All That Jazz

by Horny

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Handsome partners, Jim and Kevin had been through happy times as well as tough times in their young relationship. However, after meeting a muscular African-American by the name of Jazz, things changed in their lives.

Jim is a top by nature, but he finds muscular, well-hung men attractive and is willing to bottom for them, but Kevin is his younger bottom who like to keep Jim happy by having an open relationship so Jim can fulfill his sexual desires, providing that they share their partners at home and they never sleep over at someone else’s home.

Jim had been going through a rough patch where he was desperate to find a masculine man to fuck him and so was going out at night in search of such a man, and that was when he and Kevin realized what his desires were.

At a video arcade, Jim had met Jazz, who was probably in his thirties, much the same age as Jim, and Kevin, having followed Jim, watched Jim and Jazz through a glory hole, fucking in a booth. Not only did this turn Kevin on, but Jim was also being treated to a desire that he liked – to be dominated by a more muscular man than himself.

As Kevin watched the erotic scene through the glory hole, Jazz spotted the voyeur and ended up the session by letting the voyeur suck him off through the glory hole, then Jim spotted Kevin and the three of them met up in the booth in which Jim and Jazz had been fucking.

Once they had arranged to meet again, but this time at Jim and Kevin’s home, the two partners discussed why Kevin had followed and why Jim was so intrigued by Jazz. He confessed to Kevin that although he was usually a top, when he met a well-hung, muscular man, he would flip for them and become the guy’s bottom.

Jazz had been invited to visit the two boys and when he did, they had so much fun together, that Jazz stayed the night and all three realized that they had a good connection.

A week after Jazz’s visit to Jim and Kevin, he decided to invite them back to his place. It was a Saturday afternoon and he had told the boys to come casually dressed and to bring their swimwear in case they all decided to have a swim.

Jazz lived in an all-male resort complex, so the swimming pool was communal, but being all male, there was no rule about what to wear around the pool. Clothing was optional but Jazz said that he had discovered that some of the residents were a little prudish and shy to run around naked.

“What are you going to wear?” asked Jim of Kevin.

“Shorts, a vest and a jockstrap, but I will take my Speedo just in case we do swim there.”

“Right, same here. Do you think we should take a towel with us?”

“No, I’m sure that Jazz will be able to give us one.”.

After lunch on the chosen Saturday, Kevin and Jim went in Jim’s car to visit Jazz. When they arrived at the resort complex, they were let in and directed how to find Jazz’s apartment. They were impressed by the layout of the complex with its neat gardens and plenty of shade. As they drove along the road leading to Jazz, they passed a few men out walking or heading to the swimming pool, they presumed.

“Not bad,” said Kevin as they passed two men, bare chested and in tight shorts. “Maybe we should come and live here.”

When they arrived at Jazz’s apartment, which looked more like a small house, they were met by a smiling Jazz, dressed only in a jockstrap which appeared to be battling to hold in his giant cock. The three men kissed and hugged each other and they went indoors to a neatly furnished home where cool drinks were already waiting.

“Come in guys. So nice to see you again and I’m looking forward to a fun-filled afternoon. Please sit and relax.”

As both Jim and Kevin were wanting some hot action with Jazz, they sat together on the settee but Jazz sat opposite to them. He did that for a reason. It allowed him to observe them and they could ogle his large crotch. He spread his legs wide, allowing them a good view.

“If you’d like to strip down, be my guest.”

Kevin and Jim looked at each other and immediately stepped out of their shorts and whipped off their vests. Now all three had glorious sights of each other’s crotch. Instinctively, Jim ran a hand over his bulge, drawing Jazz’s attention to it. Jazz smiled at what he saw and did the same for the benefit of both Jim and Kevin. He ran a hand over his bulge but left it lying on his bulge and then squeezed it. That action sent a tingle through Kevin, and no doubt, Jim also felt that tingle.

They casually chatted about what they had been doing during the past week, but still using their hands to help their swelling cocks to grow even thicker and longer.

“Did you go back to the video arcade?” asked Jazz.

“No, but we have been somewhat busy at home,” replied Jim, winking at Kevin.

“I take it from that wink that you mean that there’s been plenty of sex in your home.”

Both Jim and Kevin laughed.

“Can I get you guys something more to drink?”

Both asked for anything cold and Jazz quickly went off to the kitchen.

