Michael and I had been having sex for quite some time, whenever I had the opportunity I would call him into my office and make love to him.

He was not the only one that I had the hots for. Gordon was in his 40's, good looking and muscular with a light dusting of dark hair across his chest. He was about Michaels age when he started working for me and we started having secret meeting soon after. Obviously Gordon new Michael as they both worked in the same workshop but Gordon had not tried anything on with Michael. Gordon was bi and married although his wife assumed he was straight. By all accounts Gordon was a sex fiend and could not get enough. Luckily for me I was always around to help him out whenever he wanted it.

It was during one of my sessions with Gordon that I mentioned Michael. Gordon said that he had always fancied him and had on a couple of occasions had spied on him in the works showers after his shift. He had to be careful of course not wanting to start any rumours in case they came to the attention of his wife.

I relayed to Gordon the intimate details of the things I did to Michael which made Gordon even more excited and in fact blow the biggest load ever. I suggested that we had a 3'some but not to tell Michael in advance. It was to be a complete surprise and hopefully one that Michael would like.

I was sitting at my desk after work and there was a knock at my door. I new it was Michael because I had told to come to my office earlier  that day.  He closed the door and walked over to me. I took him in my arms and kissed him passionately.

Within  minutes we were both on the floor naked making out and exploring each others bodies. Michael had his back to the door so did not see the shadow pass by the frosted glass surrounding my office. As arranged Gordon quietly entered the office and closed the door behind him. Michael had heard someone come in but didn't know who it was. Michael tried to turn around but I held him fast. Gordon quickly stripped off his clothes, his throbbing cock springing to attention.

I resumed kissing Michael hold his head still so that he couldn't turn round and see who it was. Gordon dropped to the floor and stretched his hot, naked body against Michael's back. Michael jumped when he felt the warm body pressed against his own. I released Michael's lips and he immediately turned his head backwards to see who was behind him and was met with another pair of lips and a searching tongue.

After Michael got over the initial shock of seeing Gordon he melted into his arms and returned his kiss with passion. Gordon and I had Michael on his back our mouths assaulting his ample nipples, sucking and licking for all we were worth. All three of us were writhing about on the floor in the throes of passion. I turned over on to my back and pulled Michael on top of me. My cock was standing up ramrod straight between his legs. I felt Gordon take hold of my shaft and wank it a couple of times causing me to exude copius amounts of precum which was running down my shaft and over Gordons fingers.

Gordon wiped his slicked fingers around Michaels hole making it wet before slowly inserting one, then two fingers inside him and slowly began to finger fuck him. Miichael was now writhing about on top of me moaning loudly. Gordon took hold of my shaft once again as I held Michael above me. As I lowered Michael down Gordon lined my cock up with his hole. It slipped in easily as his hole had been well used during the previous weeks.

I held Michael still against my body and I could feel his precum oozing on to my stomach. I could see Gordon kneeling behind him and at once realised what was going to happen. I felt Michael's body stiffen as he felt Gordon's cock probe his already full hole. He cried out as he felt the extra intrusion but I held him tight and told him to relax. Gordon pushed even deeper and we both ended up balls deep inside Michael.

Michael and both lay still as Gordon started to fuck Michael. I could feel Gordon's cock rubbing up against mine the friction bringing my climax even nearer I said I was getting close and Gordon started to speed up. All three of us were now reaching a climax as Gordon fucked him harder. 'I'm cumming' I shouted as I shot my load. Seconds later I felt Gordon  thrust his hips forward as his own hot cum shot into his hole and all over my cock. It was then a realised that I could feel hot cum running over my chest as Michael ejaculated all over me.

We stayed like that for some time before collapsing exhausted. Before we left my office Michael fucked us both as Gordon and I kissed and fondled each other.

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