Give In pt.1 Beep. Beep. Beep. The sound of the alarm blared in the dark room. Beep. Beep. Beep. It goes off again. After the fourth time, my hand emerges from under the covers and blindly reaches for the phone to shut off the irritating noise. My eyes crack open and I just lay there for a few more moments enjoying the feeling of my warm bed. I am not a morning person. In fact, I hate mornings, which is why I try to stay sleep as late into the day as I can. But, unfortunately I can't sleep till noon today because I got class. After laying in the dark for a few more minutes I get up out the bed and make my way to the bathroom for my morning piss.

"Hey fatass" my older sister calls from the kitchen. Currently I'm staying with her, her boyfriend my nephew. It's not bad. She's cool and they respect my privacy and my space. Heck when I want to get my freak on they give me the house. Long as none of my "boo's" as she like to put it don't steal shit it's all good. I assure her any thievery will be met with crime scene level brutality from me. "Hi bitch" I reply while pissing. "Got school today?" she asks. I roll my eyes at the stupidity of her question and think of a snide response. "Is there any other reason my lazy ass would be up this early in the fucking morning?" I say. "Don't know, you know you into that funny shit, might wanna jog or do some yoga?" is her response. It irritates me further, it's too early and as much as I enjoy witty banter, now is not the time. I flush the toilet and walk into the living room and lean against the doorframe. I watch her make last minute preparations before going to work at her shitty fast-food job. "Enjoy being a minimum wage slave to the corporate empire Spongebob." She shoots me a quick glare before opening the door. "Fuck you asshole." "Can't that would be incest and not cool" I calmly reply. She just smiles. I return it. "Have a nice day at work and try not to go off on anyone. You know u crazy." I say. "I'll try", I watch her get into her car and pull off before closing the door and returning to my room to prepare for my long day.

After deciding on the proper outfit for today, khaki cargo short, Rockport loafers and a navy blue polo shirt, I give myself a once over in the mirror before leaving. I'm a pretty good looking guy. A lot of people tell me I'm very attractive but I think I'm average. I have long hair braided into individuals that look like dreads, courtesy of my sister, caramel complexion, full lips that I hate because people say the most perverted things about them, and deep brown eyes that look almost black. They have an asiany shape and slant to them which make people question my ethnicity and an athletic build. Not too bulky or toned, but you can tell I work out. I put my laptop in my book bag and head out the door. Unlike my sister, I don't have a car yet so I have to rely on public transportation to get around. I put my head phones in my ear and turn on my favorite lil wayne song, "time to give me mines" and make my way to the first of two bus stops.

The journey to school is long as usual. Once I arrive I greet the lady at the front desk. "Hey Christian, how are you doing today?" Cally says to me. I actually like Cally. She is a sweet girl. She is young, cute but not stunning, bubbly and very friendly. She was a former student here who got a job working the front desk at the schools satellite location. "Tired and I want to go to sleep." I say dryly. "Aww Christian, that's not the spirit. You're supposed to be happy and spirited like me. Today is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the wind is rustling and the birds are making sweet love somewhere." she replies.

I roll my eyes at her and give her a smirk. "Today is a Mikie day." I say. She looks at me knowing. "It won't be that bad" she says sympathetically. "Yeah right, that guy can put the Visine guy to sleep. What room are we in today?" She laughs at my joke before looking down at the piece of paper for a moment. "Ummm looks like 224." I smile at her once more time before walking to class. I take my usual seat in the back and in the corner before taking out my laptop. I have this thing about sitting in the back. I like being able to see everything going on around me and watch what other people are doing on their laptop. I know it's kinda voyeuristic but it's one of my weird quirks.

There are a few people here but no one I really talk to like that. Soon after my homeboy Joe comes in. He notices me and gives me a quick wassup. I nod at him. He takes his seat one down from me. Joe is a good guy. Not my type sexually but perfect for a friend. He is just as big of a sarcastic asshole as me and enjoys talking shit more than me.

"You ready for this shit?" he asks me. "Hell no" is my reply. "Me either, god I'm fucking tired. This asshole client of mines wanted me to retouch all the pictures because he didn't like the way the light made his skin look. It's not my fault you look like a fucking gargoyle in every light.....fucking prick." Joe rants. I just laugh. "Not fucking funny. You know what time I got to bed last night?" he asks me. I couldn't pass up this chance to be sarcastic. "If I did then you wouldn't be asking me now would you" I say calmly. He just gives me the finger. "I told you Joe I like you like a friend but we wouldn't work out. You're too short and skinny to ride this ride. Besides I would be fucking you and your non-existent ass." I say sarcastically. Joe gives me the double finger. "And FYI I do have an's just not big like yours cuz I'm not a fat-ass." he adds. Right then the main reason why I like this school besides the fun coursework and lax environment comes strolling into class. Michael Workman.

