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I like men and I like to write. Check out my book Hot Trash on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0759KBT7V/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_tmb

Stories by Carlos Quinn

  • Foreign Fluid Exchange

    Carlos meets two sexy young Chinese acrobats on a rainy NY day.

  • Daddy, What's A Glory Hole?: Chapter 4

    Carlos falls asleep on the couch with his head in his stepdad, Harry's lap. Things pop up and in.

  • Daddy, What's A Glory Hole?: Chapter 3

    Carlos has a moment with his hot step dad, Harry and goes to the bar where he meets Elvis.

  • Fabio and Chance: Chapter 3

    Fabio goes to a party in a Manhattan townhouse. What happens when a cross section of New York's sexiest men, all high class escorts, collilde and connect in a space where there are no limits?

  • Daddy, What's A Glory Hole?: Chapter 2

    Handsome Harry is Carlos' new step dad and his boss. Harry likes to walk around naked and he's got a lot to show. What's a poor kid to do? Right, visit a glory hole.

  • Daddy, What's A Glory Hole?

    Carlos is a scrawny, sassy kid bopping around Perth Amboy, NJ. He has good fuck buddies and experiences his first glory hole. He also meets a hot man who may be his Daddy.

  • Fabio and Chance

    Fabio is an escort in NYC and a good one. He gets booked on a job with a new guy, Chance. He figures he has to show the newbie the tricks of the trade but Chance has a trick of his own.

  • Dritan, The teenage virgin, loses his cherry at the castle

    Dritan Faja may be the sexiest boy in Shkodra , Albania. He's still a virgin and hasn't even been properly kissed yet. That all changes one steamy afternoon when he skips school and visits historic Rozafa Castle.

  • Fabio and Chance: Chapter 2

    Fabio is an experienced, high class whore in NYC. After he meets the spectacular but clueless Chance on a job, he takes the newbie under his wing and back to his place to teach him the basics: how to suck a big cock and then take it up your gorgeous ass.

  • The Hottest Restaurant in Albania

    Dritan Faja just turned 18. With his sandy hair, smoky green eyes, lean sexy body, he may be the sexiest boy in Shkodra, Albania. His perfect ass is his best feature; it makes you want to feel it, kiss it, munch it and fuck it. He gets his first job as a bus boy at Venezia, where the bartenders, ...