Neal threw on a t-shirt, put his wallet, keys and cell phone in the pockets of his cargo shorts and headed out of his room, grabbing is old skateboard on the way. He'd not rode the skateboard in years, not sense getting a car when he turned sixteen so the skateboard had been tossed into his closet and forgotten. But he was going to ride it today for his best friend Calvin and he had decided to dig them out and go over to one of the skateboard parks.

It was summer and they were on break from college, Neal from the university in Atlanta and Calvin from the local community college. They lived in the same neighborhood, a middle class community that has seen some families struggle financially and Calvin's was one of them. Neal knew he was lucky his father had a decent job and could afford to help him get into college and whenever he was around Calvin he was very conscious of this good fortune.

He went down the steps of the front porch, tossed the board down and stepped on, pushing off with his other foot. He cut hard onto the sidewalk, over to the drive and cut out onto the street knowing there would be little traffic if any in the short distance he was going. Calvin lived less than a half mile away and Neal was soon coasting up the sidewalk to the front porch where Calvin was sitting waiting.

Neal looked at Calvin as he stood up, tall and lean, his blonde hair looking as if he just got out of bed with its cheap cut making it more so. Neal didn't understand why girls didn't find Calvin more attractive with his natural olive toned skin, the way he looked so mature compared to some other guys with his light blonde hair covering his arms and legs and Neal thought the goatee he had recently grown even looked good on him. He knew part of the issue had been the way Calvin had to dress, the cheap clothes, never anything fashionable and his shoes always worn and dirty. In high school Neal had dated a couple of girls and knew a few others that had wanted to go out, and he knew it was because he had been one able to dress nice, had been one of the first to get a car and so he represented someone stable, financially secure and fashionable.

Neal had tried to keep the comparisons pushed away for they bothered him, this cruel judgment of his friend and he found himself pulling back from wearing the latest designer clothes and doing everything he could to include Calvin even when others criticized him for it. He just couldn't understand how they could be so mean to Calvin and he had spent many a night looking in the mirror at how he had looked so much younger, less mature, than Calvin. His brown hair was a boring color, but neatly cut and combed, his skin tone was too light which caused him to sunburn easily and his body always looked so boyish compared to Calvin, with practically no body hair. Of the two of them he thought the girls should have been flirting with Calvin, not him. It was Calvin, he had thought time and time again, who was attractive.

Neal stepped off his board, the old moves naturally coming back to him as he stepped on the back of the board and flipped it up into his hand. Calvin came down the steps holding his board at his side.

"I see your board still looks new" Calvin said sarcastically, for he remembered how Neal had replaced his old board only a couple of weeks before they lost interest in riding them.

"Yeah, well, I guess we need to use it some this summer to get it back to looking like it should" Neal replied as he glanced down over the familiar board Calvin held, the scuffed and scratched surface with the rough painted image Calvin had done himself and Neal knew what the other side looked like from memory, the collage of stickers, some so worn and scuffed up they were no longer legible.

"Well let's go and on the way you can tell me how the last semester finished for the big shot college boy" Calvin said jokingly and he tossed his board down, stepped on it and pushed off. Neal followed him down the sidewalk and out into the street. Neal couldn't help but watch how Calvin's old t-shirt, so stretched out of shape, billowed in the breeze around his lean frame, and the jeans he wore hung low on his hips revealing the white waistband of his boxers. Calvin looked good on the board Neal thought as he worked to keep up.

They cut through the neighborhood, taking familiar short cuts as they made their way toward a park a little over a mile away that they once spent so much of their time. It had a skateboard park set off the main open fields used for soccer or football games, or just tossing Frisbees. Neal told Calvin how his semester had finished up, his struggles with two classes, the guys on his dorm floor and the goofing off that went on and through it all he held back how he was struggling to make friends, to really fit in on campus and how he didn't know why but that all he could think about during the last couple weeks was coming home for summer and hanging out with Calvin.

Calvin told Neal how the community college was so easy for him and that living at home hadn't been as bad as he feared for his parents both worked long hours, his mother at some daycare facility and his dad at two part time jobs where he would work nearly sixty to seventy hours a week so he had the house to himself most of the time. He didn't tell Neal how he was alone most of the time but Neal sensed it letting the subject drop.

It had been three years since they had used their skateboards but they found their rhythm quickly and Calvin was soon goofing off along the way and when they got to the long grade down to where the park was located they pushed off hard and raced to the bottom. The two of them coasted into the park and up onto the sidewalk that circled around the parking lot and playground, an addition to the park since their last visit. They rode the sidewalk, weaving around the few people they came upon and made their way to the skateboard park.

