The Best Man

by Satyrhood

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Part 2 - Whiskey

“Dude, where’ve you been?” one of the other bartenders asked Seamus. The ground floor of the old mansion was bustling with almost two hundred wedding guests.

Seamus discreetly shook his leg and adjusted his semi-hard dick. His balls were heavy and sore from the pent-up load stewing in them, having barely kept from nutting bareback in one of the bride’s friends upstairs. “Bridesmaids got needy, man. Went through a bunch of champagne.”

While the bartenders kept serving drinks, the father of the bride, Mr. Chapman, hobbled over to Seamus. At least eighty-five years old, he waved for Seamus to bend lower.

“Sir?” he asked, in his Boston inflection.

“Here ... here,” whispered the father, pulling a bottle from the inside of his jacket. “Run this down to the boys in the cellar. I’d join too, but those boys don’t need an old man to babysit them!” He patted Seamus’s shoulder, then opened his eyes wide upon feeling the younger man’s arm under the jacket. “Well christ, they grow them big over in Boston, don’t they?” he said with a wink.

Seamus smiled. “Yes, sir. They do.”

The man plodded off at his wife’s summons for yet another round of staged photography. Meanwhile, Seamus set the bottle (a whiskey from 1960, Seamus observed with surprise) on a tray with six small glasses. He walked towards the cellar, avoiding Mrs. Chapman’s notice. Finding the door locked, he rapped his knuckles against the heavy slab of wood. There was no answer, and he tapped again.

“Who’s there?” asked a voice.
“Seamus. ... The bartender. Got some whiskey for you guys.”
The door cracked open, and one of the groomsmen looked at Seamus, the bottle, then

down the little hallway. For once, the area was clear. “‘K, come in,” he said, waving Seamus inside then securing the door with a heavy deadbolt.

The cellar stairs descended then opened into a swanky, furnished room: wood furniture with red velvet upholstery, an old fireplace, racks of wine, smoothly polished barrels serving as tables, and plush rugs. The other four groomsmen were sitting and standing around one of the polished barrels, their ties removed and their collars unbuttoned.

“Hey, bartender’s got some whiskey!” groomsman River said as he shot a hang-loose sign with his hand.

“Do you have a corkscrew? That’s the one thing this place doesn’t have,” said Levi. He had his sleeves rolled up, showing intricate tattoos on his forearms.

Seamus set the tray down and pulled a corkscrew from his pocket with a grin, causing the men to cheer. He opened up the whiskey and poured some into five of the six glasses.

“Hey, take one too. Groom’s not coming down,” said the blond man Hunter, tall and wide as a lumberjack. He took the bottle and poured whiskey into the sixth glass for Seamus.

“I’m not supposed to but, fuck it.”

“Yeah, man, stay down here. They’ll run you ragged up there,” Royal added, tapping Seamus on the shoulder with his fist.

“If Mrs. Chapman gives you trouble, we’ll tell her we made you stay and pour, bro,” said Diego.

The six men clinked glasses over the barrel top then downed their shots.
“Dios... that’s good,” said Diego.
“So, we’re just gonna get drunk off this while they do their thing upstairs?” asked Royal,

leaning against the wall.
“Don’t get sloshed yet,” Hunter said, “if you want to go to the afterparty. Apparently

Rachel and Darren booked it at Elixir, to make up for her uptight mom.”
“Elixir? Damn, we’re not going to remember anything tomorrow,” Diego laughed. River looked up from his phone. “Oh shit! Dudes, remember Rachel’s friend Julie? The

bridesmaid with the, you know, the stacked tits?” he said, gesturing at his already ample chest to illustrate.

“The nympho one with the breeding kink?”

“Yeah. Well, Carol texted that Julie was just riding some dude and tried to get knocked up again.”

“What, here?” Levi asked.

“Yeah! Upstairs about an hour ago.”
“Poor bastard. Someone’s fucked with child support payments,” Royal said.
“Nope, he didn’t nut, she says. Julie’s been in a mood since.”
“Oh, fuck,” Royal said. “That means she’s going to be hungry for it all night.”
“And if she goes to Elixir –”
“Someone is leaving with some fatherly duties,” Hunter said.
Seamus looked at the glasses, torn between panic that they’d find out, and a strange hope

that the group of buddies would know it was him who managed to hold in his load. His cock twitched and leaked precum thinking about that insane pussy grip on it, and all those hands of the other bridesmaids feeling his muscles.

