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I have somehow managed to make a living writing gay erotica, and I am here to share some of that with you! 

I write pretty much everything, from mild to very, very wild!

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April Fools

2 Apr 2024 6416 readers comments 11 Min Read

An April Fools joke goes a little too far with two straight young men.

Topics: First Time, Friends, Fucking

96 Votes

Adam's Dad

28 Mar 2024 5544 readers comments 9 Min Read

When a twink falls for his best friend's dad, he has no idea just how depraved the man really is.

Topics: Daddy, Twink, Age Difference

156 Votes

Princeton University

22 Mar 2024 5597 readers comments 19 Min Read

When the college heartthrob arrives at eighteen year old Carter's dorm room, things get intense.

Topics: College, Jock, Sex

79 Votes

My Roommate's Sex Slave

14 Mar 2024 4608 readers comments 7 Min Read

When a confident, arrogant young man finds out that his roommate is gay, he makes sure to take full advantage of the situation.

Topics: Rough Sex, College, Roommate, Master & Slave, Fucking

69 Votes

Step Dad

18 Jan 2024 12813 readers comments 11 Min Read

When mom's away, step dad will play, one way or the other.

Topics: Spanking, Forced, Humiliation, Oral & Blowjobs, Stepdad, Rape

94 Votes

The College Cock Sleeve

9 Jan 2024 3574 readers comments 9 Min Read

A mishap turns a young man's college experience into a filthy, messy, explosively hot ordeal.

Topics: College, Oral & Blowjobs

147 Votes

Christmas With The Fratboys

25 Dec 2023 7681 readers comments 14 Min Read

Maybe it's a myth. Maybe it's some urban legend from the history books, or maybe the college frat boys really do have a very interesting Christmas tradition.

Topics: Group Sex, College, Bareback, Gangbang, Christmas, Fucking

185 Votes

An Accidental Snap

20 Dec 2023 8567 readers comments 16 Min Read

An accidental photograph causes an explosive encounter for two horny college students.

Topics: Rough Sex, College, Jock, Domination, Fucking

174 Votes

Helping a Friend

16 Dec 2023 7147 readers comments 15 Min Read

After a minor surgery leaves Jason unable to take care of his own needs, what lengths will he go to for an orgasm?

Topics: Straight Men, Friends, Twink