When my bedroom door opened instead of the mean old man I expected to see, there was Rick!!

I was naked with a small sheet my only covering, and he came in and closed the door

"grandpas in your living room, just to make sure you don't try to leave, and noone interrupts us while we do our thang and workout our little problems"

I said meekly: "ill do whatever you want Rick, your daddy taught me how to obey"

He laughed "oh yeah told me all about it, he fucked you like a little bitch and you loved every second of it!.... get down on your knees on the floor"

I did as he said naked, on my knees,

He said "ive been waitin to do this since the first time I saw you you little white bitch"

With that he grabbed my hair roughly and shoved his hard black cock into my wide open mouth and started fucking my face

I choked and gagged while he started to talk to me,

"my dad wants you to be our sex slave, youll have to live at our house, totally naked and collared. Your going to suck our dicks lick our asses and get fucked all day and night."

My eyes grew wide as he continued

"youre 18 so you can move out of your parents house now, my dad says you have no choice. Hes throwing a party tonight for some of his friends...big older friends, and youre coming back with us. Hes gonna show you what your life will be like as our slave tonight"

I sucked as hard as I could, licking the hard black pole as it slid in and out of my lips

"oh yeah that feels good!" he said enthusiastically fucking my mouth harder and harder

"swallow my cum bitch!"

I gladly obliged, drinking his hot jizz down my throat, gulping every bit down

Once I was done I said, "ill do it. Ill go willingly, and stay"

He looked surprised "giving it up that easily huh? You ready to be a white slave bitch?"

"yes, I think I was born for this"

With that he bent me over my bed and yanked my hair back, then shoved his giant black cock up my ass!!

"ohmygod rick!! Its sooo big!!!"

He started spanking me with his other big hand, I was loving it!!!

I could feel his slick big black snake sliding deep up my little white ass long and hard, his big balls slapping up against my bare ass, I started sweating and panting, squirming and squeeling

And he was loving it too!

He said "youre right, my dad says little white bitches like you were born to get fucked by black men with big dicks"

I turned red I was so humiliated!! Because it was totally true!!

And he started fucking even harder, slamming me into the bed making my head jerk with his thrusts

He yelled "where do you want this cum bitch?!"

I replied "in my ass!!! Please sir in my pussy!!!"

He blew his load so hard, hot and thick I could feel him filling me up until I felt warm trickling down my legs,

"ok bitch time to go to your new home!" as he wrapped me in the thin sheet and started pushing me out of my room, still totally naked underneath, walking in barefeet.

I saw grandpa in the living room who then walked out to start the car, as rick shoved me in the backseat.

Ricks house was a two story in the middle of nowhere and big daddy was waiting inside for me, since there was noone around to see, grandpa snatched my sheet away and made me walk to the door naked. They made me enter first,

Big daddy was sitting in a big recliner, naked from the waist down wearing his prison issue orange shirt, his big dick was semi hard already, his balls hanging low lloking so big and full like tennis balls or oranges!

"welcome cracker bitch, your little ass is mine now. From now on your life is gonna be all about big black balls slappin against your chin and your lily white ass! My son told me you confessed you were born for it"

"yes sir" I replied

"that's why youre getting collared today, come here and get down"

I walked over to him and kneeled before his lap, he reached around my neck and clasped a tight collar around my neck, as it clicked, I realized

"and youre not going anywhere" he laughed

"now start sucking while I explain how its gonna be here."

I was so happy to start, I gobbled his cock down and started slurping and sucking up and down his thick shaft, as he grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my mouth making me choke,

"you will be naked always, you will be fucked in your mouth and your ass anytime any of us wants it, youll do whatever you are told understand bitch?!"

I slurped "yes si..." as he jammed his dick back in my mouth fucking harder

"now get up!" I did and he picked me up and laid me down on my back on a table with my legs hanging over the side, wide open, he threw my ankles over his shoulders and said "now say youre sorry to rick for what you said, every time I slam you say youre sorry!" I nodded and he started fucking me WAY harder than he had the first time, I screamed "im sorry!!! Im sorry!!! Im sooooo sorry!!!!" with every slap of his balls into my ass while rick and grandpa laughed at me.

this was going to be a long night, but i was having fun :)




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