Jake was lying on the sofa listening to music play, just lying there, not moving for the last hour as one song after the next played. He had little responsibility, only a part time job and on a day like today he waited, sometimes impatiently, pacing around the apartment and other times he was patient. Like now. He glanced at his watch from time to time seeing the change in the hands as they moved slowly around the face; 1:05, 2:21, 3:39 and now 3:57.  Not long now he thought.

A favorite song came on and he found himself tapping away on his thighs in rhythm with its beat and when it ended he was surprised another of his favorites immediately followed. As the second song slowed to an end Jake heard the door being opened with the insertion of a key and the slight squeak it always made. He watched Stephen come in carrying his backpack which Jake knew would have textbooks for Chemistry, some advanced math he didn’t begin to understand and a couple of courses in botany. Stephen was a junior and getting into the more advanced courses that caused him to have to study long hours but today was Friday and Jake knew he would not be studying tonight.

“Let’s go for a bike ride. It too nice to stay in this afternoon” Stephen said as he headed into the bedroom pulling his shirt off.

“Okay” Jake replied admitting to himself he too wanted to get outside since he had been sitting around inside all day. He pulled himself up off the sofa and tugged his t-shirt over his head as he too went into the bedroom.

Stephen was down to his briefs when Jake came through the door and he looked at the tall lean body, one he now knew so well. Stephen was naturally dark skinned and his dark brown hair had a similar tone to it. His long torso and even longer legs added up to a height of six foot three, seven whole inches taller than he himself was. He watched Stephen slip one leg then the other into a pair of shorts then pick up a tank top, one he usually ran in, the cut low and the nylon fabric clingy. Jake watched as Stephen held up his arms pulling the tank over his head and the dark brown arm pit hair came into view. It was so thick the way it filled each pit making Jake think ‘my man’ as he watched the tank slip down into place.

Jake pushed the old worn gym shorts he wore downward till they dropped to his feet and he kicked them up onto the bed. They were too worn with a hole in the wrong place to be wearing in public. He was naked having on no underwear something that Stephen liked. His lean body was fair skinned and so smooth and bare as to have practically no body hair, only the thick dirty blonde hair on his head he kept cut short on the sides but long on top. Even his pubic hair had been sparse, but now it was shaved off, something Stephen liked doing some evenings prior to their sex. He moved up behind Stephen who was still in front of the dresser.

“Hand me a pair of shorts and a shirt will ya?” Jake asked. Stephen pulled out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt handing them to him.

“I’ll get the bikes so come on out when you get dressed” Stephen stated as he left the room.

They headed down the hill to the street passing others coming from classes. They rode on campus most of the time but this time Stephen led them along the street toward town. As they cut through one neighborhood or another Jake followed Stephen, watched the way his legs moved in a graceful rhythm working the pedals around keeping up a constant momentum. The tank top revealed enough of Stephen’s shoulders Jake could watch them flex with Stephen’s efforts when pulling up hill, pedaling harder, making both of them exert themselves to keep their pace. Jake liked watching the way Stephen moved, so confident in everything and his mind drifted back two years to a day when he had looked at Stephen in a new way, this guy two years ahead of him in high school, and felt the stirrings of desire.


Jake had come out of English, the class he struggled with the most, constantly inserting slang into his speech and his writing was worse. He tried to make his way down the corridor to his locker but some of the others deliberately bumped him causing him to almost drop his books. It made him hate the place and everyone in it. He tried not to look anyone in the eye, keeping his head down and avoiding everyone wondering how the days in school could drag on so slowly. He was just a farm boy, middle of five and destined for a hard life. His family’s farm was too small making his father and John, his brother only twelve months older, struggle to make it profitable. His mother worked in the nearby town in the grocery store as a cashier, a menial job that didn’t pay much, but for his family every little bit helped. Even Jake worked, riding his bike over to Hank Godwin’s farm to work in the hog barns cleaning them out and feeding the hogs and at times he felt like the stench of the work stayed on him, a mark that singled him out as one of the undesirables, just ‘poor white trash’ as he overheard classmates snidely remark on more than one occasion.

But this day became something different, an enlightenment that made him fearfully question himself. He had gotten his lunch from his locker and headed outside to his usual place that existed between where his classmates hung out and where the juniors and seniors hung out, a safe zone where neither ventured keeping their distance from one another. For Jake it was the one area he could avoid contact with anyone, but he could see the juniors and seniors where he sat on the ground under a tree and today he paid particular attention to Stephen, tall, dark and handsome as the girls would say.

