James drove along the old familiar road as he thought about what it had been like to grow up in the rural area, as he did each time he came to visit. It had been twenty five years ago when he had graduated high school and left this place. Twenty five years where he had gone to college, came to accept who he was as a person and eventually find himself in Portland, running his own business and settled down with Paul, whom he had met right after college when he was living in Boston. Five years later they relocated to Portland, a place that suits the two of them more than any other and a place where they have developed friends, business relationships and a sense of belong that makes James realize he'll never leave.

Twice a year James made the trip to this rural community, sometimes accompanied by Paul, and like this trip, sometimes alone. He came to visit his remaining family, a mother who still lived in the old farm house and a brother who now ran the farm. James had flown into Atlanta, the closest he could get with a non-stop flight, and rented a car to make the final leg of his journey, always enjoying the simple four hour drive down into the deep south, across the undulating countryside with its farms, small towns and, of course, miles of pine grown in strict straight rows by the paper mills. James had an hour left of his trip when he arrived into the familiar territory of his youth. He passed the Goodwin farm, the Anderson Dairy, now just empty barns and a few posts left along the old fence line, the land now farmed by another family and he passed the Russell farm where he saw the large round bales of hay scattered across the field like some modern art installation, bales that only a machine could make and only a machine could move. James thought how farming had changed and he felt a pang of regret, the memory of spending part of his summers on the Russell farm as a teenager, helping to load hay bales and then stack them neatly in Mr. Russell's barn. Back then they baled hay in small rectangular bales and Mr. Russell hired some of the local boys to come pick them up and get them into the barn.

James thought of those days, two or three of the boys on the trailer grabbing up the bales tossed to them and stacking them neatly so as to load as many as possible. James had been fourteen the first year Mr. Russell hired him and he remembered walking along the field as Mr. Russell pulled the tractor along and he struggling to pick up those bales that seemed so heavy at the time, as he tossed them up on the trailer. He also remembered how he had looked at the other boys, most were older than him, three of them seniors in high school. A few would go shirtless, their upper bodies tanned from the hot sun and their skin would be glistening with the sweat that covered them, the summer days not only hot, but also humid. James thought of Brian who had played football, who's straw blonde hair would lighten up as his skin grew darker, and there was Aaron, who had jet black hair and naturally dark skin everyone knew was from his Native American ancestry and James had remembered how he had stared at Aaron's smooth skin, the way sweat ran down it, and how his waist was so narrow he was constantly pulling up his jeans. And there was Calvin, who always wore a t-shirt for he had pale skin, but the way his t-shirt hung on his body, the way it had clung to his skin had made James struggle not to stare at him. James remembered all of the boys, and over the next four years, each summer he had returned to Mr. Russell's farm to help load hay bales, each year finding his own body filling out, his ability to do the work easier till his last summer home having graduated from high school he found himself on the trailer with Bobby.

That summer was hot as usual and rain was threatening so Mr. Russell was worried about getting the hay bales put away in the barn, so the boys pushed themselves, worked hard, as they loaded the trailer time and time again. James, at eighteen, had been tall and lanky but his work on his own family's farm and helping others such as Mr. Russell had made him strong and he had stamina, which in the heat of the day was more important than brute strength and it was why he found himself on the trailer with Bobby. Bobby was a couple of inches shorter than his six foot two but was more muscular, broader at the shoulders and his dark reddish brown hair reflected the sun light with its red tones. Bobby was Mr. Russell's nephew staying the summer with them to help on the farm and James had found himself struggling not to stare at him. When they had started that first morning he found himself nervously talking non-stop as they restacked the bales on the trailer.

Bobby didn't talk much, and James would see Bobby look over at him, a smile on his face and James didn't know if he was amused by what he was saying or at the way he was jabbering on. They had been in the field less than an hour when the heat of the day had them sweating profusely. James watched as Bobby stood up straight and pulled his t-shirt over his head, and James stared at the torso as it came into view, the smooth fair skin and the dark hair under his arms, thick and wet with sweat, and when Bobby had tucked the shirt into the back of his jeans he had caught James looking at him and he had stopped, staring back at James, his eyebrows arched upward, questioningly, and James felt his embarrassment rise up and knew his face was red with the shame of getting caught. He turned away and tried to act normal.

"It's going to be hot as hell today" James said as he reached for another bale.

"Yep" was all Bobby had said at first, and after he had set a couple of bales in place he had stopped again, looking over at James. "How can you stand that shirt? It just sticks to your skin making you hotter and hotter."

