Twink Blows me at the Public Pool

by Dave "Speedo" Evans

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I spent the weekend down in Brisbane (about a ninety minute drive south of where I live on the coast).  Caught up with some friends, but overall the weekend was a bit of a flop.  Some friends were sick, others had kids sport to go to and I had to drive everywhere, so no partying for me.  Originally I had planned on spending Sunday and even Monday night down there, I always pack my laptop so can do some work, but the weather wasn’t great so I just cruised back on Sunday afternoon.

Driving back through the city, I thought I would go for a swim at one of the city pools.  The pool I had in mind is in a bit of a ‘gay neighbourhood’ and I know some guys (yes, gay guys) who swim there regularly.  Over the years I have seen lots of pics of friends, and fans, working on their speedo tan at the pool.  I hadn’t been there since I was growing up, at swimming carnivals, so I decided to give it a try.  I am glad I did.

The pool was pretty quiet, probably because the weather wasn’t great.  Maybe half the lanes were being used which was nice.  There were definitely more speedo guys, hanging about, than at my pool.  Lots of AussieBums.

I jumped in and got my swim on.  There was a little bit of underwater, speedo eye candy but didn’t really get to talk to anyone.  I swam fifteen hundred meters, that is the longest Olympic distance, which takes me a little more than double the time that the Olympians swim it in.  Did some stretches, then two sets of two hundred and fifty meter sprints to finish up.  Felt great and jumping out of the pool, I was a little wobbly on my feet as the blood returned to my lower half.

The blood was about to go to the front of my speedo…..

Being a speedo friendly place, I just threw my towel over my shoulder, grabbed my bag and headed to the change rooms.  Most of the time I ride my bike to the pool, so I just throw my shorts over my speedos, or wrap a towel around my waist if I’m driving home.  Since I had a ninety minute drive ahead,  I figured I would have a shower, wash off the chlorine.  And I am glad I did.

Walking towards the change rooms, there were two, very cute, young guys (mid twenties) walking in front of me.

They were similarly attired to myself, towels over the shoulder and both were wearing black speedos.  The view of their tight little butts looked delicious.  I was probably about five steps behind these two guys heading towards the change rooms.  To my surprise, the guy on the left reached around and pinched the bum of his speedo buddy.  Just after he did it, he had a guilty look back and saw me.  He looked surprised, looked down at my speedo, we then made eye contact and I gave him a wink and a smile.  He smiled back.

In the change rooms, we headed towards the showers and I was keeping my five steps behind them.

The showers consisted of a hallway and some seats down the middle with cubicles on each side.  There was maybe a dozen showers on each side.  The two young guys went towards the end of the row, I didn’t want to be a weirdo so I stopped about half way down.  My cock was starting to stir, I was going to jerk off thinking about what those two were getting up to.  Putting down my towel, I started opening the door on one of the shower cubicles.  The cutie who I winked at yelled out to me, “Oi, you can join us if you like.”

Yes, I would like.

Walking to the end of the row of showers, I got my first real look at these two young guys from the front, and it was just as tasty as the view I had been enjoying of their back sides.

I followed them in.  There wasn’t a lot of room but as one of the guys turned the shower on, I went to close the shower door.  I was told to leave it open.

Turning back towards the two studs, they were making out.  Pretty darn hot to watch.  I didn’t want to interrupt, I figured this wasn’t their first rodeo and I would be told what to do soon enough.  I reached out and with each hand, grabbed a handful of tight, firm, speedo clad, twenty year old butt cheek.

The young guy who pinched his mates bum was definitely the one in charge.  He broke off their kiss and half whispered to me that he loves watching his boyfriend suck off older guys.  When did I become the older guy?  I wasn’t about to complain about the label I had been given.  By now I was rock hard so I reached down and pulled my cock out the right leg of my speedo.  The boyfriend dropped to his knees and started working on my cock.  This wasn’t his first time.

Looking down at the boyfriend gobbling on my cock, he held the base of my cock with his right hand, and he was rubbing the front of his boyfriends speedo with his left hand.

Beautiful view, which was interrupted as the bum pincher lifted my chin and started making out with me.  A couple of times I tried to break off our kiss, just so I could cool down a little bit, but he was having none of it.  No surprises, I was getting close.  My moans were muffled by the tongue wrestling I was doing, and the boyfriend kept sucking my cock for all the cum it was worth.  My hips finally thrust forward as my cock unloaded in the boyfriends mouth.  His lips stayed glued to the shaft of my cock as my two day load, unloaded in his mouth.  It wasn’t until my cock started to soften that he let it slip out of his mouth and very gently, he tucked my cock back in to my speedo.

I offered the boyfriend to return the favour, but he declined.  He said that his boyfriend had more loads to take first and he indicated at the open shower door behind me, there was a guy sitting on the low bench, rubbing his boner through his speedo, I’m not sure how long he had been watching us for.

All I could say was, I guess it is your turn.

With that, I walked out of the shower cubicle and the other guy too my spot.  I had a quick rinse off shower, got changed and left the pool.

I might have to make the ninety minute drive down there more often…. for my swimming of course.

by Dave "Speedo" Evans

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