Stephen was one of those guys always among his fellow classmates, easy going, always pleasant to be around. He was so tall compared to the other guys made worse by his teenage lean build. He played basketball and wore the sleeveless jersey often with jeans that fit tight accentuating his long arms and legs. Jake was finishing up his lunch when he heard laughter making him look back over to the juniors and seniors and the one person he noticed most prominently was Stephen, his deep voice carrying over the others. For the last ten years he had seen Stephen around, always two years ahead him, an age difference in school too great for them to really cross paths. Stephen was now a senior and after playing basketball for three years his body began to fill out, grow more muscular, even though it remained lean.

Jake found himself looking at Stephen, the way he moved, interacted with the others and Jake at first considered his feelings just jealously, wishing he was like Stephen. But the more he actually looked at Stephen, the more he let his eyes roam up and down the tall lean body the more he found himself feeling a sense of attraction.  It was confusing, for he never really considered himself as someone who could even have such feelings toward another guy, but he realized he had never really had those feelings toward any of the girls in his school either. He thought it was their apparent disdain of him but looking at Stephen made him question everything he thought he understood about himself.

For the next few days every time Jake saw Stephen he found himself staring more and more till at times Stephen noticed. At first it embarrassed Jake seeing Stephen smiling back at him a couple of times considering it more of a smirk. Stephen had to be making fun of him. Or so he thought.

Then on a Friday afternoon Jake’s fifth period P.E. class had a review where the football coach who taught the class sat with each student telling them were they were grade wise. As he spoke with each student the others shot basketballs. By the time the coach got to Jake the class was nearly over and once Jake got his review the bell had rung and the next class was coming in. The coach gave him a pass explaining why he’d be late and told him to shower, dress and get going. Jake raced into the dressing room, striped out of his sweat soak gym clothes and moved into the shower room. He showered quickly, soaping up and rinsing off. He realized he had left his towel hanging on his locker door and he headed back. As he came out rushing he wasn’t watching where he was going and ran into Stephen who was dressed in gym shorts and no shirt heading to the basketball court. Jake’s wet body came in full contact with Stephen making Stephen reach out and grab a hold of him by the arms to keep him from falling.

“Hey man, watch out” Stephen said, his tone casual with no malice. For a moment, the briefest of moments Jake stood in front of Stephen, water dripping from his fully exposed body and he found himself tongue tied.

“You okay?” Stephen asked.

“Yeah, just late for class” Jake responded finally finding his voice. He found himself looking up at Stephen, seeing the dark brown eyes that looked black and the way his dark brown hair, even uncombed, looked good and without considering what he was doing, let his eyes scan downward, all the way down, looking at the small nipples, the long lean torso down to Stephen’s navel and on down to the bulge in the gym shorts. He held his breath trying to collect himself. Frightfully he felt his cock stir. When he looked up Stephen was smiling at him and for a moment Jake swore Stephen was looking at him similarly.

For the rest of the school year Jake seemed to cross paths with Stephen more and more often. Was he doing it unselfconsciously? He wasn’t sure but by the end of the school year Stephen would actually speak to him, saying hello or ask how it was going. It was all so strange for Jake unsure how to really respond to it all.


They carried their bikes up the stairs and back into their apartment, both soaked in sweat, their bodies loose with the muscles in their legs aching.  Jake followed Stephen into the apartment and as he had done all day he watched the way Stephen’s body moved, the flex of each ass cheek moving up and down and the way his bicep flexed carrying the bike. He felt his attraction to Stephen in ways more intense than in the past for now he could admit this attraction, his desire for Stephen. Inside they spoke very little, stripping off their clothes and getting into the shower together. It was a routine of theirs, the showering together, bathing each other. Sometimes they would rush through it eager to finish but not today. Sensually they ran their hands over each other, soap slick hands moving over the other’s body till both were so erect their cocks ached. Jake went down on his knees, the spray of water hitting him on the back of the head and cascaded down his body as he took Stephen in his mouth, slowly pushing forward taking nearly every inch. He felt Stephen’s hands move over his head, fingers combing through his hair. The fingers tightened into a fist taking Jake by the hair working his mouth back and forth on the thick shaft. Jake had his eyes closed every sense centered around sucking Stephen, pleasuring him with his mouth. He felt each inch of Stephen’s cock as it slid through his lips, inward till it filled his mouth then pulled outward till the flared head pushed against his lips trying to slip free.

Jake tongued it, sucked on the head and held on Stephen’s thighs as he struggled to take every inch pushing inward till he felt the head trying to go down his throat. Over and over Stephen pumped cock into Jake’s mouth.

“Jesus” Stephen moaned and pulled from Jake’s mouth.

