're not going to leave this house until I think you've learnt your lesson.

  • Milk those balls

    I reached over and with my left hand started squeezing Eric's beautiful balls. With my right hand I grabbed John's swollen balls and started to squeeze. Both of them yelled out with pain and pleasure. I continued to squeeze and massage their balls for what seemed like hours.

  • Second Opinion

    The probe withdrew from his anus, the cock backed away from his lips. After a pause the consultant's hand was placed tantalizingly on his buttocks near the crack, the man's other hand grazed inner thigh up to a surprisingly sensive meridian across the lower buttock.

  • Straight students glory hole

    My face came level with the hole just as he stood up. I saw his smooth skinned thighs, a neat bush of black hair set against a white, flat stomach and a slender, young piece of flesh hanging semi-hard over a hairless, wrinkled sack.

  • The Greek Lads

    As soon as I had winked at the slim one he winked back and flashed me a quick smile. Immediately my heart was up and pounding and I knew I'd started something. By the time I'd passed his table he was putting some coins down by his half finished coffee and standing up. I walked on. I heard him ...

  • The Greek Lads: Chapter 2

    Greek flesh and now one of the cafe lads had followed me home, stripped down to his white briefs and sucked me dry. And now I was following him to my bed.

  • The Greek Lads: Chapter 3

    The other lads gather at my feet and start to stroke my legs. They comment on their strength, marvelling at how another guy feels. I know that they have all wanted to try this, have all had fantasies about sex with another man.

  • The Greek Landlord

    Hands that touched the soles of my feet and slid them to one side, parting my legs gently, and allowing cool air to explore around the tops of my legs where my football shorts hung soft and silky around my thighs.

  • The Grocery Boy

    Once the check out was complete, Ron carefully pushed the cart out into the parking lot. On the short walk to Robert's car, the excitement was overwhelming. Robert, is a man in his mid- forties and Ron is a strapping 20 year old stud.

  • The Hitchhiker

    I gently stroked the base of his huge cock with my right hand, while I rested on my left elbow and bobbed my mouth up and down on his shaft of sex. It tasted good, as the previous cock had before.

  • The Lad from the sea

    The boy was pretending to be asleep, one arm draped over his face, the other above his head so the body stretched out showing the rib cage, pulling the puppy fat of his stomach taught. I stood before him watching.

  • The lonely road

    His hands came to the front and started stroking me there. Carefully, gently he felt me, drew me up in his soft hand, pulled me back, twisted me, toyed with me. And my hand explored in the same way.

  • The Morning After

    Matt's strong hand moves to my head and he holds my head in his palm. He is pushing me down, sliding me down his body. He is doing the same to Ted. Matt raises his back a little and my other arm is free.

  • A Few Good Masters

    The house was packed with men in various clothing. There were men in leather, army, and police uniforms and there were some men already naked. The place was heavy with the smell of dope.

  • PCS Kaneohe Marine

    I'd always been pretty much on the wild side. A feral boy, who'd enjoyed the freedoms of youth , and who never once imagined that life could turn out very differently to expectations. Indeed, I guess I'd assumed that I would remain master of my own fate wherever life took me

  • A Star Is Porn

    A few weeks later and I was summoned to a private meeting with another scout back in Pittsburgh. This dude appeared even more convinced of my potential. Said I'd give Brad Pitt a run for his money and that the company he worked for would provide me the opportunity to go as far as I liked with my ...

  • Adventures of a Cum Slut

    By the time I was eighteen, I had tasted and swallowed more cum than most guys might hope to take in a lifetime. But it was still all my own nectar. By now my private desires were becoming so insatiable that not even my over-productive balls could produce the quantity of baby-batter to satisfy my ...

  • Afternoon Heat

    Neither man looks at the other, but their hands are pumping each other's cocks, while the younger, more attractive of the two has the sole of his foot pressed firmly against my hard-on, and in their frantic desire to keep their mutual masturbation to themselves alone

  • And Still Champion

    Duke Walker stood under the burning needles of the shower in his bathroom while letting the hot water waft over his well muscled body! Oh man was he ever tired, ten long hours on that hot roof laying shingles was enough to sap the strength of anyone, and he was a twenty five year old in great ...

  • Angel

    I was lying down in the burning vastness of the never ending dried out dessert dying of thirst and starvation. I was only twenty three years of age and had always been told I was good looking but now I was covered in scars caused by the sun beating down on my ravished, half naked body.

  • Apricots

    As he stretched up to reach as high into the tree as he could his tee shirt lifted from his jeans and I was immediately rewarded with the sight of his tanned back. His spine showed through his skin, not a hint of fat anywhere and a line of dark hair ran into the waste band of his trousers.