• His name is Adam

    A bully and a friend...

  • Hockey Fight

    Chris became the college league toughest most penalized hockey players of all time. He is now in his finally year of his scholarship and before he graduated on getting his Education Degree

  • Holiday Break Pt 1

    The guys and I head to our Aspen bungalow. The journey begins calmly, and I can't wait to see how the week goes with my loves.

  • Holiday Break Pt. 2

    Sorry for the delay. I'm all done with finals, and finally able to catch up on the past year :D Enjoy the next chapter. The guys and I stopped in St Louis before we headed out to Colorado.

  • Holiday Break Pt. 3

    We settle in and head right for the hot tub. Things get heated but they simmer down after a slight brawl...

  • Holiday Break Pt. 4

    The vaca continues with some fun, and the kind of loving I enjoy the most

  • Horny College Jock Pursues Classmate for Creamy Cum Meal

    Cal, a 24-year-old first year graduate student, an active gay man and former college football quarterback, cruises campus in his red corvette looking for his classmate, 24-yar-old Johan. Cal is wild with lust and on a mission to bag Johan, an active straight homosexual dude. Can Cal seduce this hot straight playboy?

  • Horny College Jock Pursues Classmate for Cum Meal: PT 2

    Cal, a former college quarterback after graduating from his college, moved to Tennessee and became a graduate student at The University of Tennessee. He meets fellow graduate student Johan and continues his successfully seduction of the hot Swede. In part 2 there is a wild surprise when a hot male waiter joins in an orgy with Cal and Johan.

  • Hot Phone Sex with My College Baseball Coach

    At the beginning of my third year of college, I became sexually involved with the head coach of our baseball team. This is the story of how we got off one evening with hot phone sex.

  • Hotlanta weekend

    Just one more club before calling it quits. It was just enough to push them over the edge.

  • House Boy - 1

    I always wanted to have a house boy. I advertised for a room mate in the college. My conditions were simple "men only, hot, attractive, and with single piece of cloth all the time"

  • How I Met My Lifetime Gay Partner

    Love Story: 21 year-old college juniors' Toby and Asher feel a wave of lust as their sparkling eyes lock fixated on each other across the dinning room during dinner at the UCLA cafeteria. The incident would gradually lead to incredible sex and a lifetime partnership.

  • How I Met My Lifetime Gay Partner PT 2

    Upon arriving in San Diego, Asher meets Toby's parents and brother. Toby and Asher have a weekend of erotic sex for the first time. Toby proposes marriage to Asher.

  • How to seduce your Straight Brother

    *1st person story* My name is Paul Boggs and this is my term paper on how I fucked my straight brother. i hope you enjoy...he sure did.

  • I Just Fucked My Roommate

    Corey's new roommate, Trevor, seems adrift and addicted to weed and porn. Corey is full of goals, high on life, clean as a whistle, and works out six days a week. Roommate living can lead to surprising twists and turns... maybe into somebody's heart and soul. Maybe up somebody's butt. Or maybe even both.

  • I Was But He Wasn't

    My 1st story go easy on me.

  • I'm Not

    Young man coming to terms with his sexuality; or put another way, college guys fucking.

  • IDENTICALLY OPPOSITE (A My Bully, My Buddy and Me Novella)

    Hey, GayDemons! So, here's a little something that have been stuck with me for the last few months. The right time has finally arrived for me to share it. It's entitled "IDENTICALLY OPPOSITE (A My Bully, My Buddy and Me Novella)." Synopsis: SORRY, guys! But I'm not giving any kind of sneak-peeks for this particular installment! You'll have to read and find out what happens, then tell me what you think! - XOXO NJ

  • Internet Addiction

    In a couple days I would jump on my green crotch rocket with my duffle bag strapped to the back and my backpack riding in front over the gas tank heading west...

  • Internet Addiction

    The story is about a young college student who for years has had his curiosity with regard to sex stunted by an over protective society.

  • Interruptus Completus

    A college freshman is challenged to determine just what he'd do to get into the fraternity of his dreams.

  • It Should Never Have Happened - But It Did

    I even pushed a finger deep into my own arse, rubbing the g-spot as i caressed my nob and pumped my shaft.

  • Jacob Earns an A

    Jacob is the most annoying guy in the community college class. He sits in the back row, never does the reading, insults the teacher, and just generally comes across as an overgrown bully. But now he's found a way to get an A in Mr. Blane's literature class.

  • Jamaican College Holiday

    After a hard semester of hitting the books and not having too much fun, this is how I relaxed over winter break.

  • Janal Fitts Journal Entry #205: Creamy Dreamsicle

    "I feel more like a slut when Khalil spreads cum on my full brown lips."

  • Jason and Will

    Driving to college, I tried not to worry about it but I couldn't get it off my mind. I didn't want to get stuck with some dweeb or pencil-neck, bug-eyed geek but the alternative could be just as bad, or worse. Of course, I wouldn't be rooming with a jock

  • Jensen and Jasper the Frat Boy

    Jensen, a shy college student, encounters a hot jock that he never suspected to be into dudes. Follow Jensen and his sexual adventures in this first of many Jensen stories.

  • Just a Bored Gay Guy

    After hooking up with the wrong guy, Jon begins to wonder why he can't find someone who can really get him off and thinks back to the first time he was really turned on.

  • Just horsing around

    Seth and Brandon shared a dorm room and over time they began to horse around, wrestle on the floor, poke and prod each other.

  • Just Tutoring

    A tutoring session gets hot with sex and a unexpected guest joins them later on.