I am not ashamed to say it went straight to my groin. Before I could turn around and see who my groper was the door to the lone toilet is closed and locked. I get on my knees and try to look under the wall and make get out who it was, but all I see is dress shoes and black pants. I think about the voice for a second and then a realization hits me like a ton of bricks. It couldn't be who I thought it was. "Workman did you just grab my ass?" I ask not trying to sound too shocked or loud enough to attract unwanted attention. I no response. "Workman I know it was you so just answer me." Still he ignores me. Now I was getting angry it's not like I didn't enjoy what he did but, an explanation would be nice. I hear the toilet flush and the door open. Out comes Workman grinning like a Chesiere cat. My mind is spinning.

The object of my desire just grabbed my ass. He calmly walks past me and washes his hands without saying a word. He dries his hands and walks to the door. Right before leaving he turns around and says with his velvety voice. "If you knew it was me. Why ask such a silly question?" I am stunned by his nonchalant answer. My shocked reaction is not lost on his as he chuckles and says, "You should hurry up and get to class before Mikie the Pill docks you 25 point." Just like that he leaves, leaving me standing there shocked and trying to collect my thoughts. Unfortunately, that doesn't last long because he did have a point. If I didn't get back in class quickly I would be docked 25 points.

I leave the bathroom and make my way back to room 224. When I get in everyone else had returned and Workman was sitting there like nothing happened. He must have known I was looking at him because he turns to me and flashes me the whitest smile ever. I quickly look away and go back to my seat. "Dude, what the fuck is up with you?" asks Joe. I don't answer. "Dude, dude, what's up?" I still don't answer. It's not that I didn't hear him. I mean Joe was a loud mouth. It's impossible to miss him. I was just trying to process everything that happened.

I still couldn't believe Michael Workman grabbed my ass, acknowledged that he did it, and then acted like it was normal. "WTF", as far as I knew, he was straight. And he had a wife and kids. I mean it's not impossible because I've had my share of closeted married men hit on me. But, I would have never thought he would be one.

As my mind tried its best to get a perspective on this latest shocking development. I could hear Mikie prattling on about something. "The last group will be Mr. Anderson and Mr. Workman." "What?" I shouted out unintentionally. All eyes descended on me. Mikie is extremely upset with me this time and lets me know it. "Well Mr. Anderson, if you get your head out of lala land and focus on class then you wouldn't be so surprised all the time." he says angrily. I mentally roll my eyes at him, but I do apologize just to save face. "Again, I am extremely sorry for my unprofessional behavior today and I want to assure you that this will not happen again." he looks at me skeptically for a few seconds. "Everyone go partner up and begin discussing locations for your shoot. You have the rest of today to do this. If any group feels they have an adequate location that they believe will get my approval you may begin filming your how-to videos today."

"Ohhh, lucky you. You get to partner up with yo boooooo." Joe says to me snickering. Joe knew of my crush on Workman and teases me about it constantly. "Maybe you two can make sweet, sweet love all night long." He says in a singy song kind of way. I punch him in his arm as hard as I could. "Hey, hey, no need for the violence. Not my fault you got the hots for...." I quickly hit him again. "Go away Joe." I say slightly annoyed. He just shrugs and walks over to his partner. As I sit there contemplating many things I see Workman smoothly get up and make his way towards me. Just him walking is enough to get me aroused. So confidently and elegant. God, he was perfect. "Is this seat taken?" he asks, gesturing to the clearly empty seat next to me. "Yes, it is. " I say sarcastically and promptly prop my feet up on it. He just smirks at my action and then moves my feet off the chair and takes a seat. "Feet belong on the floor or..." he says the next part in a husky whisper so only I can hear him "propped up on my shoulders."

Again, I am not ashamed to say that his dirty comment went straight to my cock causing it to twitch slightly. He clearly wanted me and was making it know. He was like an animal slowly stalking its prey. Just waiting for the right moment to go in for the kill. Only problem with his plan was that I was a hunter myself and was not about to let him take me with a fight. If this were to go down it would be his feet propped up on my shoulders not the other way around. I just snort at him. "Do you have any ideas on where you want to shoot because I was thinking of a few locations, like maybe the library up the street? I could make a few calls and probably get us a private study room or..." "I already have the location and it's already been approved by Mikie the Pill. "he says to me in his velvety smooth voice. "Oh ok. "it is the only response I could come up with at the time. He just stares at me strangely. Well not really that strange because it's a look I know very well. I've had the same look many times. It's the look of primal lust. His eyes shimmered with passion and desire. The slight smirk on his face showed confidence that what he wanted would be his no matter what I or anyone else did. It just creped me out because I never had the look used on me before. "Well, don't keep me in suspense forever asshole. Where are we shooting?" I ask, trying to sound confident and natural. He just leans in real close and says, "My house."

