The teddy bear which granted me my wishes

by mr_crimson

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Part 4

After our time ran out I got up and was in my own room. It was pretty early in the morning since it was still a little dark outside. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 6 in the morning. I laid on the bed again and hoped I can fall asleep again. I couldn't since I needed to go to the toilet. The moment I stepped outside of my bed I felt enormous pain in my ass. It was so much that I felt like crying until I got back and laid in my bed again. I fell asleep again.

Suddenly I was at the place where I spoke with Asmo just a little bit ago.

"Today, go to the gym."

"Is there a candidate there?"

"Yes. We can't wait anymore."

"When should I go there?" 

"I can tell you later."

"Ok, when would we meet?"

"We need a temporary break."

"Fine, show up when possible."

I smiled when I remembered a question I wanted to ask.

"Don't worry about the pain."

"Yeah, I planned to ask."

Asmo smiled as well and I got up. It was already 8 in the morning.

My day went as usual or at least that's what I thought until I saw a message from Asmo that came in my head somehow. It said:

"Go to the fitness now. And be with light shirt."

I normally wore only black clothes when I went there so this came kind of strange and uncomfortable but I did as Asmo told me.

As usual, the boys there were cute and muscular which depressed me at my own physique.

My workout proceeded as usual until it came down to an exercise that didn't have a free tool and I had to ask a boy to share the machine with him.

He was tall, maybe around 182 cm and had big arms and chest, visible abs through his shirt and muscular legs.

I began doing the exercise when he told me that I'm doing wrong. He didn't use high tone, he genuinely seemed to want to help.

"Excuse me, you are doing this exercise wrong. I saw that you have a back and biceps day today but the way you do this hits your triceps. Can I?", he gestured to the machine so I nodded.

He showed me how to do the exercise correctly and even though I felt kind of stupid for doing it wrong and not realizing but I thanked him.

Then he whispered in my ear:

"Also, you are a candidate, right? Can you wait for me to finish my workout?"

He smiled in a really calm and cute way and I couldn't decline. In fact, it was a dream for me to be able to wait for a boy to finish his workout.

After I finished I passed closely to him and he knew that I wanted a quick answer since the idea I had was to make it like I'm randomly passing.

"Please give me 10 minutes."

I just nodded as I was already on my way to the other room. The fitness had 2 rooms and I went to the one that had cardio equipment.

After just 10 minutes of the rowing machine my muscles hurt a lot. Since I woke up the second time, the pain in my ass had gotten a lot less.

I went to the locker room and as usual tried to be as quick, as possible.

I waited in front of the fitness and he came pretty quickly after me.

"Hey, what's up, nice to meet you, didn't expect a cutie."

We exchanged our names and shaked hands. He was really gentle, which was too good to be true.

"A really crazy situation, right?"

"Yeah, I know, came unexpectedly."

"Definitely. So, we are candidates. Did they tell you something?"

"Only about the aura part."

"I see, so, same boat."

"What should we do now?"

"Hmm, want to come home?"

He laughed a little bit. I looked at him with a more serious look but not angered.

"No need to do stuff if you don't want it."

"Well, I guess we can."

"Ok, I leave pretty close."

We began walking.

"Am I your first candidate?"

"Yes, I found out last night about the whole thing."

"I see, you are my second candidate. The other one is actually home right now." 

"You mean in your home?" 

"Yes, he waits for us." 

We walked for less than 5 minutes and got to the apartment building he lived in.

As we entered his apartment, there was a small corridor and to the left, there was a slightly opened door.

"If it's not a problem.", he pointed to my shoes and I saw him take off his.

We entered the room.

When we entered the room, it seemed like a typical student's room. It was messy, there were clothes everywhere, there were bottles of juice and water on the floor and vodka on the small table. In the bed was sitting the other candidate. He wore a black polite/official shirt. His hair was black, kind of short and his eyes were blue. His skin was really pale but he looked like a model. He was looking at his phone but when we entered he rose his head and when he saw us, he smiled with a big smile revealing his white teeth.

"Hey, I waited for you."

He got up really fast and saw that he is even taller, more than 190 cm. His body was really slim. He wore black jeans that were just his size and I could tell that his legs were also slim, the same went for his arms which were also very long. He came to me, shook my hand and even hugged me. He needed to bent down since he was taller but this didn't seem to be an issue for him.

Their names were Jacob and Noah. We talked with them and found out that we don't know much since we were told basically the same. Noah was actually really a model who came to our city for a vacation but liked it here and decided to stay for more. He was really cute when he smiled and had really positive vibes coming from him.

Some time passed and it turned out that there isn't food so Jacob told us he would go to the store but he chose a bigger store that was further from us so he told us to feel as if we are home.

"I can see you are shy, can I do something to make you more open?"

His voice was really calming.

"I'm just generally really shy, don't think it can change."

I laghed as well.

"Oh, it can, the question is how. It really depends."

"Well, who knows how haha."

"You know what we are supposed to do here, right?"

I got kind of nervous since it seemed like he was really trying to go to bed with me and I didn't know if I can have anything in my ass after last night.

"Yes, I know but still."

Noah placed a finger in front of my mouth, showing me to stop talking. He sat next to me and wrapped his long hand around me.

"It's fine to decline, really."

I got horny the moment he touched me and my penis began growing.

I was starting to not think rationally. Instinctively, I moved my hand towards his jeans and looked at him. He smiled really gently and nodded.

"Do you want a game?"

His question came pretty suddenly.

"You mean Truth or dare?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"I guessed your end goal.", I chuckled. 

"Ok, I choose truth then."

"What's your body count, Noah?"

"Hmm, may surprise you - 0."

"Really? You are a virgin? Sorry, didn't want to offend you but you are beautiful....."

"People have told me that. But all other boy models liked girls and I just didn't feel it this way." 

"Why do you care though?"

"Such an affair can ruin your career. It's pretty dangerous."

"That's pretty stupid though, seriously."

"My best friend model tried to trick me to kick me out of the agency."

"That's so rude and toxic."

"Yeah, he pretended to like me and tried to go in bed with me. But I heard conversation he had."

"I guess this is getting more common with time, right?"

"Yeah, definitely. Your turn actually."

"I choose truth as well."

"Are you top or bottom?"

"I want to be top. But I'm pretty small below."

"Doesn't matter with me. So, you can top me then."

He revealed his wide smile again. He placed his hand on my hand and slowly guided it towards his jeans while looking me in the eyes. I touched his jeans and he even made me to rub his penis which I felt getting harder. I was extremely hard myself.

"What would dare me now?"

"Can you remove your clothes?"

He instantly rose from the bed, unbuttoned his shirt. His body was slim and he had very little visible abs. He unbuttoned his jeans as well and they fell to the ground. He had Calvin Klein black underwear with a big bulge. He also slid them down revealing his semi-hard uncut monstrous member in front of my face.

"And now what, my master?"

And now what, I wondered.

End of Part 4.