River kept texting, then looked up and directly at Seamus. “Dudes... it was him. Julie was riding him cowgirl upstairs! Carol said he nearly lost it.”

All the guys were staring at Seamus, then they began to grin and smile. “Dude, her pussy’s like witchcraft at making guys nut bare inside. How’d you keep from – boom!” Royal said with an exploding gesture.

“Just focused really hard, I guess.”

“Did you nut in the bathroom after?” asked Levi, but Seamus shook his head, feeling proud.

“Oh man, you – you still got your jizz up inside? Bro, you’ve got a medical emergency!” River laughed. “Guys, she was riding him hard for over half an hour. Our boy’s balls gotta be fuckin’ heavy!”

“Well, if what they say about her’s right, Julie’s gonna try to finish him off if she gets the chance. Or some other dude,” said Diego. “I think I’m skipping the afterparty.”

“What? C’mon, it’s gonna be crazy! These people are flush with cash, Diego, open bar at fuckin’ Elixir!” River exclaimed. “Levi, you’re going, right?”

“I don’t know... I haven’t cum in about two days....”

“But she’s definitely going to play Russian Roulette with some poles tonight,” said Hunter.

“And, let’s face it,” said Royal, “we’re the best looking lads here. Especially with this big-balled Irish bastard in our crew,” he winked at Seamus.

Levi set down his glass. “Well, you can’t play Russian Roulette without bullets, so...” “You think we should pop some loads off beforehand?”
“All the loads. It just takes one drop to ruin your life, and do you think you can hold off a

climax while getting ridden, drunk in the back rooms of the club? And it likely won’t just be Julie with breeding on the brain.”

“Fuck, man. I’m not risking it, but I’m definitely going to that party.” River stepped up to the barrel as he unbuttoned his dress shirt. His chest was and pumped, all the contours easy to see with his smooth and clear Korean complexion. “What, you guys jerk with your shirts on?”

The guys laughed and began unbuttoning too, flinging their shirts onto the small sofa and standing around the barrel, eyeing one another as they began unclasping their belts.

Hunter, the tallest and bearded, had broad and thick muscles dusted in blond down, looking exactly how Seamus figured a modern viking would look. His uncut dick thunked heavily on the smooth barrel, bushy and veiny and girthy, totally matching his body.

Levi appeared more toned: obliques, lats, triceps, and a wide chest with a strong v-taper and Apollo’s belt. His intricate tattoos looked sharp against his pallor, but they couldn’t distract from his handsome face and figure, though, or his veiny cut dick that he tapped a few times next to Hunter’s. His pubic hair was trimmed, but jet black like the head of his hair and his scruff.

Royal, Seamus was impressed to see, had an intense eight-pack. The leanest of the bunch, his dick hung heavy, with dark, shaved balls, buzzed pubic hair, and a heavy black-purple glans already swelling and beading with precum. He grinned at the first two nude guys. “He’s sayin’ hello,” he joked, slapping the waxed wood with his hardening cock.

Diego unzipped his slacks and pulled out his fat pipe, two-handing his dick so both arms flexed, making his shortstack body look all muscle. His slow, double-grip coaxed out thick, heavy threads of precum each time his foreskin pulled back and pressed forwards. He nudged Seamus with his elbow. “Hey, it’s all good, man; you’re chill with us.”

Seamus’s work slacks were unzipped, but his hardon was still bulging behind his favorite boxers. He felt excited but nervous with all these men, unable to tell which way they swung, or what was expected and wanted from him.

“Yeah, bro, you can relax. Just enjoy some bating, and think about whatever.”

Seamus slid off his boxers, and his dick flopped against the barrel. He gripped it and realized he’d been leaking precum ever since the fierce fucking on the daybed upstairs. The inside of his boxers were soaked and sticky with it.