“Nice home,” said Kevin when Jazz was out.

“Fucking nice crotch there,” replied Jim. “I can’t wait to feel that huge cock in my ass.”

“Same here.”

Jazz was soon back with a tray of drinks which he placed on the coffee table and then went back to his seat, once more spreading his legs wide. Both Jim and Kevin took a glass from the tray and then Jazz took one as well, except he placed the cold glass on his engorged cock.

“That should cool me down a bit,” said Jazz, laughing as he said it.

Jim and Kevin smiled and did likewise with their glasses.

“I noticed how hot you two were getting just now. If you want to take your jocks off, go for it.”

Neither of the boys did it, but Jazz used the opportunity to take his off. He grabbed the waistband and yanked his jocks down and threw them onto the tiled floor. He pulled on his shaft, lifted his balls and what a sight of beauty it was for his guests. Jim immediately squeezed his cock and balls and spread his legs wide as he did it.

Kevin felt that there was an awkward moment like strangers might have but he thought it odd as they had already had sex together so they had nothing to hide.

When Jazz had finished his drink, he asked if they wanted to go for a swim.

“You can go exactly as you are, if you like. I’ll just wrap a towel around me, but I will ask one or both of you to rub some tanning oil on me, please.”

That was like an invitation for every man to come running.

“Sure, that sounds like a good idea,” said Jim, rising from his seat and adjusting the lie of his bulge in his jocks.

‘Are you going to change?” asked Kevin.

“No, I’ll go like this and if our jocks are wet, we can always wear our Speedos when we get dressed.”

Jazz got a towel which he wrapped around his naked body and they all headed off to the swimming pool. When they arrived, they noticed quite a few men in Speedos or naked. They found a shady spot and made themselves comfortable. Jazz dropped his towel and promptly lay down on it on his back. Jim and Kevin lay on either side of Jazz in their jocks and all three seemed to be surveying the men around them. What was going through their different minds will never be known, but their eyes were certainly passing over the gathered men.

“I reckon you must have quite a life here, Jazz; with all these men to choose from,” said Jim.                                                                          

“Any that you fancy?” inquired Kevin.

“Mm, there are a couple I wouldn’t mind with good bodies but I need to see what they have to offer.”

Jazz laughed when he heard Jim’s comment.

“Oh, I can help you there,” said Jazz. “You point out to me which ones you fancy and I’ll give you their vital statistics.”

Jim surveyed the men then began to point out a few.

“The guy wearing the red Speedo looks hot.”

“Nice body and good looking but not much down below, if that’s important to you which I think it is.”

“Then what about the blond in the blue Speedo?”

“Now you’re talking. Well-hung, but he’s more of a bottom, so if  you wanted to fuck him he’s pretty hot.”

“I take it that you’ve already tasted that meat,” replied Jim.

“Now you see the Latino over there in the white Speedo; wait until he goes for a swim and gets out of the water. The Speedo is see-through and I can tell you that he has a huge cock, but not quite as big as mine.”

Just as Jazz said those words, the Latino dived into the pool. Those in the know all watched as he swam a couple of lengths and then waited for him to emerge from the water so they could see his appendage. Both Jim and Kevin joined the viewers and after a short swim Mr. Latino climbed out of the pool, his white Speedo clinging to his body and the full outline of his massive cock became apparent.

“Wow! That’s not bad,” said Kevin.

“Very nice but really not my type,” said Jim.

“Shall we go for a swim?” inquired Jazz, but before we go can someone put some oil on my back.

Like flies to a piece of meat, Kevin and Jim shot up to oblige. Jazz stood naked while both men massaged oil all over Jazz’s body, including his cock. The others around the pool ogled the sight, especially at the girth and length of Jazz’s cock as it swayed in the sun. His black body glistened from the oil and then both Kevin and Jim realized what a handsome man he was and were glad to be considered friends of his. The three dived into the pool and began splashing around. A number of men also jumped in for a swim, or maybe it was more to get close to Jazz, but Jim and Kevin were not going to allow that to happen.

 After swimming for a while the three got out and went to lie in the sun. As they lay there a couple of men walked by admiring Jazz’s huge cock and some actually greeted him and complimented him on his physique.

