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I am a mature guy who likes to write erotic stories. Most elaborated on following true encounters. I love stories about young boys. If anyone would like to contact me for a chat please feel free to do so.

Stories by Roger

  • My only friend: Chapter 4

    After watching the home video, I would learn later that the participants were his uncle and two cousins.

  • Identical Twins: Chapter 2

    The more I got aroused the rougher I got. Uncle Paul was obviously liking this and was squirming and writhing about on the bed.

  • Identical Twins

    Sex with my dad and his brother

  • The Apprentice

    My encounters with the boss

  • Adam

    First time gay sex

  • My dad: Chapter 3

    Without any hesitation we both started to fuck my dad hard and fast for all we were worth.

  • My dad: Chapter 2

    The following day was Saturday and my dad always worked on Saturdays. I invited Gary over for the first time knowing that we would have the whole day to ourselves.

  • My dad

    Getting caught with a school friend

  • My only friend: Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 - After a few minutes James came out of the house his cock swinging as he walked. It was now flaccid but still an impressive size.

  • My only friend: Chapter 2

    They were still liplocked but his dad now had his hand between his sons legs and was gently rubbing on his cock which I could now see was really hard.

  • My only friend

    Meeting my friends family

  • My first job: Chapter 2

    He stepped out of his boiler suit and kicked it to one side. His massive cock was standing upright and throbbing.

  • My first job

    Submitting to my new boss

  • Boarding School

    They were both facing me so I could see everything that was going on. The covers were stripped right back and the boys night clothes were being remove.

  • Hanging out with Grandad: Chapter 2

    I continued to suck gently on his throbbing cock his body going into spasms every time the tip of my tongue slid across his sensitive piss slit.

  • Hanging out with Grandad

    Hanging out with my Grandson Chapter 1

  • Visit to the Swimming baths: Chapter 2

    His legs were clamped tight around my waist and I could feel his hard cock throbbing against my stomach. I cupped his bum in my hands and turned us both around and backed up to the small bench seat that was at

  • Visit to the Swimming baths

    taking my son swimming

  • Early Encounters

    recollections of an 18 year old gay boy

  • Piano Lessons

    He told me I was slouching and placed his hands on my chest and pulled me back into a more upright position. He told me to carry on playing but never removing his hands from my chest. I felt his thumb graze my

  • My brother and I: Chapter 2

    continuing our exploration of each other

  • My Twins

    After I got his hole nice and wet I slowly pushed my finger in and his muscles immediately clamped down trapping my finger inside.

  • My twins

    Learning about sex

  • My brother and I

    Sexual awakening

  • Swimming Lessons: Chapter 2

    At some point, without me seeing, he had removed his speedos as I noticed them on the side of the pool. He stood to the side of me, undid my shorts and pulled them straight off.

  • Swimming Lessons

    Lessons that turned out more than I expected

  • Coming out to dad

    A teenage boy comes out to his father

  • The Swimming Pool: Chapter 2

    We continued our exploits at home

  • The Swimming Pool

    Dad & sons day out

  • The Tailor: Chapter 2

    The manager opened the door and led me through to the back room. He wasted no time in stripping me off and then himself so that we could carry on where we had left off on my last visit.