I guess I should start out by saying my name is Davis. Davis Montgomery Smith. One thing you should know about me is that I'm not really the noticeable type. I mean, yeah, I have got to be the tallest in my class, and my hair is redder than fire, and I'm paler than death, so I always stick out like a sore thumb, but that's not really what I mean. I mean I sort of blend into the background. I'm a real skinny guy with a funny way of talking and a big ole Adam's apple, with an even bigger nose and no real hope of growing into my ears any time soon. I trip over my feet, my hands are too long to really hold anything without knocking something over, and I'm not even funny or smart or nothing to make people forget all that. But I guess I do got something most people ain't got. And that's the biggest damn dick in my whole family. I mean, I don't like bragging or nothing, but I'm hung. I mean real hung. Like a horse or something. And that might not seem impressive, but if you see some of the pieces my brothers and uncles and pops has got, then you'd be raising your eyebrows and whistling low.

My family goes by the name of Smith. And it's made up of only men. I've never seen a girl cousin ever. And them wives and girlfriends and lady fuck partners of all them boys don't really last long. So it's just a family of men. And I mean MEN. All of them are built like oaks, as hairy as bears, curse like sailors, hung like horses, fuck like rabbits, drink more liquor than a catholic priest, and are all as virile and American as it's possible to be. My daddy bought us all some land some time back out in the woods, you know? Miles and miles of land. And my daddy and his brothers and uncles and cousins all pitched in together some long hours to build houses for each family of the Smith men. There's daddy, of course, and uncle Travis and his boys, and Uncle Pete and his triplets. There's Uncle Crawford who is shacked up with Uncle Lou. Both of them don't got no sons. Grandpappy has got a place all to himself, and Uncle Theo usually is just naked and passed out, so they just decided not to build him one, and would just let him sleep out in the open, and jack him off when he was passed out drunk to keep him in good spirits. They would pass around his cum, I remember. They made all us sons eat it young. Told us to get used to it.

But man, them building up the commune was some of my favorite memories. They was shirtless and sweaty and always had a good time, I remember. And everything was a competition. Who could chop wood the fastest, who could piss the farthest, who could fuck the most women, who could take the biggest shit. You know, just basic stuff. But the most prized win was the Smith man with the biggest dick. Because being in a family of men meant that having the biggest piece of man meat was a really big deal and a real source of pride. SO, the man with the biggest dick in the clan sort of got treated like a god, and his family and cabin mates got the god treatment too. You'd get more food and the first pick of when and who you'd want to fuck, and all the privacy in the world.

So, as I've already told you, I'm not the most handsome fella, and definitely not the biggest or the strongest in this throng of Adonis's. My cousin Jake, you see, was the same age as me, and he was always the one who was sort of the pride of the Smith men. He's as tall as me, tanned skin, gorgeous blond hair, a killer smile, and a magnetism and a body that was really fucking hot. He was the quarterback at the high school, and there was nothing he loved more than wearing only his pads and his jock strap after coming home from a game, and parading around the locker room naked for all his buddies to catch a glimpse of the Smith men glory. His ass and his cocky attitude got him laid more than any of us put together. He'd also do this thing where he'd walk around the commune and look at one of his brothers or cousins and he'd just put his fingers through the loops of his pants and strut around with a little grin on his face, flexing his arms, and showing off his bare chest and that v that led all the way down to his pubes. And he's push his pants down just far enough for us to see the hilt of his dick, and when he'd catch us looking, he'd grab us by the necks and shove his hand down our pants, feeling how hard we were. He'd whisper in our ears, "Like what you see, fags?" ANd we'd always reply, "Yessir." Then he'd smile all satisfied like and swagger away.

That's why, on the day I turned 18, and all the Smith boys have to go to the campfire at night and show all their kin their dicks, that I was going to be once again overshadowed by Jake and my other cousins who were also turning 18. I didn't expect nothing. So there we were at dusk. My daddy had me strip down to my underwear. He and my brothers who were over 18 and already had done this were naked and surrounding me with all these oils, and were lubing my body up. Daddy playfully smacked my pouch and told me to go for it, so I walked out of our cabin and straight for the blazing bonfire that was burning like a great big inferno. And I will tell you this: with my big red hair and my glistening body, I felt like the god of the sun.

So there we were, us few new 18 year olds standing in our underwear, oiled up, in front of our rugged and naked fathers and uncles and brothers and cousins. They all looked at us hungrily, and I noticed many had boners and were stroking at them. Especially the ones looking at Jake. He looked incredible. He was wearing a jock that was too small for him, and his huge, oiled up, muscular body was bulging out of it, trying to get out. I had to look away or I would get too hard before the appropriate time.

Soon, Grandpappy stepped forward, his short white beard matched the hair on his chest and his pubes. His stomach was still taut and his arms were still toned and strong, and his dick hung straight up and was already leaking some precum, which he wiped off and licked clean. In his hand he had a tape measurement and went down the line of my cousins and told them to drop their shorts, and he would begin measuring. Like I already told you, I wasn't expecting nothing, so I was sort of in this daze. Everything in front of me was this blue blur of muscualar men rubbing their dicks in the firelight, and to my left was a blazing and burning light that wasn't the fire, but Jake. So when Grandpappy finally made it through my other cousins and got to him, my mind finally caught up to me and I became super alert. I could see all the little stray hairs on Grandpappy's face. The sweat dripping down Jake's back and leading to his ass, the torn fabric on his jockstrap...