James knew the cotton t-shirt just trapped heat, but he had never taken it off around the other boys, always conscious of being skinny, not as developed as some of them, but this time seemed different and he nodded his head as he stood up and pulled his wet t-shirt over his head and tucked it into the back of his jeans. The warm breeze, what there was of it, did feel better and the heat of the sun on his skin hadn't felt as hot as it did with his shirt on. He used his hand to wipe the sweat down his chest and over his stomach and as he did so he saw Bobby watching him.

"It is cooler without it" James said as he looked up at Bobby who just nodded and went back to picking up the bales to stack neatly. James glanced down at the other boys, Rick, Neil, John and Charlie, all of them younger by a year or two, all with their shirts off revealing bodies of different maturity, all of them appealing to James, but it was Bobby who had his rapt attention, the one who was the greatest mystery to him. The other boys he knew, their personalities, the girls they dated and in the end, the sense of how he was different from them, and his attraction to them was foolish, something he had to hide. But Bobby was an unknown, someone his own age and time and time again someone he would find looking at him.

James found he had stopped talking once he had removed his shirt and had gotten into the rhythm of the work and settled into a pace he could maintain. Bobby and he worked tirelessly, stacking bale after bale on the trailer till they had it so high the boys on the ground couldn't toss them high enough to reach and Mr. Russell would head to the barn so they could go through the process of unloading the trailer, placing each bale neatly in the barn.

When they took a break of lunch, sitting on the back of the flatbed truck that was parked in the shade of a tree, Bobby had sat down next to James, so close James could smell his scent, the sweat bringing it out, and as they sat with their legs hanging over the side eating the food Mrs. Russell had prepared, fried chicken, baked potatoes, beans and bread James tried not to think about the closeness of Bobby.

"So what do you guys do around here for fun?" Bobby asked between taking bites of chicken.

"Not much; weekends we usually go into Harrisburg and hang out or eat at the pizza joint in town and if we want to go to a movie we'll drive over to Montgomery" James replied.

"Sometimes we go down to the creek and build a fire and party" John interjected.

"Sounds like fun" Bobby replied and James couldn't help but note the sarcastic tone of his response.

"Not really" James muttered under his breath and he saw Bobby look over at him and smile.

The rest of the day they worked across the field until the sun was sinking below the horizon and the mosquitoes started to bite. Mr. Russell drove the last partial load to the barn with Bobby and James on the trailer and the others following in the flatbed truck.

For the next two days they worked, pushing to get finished before a storm coming up out of the gulf would move through dumping rain on the region. James and Bobby on the trailer and the others walking along tossing the bales up to them and all during the day James would glance over at Bobby, look at his upper body, the way he moved, the way his shoulder blades shifted with his arm movements, the way his ass moved in his tight jeans. James saw a lot in every glance, each time they passed each other or were next to each other moving the bales. He saw how the sweat beaded up on Bobby's skin and ran down in rivulets, cascading down his back and chest till his jeans were soaked around the waist and slid down an inch or so. Bobby's briefs would become exposed and James had watched how at times Bobby's jeans would slide down enough to see the briefs below the waist band, where the thin fabric, wet with sweat was transparent and he could see the lighter skin of his ass or the area below his stomach. Bobby would catch him looking and just smile. James was relieved on the second day when Bobby began to talk more openly, tell James of living in Tampa, spending a lot of time at the beach, and through it all James noticed Bobby didn't mention a lot of friends, didn't talk of group activities, of going to football games or parties, but he did hint at having a few close friends, guys he hung out with at each other's homes listening to music and 'doing things' and James didn't ask 'what things?' but just let Bobby talk, glad to finally hear him talking.

It was near the end of their third day in the field, and James and Bobby were standing up straight, stretching their backs, twisting out the tensions as Mr. Russell was fueling the tractor and the others were sitting on bales still on the ground, that Bobby asked the question that made James stutter as he tried to respond.

"James, you don't date girls?" Bobby asked.

"What? I...well...I haven't dated anybody yet...focused on..." James stuttered and stammered and finally just stopped talking knowing his face would be red from his embarrassment.

"Relax man, I haven't dated any girls either" Bobby replied as he stepped closer to James making sure no one could hear him, "and I bet for the same reason."

'Fuck' James thought as he watched Bobby moved back to the front of the trailer and ask his Uncle if he thought they would finish today. James heard Mr. Russell yell up that it would be tomorrow for they had the small field behind the barn to do too.

That evening as they placed the final bales of the day in the barn Bobby turned to James, wiping his face with his shirt.

"Hey, you want to do something tomorrow after we get done?"