If God does exist then "he" or "she"...I don't discriminate....was on their A game when they made him. He was walking perfection. Strong muscular body that showed through his clothes. Not too bulky till it was all head & shoulders with no neck. Clean shaven beard, caramel complexion like mine...a little darker, low cut fade, and an ass that would make any female jealous. Like for real I have a nice ass for a guy, but his was unreal. Not ridiculously fat but big and firm and juicy and just so delicious. Also, the guy knew how to dress. Every time I saw him he had on a clean polo or button down, a nice sweater or sweater vest with appropriate slacks and shoes. I'm not one of those gay guys who are all in to fashion but I know when someone looks right and Workman had that gentleman, mature style that I appreciated and turned me on. He takes his seat in the front row directly in front of the teacher's desk. I watch his every move mesmerized. I'm not one to crush but everything about him made me hornier than R.Kelly at an 8th grade prom.

My other right hand man Rich came in and took his seat in front of mines. Rich was more my style he was a slightly scruffy sexy white boy with a shaved head, rough beard and slightly bulky build. I don't know what it is about him but Rich could definitely get it. "Wassup Christian?" his introduction pulls me out my trance. "Sup Rich." I reply. "Nothing much...smoked a bowl in the car before Mikie the Sleeping Pill comes in here and bores us to death." "and you didn't invite me or Christian to take a tote...not cool dude." Joe says to Rich, who just shrugs his shoulders. We all share a laugh before Mikie comes in and bring everything to a halt.

An hour and a half into Mikie's lecture on the proper way to trim a video, I go to a design school majoring in 21st Digital Media. Which was everything rolled into one program. I learn video production and editing, motion graphics, graphic design, web design and all that good stuff. Anyways, I along with everyone else are bored to death. Mikie was the type of teacher who wanted all attention on him while he was talking. This meant no phones, all laptops down and eyes on him. Normally I would be doing stuff on the internet like chatting on FB or watching porn. Yes, I watch porn in class. One of the perks of being all the way in the back. Joe was cool with it. Hell he did it too. So it was nothing for him to look over at my screen and see two guys fucking the shit out of each pun intended or for me to look at his screen and see two girls munching on each other's cookie boxes.

Today's lecture was especially boring so I let my mind wander to more sensual thoughts. I imagined Workman is giving me the most amazing blowjob. His full lips are wrapped around my cock working it like an expert. Every once in a while he would deep throat me and send my eyes into the back of my head with pleasure. His other hand was working my balls. Not too roughly, just enough to enhance the pleasure of the blowjob. He worked his way up my shaft and licks around the head like it's a lollypop. "ngh", a wave of pleasure shutters through me and a low moan escapes. He just looks up at me and we lock eyes. Both of ours are glazed over with pleasure and burning desire. He just smirks at my reaction before going back to work. This sensual act continues for a few minutes. Workman is working my cock like a pro. Alternating between deep throats and slow strokes. The sounds are just as erotic as the feeling and the sight. All slurping and swallowing. I grab his head and begin pushing into his mouth. He relaxes and lets me fuck his face. I hear my name being called. "Christian, Christian, Christian," my lust covered brain thinks this is part of the fantasy. It wasn't until Joe punches me into the arm before I realize its real and I snap back into reality.

When I returned back to the world of the living, I see that all eyes are on me. My first reaction is to say "what the fuck are yall looking at?" but I have to remind myself where I am and how inappropriate that would be. So I just wait for Mikie to ask me, "is his lecture about the importance of proper trimming procedure boring me" before I respond with a quick lie. "No, Mikie, it's not your lecture that put me to sleep. I just had a long night at work and didn't get much sleep." It's a total lie. I don't even have a job but it does the trick. "Ok, maybe we could all use a quick break before we continue with the next part of this discussion. Everyone be back in 15 minutes. Anyone not back by exactly 10:30 a.m. will lose 25 points for the day." Everyone gets up and walks out the class. Joe walks up behind me and pushes me. "Fucking liar. You don't even have a job." he says. I just smirk at him before going to the bathroom.

One thing I greatly appreciate about my school is their clean facilities. I hate going to public places, go into the bathroom and it looks like it belongs in a horror movie or in the neighborhood crack house. There are a few people in here so I wait my turn before walking up to a stall. I unzip my pants and whip out my dick. It's nicely sized about 7 ½ inches and kinda thick. I never got any complaints about it and if I did I wouldn't care. Maybe they shouldn't be so blown out to the point where they couldn't appreciate a slightly above average dick. I was so gone into my thought that I didn't notice when someone entered the bathroom and grabbed a huge handful of my ass, "nice" they huskily whispers in my ear.




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