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All That Jazz

12 Feb 2024 1022 readers comments 22 Min Read

Handsome partners, Jim and Kevin had been through happy times as well as tough times in their young relationship. However, after meeting a muscular African-American by the name of Jazz, things changed in their lives. Read on to see if these changes enhance their relationship or create even more exciting times.

Topics: Black Men, Muscle, Interracial, Fucking

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Black and White

16 Jan 2024 4262 readers comments 13 Min Read

White boy, Paul, opens his bedroom door at the start of his university year to be confronted by Josh, a well-built African-American on a sports scholarship. Paul knew as he admired the tall man, that there would be times when he creamed himself seeing Josh in his jockstrap, but he felt he had to be careful not to upset Josh in any way. What is their year going to be like and how will Josh treat ...

Topics: Black Men, College, Interracial, Fucking

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Virgin on Manhood

15 Jan 2024 2916 readers comments 17 Min Read

Part of the fun of studying at a university is the social life – provided you manage to have some type. There are always some students, whose role in life is to take their studies seriously, and then there are others whose role in life is to have fun seriously; I was in the latter group. Although I wanted to graduate, I was determined to graduate with the knowledge that I hadn’t wasted my ...

Topics: First Time, College, Virgin

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14 Jan 2024 3957 readers comments 9 Min Read

Gary and his wife, Gloria, were asleep one evening when Gloria hears a noise inside of their home. Gary is sent to find out what or who it is. The burglar is confronted by them. While Gary goes to phone the police, Gloria is overwhelmed and tied up. When Gary returns, the burglar takes advantage of Gary, sucking and fucking him in front of his wife. As much as Gary begins to enjoy the ravaging, ...

Topics: Straight Men, Cuckold, Burglar, Fucking

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Four Hands, Three Bodies

10 Jan 2024 3146 readers comments 15 Min Read

Although Joe Jones was married, he desperately wanted to experience a massage, but not by a woman or his wife, so he headed into the gay area of town and found a massage parlor catering to the exciting world of man on man sex, something he wanted to experiene - and he loved loved it! Get aroused as much as Joe does, especially when he has not one pair of hands, but two pairs exploring his body.

Topics: Threesome, First Time, Married, Fucking