Kevin thought that Jazz could get whatever man he wanted with his physique and charm and wondered why he had picked Jim in the first place. Maybe it was not planned and that he thought Jim was the best of the men at the arcade. As they lay in the sun, tanning, it was clear that Jazz was the center of attention, with Jim being a close second. Jazz’s body glistened in the sunlight, the oil highlighting his brown skin color and the warm sun was also causing his cock to become engorged. He stroked his growing cock and all could see that he was getting aroused. Kevin got Jim’s attention and indicated the ever-growing appendage. Jim smiled at the sight, then had a thought.

“Jazz, I think we should go back to your place as this sun and the men are making me horny.”

“Sure, let’s pack it in and head back.”

The three men picked up their belongings, as little as there was, and headed back to Jazz’s apartment. Once inside, Jim instinctively wrapped his arms around Jazz, hugging him and forcing his cock against Jazz’s and started kissing him passionately. Jazz’s hand went down to Jim’s crotch and rubbed the outside of Jim’s jocks, feeling a wet patch that had formed there. In the meantime, Kevin positioned himself on his knees behind Jazz and using both hands, parted Jazz’s ass cheeks and buried his face in his crack, kissing and licking his hole. Jazz moaned softly as Kevin’s tongue was working wonders inside Jazz’s crack.

Jim had started to stroke Jazz’s huge cock, making sure that he massaged the beautiful mushroom head with the oil that they had rubbed all over Jazz at the pool. After some time of pleasure, Jazz led Jim and Kevin back to the settee where he told them both to kneel on the settee with their backs to him. He was met by two sexy butts in jockstraps. He slapped both their asses and began to part first Jim’s ass cheeks, then he buried his face between the firm, round cheeks and started licking up and down the ass crack, sinking is tongue into Jim’s waiting hole. Then he moved to Kevin and repeated the whole process there. While he worked on Kevin’s ass, with his left hand, he slipped a finger into Jim’s ass, causing him to gasp, but with pleasure.

Jazz moved back to attend to Jim and as he did that, he fingered Kevin, causing him to moan loudly. Once Jazz felt that both his men had loosened up their assholes, he told Kevin to climb onto the back of Jim and straddle him so that both asses still faced Jazz, but Kevin was above Jim.

Jazz positioned himself behind the men, then he guided his mushroom head towards Jim’s pulsating asshole. He slowly forced an entry and Jim cried out as Jazz sank deeper into Jim’s chute. Jazz fucked Jim for a while, then he pulled out of him and sank his cock into Kevin’s waiting hole. Kevin also cried out as he felt the thick cock sink in, but soon he was cooing like a dove as Jazz thrust powerfully.

This procedure went on for a while with both men being fucked and all the time, Jazz was thrilling at the power it was giving him. Strangely, both Jim and Kevin were enjoying what was being done to them and Kevin had maneuvered himself into a position whereby Jazz could still fuck him, but he was also able to kiss Jim passionately.

When Jazz felt that both his men were becoming tired in their current position, He told them to dismount from each other and to follow him into his bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, he stripped both Jim and Kevin of their jocks and told Kevin to lie on the bed on his stomach, then he offered Jim some lube and told him to lie on top of Kevin and to fuck him. Jazz stood and watched for a while as he stroked his cock with lubricant, then he climbed onto the bed parting Jim’s legs, positioning his cock head at Jim’s winking asshole and slid his cock in. Instinctively, Jim raised his ass to meet Jazz’s attack and felt the thick shaft sink rapidly into his depths. As Jazz pounded Jim’s ass, so Jim was being forced into Kevin’s ass. All three men were groaning and moaning, but not in pain.

Jim thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of being fucked by a muscular man and at the same time being able to fuck his partner – all three were now receiving pleasure and at the same time pleasing each other. This however, did not last long, because Jazz pulled out of Jim, yet Jim continued to keep deep inside of Keven’s ass.

“Come with me,” said Jazz in a rather commanding voice.

Jim stopped fucking Kevin, pulled out and both men climbed off of the bed. Both were a little bewildered, but Jazz just told them both to follow him. He led them through the apartment and into a second bedroom. Both Jim and Kevin stopped on entry and looked around them.

Along one of the walls were mirrors and in front of some of them was gym equipment. Situated to one side of the room was a portable sling and against one wall stood a St Andrews Cross, and in another corner lying on the floor was a mattress. Both men stared at the sight and wondered was Jazz’s plan with them.