“Hell, man... that’s fucking nice. You guys see what Boston here’s packing?”
“We see it, River,” laughed Hunter. “You could see that sirloin across a football field.” “Fuck,” River said, looking at Seamus’s cock then tilting his head back, panting, “I’m

thinking of him fucking the shit out of Julie. Slamming balls deep – inside her tight slit – her tits in his face – him picking her up and making her –– FUCK yeah!” He yelled, looking down and watching his cock slam several ropes onto the top of the barrel. His free hand squeezed his thick pec until the ropes turned into a slimy dribble. “Woo!” he yelled, pumping his fist in the air. “First load!”

“Dude, that’s not something to brag about,” Royal said. “If Julie had been on your meat instead of Seamus, you’d be paying for twins now.”

“Don’t sell him short,” Levi said. “The game is to get it all out, not last as long as you can. And don’t underestimate a fast cummer. It can be handy.” He scooped up some of River’s fresh cum and slapped it onto his circumcised cock, lubing himself up and stroking faster. “Man, River... your stuff’s thick. Unnhh...”

Seamus’s cock was already maximum hard and veiny, oozing precum like Diego, who was intentionally, casually rubbing shoulders with him while they pumped their meat.

“Yo, you about to cum with my jizz, Levi?” River asked.

“Ah... ah shit... fuck I’m –– nnnrrggghh!!” Levi groaned through his teeth, gushing cum while his smooth balls tightened high up, pulsing each time they squeezed out his baby batter. The remaining dudes watched Levi’s cum mix with River’s, then looked at each other.

The guys looked most frequently as Seamus, appreciating his physique, checking out his tattoos, and marveling at how swollen, veined, and rigid his manhood was.

“Guys,” Hunter said, his pupils dilating, “guys, I’m close to –– ahh!! ah helllll....” His lumberjack cock didn’t shoot far at all, but his cream was thick like glue and kept globbing up from his massive dick slit, forming a puddle with his friends’ jizz.

“Damn, Hunter, good thing you usually fuck guys, because that’s some thick, potent seed,” Royal said. “Would love to see you paint some tits, though. You’d totally cover those sons of bitches, and then I could slide my dick up ... inside... and fuck them until holy shit I’m cumming!” Royal grabbed his veiny cock with both hands and threw his head back to yell as his fast, hard jets of cum splashed into the milky puddle. Flecks of cum shot out from the force of it, splattering everyone’s torsos and cocks. He panted heavily and braced himself with one hand on the barrel, but kept stroking.

Diego’s cock and arm veins were pulsing big and hard, and at the last second – right as his nuts tightened to cum – he let go of his rod and let his dick fire hands-free, while he flexed his thick, shortstack arms to showcase the mountainous biceps. Even his pits looked chiseled as he grinned and grit his teeth, saying, “Check that out!” as his dick pumped out his self-ruined orgasm, like a fountain pumping out jets of water.

The circled men were panting, breathing hard, showing off their stroke techniques. River was sweating as his second load slopped out, rivers of shiny juice sliding down him. Hunter and Royal came again after him, then each started feeling up Levi, sending him over the edge. The barrel top’s basin was brimming with the group’s collective cum.

“Man... look at that. It’s like a whole sperm bank,” Diego marveled.

“Opposite of that, dude! Remember, we’re not saving any for later. ... Hey! Diego’s about to nut again!” He indeed came, groaning and pumping through his orgasm this time, letting his thick Cuban cock flop into the pool of jizz.

“That looks like it feels good...” Levi said. He and River slapped their poles into the creamy, white puddle and pressed their hands on the tops of their dicks, thrusting to fuck the jizz pot until they nutted under its surface, making ripples as they contributed more sperm to it. Streams of overflowing cum were sliding down the side of the barrel.

“Hey, Seamus, it’s great to save your nut when someone’s trying to steal your little soldiers, but you gotta bust, bro,” Diego said.

“For real, don’t let nerves get you – else you’re gonna have to skip out on your job tonight, or get used like a breed bull,” added Hunter.

Seamus looked around at the men, sweat-drenched and weakened, smelling musky and horny, but still with hard cocks in their hands. He looked down at his own: an engorged, veiny shaft; thick, hard head; heavy, swollen balls. “I know, but – I’ve never done this. And I was just telling my dick to, ya know, not nut all inside her.”