"What...yeah, sure... what do you want to do?" James stammered.

"We can play it by ear" Bobby replied as he reached down and picked up James' shirt that had fallen on the ground and held it out. James took the shirt and nodded, as he wiped the sweat off his face then down his chest, noticing Bobby watching him, watching as his hand moved downward, wiping away the sweat, dirt and straw stuck to his skin.

The next day the sky was threatening, dark ominous clouds drifted overhead. The clouds cut the extreme heat of the sun but the humidity was worse. They moved to the small field behind the barn and pushed themselves to be done by lunch. The morning went by quickly and as Mr. Russell pulled the tractor into the barn to unload the last of the bales the first flash of lightning in the southwestern sky, so visible against the darker clouds approaching signaled the approaching storm.

"Okay boys let's get these bales stacked and get out of here" Mr. Russell said as he climbed down out of tractor and James and Bobby began to toss the bales up to the loft where the four others were waiting to stack them neatly. As the rumble of thunder reverberated through the air and the crack of lightning striking the ground off in the distance the rain started to fall as the last bale fell into place. The boys grabbed up their shirts and coolers and headed out to their cars. James stood at the door, looking across the yard at his old truck as he waited for Bobby.

"You still want to do something?" James asked as Bobby came up beside him.

"Yeah" he replied as looked out at the heavy rain falling then over at James. "You want me to come pick you up in a couple of hours?"

James looked back at Bobby and nodded, "Sure, come on over; I'll be ready."

James and Bobby went into Harrisburg to eat dinner and then they rode around town, not talking much as James showed Bobby where they usually hung out, the parking lot of a shopping center, the old drive-in on the north side of town and the park in town. Bobby didn't say much till he pulled around the drive at the playing fields and stopped in a parking space, the place empty since it was raining hard. The windows fogged up as the wipers moved across the windshield and Bobby left the engine running to keep the interior cool.

"Not much to do when it's raining" James offered as he leaned back in the seat. They were quiet for a moment just watching the wipers move back and forth. James sensed Bobby's stare and turned to see him looking at him and he arched his eyebrows and gave Bobby a weak confused smile, for he wanted something from Bobby, wanted something to happen but he didn't know how to start, afraid Bobby would reject him. Bobby leaned up and quickly, without saying anything moved toward James and kissed him. He held James by the chin pressing their lips firmly together and James accept it, relaxed to it and let Bobby slip his tongue into his mouth. James felt Bobby's hand on his chest, the touch gentle, the fingers flexing, moving over his shirt. Bobby moved quickly, aggressively, unbuttoning James shirt, his hand moving over his chest, down over his stomach and back up to his chest, raking over his nipples, then pinching them shocking James at their sensitivity and James moaned loudly against Bobby.

Bobby kissed along James jaw, over his neck and around his ear.

"Where can we go" Bobby asked in a low whisper as his hand moved down James' chest, over his stomach and down to his crotch, squeezing it feeling the erection James was quickly getting with his arousal.

"There is a dead end street in town that others go..." James was saying when Bobby interrupted him.

"No...someplace where others don't go. Someplace we can be alone" Bobby replied.

James could only think of one place and during the fifteen minute drive to it, James giving instructions was all that was said as Bobby drove. It was a drive to a back field James' father rented, a drive that once went to the house and barn on the property years ago before the house burned down and eventually after years of neglect, the barn was torn down. All there remained were brick piers of the house site and Bobby pulled his SUV to a stop in the drive where they found themselves off the highway and out of sight of prying eyes.

Bobby looked at James, his shirt still open, and unconsciously James ran his hand down his chest and stomach feeling his own warm touch over his skin as he noticed how Bobby was looking at him. Bobby leaned forward and slipped his t-shirt over his head and tossed it on the dash. He undid his jeans and raised his ass up and pushed them down his legs revealing his white briefs, the front bulging with his partial erection and James just watched as Bobby slipped off his shoes revealing his bare feet, then pushed his jeans down his legs further and worked each foot free.

"Get out of your clothes, James" Bobby said, his voice low, his tone urgent.

James leaned forward and slipped his shirt off his shoulders and worked his arms free as he watched Bobby get his jeans off letting them drop to the floor. James leaned back and undid his belt, his jeans and raised his hips pushing them down, struggling not to let his boxers slide down with them, not yet ready to take them off. He struggled with his shoes as he watched Bobby sit back and run his hand over his crotch, squeeze his cock confined within his briefs, seeing it bulge outward.