Jake knew what Stephen really wanted and he stood up and turned to the wall, hands bracing his body as he pushed his ass back, ready, willing, waiting on Stephen to take him.  He felt Stephen move up behind him, their bodies touching at different places and Stephen’s cock pushing up against his ass. He reached back and pulled his cheeks apart giving Stephen complete access and he felt the flared head push at his opening. Stephen breached him pushing inward sinking all the way in till their bodies pressed together. Jake felt Stephen’s body undulating against him as cock piston in his hole. He began to move with Stephen, pushing back meeting each forward thrust till their rhythm grew more frantic, Stephen’s fuck grew harder and harder, and he pulled back till his cock nearly slipped free and he shoved back in, the stimulation of his furious fuck bringing him close.

Jake leaned forward pressing the side of his face to the wall as he pushed back taking Stephen’s fuck. He rocked against the wall with every thrust deep into his hole. His own cock was hard flopping back and forth between his thighs.

“Stephen…fuck me…fuck me harder” Jake uttered, his voice barely audible but Stephen reached around his neck pulling them together. Stephen’s right arm circled around Jake’s torso placing the hand on Jake’s chest. He pumped Jake’s ass hard, pushing forward till Jake rocked forward. Stephen’s hand moved down Jake’s torso, over his undulating stomach till it reached his cock. Fingers tight around the shaft Stephen pulled back leaning down to Jake’s ear.

“Fuck Jake…fuck.”

Jake pushed back sinking Stephen deeply into his hole then the swung his hips forward thrusting his cock through the tight fist.

“Oh fuck” Jake cried out as he moved faster falling into a rhythm, his ass slamming back against Stephen’s abdomen then forward where his cock pushed through Stephen’s tight grip over and over and over. His pace grew frantic, his rhythm rough as he felt his cock flex thickly in Stephen’s hand.

“I’m…” Jake stammered unable to finish as cum surged through his cock and spattered on the wall. His hole spasm around Stephen’s cock as it moved back and forth along the shaft, every forward thrust pumping more cum from his spurting cock.

Stephen knew how hard Jake would cum and how it affected him so and he shoved inward pumping his own cum deeply into Jake till he was spent. They leaned against the wall together, both breathing hard, exhausted with their exertions. Stephen pulled back so they could finished their shower.

Lying on the bed, their naked bodies intertwined with some water droplets still on them, they waited on sleep to overtake them. Jake knew Stephen would drift off quickly as he was able to do all the time but Jake didn’t mind for he liked to watch Stephen sleep, watch the slow undulation of his stomach as his breathing slowed. He propped up on one arm and looked down on Stephen and let the memory return to him of their encounter after he had finally graduated from high school last spring.


Jake felt nothing those first few weeks after graduation. It meant nothing to him. He heard about those going to college, or into the military or settling in on their family’s farm but for Jake there wasn’t much in the way of options. He didn’t have the grades or the money for college, he couldn’t fathom being in the military and his own family’s farm barely supported them. He saw himself trapped, alone, sensing the way he was different from the other boys. He tried not to think on it but that was impossible the way he had to share a room with two of his brothers, the oldest complaining how bad everything was for them or when he was at his job at Godwin’s farm shoveling shit across the concrete floor and the stench seeming to penetrate his very skin. Everything reminded him of it.

Jake had finished up at the Godwin farm and had used the outdoor shower at the back of the main barn to clean up as best he could. He slipped on shorts and a t-shirt that had the sleeves torn off and a hole in the front that left his right nipple visible. He didn’t want to wear what few good t-shirts he had especially for an eleven mile bike ride home. He knew the weather forecast called for late afternoon storms and he saw the clouds rising up in the west heading toward him but he had hoped he had time to ride home before they hit. He headed out as soon as he was dressed telling Mr. Godwin he’d see him the next morning. The wind had already picked up making the ride more difficult. He had ridden only four miles when he felt the first few drops.

Jake stood up on the pedals increasing his pace. As fatigued as he was he pushed himself to go faster. He sat down once he had his speed increased and continued to pedal feeling the burn in his legs. But he’d only gone another couple of miles when the sky opened up and it began to rain so hard he could barely see in front of him. Water quickly covered the road, and in places it cascaded across the road so deeply Jake struggled to keep straight. He kept his head down watching the road surface as he tried to keep up his pace.

Jake never heard the Jeep and as it passed by him he was startled and soon soaked by it kicking up a wave of water that caused him to lose control. He got too close to the edge of the old asphalt road and flipped off into the ditch. He tumbled down into the bottom with the bike on top of him.  He struggled to get up, his legs and arms tangled up in the bike. Red taillights lit him up as they braked just above him. Within seconds someone was helping him up, strong arms lifting up his bike and him at the same time.

