i'm 18, and on the last days of high school there was this bully who used to mess with me, a black kid named rick who always picked on me. as i was leaving he said 'my dad just got out of prison, he might decide to make you his little bitch' he laughed and i said 'whatever, i dont think so' and walked home. little did i know his dad, at about 6 6', was watching us from the car.

i got home, took off my sandals and started smoking some hydro, about 3 bowls later, i was feeling good....

then the phone rang.

'hello?' i said

the deepest voice ive ever heard answered 'this is big willy. im rick's father. so i saw you two today, i heard you say you dont think i could make you my little bitch is that right?'

i was terrified stiff, and paranoid

he barked at me 'i just got out of prison for 10 years, i loove fuckin little white boys like you in the ass, youre a little bitch just like every one of them who gave up that little ass to their big black master. well you looked real cute today with your long hair and your little flip flop sandals. im coming over now, to teach you not to run that mouth again, and were gonna find out whos the little bitch and whos the big man. youre high arent you?'

i confessed 'yes'

'good youll be nice and scared then while you wait for big daddy, now do as i say i now your home alone all night. strip naked, put your long hair in little pigtails, unlock your front door. wait in your bedroom. close the door but dont lock it. you understand me little boy?'


i did as i was told, and i waited, naked and in pigtails like a little girl, smoking again since it had been a few minutes and i was scared to death. 5 minutes after i finished, feeling very very naked all of the sudden, i heard the front door open. he locked it behind him. then my door opened, and in he came. muscles all over and 6 feet tall about 50something, i felt so tiny. he locked my door behind him and said 'on your knees little ho' and down i went. he started petting my pigtails like i was a girl, and pulling them a little. he said 'im gonna pull on these while i fuck you in the asshole. and damn you got a at little ass!'

he squeezed it, spanked it, rubbed his fingers over my hole, as i jumped and he laughed. 'now before i fuck the lining out of your little white ass, come here and give big daddy a little kiss on the cheek.' i blushed and he pulled me over to him on the bed and i sat on his lap, and leaned forward, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. he laughed, and said 'again. a few times, give me sugar' and i did, pecking him on the cheek.

then he grabbed me and slammed me down on my bed, and started rubbing vaseline on his hand, then on my asshole with my cheeks spread by his other hand. his hands were so big and strong, and rough. he lubed my asshole, and all of the sudden he was naked.

WOW! his dick mustve been 9 inches! long black and hard, ready for me.

all of the sudden he pressed my head down onto the bed with one hand and with the other one, started spanking me as hard as he could. it hurt so bad and when i squirmed the spankings got harder! finally he took his hands off me.


in one sudden motion he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back with my nose in the air and stuck his big black cock straight up my ass. i felt like a naked ragdoll, jerking around on his pole. as he buried his dick even deeper into my ass all i could think was how quickly this man made me his little bitch just like he said he would, i was naked wearing nothing but pigtails and he had his dick digging deep into my 'bubbleass' as he called it while he spanked and fucked me at the same time. ive never felt so helpless, so small, so ... penetrated! WOW was his dick fucking huge, i could feel every inch inside my butt as my muscles tightened around it. he liked that.

after fucking me for a while bent over, he ordered 'all fours on the floor little ho' i did it, and he started fucking me again, my pigtails bouncing up and down while he built friction in my asshole, as his dick started investigating deeper into me, he pressed my head into the floor on the side of my face, with my ass way up in the air. i felt so humiliated! i didnt think it could get any worse but he had all kinds of ways of 'owning me' as his bitch. he fucked me faster, pounding my ass. he then said 'i wanna cum up in that ass, get you pregnant bitch, lay on your back' as i laid back he quickly lifted my ass up and grabbed my ankles. he said 'i wonder if i could press your feet up to your ears?' i begged him not to, but he put my feet in the air and started shoving that dick back up inside me, harder and harder, till finally it felt like he turned a hot water hose on up my ass!! it went on for what seemed like a whole minute, hot and wet up into my bowels, emptying his cum into me.

when that was done he pulled out, and got me back up on my knees.

he started slapping me in the face with his cock again and again. finally he quit for a second and said 'now suck on my big black balls, worship your african master'

oh i made sure his big black balls were clean and massaged with my teenage mouth. i felt like such a little slut, as i focused on licking his nuts like a kitten. id put a mouthful in my mouth and suck it, next was the big black pole that had taught me to obey like a good little bitch. i made sure to show how good i was now.

he grabbed one tail in each hand and pulled as hard as he could while i sucked like my life depended on it.

'so now that your mouth is full of big daddy's dick, are you my little bitch now?'

i hummed with my mouth full 'yes sir'

'and youre gonna be a good little ho?'


'you know big daddy's gonna be back to pay you a visit. maybe next time ill dress you up like a real little bitch and invite grandpa and ricky. i think theyd both love that.... ah!, give me your face bitch, lift your chin up!'

i knew what was coming and i opened wide and presented my face.

in seconds i got hosed down with his powerful cum, soaking my face and gulping down my throat. he slapped my face with his cock harder than ever, 1!2!3!4!5! he had completely owned me!

in a few hours he had fucked me in every degrading position possible, came inside me, and all ver my face, made me worship his balls, and spanked and slapped me.

he grabbed my chin and said

'so next time my son says his daddy's gonna make you his little bitch what are you gonna say?!'

i replyed 'yes sir i already am.'

he then told me he'd be back again very soon, and 'your little ass aint seen nothin yet! next time im really gonna tear that ass up!'


i came home from school, hadnt seen rick in a couple of days strangely. as usual i took off my shoes and socks and started smoking my bowl. after the 4th bowl, i was so high that it took me second to realize the phone was ringing. i picked up; 'hello?'

'hello little boy this is grandpa. i heard how you talked back to my grandson and im gonna straighten your little white ass out!'

i was scared again, he sounded very scary!

'sir, big daddy already punished me for that all night last week'

he was pissed 'oh i know you didnt just talk back to me you little ho you gonna learn to shut your bitchy little mouth and open up your fat little ass!'

i heard my door slam open and closed, and i stood up and pulled off my clothes and waited for grandpa, trembling and naked.





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