Tommy's Boy

by Sublifer

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All the way home I couldn’t get Jason and his big 9 incher off my mind. There was something about the way he fucked me that made me warm with desire.

When I arrived back home Tommy was waiting for me. He gave me a kiss and told me not to forget I had a party to service tonight and that I should make sure I get enough rest because it was going to be a very rough night.

After sleeping for several hours I watched some TV before my Master Tommy came in to tell me it was time to prepare for the party. He said after you are all douched out and ready I will break your hole open and breed you then I will take you to the party.

After I was done showering and in my jock, Tommy ordered me into the sling. Without hesitation I assumed my usual position with my legs spread open. Tommy stuck his fat 9 inch cock in me and went to town. I just loved to feel his love muscle penetrating me making my eyes roll about in his head. He knew all the twists and turns and how to make me squirm. Then I felt his hot slick load coat the insides of my now expanded rectum. He let out a long sigh and said,”get ready we are leaving in 5.”

We drove to a seedy location in what seemed like a nice neighborhood. Tommy told me this was a going to be a party with a bunch of young frat type guys . He had offered my services as a favor to a friend for something whatever that was. I was told to do exactly as I was told and the dos and don’t were already agreed upon by the parties involved. I was really nervous but then again it wasn’t my first rodeo.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a tall blond All American type who gave his name as Chase. He instructed me to strip to my jockstrap and nothing more. He placed a black leather collar on my neck and said I was to do whatever his brothers as he called them asked of me. He said not to worry we were all here to have fun.

First things first he said. I need you to bend over. I did as I was told as he got on his knees and began to suck Tommy’s cum out of my leaking ass. After he drained my hole he told me to go into the family room the boys are waiting.

I was offered a drink by a really hot Asian guy with a ripped body. He said drink up my friend its going to be a long night and we want you to have a great time. I downed what looked like a Malibu Cranberry in a red plastic cup. It was pretty good just a little heavy on the vodka. He introduced himself as Gary and asked if I wanted to dance. Why not I said. There were about 7 guys in the room. Most were standing around talking and laughing and talking amongst each other. They would all give me looks and giggle a little but I didn’t think much of it. Gary was actually a good dancer but more of the gogo type moves. He told me the guys pretty much want you to serve them drinks while you walk around in a jockstrap like a collared slave boy but that’s about it, nothing crazy maybe just some head here and there.

So there we were me and Gary dancing around the living room. He obviously worked out and had loads of energy. As for me I definitely need to start doing more gym work because I was the one getting winded. “I will sit the next song out” I said. I don’t want to wear my self out too soon. That’s cool he said as another guy whose name I didn’t catch brought me a drink. I sat back in a recliner and sipped on another Malibu. I was curious to know what Tommy was getting out of this but didn’t bother asking.

Chase came and sat down next to me and started asking me questions about Tommy and how long we had been together. I began to notice Chase was a fast talker I could barely keep up with his words. Several times I asked him to repeat what he was saying. Aw its just the loud music I will turn it down a bit he said.

He asked me what Tommy usually made me do when it came to Master and Slave stuff. I tried explaining to him that even though we were Master and Slave that I loved him very much and I would do….I mean I would…I slurred my words for a bit and Chase thought it was funny. You all right he said. Yah I’m ok I said as I put my hand on my head. As Chase once again began talking to me I felt the room start to spin. Maybe you better come lie down on the sofa for a bit he said. I held onto Chase’s arm as he led me to the sofa.

Gary started to rub my shoulder to make feel better as another young guy helped me on the couch and spread my legs a bit and rubbing my thighs. You feel any better Chase asked? Yah I said I’ll be ok in a minute ….I think…I just dddrank too too fast. You will be all right Chase said. Jay, he said, get him a pillow for his head. A guy named Jay slipped a pillow under my head as I felt his tongue licking my neck. I felt my balls tingle as I glanced down to see the Asian guy Gary and another jock type I didn’t know licking my now exposed balls as they hung out of my jockstrap. I looked up to see a big long dick in my face. It twirled around my lips as I heard the words Open up and take it Bitch. The next line I heard was, “lets do him, he’s out!

