When I woke up the next morning with a raging hard on my cock was waiting for attention. I was hard at the thought of coach jacking off. So I closed my eyes and began think of coach and started to jerk off slowly I started to let out little moans and groans. I was pleasuring myself but really wishing it was coach that was doing it. I began to pick up the pace and the moans started to get louder and the shoot my load all over myself.

I quickly wiped my load of with my jock strap and then I put the cum wet jockstrap on. Hoping that coach might steal this one and could taste my cum. I got dressed and left for school. I arrived at school just in time and saw coach just getting out of his car he gave me a sly grin. My heart just pounded. I had a lesson with him last lessons so I could fantasies and give him some clues that I had caught him and that I wanted him.

The day dragged by I couldn't concentrate on anything during the day I thought how I could approach him about it. All I could concentrate on was the clock waiting for it to be time to have a lesson with coach.

The bell rang. It was time, I was happy that I was seeing coach get all worked up and sweaty but nervous as I didn't know how he would react to me catching him yesterday. I rushed to my next lesson.

I walked in the sports department gave a cheeky grin at coach then walked towards the locker room. i was shaking my ass a little to get coaches attention but not too obvious to other studs in my class, I could feel coaches eyes on me and I turned my head I gave him a smile as he just stood there staring with a grin on his face until I vanished into the locker room.

When I walked in I was approached by the roaring sound of the stud's friendly banter towards each other. I joined in and started to undress until I stripped down to just my jockey like most of the other lads in there just walking around talking in just there jockey's. I stood there for a minute just admiring the studs hot bodies nice tanned and ripped with muscles. I began putting on my shorts and t-shirts. When I was down I headed for the exit to go and start practicing.

I went out to the hall where we waited for the rest of the studs to finish changing me and coach just sat in silence glaring at each with grins on our face. Until the roaring sound of the lads broke our silence.

We went out to the field and started playing 6 a side and improving our skills. The lesson went so fast. we all went in to get changed I talked to coach to see if it was alright to stay again after to get more practice in. coach responded with yeah I don't mind go and let your parents know. So I entered the locker room to get my phone. most of the lads were naked letting there cocks swing side to side heading towards the showers I took glimpses at a few of the hot studs in there full glory and I started to become hard good job I wore a jockey so it was noticeable.

I went back to find coach, we started practicing again and the studs were all leaving. We continued to practice for another 30 minutes then decided it was a day. I headed for the locker room and coach said he will need a shower. I realised this was the time to confront coach. So I went on in and stripped down until I was completely naked just sat there facing the door to the locker room and just started to slowly stroke my cock.

Coach walked in he was shocked to see me jerking. He said what are you doing, I laughed and said join me I know you want to and chucked him my jockey and here you can have this one as well this will get you hard wont it. Coach face began to go red. He said what you mean; I said you know I said i saw you yesterday jacking off with my jockey over your face. Coach he was embarrassed by now his face was bright red and said ahhh ahhh it's not what you think it is. i said i think it was quite clear what it was just get over here and join me. He said I'm not sure.

I said it was fine no one was going to find out our little secret. He was reluctant and then came over and started to strip he was so ripped my cock started to get more aroused. He then took his shorts off then I recognized his jockey. i said that mine he just smiled and pulled it off.

he sat next to me and began jerking his cock he were both pumping away and he suddenly let go off his cock and grabbed mine it felt so amazing for coach to be jerking me off......

To be continued.......



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