Calvin arrived first and was just standing at the fence when Neal pulled up next to him.

"Well...fuck, they tore it out" Neal said as they looked at the concrete pad within the chain link fencing. All the concrete structures had been jack hammered out and all that remained was the graffiti covered slab strewn with litter.

"I don't believe it" Calvin said in a low voice, more to himself than to Neal. "Those bastards tore it out."

They stood in shocked surprise for a few minutes before Calvin finally tapped Neal on the side.

"Come on; let's just knock around on the sidewalk. If you want we can make our way up to Midtown" Calvin said as he turned from the fence. They were quiet for a while, this place they had known so well, a shared place, gone and they couldn't help but consider how long it had been since they were here last and how they were moving on, and possibly, over the next few years, away from each other.

Neal followed Calvin's lead as they wound around the park on the sidewalks. Some of the sidewalks were familiar, had been in the park for years, with their cracked or broke sections and when the walks cut near one tree or another their concrete slabs were pushed up, broken, creating obstacles for the two of them to negotiate. Then there were the new walks, cut into a section of woods that originally had been just dirt pathways, paths that wound around the back section of the park.

Neal soon moved up next to Calvin and they started to race, to jostle each other, they way they use to years ago, recklessly, pushing and shoving trying to gain advantage on the other. Calvin's arms were longer but Neal was faster and had better balance so they tussled with each other as they made their way down one unfamiliar walk cutting into the trees.

The grade sloped down steeply and Neal and Calvin were still tussling with each other. Neal reached out and grabbed at Calvin and he heard the sound of ripping fabric.

"HEY!" Calvin shouted as he tried to make Neal let go and suddenly they turned toward each other, their boards colliding and they tumbled off and onto the ground rolling down the slope as they held on to each other. They came to a stop near the bottom with Neal on top of Calvin. Calvin's board came sliding by as Neal looked down at Calvin, their faces only inches apart.

"You okay?" Neal whispered, their closeness suddenly very real to him as he felt Calvin's body undulating below him, his breathing as hard as his own.

Calvin looked up at Neal, and he saw how Neal was looking at him as if he was trying to see inside him.

"Yeah...and you?" Calvin finally responded. They lay still for a moment and Calvin watched a line of sweat run down Neal's face to the end of his nose and drip off onto his own face. "You ripped my shirt" Calvin whispered.

"I'm sorry" Neal replied in a low voice barely audible.

"It's okay. It was an old mom was trying to get me to throw out for a while" Calvin replied. Neal leaned up and slipped over to the side of Calvin, his left leg still draped over Calvin's legs. He saw the rip across the front of Calvin's t-shirt and how it started just below the neck and ran down in an angle. Revealed in the gap was Calvin's left nipple, the dime sized areola was completely visible and Neal reached out and touched it lightly, barely touching the hard erect center.

Calvin didn't say anything as he watched Neal touch him, Neal's finger grazing over his nipple and it felt good this touch. Neal looked up at Calvin and watched his expression as his finger rubbed over the nipple and when Calvin looked up from watching his hand he saw something he was searching for, the look of someone he cared for more than he could admit. He didn't know he would do it, would have never thought seriously of it before, but he leaned over and put his lips to the nipple softly kissing it. He brought out his tongue and dragged it over the nipple and he saw and heard Calvin suck in a breath. He felt the hard erect center on his tongue tip and he flicked his tongue back and forth over it, slowly feeling it drag over the tip of his tongue. Then he leaned down and put his lips over the nipple, sucked on it and brought his teeth down on it biting it lightly.

"Oh fuck" escaped from Calvin in a low whisper and he grabbed Neal by the head lifting him up off his nipple. "My folks are want to go back to my house?" he asked, the urgency, the pleading evident in his voice.

Neal looked at him in a way he had dared not to in the past and he nodded yes. Neal got up and helped Calvin stand. Calvin grabbed his skateboard and the two of them climbed up the steep slope back to the sidewalk. Neal's board lay on the grass on the other side of the walk and soon the two of them were working their way back to the entrance on their way to Calvin's house.

They pushed the skateboards hard as they wove their way along sidewalks and streets till they finally made it to Calvin's house. Their skateboards kicked up in their hands, they climbed the steps up to the porch and after waiting for Calvin to get the door unlocked, made their way inside. Neal followed Calvin as he went through the living room, down the hall to his bedroom, the last room on the left. It was a small room with the bed pushed to one wall, a small desk sitting adjacent and on the wall by the door a chest of drawers.