“Jim, come and stand at the Cross, now Kevin tie him to it.”

Jim stood facing the other two men with his arms outstretched. Kevin went forward and attached Jim to the Cross, then Jazz picked up a light cat-o-nine-tails and started to lightly sweep it across Jim’s chest, then he lowered his direction and aimed for Jim’s throbbing cock. Slowly the strokes became more intense and all the time Kevin merely stood watching and stroking his cock. To see Jim being dominated was becoming a turn on for Kevin. Jim was now crying out each time the whip hit his stomach or cock. Kevin could see how red Jim’s lower torso was becoming. Then Jazz stopped and put down the whip. He ordered Kevin to kneel in front of Jim and suck him, which Kevin was glad to do. Jim felt the warm, soft touch of Kevin’s mouth around his cock and this felt pleasurable.

“Untie him,” commanded Jazz, watching Kevin’s mouth come to a stop with his sucking.

Kevin rose to his feet and untied Jim, then Jazz led Jim to the sling where he told him to climb in.

Jim lay on the cool leather of the sling and hooked his feet into the metal stirrups, then Jazz stood  between where Jim’s feet were, bent over and began sucking Jim’s cock which was now leaking pre-cum.

“Hm, tasty,” said Jazz as he licked off some pre-cum form the tip of Jim’s cock, then opened his mouth wide and swallowed the full length of Jim’s cock into his mouth and throat. Jim let out a low guttural sound which resembled the cross between a growl and a sigh.

While Jazz was bent over Jim, sucking him, Kevin could not resist the temptation so he positioned himself behind Jazz, parted is muscular ass cheeks and buried his face in Jazz’s ass, licking up and down his ass crack and flicking his tongue into Jazz’s pucker.

“Oh fuck!” cried Jazz when he felt Kevin’s tongue exploring his hole.

Kevin lathered Jazz’s hole with saliva and when Kevin felt he had lubed Jazz up enough, he stood up and inserted two fingers into jazz’s hole. Once more Jazz cried out, not in pain but in pleasure.

Kevin then spat onto his hard cock, stroked it a few times then aimed it at the winking eye that was begging to be ravaged. Kevin’s cock head opened up Jazz and as Kevin sank into the warmth, Jazz gasped and pushed back onto Kevin’s cock, taking it right to the hilt. Jazz sucked furiously on Jim’s cock, while Kevin started a frantic thrusting into Jazz.

In a strange way, Kevin was beginning to enjoy the feeling he was experiencing. He had never fucked Jim as their roles seemed fixed – Jim was the top and that’s how Kevin liked it; but now there was a different feeling. Kevin was feeling as though it was ‘pay back’ for the way that Jazz had been treating Jim, and he wanted to give Jazz a taste of his own medicine.

Kevin held onto Jazz’s hips for support and he could feel Jazz’s muscular ass tighten its grip on his shaft. As Jazz clamped tighter onto Kevin’s shaft, so he felt himself getting closer to a climax. Should he stop, or as he was enjoying this so much, carry on and fill Jazz with his seed. Kevin chose the latter.

With more frantic thrusting, Kevin headed to the point of no return and with a loud gasp, he let fly with his seed. Kevin embedded his erupting cock deep in Jazz and held his position as his juices flowed from him and into the warm confines of Jazz, then he gave a couple more thrusts as the remnants of his seed were being emptied out, thanks to the firm grip that Jazz had on his shaft.

With Kevin’s cock beginning to lose its hardness, he pulled out and wiped the remainder of his seed on Jazz’s hole, then he gave Jazz a slap on the ass and walked around to Jim’s head, bent over and kissed him passionately.

As Kevin was doing that, Jazz lifted his head, smiled at Kevin and proceeded to push his mushroom cock head into Jim’s ass. Jim was preoccupied with deep kissing Kevin that he only emitted and faint grunt as the massive head broke through his sphincter and sank into his depths.

While Jazz pounded Jim’s ass, Kevin remained kissing his partner, then he turned to pleasing Jim. He bent over Jim’s midriff, kissed and licked his way down towards Jim’s throbbing cock, took it into his mouth and tightened his grip on it the way that Jim enjoyed and sucked hard up and down the length of the shaft until Jim cried out that he was about to fill Kevin’s mouth.