When James leaned back in his seat wearing only his boxers, his cock pushing upward against the thin white fabric Bobby moved toward him, came up into his lap facing him with his knees either side of his body. Bobby kissed James, pressed his body against him, his hard cock pressed against James' stomach. James put his hands on Bobby's waist and felt him move over him, the way Bobby ground his ass down on his own cock, the way he pumped his cock against James' stomach while his lips, his tongue, moved over his own lips, around his neck and over his ear. The seat fell back nearly flat and Bobby took James arms by the wrist and pushed them over his head and held them down.

"I want to fuck, farm boy" Bobby whispered.

James didn't know how to feel and he couldn't think, not the way Bobby was on him, touching him, grinding his body against his own and when he felt Bobby rise up in the tight confines of the front seat grinding his ass down on James he saw a look he knew well, one he had seen in the mirror often.

"Touch me James" Bobby stated, his voice filled with urgency.

James reached out and touched Bobby's chest, the one he had stared at for three days, watched sweat cascade down, and he felt the smooth warmth of the skin and it felt good and he moved his hand over the firm flesh, the flexing muscle and he felt the hard erect nipples slide over his palm as he moved his hand over Bobby's chest and he thought about the way it had felt when Bobby had pinched his nipple and he slide his hand to the right nipple, felt the swollen hard center and took it between his fingers and pinched down on it and Bobby moaned and ground his ass down harder. James cock had never felt so hard, so painfully confined and he ran his hand down over Bobby's stomach as it undulated with Bobby's breathing, down till he felt the waist band of the briefs and James took a deep breath and dared to push onward and he touched Bobby, felt Bobby's hardness, felt it flex against his hand. James slipped his fingers down behind the waist band and felt the hard shaft against his fingertips, and he slide them along its length, felt the smooth skin over the rock hard shaft and Bobby pumped his hips forward and leaned forward and began to kiss James again, to hold James by the head as he leaned into him.

"Touch me, James... touch me" Bobby whispered as he felt James' fingers move along his shaft.

James' cock was painfully erect, pinned within his boxers and Bobby's ass grinding down on it made it worse and he shifted his hips pushed upward against Bobby's ass and Bobby moaned and pressed down on him harder.

"Fuck" Bobby cried out and he sat up and struggled to get his briefs down his legs, one at a time, shifting over James to do so and as he let his briefs fall free of his foot he saw James' cock, hard, the head wet, sticking out of his boxers and he saw the look on James' face, the longing, the need, the desire for this intimacy and Bobby reached down and let his fingers stroke upward along James' cock, felt the smooth soft skin that covered the hard shaft, felt it flex against his fingers as they slide upward. As he brought his fingers over the head he felt the wetness on their tips and he brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked it off.

"Take off your boxers" Bobby commanded and he watched James pushed them down, let them drop down his legs where he kicked them off his feet. Bobby looked down at the slim body, its light skin, red with sunburn, glowed in the dim light of the dashboard lights and he moved back over James, pressed his bare cock against James stomach, felt James' cock tough his ass.

"I want you in me" Bobby cried out as he moved on top of James, rubbed their bodies together, stroking their desires till James wrapped his arms around Bobby's waist and pulled him upward and tight to his body. Bobby felt James touch his ass with his cock, felt him rub it over his hole till it was wet and slick and he felt James pushed downward on top of his thigh with his other hand as he held his cock up. Bobby moved downward, let his body bear down on James' cock till he felt it penetrate him, felt it breach his hole and he moaned and cried out and he let his body moved down slowly, fraction of an inch by fraction of an inch, he took James' cock, letting it sink into his hole.

James seemed to be in a trance, his eyes locked on Bobby, watching his expression as Bobby let his body move down over James' cock till he was sitting on James' lap, his cock buried all the way in him.

"Goddamn...fuck..." Bobby uttered as he rose up and dropped back down, over and over, he worked his body on James' cock. The interior of the SUV was hot, the windows fogged up and Bobby felt the heat of his body, felt the way sweat beaded up on his skin, different this time from the way it was in the sun, his exertions driven by his desires, his lusts, and he rode James, hard, moving faster and faster till he rocking the SUV, slamming his hole down over James' cock and James kept his hands on Bobby's waist, felt his body move up and down, the urgency of his movements.

"I'm going to..." James began to utter when he felt his cock flex hard in Bobby's hole, felt this cum surge through his shaft and he pumped it into Bobby as he thrust upward with his hips as much as he could.

"Yeah, pump that shit in me" Bobby uttered as he slowed his movements, let his hole milk James' cock, work the tight ring of his opening up and down James' shaft till he knew he had all of James, every beaded white drop.

