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Hey, I'm 19 years old boy from Europe. I find most stories intriguing as long, as they aren't extremely boring and the author put a part of themselves in their stories. 

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The teddy bear which granted me my wishes (ch. 3)

13 May 2024 419 readers comments 6 Min Read

The story follows the next sexual interaction between the main character and Asmo and in the second half, Asmo reveals a lot of new information about what he is and what is happening.

Topics: Anal Sex, Big Dick, FanFiction, Monster

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The teddy bear which granted me my wishes (ch. 2)

8 May 2024 1063 readers comments 3 Min Read

I got closer to the mesmerizing creature in front of me and I touched it. It physically existed. The skin was extremely smooth and smelled really nice. In fact, too nice. The moment I smelled it I got really horny. My sight was getting blurry.

Topics: Big Dick, First Time, Fantasy, Twink, Size Difference

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The teddy bear which granted me my wishes

6 May 2024 1431 readers comments 3 Min Read

The main character hates his life and the only good thing he has is a teddy bear toy which one night transforms into something else that completely changes the main character's life.

Topics: First Time, High School, Twink, Size Difference, Blond