Calvin laid his skateboard down in the bottom of his closet as Neal set his by the door and they stood facing one another. It was an awkward moment, the moment of truth as Calvin looked at Neal and the way his clothes hung loose on his lean body and how he was standing, his hands tucked into his back pockets causing his elbows to bow out as he rocked on his feet back and forth, waiting for some signal from Calvin.

Neal wasn't sure Calvin really knew what he really wanted, how far he was willing to go and he watched Calvin's expression, looking for him to give something away. He looked down Calvin's body, the tall lean frame, the way his t-shirt hung really loose with it torn across the front, his chest partially exposed revealing the left nipple; the one he had tongued in the park.

"You...want to continue..." Calvin stammered and Neal moved to him. Quickly, without saying a word Neal rushed up to Calvin and took him by the upper arms pushing back against the closet door. Neal looked up at Calvin as he held him firmly even though Calvin didn't try to break free. "Neal...I'll do whatever you want" Calvin whispered and Neal moved to him bringing his lips to Calvin's kissing him with more urgency than he had kissed anyone before. Neal let Calvin's arms go and grabbed Calvin's t-shirt by the front and ripped it down the middle revealing Calvin's upper body and Neal moved to the right nipple, sucking on it, tonguing it, and eventually nipping it with his teeth. Calvin moaned and ran his hand over Neal's head feeling his short hair against his fingers, soft to the touch. Neal moved to the left one and sucked on it, tongued it as he reached down to Calvin's jeans and unbuttoned them. He nipped at Calvin's nipple making him moan louder as he pushed his chest outward against Neal's mouth.

"Fuck" Calvin uttered as he felt Neal's hand slide down into his boxers and the feel of Neal's hand on his cock made him grow more erect. Neal moved up and ran his lips over Calvin's neck and around to his ear, tonguing it, rimming the curve of it as he pushed Calvin's jeans and boxers down his legs till they dropped around his ankles. Calvin's cock rose up hard, the head flared out and Neal grasped it, running his hand along the hard shaft, stroking it till Calving was moving his hips back and forth.

Neal stepped back and took his t-shirt by the waist and lifted it over his head tossing it to the floor. Calvin looked at the familiar body, the lean fair skin and this time he acknowledged how he was attracted to his friend, felt something different, something sexual and he reached out and helped Neal undo his cargo shorts and when they dropped to Neal's ankles Calvin ran his hand over the front of Neal's briefs feeling the hardening cock confined within.

Neal reached down and took his briefs by the waistband and pushed them down and when his cock sprang out Calvin's hand grasped it, giving it a squeeze, then stroked down its increasing length. Neal took Calvin's hand and led him to the unmade bed, pushing the thin quilt and sheet back as he brought Calvin down on top of him. Their bodies intertwined together, legs and arms interlocked, as they kissed. Neal rolled Calvin to his side and ran his hand down Calvin's chest, over his stomach and took his cock, stroking it.

Neal was at that moment he was nervous, worried about what Calvin expected, what he would want, and whether or not he would go too far. He was willing to do whatever Calvin wanted and afraid at the same time to admit such a willingness of submission. But the feel of Calvin's body against his own, the feel of Calvin's hands sliding over his back and ass drove him on, pushed him past his hesitation and his fears and he put his mouth on Calvin's right nipple and rubbed it with his tongue then nipped it lightly with his teeth and Calvin arced his back as he moaned at the pain and pleasure. Neal felt Calvin's hand rub over his head as he moved down, his lips feeling the contours of Calvin's chest, each rib just below the skin and he shifted further down and moved along the slight concave form of Calvin's stomach and felt the way it undulated up and down with his breathing. Neal felt Calvin's cock brush his cheek and he moved down letting it rub along the side of his face as he ran his nose through the thick dark blonde hair fanned out over Calvin's cock breathing in the masculine scent. Calvin put both hands on his head and pushed down as he pushed his hips upward and Neal knew Calvin wanted him to do it, to take his cock and he moved his mouth along the hard shaft, his tongue snaking along its length and he felt it flex against his tongue. He licked the head, sucked it into his mouth and ran his tongue over it making Calvin grunt and moan, primitive sounds, urgent, pleading in tone and Neal slide his mouth down the hard shaft as far as he could take it in his mouth.