On hearing that, Jazz increased his thrusts trying to climax at the same time as Jim did. It became a race between Kevin and Jazz to see who was going to get pleasure first.

Jim let out a cry and fired is load into Kevin’s mouth. His young lover swallowed furiously as each salvo reached the back of his throat. He was busy milking Jim’s cock dry when Jazz erupted, thrusting savagely into Jim’s ass and filling it with his seed. The sling rocked and then he held his cock deep in Jim’s ass letting it throb as it emptied, then he slowly withdrew. He wiped his mushroom head over Jim’s asshole, then sank it back into Jim’s warmth and gave a few more thrusts until eventually he was sliding gently in and out of Jim’s ass as though he was trying to remember the intense feeling he had experienced from being fucked by Kevin and then seeding Jim.

“Let’s go and have another swim,” suggested Jazz as they all kissed each other as a form of thanks for the pleasure they had all enjoyed.

This time all three went naked to the pool, their cocks still semi-hard and to those at the pool, it became clear that the three men had been enjoying themselves from the sight that they saw. As they all dived into the pool, it looked like a swarm of flies had followed. Men were jumping into the water and trying to become friendly with each of the men.

Jim and Jazz swam to one of the corners of the pool while Kevin looked like a porpoise as he swam up and down the length of the pool.

“Your boy sure knows how to fuck, Jim.”

“Just as you know how to,” replied Jim.

“Has he ever fucked you?”

“No, it’s very much I’m the man in the home.”

“Well, I can assure you that your boy could easily become a versatile and not just a bottom.”

“What are you two talking about?” asked Kevin when he eventually stopped being a porpoise and came up to the men.

“I was just saying to Jim that you would make a good versatile,” said Jazz.

“Well, all I can say is that your ass muscles must be so strong because they gripped my shaft and you made me cum so quickly, it felt great.”

“Jazz, can I ask you a question: do you like to dominate guys, especially with all the stuff you have in your second bedroom,” inquired Jim.

“Not really dominate, but there are times when I just find myself in that frame of mind and I get a real sense of power.”

“But you’ve got everything going for you, Jazz,” interrupted Kevin. “You are good looking, having a very desirable cock that any man would want – it’s huge, and you know how to use it, and I get the feeling that you’re quite versatile so you have the best of both worlds being a top or a bottom.”

“I suppose when you put it that way, Kevin, you’re right, but I think there are times when I feel inadequate.”

“I don’t understand. You have everything a guy would want,” said Jim.

“Maybe physically, but guys only want me for sex and nothing else. I think they have the idea that having it all, as you put it, means that I’ll sleep with every man and therefore I’d not be good material for a relationship.”

As they confided with each other, it was noticeable how many men in the pool made a point of swimming as close to the group as possible. Jim felt a hand squeeze his cock under the water. He was not sure who had done that but he did think the feeling was good. He looked at Jazz and Kevin but they seemed unaware, then he saw a blond young guy smiling at him.  As much as Jim enjoyed his sex, he looked at the blond – yes, he was handsome and Jim felt for the blond’ s crotch and felt it encased in a tight Speedo, but he could feel its size, and yes that also felt good, but how would Kevin or Jazz react if he decided to have a scene with the blond while he was a guest of Jazz’s.

“I see the blond fancies Jim,” said Jazz to Kevin.

Kevin turned to see that Jim and the blond were smiling at each other.

“How does that make you feel, Kevin?”

Kevin thought for a while then said, “We’re guests of yours so how would you feel?”

“It wouldn’t worry me. If Jim wanted to take him back to my place, then we could watch and maybe have more fun of our own.”

Kevin thought that having fun with Jazz might not be a bad idea, so he went over to Jim and whispered into his ear.

Jim smiled at what Kevin had said, so Jim then made a suggestion to the blond who nodded his head, smiled at all three of the men and they all emerged from the swimming pool and headed to Jazz’s apartment.

On the way to the apartment the blond introduced himself to everyone, except Jazz, as they actually knew each other.

“I’m Kurt,” said the blond.

“And we’re Kevin, Jazz and I’m Jim.”

Kevin greeted the blond while Jazz smiled and winked to him.

They entered the apartment and Jazz took them then straight to his bedroom. They were still naked except for Kurt, so he took off his Speedo and Jim was pleasantly overjoyed on seeing the young man’s long, cut cock, already thickening with excitement.

