Thanks guys for the advice of last story and i now know it wasnt very good when i read through it im sorry for it not being very detailed so thats why i have rewritten it and here it is i hope you like it.

I was in my second year of high school. My name is tyler and I have just turned 18, I am around 6ft and in great shape good set of muscles on me and a nice set of abs. I have known that I was gay since my early teens.

I stayed late one day as I do often to get some more practice in for the upcoming trials to see if I would make the team so I thought I would put some extra work in to get my skills up to scratch.

It had started to rain before I had liked to finish training but It was pouring down so me and coach decided to leave it at that. We quickly gathered everything together and took it inside to the store cuboard. I went to the locker rooms so that I could hit the showers and coach headed for his office as he said he had some paper work to do before he could head home.

In the locker room it was completely empty as every one had left to go home, so I quickly stripped out of my clothes and hit the showers. Whilst I was in the shower I heard a noise like the locker room door was being opened I called out is that you coach but there was no reply so I fought i was just hearing things.

Once I had finished soaping my body I rinsed myself off under the showers then quickly flung my towel over my shoulders as there was no one eLse in here I walked back to my locker naked, as I hadnt dried myself off yet the water was dripping down from my head over my body running down my slighty aroused cock and dripping off on to the floor. As I was walking to my locker my cock was swinging from side to side.

When I reached my locker I had noticed that my jock strap was missing as I was in a rush I had just left my clothes on the floor. I thought that it was odd that my jock strap was missing but it got me turned on at the fact someone had robbed my jocky. My now throbbing cock started to harden to its full protential as it was beginning to go rock solid I walked over to the full lenght mirror on the over side of the room I was so hard an horny i had to relive my self.

So I stood there staring at the mirror and grabbed my 9inch cock and started to jerk it, I was getting so horny over my jocky being stolen and it only had to be one person COACH as he was the only left here. I was ready to explode as I moved a bit closer to the mirror and splatted all my cum all over the mirror and a bit on the floor. I stood there and watch my juices running down the mirror. I turned and went to my locker and quickly got dressed.

Coach he was in his late 20s I would say roughtly 28 he was in really good shape you could tell that he maintained his muscles really well of what i could see as they buldge through his T-shirts. He was about 6ft just a little bit taller than me.

Once I was dressed, I quiclkly walked to the exit of the locker room then I was heading towards coaches office when I started to hear moans and groans coming from his office. I quickly went to check it out. When I reached his office I quickly peaked through the window through the blinds and I was shocked at what i had saw.

Coach was sat there in his chair with his shorts and his jocky around his ankles and he was jerking off with his right hand and he had MY jocky covering his mouth and nose. He was jerking his arund 10inch cock off at the smell and taste of my cock and balls in my jocky and by the looks on his face he was really enjoying it.

Then he suddenly removed the jock strap from his face and placed it on his abs just below his chest I could tell he was about to explode as his hand was gathering great speed and the he finally exploded and aimed it towards my jocky. His cum was flying out of his cock and into my jocky and some onto his chest. He then released his cock from his hand.

The sight of coach even jerking was getting me hard but made it even better at the fact he was sniffing my jocky and then cumed all inside of it.

As coach just sat there trying to catch his breath back. He then quickly got up from the chair and pulled his jocky and shorts up. I quickly stood back in shock of what I had just witnessed. Then coach was nearly fully dressed so i rushed to the exit of the school and left before caoch sees me.

I had never really thought of coach in a gay manor yeah took a glimpse and his buldge and nice ass in his shorts now or then but never really thought about him being gay I was so shocked at it. yeah i had thought coach was flamming hot but didnt ever think anything would happen as he was straight...

Once I had arrived home I went straight to my room and thinking of what had just happened and it made he so horny I had relieve myself and cumed all over my chest. Just like coach did.

I was wondering all night how I could approach coach about this and how I could make it become to my advantage.

I fell asleep...

To be continued



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