My eyes flickered a bit as I tried to look around the room. My legs were being held apart by two muscular football type jocks. As I looked downwards to my pelvic area I saw who I think was Chase moving his dick in and out of me. I was being held down and fucked but I couldn’t feel any pain or much feeling in my ass. As Chase pulled out and stepped away another tall blond with a big uncut dick maneuvered his way into me. Somebody grabbed my chin and pulled it upwards. Open up bitch! I said open up! I felt my jaw drop and my eyes began to close just as a big long cock began to enter my throat.

As I began to float in and out of consciousness I realized the precarious position I was in. I was actually riding a cock with another huge pecker staring me in the face waiting for entrance. I felt an extreme stretch as I came to realize that a second cock was gradually entering my now stretched open hole. I was being double penetrated.

Immediately, my whore instincts started to kick in. I knew what was happening. And I didn’t want to be drugged or passed out while such kink was going on. I yelled out, FUCK ME, FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN, I WANT IT, I WANT IT ALL! I opened my mouth and started to suck all the manhood out of the big cock that was tickling my nose. The response was swift. I felt my hair being yanked as I struggled to keep my mouth on a throbbing cock as another one impatiently waited its turn. The double penetration was in full swing and these young cocks meant business. My hole was stretching and taking all it could and was so hungry for more.

I yelled out, CUM, I NEED CUM! One of the tops pulled out and was quickly replaced by another young lion waiting to mate its prey. I wanted to yell out how much I was loving this but my mouth was stuffed and working hard to milk cum out of these boys. I felt the load building up and explode in my throat. I looked up and swirled his cum like mouthwash to show I was no amateur. Two more cocks appeared ready to burst as I opened my mouth wide and let their young cocks take aim and shoot their hot mounds of cum into my silky and now heavily coated throat.

As they rolled me over I could see cocks all around me stroking trying to lay a hot layer of cum pavement across my body. The top who was pounding my ever hungry boy pussy was about to explode. I felt his body shake as he unloaded in me. I nearly gagged when my neck was pulled back and a long thick cock was shoved in my throat and exploded just as it entered. And then it happened all 7 cocks were shooting cum all over me. I was such a used whore and it felt so damn good.

At last everyone was relieved. I had no idea what sexual things were done do me while I was in and out of consciousness but I’m sure it was more of the same. Chase then grabbed me by the collar and led me to the rear of the house. He opened the back kitchen door and just outside was a cage I assume for a dog. There was a blanket on the inside. He said get in. I crawled in on all fours as I could not move from a doggy style position. He said your Master will be by to pick you up as he left to go inside.

What seemed like thirty minutes had passed when I heard a recognizable voice. I could hear Tommy talking to Chase. Something along the lines of, the party was great, your boy got ass, and some more of which I couldn’t make out. Then I heard Tommy say, “that will cost you more!” Was Tommy making money off whoring me out? “There you are my slave!” Tommy opened up the cage door and I trotted out on all fours.

Lets go my boy, he said as he handed me my clothes. I quickly put them on as Tommy led me around the front of the house and into the car. I stayed silent during the drive home as I was a bit tired. There was a young man standing near a street corner by himself looking a bit out of place. Tommy pulled the car over and got out and approached him. Some words were exchanged and together they both returned to the car. This is Jeff, Tommy said, I know him we are giving him a ride to his home its not far. Jeff got in the back seat. I nodded my head in a hello type of gesture when Tommy motioned me to get in the back seat with Jeff. I climbed over the back seat and sat next to him. Tommy just nodded as he turned up the stereo and said “I’ll go the long way.” I reached over and pulled down the jersey shorts Jeff was wearing and started giving him a very wet blow job. I knew my job was to satisfy Tommy and that included making sure his friends were well satisfied everytime they were around. Tommy drove for another thirty minutes which in that time I was slobbering all over Jeff’s big cut cock. He suddenly grabbed the back of my head and he let go a stream of his hot semen. I kept my mouth glued to his cock the rest of the way until we reached his home and dropped him off. Afterwards, Tommy let me back in the front seat and as I leaned over and put my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me. I liked this side of Tommy. But all the while I kept thinking, thinking of… …Jason...