Jim climbed on the bed and invited Kurt to join him, which he did. Jazz and Kevin sat on the edges of the bed and watched the two men performing together. Kurt and Jim were smothering each other with kisses and their hands were exploring each other’s body, but neither man seemed at all concerned about the audience watching them.

Jim decided that he now needed to cut back on the kissing as he desperately wanted Kurt’s young cock, which was now engorged and ready to be sucked. He spread Kurt's firm legs and positioned his head between them then started licking and sucking Kurt’s balls and cock. The young man began sighing loudly as he felt the mouth working along the full length of his shaft. Both Jazz and Kevin had a bird’s eye view of Jim’s firm ass and Jazz was tempted to attack it with his tongue, but he held back.

In the meantime, Kevin had a hard erection and was busy stroking his cock. Jazz seeing this, stretched across and took hold of Kevin’s shaft. He stroked it for a while then adjusted his position on the bed so he could get access to Kevin’s cock with his mouth, and started sucking.

At the same time, Kurt decided that he wanted Jim’s manhood deep down his throat, so he gladly opened up and swallowed the thick shaft. Jim groaned and flung back his head as Kurt worked miracles. This youngster had a good mouth and tongue and was very adept at using both.

Kevin then welcomed the opportunity to take Jazz into the confines of his mouth, lubing his shaft and making it ready so Jazz could slip it into Kevin’s waiting asshole.

Kevin lay on the bottom edge of the bed on his back, legs hoisted and supported by his arms and hands, encouraging Jazz to take advantage of him. Jazz needed no invitation. He licked Kevin’s asshole with his tongue, making it shiny and wet, then pushed his bulbous cock head into the waiting hole. Kevin never resisted this time but opened up willingly allowing Jazz to sink his shaft in right down to its hilt. Kevin made a murmur as he felt the cock spreading his hole and chute and Jim noticed their position, so he decided it was time to ravage his new blond, Kurt.

Once Jim had penetrated Kurt, who had cried out as Jim entered, both Jim and Jazz began plunging deep into their respective men. With all the movement on the bed, it became inevitable that Kevin and Kurt ended up lying next to each other, so that their faces were next to each other. They kissed passionately as they were being fucked and their tongues dueled in each other’s mouth.

Jazz and Jim smiled to each other as they dominated their men, and it was clear that both Kurt and Kevin were enjoying this very much.

Jazz indicated to Jim that they should swap for a short while, so Jim entered Kevin and Jazz fucked Kurt. As the two young men’s asses had been opened up by the large cocks fucking them, there was no squealing or crying out as the new partner entered them.

As Jazz was nearing his climax, he once more suggested to Jim that they change partners. No sooner had Jazz entered Kevin when he fired his load, grunting and breathing heavily as each shot filled Kevin’s asshole. On hearing Jazz grunt and realizing that he had cum, Jim increased his thrusts and both he and Kurt shot at the same time. With Kevin being the only one of the four not to have climaxed yet, the other three got busy kissing, sucking and stroking Kevin’s cock until he warned them, he was about to shoot. All three men positioned themselves as close to Kevin’s cock with their mouths open and tongues ready to catch any of his warm seed. Kurt received a spray across his face while Jazz and Jim fought to get the remainder in their mouths. Eventually, both Jim and Jazz received a quantity of seed, then Jim took Kevin’s throbbing cock into his mouth and sucked the remainder of his seed out of him. Once he had done that, he released Kevin’s cock to allow Jazz to have his taste, then all four men lay together allowing their breathing to return to normality, kissing each other until Jazz was the first to climb off the bed and get a towel so they could dry themselves from all the sweating.

Kurt pulled his Speedo back on, adjusted the lie of his slowly subsiding cock, kissed everyone again and thanked them, then left Jazz’s apartment.

“He wasn’t too bad,” said Jim, “just for a fuck. Would you agree Jazz?”

Jazz laughed heartily.

“I’ve had him quite a few times before. Whenever he feels like being fucked, he will knock on my front door and ask if I need any help. It’s actually him who needs the help, but I must admit it does bring some relief to me as well, so I have never turned Kurt away. Among all the men who live in the resort, he’s the only regular that I like, so we get on quite well.”

After another drink with Jazz, Jim and Kevin set off home, both ready to sleep after their energetic day, but also feeling on a high.

The End