“You okay?”

The voice was familiar but with mud and rain in his eyes Jake was temporarily blinded. As he was helped up he struggled to get his footing, the sloped sides of the ditch slick.

“Easy. You can let go of the bike; I’ve got it.”

Jake let go of the bike and it made getting back on the shoulder easier. As he moved up next to the Jeep he looked back and saw the tall lean figure carrying his bike toward him. The guy leaned down setting the bike down at his feet.

“You okay?” the guy asked as he stood up and Jake quickly realized it was Stephen.  Hair was shorter on the sides, a ball cap was low on his head and he looked as if he hadn’t shaved in days, but it was definitely him.

“I think so” Jake stammered and suddenly the rumble of thunder reverberated nearby and the rain came down even harder. They both looked upward. “Shit” Jake uttered as he took his bike and began to walk back out on the road. “Thanks for the help” he said as he began to climb back on.

“You can’t ride in this” Stephen said reaching out to stop him. “Let me give you ride.”

Jake looked at the Jeep, one that was brand new, the paint shiny even in the dark rainy night and he suddenly felt anxious, the notion of someone like Stephen seeing where he lived, the old house in such disrepair, his family living in such poverty. He looked down at his condition and it was even worse. Muddy, soaked to the bone, he couldn’t imagine getting into Stephen’s Jeep. Stephen seemed to sense what Jake was thinking.

“Don’t worry about the Jeep. Come on, I did run you off the road and you won’t hurt this thing” Stephen said as he swung the tire carrier to the side and opened the back. It took a few minutes to get the bike in the back, the front wheel having to be removed to facilitate the fit. Jake moved to the passenger side and hesitated a moment before opening the door. Stephen was back in the driver’s seat as Jake climbed in.

“What were you doing out in this shit?” Stephen asked as he slipped into first gear and headed off.

“I was heading home from work.”

“Work?  Where do you work?”

“At Godwin’s farm.”

“Godwin’s?  He still raising hogs?”

“Oh yeah.”

Stephen laughed as he kept driving cautiously down the road then he fell quiet, the two of them riding along silently till Jake needed to give Stephen directions on where to turn.

“You probably don’t remember me but I’m Stephen Madison, I was two years…” Stephen was saying till Jake interrupted him.

“I remember you and know you were two years ahead of me.”

“And you’re Jake Martin.”

Jake was surprised that Stephen knew his name giving away his surprise by the way he looked back at him.

“You’re shocked I know your name?” Stephen stated then he lowered his voice and watched the road as he added, “I remember running into you before P.E. class on day.”

Jake immediately knew what Stephen was referring to and he blushed at the memory of his naked sixteen old body fully exposed to Stephen who had been a senior. When he looked up he saw his turn coming up fast.

“We need to turn at that mailbox on the left.”

Stephen slowed down and turned onto the dirt lane that wound into the woods going back to Jake’s family’s farm. He drove slowly over the rough drive as it cut out by a field and followed along the fence line. Just ahead lights were visible, the familiar square pattern of windows along the wall of a home.

“Look, I appreciate you giving me a ride and…” Jake began but found himself unsure what to say. He wanted to tell Stephen to stop, to not go up to the house but it was too late. The lights of the Jeep cut across the old house, the paint peeling badly, one window boarded up. Sitting to the side was an old truck and car up on blocks in various states of disassembly. The barn in back was open, its doors broke from their hinges and hanging to the side.

“You guys are…struggling with the farm?” Stephen hesitantly asked.

:”Yeah…it’s really not large enough but we can’t afford additional land and…” Jake stammered, embarrassed…”well, thanks. I can get my bike out.”

“No I’ll help you” Stephen replied and soon the two of them were at the back of Jeep. It took only a few seconds to retrieve the bike leaving Jake standing to the side holding the front wheel in one hand and the rest of the bike in the other.  It had finally stopped raining and the night was quiet except for the chirping insects of the night.

“I guess I should get going” Stephen said standing at the back of the Jeep looking over to Jake. He was hesitating, just standing there not moving.

“Something wrong?” Jake asked.

“I was wondering…well, I’ve not been around for two years. I went through summer term last year, so now I’m home for the summer and not sure what everyone does around here now. What do you guys do for fun around here?”

“I have no idea” Jake whispered in reply making Stephen nod his head realizing the situation Jake was in, how he had never fit in and now it was probably worse him out of school and working such a tough job.

