Chapter 4

I was asleep and something hard was poking me in the eye. Except for that poke, wherever I was felt cozy and warm and it smelled good, like a steak, medium rare. I licked my lips. Then a thunderclap woke me up.

Where was I? I had fallen asleep with my head in my stepdad Harry’s lap and the thing poking at my eye was his fat cock, standing straight up. The thunderclap was his mighty snore. The last thing I remember was sitting on the couch with him, watching Dumb and Dumber while he massaged my shoulder. Now my face was planted in my sexy stepfather’s crotch and his mighty cock was in my face, daring me to do something about it. I like a challenge.

I moved my head a little and the cock sprung right into my face, its veiny north side right up against my lips. I opened them and encircled its throbbing mass. It got stiffer. I slid my lips up and down, from just below the head down to where his crackling blond pubes tufted out of his baby blue boxers. Harry groaned and shifted his hips so that more cock was in my face, in my mouth. As I worked on the shaft, the massive head of his cock puffed up like an angry cobra. No wonder my mom made so much noise when that monster entered her. But I can’t think about that right now. My sexy daddy’s fat meat was in my face, on my lips and possession is nine tenths of the law.     

I worked my lips up to the swollen head and licked around it; another groan from Harry. A pearl of jizz glistened at the top and slowly dripped down the base. I watched its progress and then lapped at its sweet salty goodness. Harry tasted as good as he looked. His massive paws roamed down my back, slipped inside my shorts and roughly cupped one of my butt cheeks. He squeezed and one rough finger found its way to my boy crack. Was he still asleep?

I stopped for a moment, took a deep breath and put the giant cock in my mouth again. I let the bulbous head rest there for a bit then swirled it around my mouth like it was a cherry Tootsie Pop, drinking in its sweet taste and satin texture. I slid Harry’s shorts down a little and clasped his full pink balls, covered in blond down, two hefty pink tangerines.

I slid off the couch so I could kneel in front of Harry and go to town on his delicious meat. I wanted to give my step dad a blow job he would never forget. When I looked up at Harry’s handsome face, his eyes were closed and his mouth was open. Good. I wasn’t ready to meet his eyes just yet.  My head bobbed up and down Harry’s pulsing cock in a sure, steady rhythm, inching closer to the base with each bob. I wanted all of my daddy in my mouth. His pre cum oozed down my hungry gullet and I could taste briny previews of my potential little step brothers and sisters, the little fuckers.

I pulled the boxers down Harry’s powerful legs and got them off him.  A gust of testosterone hit my nostrils and I took a beat to let it sink in and take a breath. I looked up and Harry’s blue eyes were wide open and drilling into mine. He looked abashed and confused and smoky with heat. I stopped for a second, I wanted him so bad but didn’t know if I should keep going. Harry’s handsome head nodded ever so slightly and he put a finger to his lips. I gulped down the length of his cock and let his massive meat fill my throat. Musk, man steak and Irish Spring wafted from his crackling blond pubes and it was making me dizzy.

I let his cock pop out of my mouth and it sprang straight up. I wrapped my hands around it just to appreciate its girth. Harry looked embarrassed. I buried my nose in his pubes and nosed around his firm balls. I ran my tongue around one and then the other, then again and again and again. His swollen nuts tightened under my tongue’s massage. His legs spread and he slid a little further down the couch.

Harry wove his fingers through my hair and guided my head back up to his sinewy shaft. His grip directed my head so my mouth took long, slow strokes up and down pulsating pole. My Daddy was teaching me how he wanted his cock sucked. Thanks, Dad!

With his legs still spread, my thumb followed the damp trail from his balls to the downy stretch where I felt his man-juice grumbling.  My thumb traveled further down to the clenched rosebud of his butt hole.  I grazed it gently and felt the thrill surge through his body, his cock jumping in my mouth.  I ran my hand along his hard marble haunches and gripped his mighty thighs. I wanted to see, sniff and munch this big man’s tight little crack and then own it. I hoisted his legs into the air so I could get a good look at his butt hole.  It looked small and tasty, hidden in curly blond hair and ripe for kissing.   He let me push his sturdy legs back as my mouth traveled down to his fat balls and I lapped at them with my hungry tongue. He groaned and spread his legs as his balls rolled and rose in my mouth.  Harry wrapped his golden thighs around my head. Happily trapped between them, I was in a time warp, years, days, hours, minutes went by with face buried in between my daddy’s legs.

His balls fell from my mouth with a satisfying plop as I grazed the downy patch that lead to his exposed pucker hole.  He drew his legs further back as I ran my nose around his hot ass, breathing in the smell of him.  I licked at the blond curls just under his hefty balls and felt his juices surge beneath my tongue.  I took one lick at his butt hole and felt it quiver and tighten, then I buried my face in his fragrant ass, gnawing at its tenderness. Harry’s granite butt shuddered with excitement under my tongue lashing.  I reached up and pried his stiff cock off his stomach, running my tongue from his ass, up and over his balls and up the length of his veiny shaft.  Another pearl of jizz emerged from his dong and I licked it off. My stiff cock grazed his steaming hole, ready to explode-- but not yet.  It felt so good to have this big strong man give up his hole for me and groan with pleasure. Was getting his hole munched something he always wanted or something he missed from his wild days? My stiff cock grazed his steaming hole, ready to explode.  No, not yet.

I slid down my head down his cock, my tongue working all the way, took two juicy laps around his fierce, taut balls and planted my mouth on his sweet hole. My tongue darted in and out of its sweltering center and licked around the edges. I thought I heard a squeak, was it Harry or me? No, it was the movie and it was just loud enough to mask the sounds we were making. Thank God, my mom is a sound sleeper.