Bobby kissed James as he sat with James' cock buried in his ass. The rain had slowed, its fall against the SUV softer as James felt Bobby's cock rub his stomach and his own stay hard buried in Bobby's ass.

"Let's get out" Bobby whispered and James didn't question him, didn't think about what it meant to get out of the SUV in the rain. The rain was cool against their skin and it felt good, invigorating against their warm skin, and Bobby stood out away from James and let him watch as he stroked his cock, the shaft thick, curved upward. James watched the hand move along the shaft, up its curved form and twist around the head, then back down. James watched, but only for a brief time and he moved to Bobby dropping to his knees in front of him. His knees sank into the soft mud and the rain cascaded down his body as he took Bobby's cock, held it out, right in front of his face staring at it intently for a moment, then he did it, moved toward it, put his lips to the head and let them slide apart and the cock push into his mouth. Bobby's hands came to rest on his head as he worked his mouth up and down Bobby's cock, felt it flex in his mouth as Bobby's hands gripped him tightly.

"Oh that feels good" Bobby uttered as James continued to work his mouth on Bobby's cock. His body felt so alive, every touch amplified, the way the rain trickled down his body, over his stomach, down his back along his spine and down between his cheeks and there was the way Bobby held his head, his grip flexing every time he sucked down Bobby's cock which was the main thing he felt, the main sensation, this curved hard shaft sliding through his mouth, bumping the sides of his mouth, sliding over his tongue and pushing into his throat till he nearly gagged, but he took each sensation, made them a part of this, and he ran his hands up Bobby's legs feeling the water running down them as his hands moved upward and he rubbed them over Bobby's cheeks, squeezed them, parted them and let his fingers roam down between Bobby's cheeks till he was fingering Bobby's hole, pushing his fingers into him, feeling his hole open once again as he sucked Bobby's cock.

Bobby wanted more, wanted this experience to be complete and he pulled from James and went down on his knees in front of him, pushing him down on his back as he crawled on top of him. James lay in the water and mud as Bobby took his legs behind his knees and pushed them back and out, spreading him open, his ass fully exposed and James was anxious at first, nervous of this first fuck, but Bobby rubbed his cock over his ass, rubbed it over the hole, pressed against it teasing it, making James want it.

"Do it...do it...put it in me..." James whispered his voice hoarse and urgent.

Bobby bore down on him sinking his cock into James' hole, slowly penetrating him till he was all the way inside. Bobby leaned over James and kissed him on the lips, along the jaw and around his ear.

"Fuck...you're tight...squeeze my cock and I'll fuck you hard" Bobby whispered and James did it, squeezed his ass down on Bobby's cock and Bobby began to fuck, to drive his cock into James hard, thrusting deeply each time he bore down on him.

Bobby fucked James roughly, rocking his hips so hard it rocked James down into the mud, pushed him along the ground and James held on, took each thrust and begged Bobby to fuck him harder. Bobby had been close and it only took a few minutes for his cock to flex hard, the head to flare out raking through James' inside with greater friction and he slammed his hips down as he held James' tight in his arms, pumping his cum deep inside of him.

James remembered how they had tried to clean up and how messed up Bobby's SUV had been after they rode back home wet and muddy but it had been worth it and for the rest of that summer the two of them had been inseparable. James reflected on how that summer ended, he and Bobby out in the barn up in the hay loft and talking about the summer they shared and leaving unspoken how it was ending, each moving on with their lives, going in different directions. They stayed in touch for a few years while both were in college but eventually they drifted apart, and when James ended up in Boston he hadn't heard from Bobby in a year, knowing he had went overseas with a charity organization.

There had been no regrets and James knew it was just a summer fling, one of those moments when he was young and searching for who he was and Bobby came along at the right time to help him. He smiled at the memory of it all as he pulled into the drive of his mother's home. She greeted him as she always did with her tight hug and then helped him bring his luggage inside. She had dinner on the table and they soon sat across from each other eating and catching up. When finished he helped her put the dishes in the dishwasher.

"Jimmy, if you feel like it the Russell's are having a sixtieth wedding anniversary tomorrow night at their place" his mother stated.

"Sure mom, we can go. I've not seen them in years."

"A lot of their family is coming into town. Even his sister from Florida, her son Bobby is bringing her up. Do you remember Bobby, he helped one year pick up hay bales."

"Yeah, mom, I remember Bobby" James replied smiling at the irony of the situation and he wondered what Bobby would be like, if he was settled down and how his life had been in the last twenty five years. It would be fun catching up and seeing how he remembered that summer long ago.



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