Calvin had had girls suck his cock before, but never like this, never so sensually, the desire to do it so evident and he pushed upward as Neal sank his mouth downward. The feel on his cock, the warmth of Neal's mouth with the slick feel of his cock moving in it, and the way Neal would work the sensitive head brought him to the point of climax, quickly, the need to cum surged through him and he held Neal's head as he pumped his hips upward. Neal sensed Calvin's need and he let him pump his cock into his mouth, up and down the cock moved and soon Calvin began to jab his cock in short hard thrusts, his body visibly tightened, every muscle evident and he began to pump cum into Neal's mouth. Thick wads hit the back of Neal's throat and coated the inside of his mouth.

Neal swallowed all of it and sucked hard on Calvin's spurting cock drawing out all of his cum.

Calvin feel flat, his breathing rough as Neal moved up beside him. Neal wondered if Calvin could do what he had done, would he be willing to show him the same pleasure and as they kissed Calvin didn't hesitate to push his tongue into Neal's mouth tasting his own cum. Calvin slid his hand down between their bodies and grasped Neal's hard cock, felt Neal's need and he rolled to his side sliding Neal off his body. Neal pulled back and watched as Calvin leaned to him and put his mouth up to Neal's ear.

"Put it in me...okay?" Calvin whispered and he moved back rolling over to lie on his stomach. Neal ran his hand down the curve of Calvin's back and over his ass cheeks feeling their firm roundness.

"You sure?" Neal asked in a low voice. Calvin spread his legs and reached back and took Neal's hand pushing it down between his cheeks. Neal felt his fingers probe along Calvin's ass until he touched his opening, felt the tightness of it and he rubbed it, pushed against it. Calvin pushed upward with his ass and Neal felt his finger penetrate and he sank it into Calvin, pushed it in all the way and Calvin moaned into his pillow as he rocked his hips up and down.

Neal slide two fingers into Calvin and watched as Calvin's body undulated with the penetration working his ass up the fingers taking them as far as they would reach into his hole.

"Fuck me Neal" Calvin uttered and Neal could hear the urgency in his voice. He moved over Calvin and held his hard cock down till he got the wet leaking head against Calvin's hole and he felt Calvin push upward. Neal met Calvin's push and he drove his cock through the tight ring and sank the head into him. Calvin lifted his head and cried out, moaned loudly. Neal held still a moment, and then he eased down, pushing his cock into Calvin, inch by inch till his hips rested on Calvin's ass and his cock buried in Calvin's hole.

Neal moved in slow full swings of his hips, pulling his cock almost all the way out and drove it all the way back in as he gradually built up his pace. Calvin moved beneath him, his hips rising up taking his fuck and Neal saw how Calvin had his hands curled into tight fist clinging to the sheet on the bed.

"Fuck me Neal....fuck me harder" Calvin uttered and Neal began to drive his cock into him harder, faster, and the bed began to squeak, then it rocked against the wall hard, Neal's every downward thrust making it hit. Neal wrapped his arms along the sides of Calvin and hooked his hands over his shoulders locking their bodies together as he drove his cock deep into Calvin's hole. The heat of their exertions was trapped between them and they sweated making Neal's body slide easily over Calvin's. Neal felt his cock swell up harder as it was squeezed through Calvin's hole with every thrust and he knew he was going to cum, couldn't hold back any longer and he slammed his cock all the way in pumping everything he had into Calvin's hole. He thrust his cock in short jabs with each ejaculation till he was spent, exhaustion finally overtaking him and he eased out of Calvin, rolling to his side as he got on his back.

They lay still for a while, each savoring the moment and worried at the same time what the other was thinking. Neal lay with his eyes closed, almost afraid to open them, irrationally worried it was all a dream. He felt Calvin shift next to him then stop. He could sense Calvin looking at him and he eased his eyes open and saw Calvin looking down at him.

"You okay?" Calvin asked.


Calvin just smiled at first and then leaned down kissing Neal. When he sat up Calvin slid his hand down Neal's chest and stomach and over his flaccid cock, still wet with cum that coated the shaft. Calvin felt the heat of Neal's body, the slickness of his skin and he felt Neal cock awaken once again, start to grow hard.

"You want to do it again..." Calvin asked, a mischievous smile spreading over his face as he felt Neal's cock grow hard in his hand.

Neal smiled up at him and ran his hand over Calvin's shoulder, down his back and up to his neck, holding it firmly as he pulled his head down till they could kiss. Neal let Calvin pull up after a short time.

"Yes, but you have to do me" Neal finally replied.




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