Seamus looked at them all, let himself make eye contact with each of them. He imagined them all upstairs with him, each plowing a bridesmaid, fist-bumping one another and taking hits of whiskey each time they nutted together. He looked at Levi and imagined, for a second, grinding cocks with him inside one hole, erupting like twin volcanoes together, smooth nuts slapping one another with sheets of cum bathing them, then slinging one arm around each other as they lay on the floor recovering, their heads close together, pressing his lips to –

“Oh holy christ!” Seamus moaned, tilting his head back. He could feel his balls, at last, tucking up in preparation to explode. He could feel the pent-up load pumping through the turgid canals of his nuts and cock. “Unnnhha!! Ah! Ah fuck!!!” he yelled, his hand pumping as a dozen- plus heavy, syrupy ropes audibly splashed in the cum – one wild rope splatting against Levi’s abs – and caused several more streams of white seed to start flowing down the barrel’s rounded side until there was a puddle forming on the floor.

The guys all cheered. River and Diego slapped him on the back with their free hands. They passed around the bottle of vintage whiskey to drink directly from it, one guy after the other, starting with Seamus, who was smiling proudly to himself. He chuckled as Levi smeared the rogue shot of cum onto his own rigid dick. Seconds after watching Levi use his warm jizz as lube, Seamus said, “Oh shit, here it – it’s fucking ––! Urrghh! Yeah!!!” he yelled, a second climax crashing right after the first. He pumped his flexed arm in the air. “Hell yeah!”

The boys got lost in the bate zone, firing more loads.
“Shit, dudes, hang in there. We’re getting close!”
They began to lose count as their melted brains drowned in a sweet intoxication of

horniness. When their load sizes were slackening (and the cum puddle on the floor was getting

out of hand), they began slumping against one another, like war-weary soldiers leaving the field, their sweaty bodies held up by one another’s muscular arms.

When their cocks were cumming small loads of just a few drops – each white pearl still dangerous for their purpose – they guys all sat on the sofa and floor together, leaning against each other. Hunter and Levi were stroking one another’s cocks. Diego and Royal were watching videos of each other fucking babes from their gyms. River lay on the floor facing the ceiling, drooling with glazed eyes, pumping like a possessed man even though he was the first one to reach the “ghost load” stage.

Seamus was stroking too, nested in the dogpile of studs. He then felt Levi’s hand slide across his waist and watched it curl around his cock. “This alright?” the tattooed man asked.

Seamus nodded.
“Hey, let’s help him get those last drops out, guys.”
Seamus then felt Hunter’s big hands on his pecs, cupping them, thumbs rubbing the

nipples. Diego’s big hand cupped and gently massaged Seamus’s overworked balls, caressing them so they relaxed, to give up the last of their seed. Royal took two whiskey glasses and scooped some of the cum from the barrel top, then poured it out onto Seamus’s cock so Levi could sloppily jerk him with the group’s manhood cocktail.

Seamus let his body relax, and his eyes closed as his new buddies helped bring him to the finish line. “Yo, dudes...” he muttered dazedly. “Guys, I’m... unnfff... uhhh...” He panted as a few drops brimmed through his slit.

“Good, guys. Couple more times; we’ll keep him safe for tonight,” Levi said.

“Think of all the time we’ll save not cumming this week,” Royal joked. Everyone chuckled with tired voices. Seamus smiled too, feeling both turned on and at ease in a way he never had before. He gasped as another orgasm took him. And another. And, as he dizzily felt Levi’s mouth on his glans, slurping slowly, he felt one final climax.”

“Any left in him?”
“No, he’s safe now,” said Levi.
They all leaned back with their sweat drying on their muscles, and their sacks empty,

passing the bottle around once more to polish it off. Someone joked about how small their dicks

looked, and everyone chuckled. Then they lay sprawled on the thick, soft rug to rest. Seamus felt the warmth of someone’s pec under his head like a pillow, and the gentle weight of an arm and someone else’s leg thrown over him, before he fell into a deep nap.

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