My tongue sensed the tremors of a huge load building up inside him. I wanted it. I wanted to drink down all this delicious Daddy juice, gulp down all my little step brats I took his fat dong in my mouth and sucked the length of it, felt a spurt of his essence trickle down my throat.  I held his cock in my mouth and eased a finger into his juicy ass, feeling the quivers of a huge eruption inside him.

His hole tightened, his body stiffened and he sat up abruptly. Oh shit. I went too far. How was I supposed to know the rules when you eat your dad’s hole?

Harry stood up abruptly, his hard pole twanging against my chin. He leaned forward and pulled down my shorts, running his rough hands all over my little butt. He moved toward the center and spread my cheeks. One thick, callused thumb poked at my hole, then popped in and made itself at home.

Then everything stopped.

Harry withdrew his thumb from my hole, sat up and pushed me away while I was still on my knees with my shorts pulled down. I guess we went too far. We stayed in that position for what seemed like a long time.

Then Harry’s mighty arms pulled me up in one quick motion so we were face to face, his eyes resolute blue as they stared into mine. I was braced for something, a punch, a bitch slap, a mug full of spit. His hands cupped my face and he planted his mouth on mine. The kiss was deep and potent, his tongue down my throat, and I saw stars. I had never been kissed like that, probably never would be again. It felt like love, something I didn’t know much about. His powerful arms, wrapped around, squeezed the breath out of me and I was dizzy. Harry scooped up my skinny legs and I wrapped them around his waist. The head of his ramrod stiff cock grazed my exposed fuckhole. My rigid meat was pressed against his abs and drooled jizz across them while I rotated my hips in his mighty grip.  I wanted to ease that swollen cockhead into my hole, inch by inch. I could almost hear the squeak of skin on skin as Harry slowly penetrated my hole and eased his daddy dick into me-- one millimeter at a time. One more squeak and I gasped. He was buried deep inside me.  No, no no, I thought I said. Maybe it was just oh, oh, oh!

“I been wanting to plug your whory little fuckhole since the first time I saw you bouncing down the street,” Harry growled. That made me so happy that I had nothing to say. I fantasized about Harry since the moment I saw him using a jackhammer on the street, then he became my kindly stepfather, and now he was the hot man plowing my boy ass. We had gone all the way and who knows how it would all end?   I was happy-- right now. I had him and a year from now, a day from now, an hour from now it might all mean nothing. This was all so wrong and so right. Tomorrow is another day.

Harry turned our attached bodies around so that we could ease back onto the couch, without having to pop his cock out of me. He sat down and then turned us to the right, skillfully parting my long legs so that he could plant his brawny frame between them while staying buried inside me. He buried his handsome head in my neck and moaned, overwhelmed by something, maybe lust, maybe guilt. I closed my eyes, felt his breaths and the heat and throb of his velvety punisher planted in my ass, its bulbous head thumping in time with his heart beat, my heartbeat. Is this love? Does he love me? I love him—I think. I opened my eyes and the TV was still on, was it Dumb and Dumber or Dumb and Dumber To? I looked at the Felix The Cat clock on the wall: 10:27 PM and I’m getting fucked by my father.

My ass was wrapped tight around him; my hard cock pressed hard under his furry brawn. One sudden move by either of us and I would shoot out a giant load of boy juice. We were stuck at some point of no return with him rock hard and pulsing inside me and my ass muscles massaging his cock and keeping it in place.

Harry lifted his handsome head and stared at me. His blue eyes were smoky with lust but they regarded me with a tenderness I had never seen in anyone before.  I felt pinned and helpless and it wasn't a bad feeling. He hoisted my legs and rested them on his powerful shoulders, felt the thrilling squeak of skin on skin within me as he pushed even deeper inside me in the motion.  His swollen meat claiming new uncharted territory in my virgin inner chamber. It hurt, but as he forcefully rocked my body against his, the pain gave way to a wonderful new sensation.  My ankles clasped around his neck and my body arched to meet each thrust.  My rock hard cock and balls were crushed up against his hard, furry stomach.  I wanted this to end, not to end, never end.

Deep inside my ass, I felt a twitching, sputtering sensation, a rumbling.  It felt like I was going to explode.  I was coming, no I wasn't. Wait.  A steady trickle of boy juice seeped out of my crushed, stiff cock.  He felt my ass tense up and Harry’s mouth juicily met mine.  His groan filled my mouth as I felt his swollen tool spurt his hot juice deep into my ass.  My cock swelled and shot hot licks of cream between our clenched bodies.

I drifted into a twitchy, cozy, happy sleep.

It was dark. I looked at the clock: 11:18.  I was nestled in the crook of Harry’s big, brown arm.  He was asleep, his breathing deep and rhythmic. It was hard to breathe under his spent, relaxed body. I squirmed. Harry’s body shifted, he let out a loud snort and lifted his head.

“What?" he said, groggily, then sat straight up and rubbed his eyes. He stared at me and his eyes were two blue lasers. I felt myself shrinking in their sights.

“This never happened,” Harry said.


“We never talk about this.”


“I love your mother.”

“I know.”

“I want to be a good dad to you.”

“I know.”

“I never had a dad and I want to do it right.”

He did do it right, I thought but I just nodded.

“You understand?”

“Yes. I understand.”

Then he smiled and it was like the sun came out at 11:18 pm.

“You’re something else, Sparky.”


“Yeah. Now go get cleaned up and go to bed. That’s an order.”

“Yes sir!” I gave him a lame salute and stood up.

He saluted back and smacked me on my sore ass.

“Now get the fuck out of here.”

I headed to my room.

“Wait!” Harry said.

I turned and faced him. He kissed the top of my head.

“Goodnight, Sparky.”


Carlos Quinn
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