Then slowly, Grandpappy reached out and pulled back the underwear like he was opening a gift. Jake had put his arms behind his back and thrust himself forward, with a huge smile on his face. And when he was revealed, there was applause and gasps. I looked down. He was enormous. His dick was just like the rest of him. Bulging and manly and huge. I swallowed as the rest of the clan cheered and cheered for Jake. He bowed.

THen, Grandpappy came to me without as much anticipation or regalness as he had for Jake, and quickly pulled down my boxers. I think everyone was like me and thought that nothing was really going to come from unveiling me, so they were all talking to themselves about Jake's maginificent piece, and I was there with them in my head, when it was Jake's shocked 'HOLY SHIT' that brought us all to look down at my dick.

I was a full 3 inches bigger than Jake. And a good deal thicker.

There was nothing but silence. Even the wind and the trees stopped their rustling out of shock.

ANd then... the loudest cheers I've ever heard filled that forest. I'm sure we really annoyed some sleeping birds. My brothers and daddy came jumping forward and hugged me and grabbed my dick. Daddy cupped my balls and kissed me hard on the mouth and slapped my back. I had never seen him so happy. They were cheering and hollering and whooping and screaming. ANd everyone else seemed pleased too. Except Jake. He looked like he was just dunked with cold water. He sort of stumbled forward towards me and quietly said "Congrats" and began walking towards his house like a dog with their tail between their legs when I said "Hey, wait." Then all the cheering stopped. "I think the rules state that the Smith man with the biggest dick gets to decide who he wants to fuck... Am I right?" I said to the crowd. There were lots of murmurs of agreement.

"well... Then I want to fuck the shit out of your sweet virgin ass, Jake. Since you've been the one doing all the fucking, I think it would be good for you."

I had never been confident. I would never in a million years think I could have said that to anyone, let alone Jake, the object of many of my jack off sessions. But there I was, saying that in front of the whole clan, who Oooooohed at what I said and began laughing. Then chanted FUCK JAKE, FUCK JAKE, FUCK JAKE. And I couldn't help but smile evilly. Jake turned around, and I could see fear in his eyes. He swallowed, and his big muscular body shook like a leaf. But his dick. His dick was harder than I'd ever seen it.

I told him to get the fuck over here and bend over the old stump that served as Grandpappy's throne on campfire nights, and he did obediently and quickly, like an eager little puppy. The SMith men gathered around excitedly, and some fetched lube and lathered it all up my huge dick and put some on his ass. Then they passed it around to each other and lubed up their own cocks and began jacking off, waiting eagerly.

I grabbed Jake at his hips and leaned down slowly to reach his ear and whispered "You're gonna like this, you faggot." I felt him whimper and shiver, and without mercy, I plunged deep into that virgin hole. He shot back his head and screamed, but I could still feel his dick as hard as steel. I went slower and slower until I could feel my pubes touching that sweet ass, and then with a great big slurping sound, I backed out and fucked him. I fucked him good. He was a blubbering mess of moans of sweat and slobber. He wasn't the cocky bastard anymore. He was my bitch. The longer I fucked him, the more I saw him stroking himself. So I grabbed both of his arms and put them behind his back and pinned him harder on the stump. "you're mine, bitch. Now, say my fucking name. What's my name?" Between gasps and moans he said "DAVIS. OH GOD, IT'S DAVIS" and I smiled harder and I plowed long into the night. The other SMith were going wild too, and I'm sure if I wasn't in heaven I would have noticed all the things they were doing and would have been even more turned on, but I was so happy and so satisfied with that little hunk with his perfect ass and perfectly sculpted back giving into my big ole dick that I couldn't have noticed Armageddon. I slipped my hand over his chest and played with his nipples, then went down further and further, until I could feel his dick straining and red from needing to cum, and I stroked him. I stroked my bitch. He came really quickly all over the stump, and I laughed at how quick a mighty Smith man peaked and that he better stay a bitch. He couldn't please anyone with so short an orgasm. That's when I really hammered him. I was going to so hard that I heard myself screaming. Sweat was flying off me. My muscles in my legs were tensing up and burning with the heat of the fire and the heat of fucking. Jake was sitting in a pool of his own cum like a blob, thrusting back into me. His eyes looked so far away.

Then finally, I pulled out, grabbed Jake by his hair, spun him around just long enough to see the shocked look in his eyes, then came on his face. It was the biggest load I had ever had. I would have been enough to half fill a milk carton. Jake's golden body was covered in my own milk, and he gasped and sputtered and tried to swipe it out of his eyes. He looked up at me and smiled.

"Way to go, little Davis. You're not so bad."

I smiled back at him, then told Daddy and my brothers "Anyone who is a part of my cabin has full rights to this bitch. NO one else is allowed to touch him or let him get touched by anyone else outside of our cabin. Anyone catching him playing with himself or anyone else should tell me and he will be punished for his crimes. THis bitch is mine."

And I marched further into the darkness of the forest as the cheers and applause from my speech followed me. I stopped to look back at Jake, who was just being mounted by Daddy, and he looked me in the eyes and said between a grin

"you're God now, Mr. Smith. You're my god now."


Dalton Pierce

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