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A horned up sex fiend addicted to the whore lifestyle

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Tommy's Boy (ch. 3)

15 May 2024 814 readers comments 8 Min Read

My continuing adventures as Master Tommy guides through a lifestyle of sex and slavery.

Topics: Anal Sex, Group Sex, Gangbang, Slave Training

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Tommy's Boy (ch. 2)

25 Nov 2022 2412 readers comments 8 Min Read

My slave tales of being fucked, fisted and whored out by my Master.

Topics: Fisting, Master & Slave, Gangbang

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Tommy's Boy

4 Nov 2022 3785 readers comments 10 Min Read

My story on how I became a sex slave to the man of my dreams.

Topics: Anal Sex, Rough Sex, Bondage, Master & Slave, Gangbang

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Bathhouse Bred

26 Jun 2021 16151 readers comments 7 Min Read

My stories are all true taken out of actual adventures Ive experienced as a gay man. This is a story about my adventures the first time I went to a bathhouse.

Topics: Poppers, Clubs & Darkrooms, Bareback, Bathhouse & Saunas, Gangbang