I immediately turn as white as a ghost or as close to that as a black guy can get. There is no way I could survive being alone with him in his house. Hot sex was almost a guarantee and there was strong chance I would end up on bottom which was not how it was supposed to be. He just stared at me smirking. The smug, sexy, hunky bastard. "Is that going to be a problem for you?" he asks calmly.

Fuck, fuck, dammit, dammit. He was directly challenging me. If I said no, then that was basically telling him that I wanted him so bad that being alone with him in such an intimate location would be too much for me. If I said yes, then I would be alone with a super predator. Yes, I'm man enough to admit when someone was better than me and he most definitely was the better hunter of the two. If we shoot at his house then I know at some point we would be doing the horizontal tango with him leading. Fuck he was good. Workman just stared at me with that smug smirk on his face. He knew he had me trapped and was savoring every second of watching his prey sweat. No, he may be a better hunter but, I'm stronger and I can turn this around. I just have to stay cool and stop letting him get in my head. "No, not a problem..." I say the next part in the huskiest, most confident voice I can muster. "In fact, I can't wait." He just licks his lips and says "good. Let's be on our way then."

He drove the kind of car you expected a guy like him to drive. A sleek, black, 2011 Mercedes Benz with the tinted windows, super alloy chrome rims, and the luxury interior package. I fancy myself a car guy so, I was impressed. Not that I would let him know that. That would just be giving him more ammunition he didn't need.

Workman stayed not too far from the school. In fact, he was right up the street in the luxury apartments I pass every other day on my way to school. Before going to his place he pulled into the drive-thru of a burger joint. The line was crowded. "I hope you don't mind if we stop and get something to eat first. I haven't had breakfast and I'm starving." This was my chance to strike back against him and hopefully get under his skin some. So, I put on my sexy voice and say "I have something, big, hard, and delicious that you can most definitely eat." He turns his attention on me and chuckles at my words then returns fire. "I bet you do, but, I would rather save that for later when I fucking you hard and deep into the mattress and your eyes are rolled into the back of head in sumptuous pleasure." I am at a loss for words. This guy was good as fuck he effective turned the tables on me and let me speechless. Workman just chuckled then continue his little speech

"Your little show of resistance is cute and admirable but ultimately pointless because we both know how this little dance of ours is going to end...don't we?" I was still speechless. I tried to formulate a proper sentence but, all that came out were umms and ahs. "Well since the cat has gotten your tongue I'll just tell you. Our dance ends with me deep inside you. It ends with me claiming every inch of you. My cock pounding into that tight supple ass of yours. My hands exploring your body and my tongue and lips marking you as mines. You are under me writhing and screaming my name in pleasure as your body is claimed over and over again. We both know this and the sooner you give in and accept this. The sooner we can get to the good parts of our little game." My mind was absolutely reeling. I have never seen this possessive and competitive side of Workman and it was both exciting and terrifying.

He basically told me resistance is futile and that there was no way I could win and a part of me believed his words. Workman just stared at me noting all the physical and mental signals I was giving off. "or we can continue to play our little seduction game and you can try to turn the tables on me but, I doubt that highly. I admit you are good for a youngster but I am an expert and have a lot more experience and technique than you. So, tell me now." His tone changed to a more serious one. "do you give in and accept fate or do you want to continue to resist the inevitable. It doesn't make me a difference. In fact, I prefer for you to keep fighting so I can have more fun torturing you and breaking down your will."

I couldn't believe what I heard. This guy really thought I was just gonna roll over and offer him my ass on a silver platter he had another thing coming. "well, I have never been one to quit and just roll over so, I guess all I can say is game on and may the best man top." He just chuckled "Fine by me I enjoy the chase anyway." With that the game was on. The gauntlet had been thrown down and the battle for top position was on and I have to tell you. For the first time in my young life I think I had met a challenger I couldn't break.




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