Stories by Dalton Pierce

  • Stranded on Neverland Part 1

    A young man has always dreamed of traveling the seas, so when a crew of handsome and scantily clad men invite him aboard their ship, he jumps at the chance. But when their ship crashes, the young man is abandoned on an island with sexy mermen, kinky fairies, ruthless pirates, hung islanders, horny Lost boys and their hornier leader: Peter Pan. This is the beginning of his story.

  • The Smith Clan

    Davis Smith and the other Smith men live alone in the woods and have many traditions. One of them is a right of passage every Smith boy goes through when they turn 18. It's the measuring of the dicks. The biggest cock brings rewards and honor to their brothers and father, and gets to choose who they want to fuck. With a sexy cousin with a tight ass and a cocky attitude making Davis hard and horny for years, he takes matters into his own hands... and cock.

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