“Well I’ve been home three weeks and have done nothing but visit family and hang around the house. I’m so stir crazy…I was thinking of going to Greenville on Friday night to a movie. You want to go?” Stephen asked and Jake looked up astonished, the surprise evident in his face and he started to reply yes but realized that even though he wanted nothing more in the world than to spend time with Stephen, someone who he found himself desiring as he did two years ago, once desired in ways he couldn’t admit, he had to say no. He simply couldn’t afford such an extravagance expense as a movie. He looked toward his home considering how they barely could afford the small television they had  with its bad reception.

“I’d like to go but…”

Stephen interrupted him sensing what Jake was about to say, understood by the scene around him; “come on, go with me; I’ll pay for everything. I need to get out and…” Stephen looked back across the property once again then back to Jake, “I think you probably could use a break too. None of my friends are home this summer, at least the ones I want to see. Say yes as a favor to me?”

Jake saw the sincerity in Stephen’s face and even though he started to say no he shook his head yes, overwhelmed by his desire to be with Stephen.

“Alright!  What time do you get home on Friday?”

“Depends on what needs to be done. I could be home by four or so, or it might be as late as seven or eight.”

“Whoa, that is too late for a Friday. Tell Mr. Godwin you have to be off by six. I’ll come by and pick you up and bring you here to clean up and change. That way we can be on the way.”

It was happening to fast, Stephen was talking too fast but Jake just nodded his head and said “okay”. He’d work late on Thursday to shorten the day on Friday and try to get home early. He got Stephen’s cell number and intended to call him from home saving him the drive to Godwin’s farm.


Stephen woke first as usual, for Jake stayed up too late watching Stephen sleep. Stephen stretched his arms up and out and when he brought them down he slipped one down on Jake letting a hand glide down his back till it felt the curve of one ass cheek.  The hand moved over it feeling the smooth curve of its surface, the firmness of its flesh then moved upward to the narrow waist rolling them together, his back pressed to Stephen’s chest.

“Good morning.’

“Good morning my kept boy” Stephen replied using the pet name he used in such intimate moments as this.

They kissed slowly as Jake lifted one arm over his head and ran his hand over Stephen’s head feeling the short stubble. Stephen pushed his growing erection against Jake’s ass as he moved his hand down to take Jake in hand, to fondle him, stroke him to erection till Jake rolled over on his stomach.

“Please…Stephen…” Jake whispered as he felt Stephen move over him, felt each of Stephen’s legs move down on along side of his own and the flared head of Stephen’s erection rubbing over his ass.  “Please…” he begged as he pushed upward. Stephen wrapped one arm around his neck hugging him, holding their bodies tightly together. He felt Stephen undulating over him pumping cock down between his ass cheeks, the flared head rubbing him to full arousal. He pushed upward and Stephen rose up over him. He felt it, the familiar head of Stephen’s cock pushing at his entrance and he relaxed to it, pushed back as Stephen pushed forward till he felt the cock breach his opening, stretch him open and slid into his depths.

Jake moaned with the penetration as Stephen eased inch after inch into him till once again their bodies pressed together. He felt Stephen’s fuck, the undulating body, the very heat of it against his skin, and the way Stephen’s cock moved in his hole, deeply sinking into him then pulling back, working through the tight ring of his opening stroking his own arousal. He felt the way Stephen pushed him down hard against the mattress with each inward push making his own cock grow erect. Stephen fucked him slow, gently working hips up and down till both were breathing hard.

Stephen rose up pulling free and guided Jake to roll over on his back. Soon Jake had his legs wrapped around Stephen’s waist as they renewed their fuck, Stephen’s ass rising and falling with every thrust. Their pace increased, the bed rocked and squeaked and occasionally banged into the wall. Jake bear hugged their bodies together feeling the slick heat of Stephen’s skin rubbing against his own. Their movements grew in rhythm, one on top of the other, till their skin glistened with their exertions. The room echoed with the noise of their fuck and their moans and uttering as Stephen fucked harder, his pace increased with the need to cum and Jake urged him on, begging him to fuck, to fuck harder.

Stephen came, shoving inward with every ejaculation till he was spent. Jake took it, every thrust till Stephen fell still. They lay still a few minutes till their breathing slowed. Stephen moved off Jake and guided him to roll over on his back. Jake lay back eyes closed as he felt Stephen’s mouth take him, the warm slickness enveloping his cock. He was close, his cock so hard it ached for release and after only a few minutes he came, giving Stephen his load.


The movie was some action adventure flick but Jake wasn’t sure what was happening on screen. He kept thinking of where he was sitting, next to Stephen in a darkened theater, so close they were nearly touching. Stephen had his arm on the armrest between them and their legs were only an inch apart. One small inch, so close the fingers of his hand resting on it could reach over and touch Stephen’s knee. Several times he had to adjust his cock within his jeans. He was so aroused it embarrassed him and he struggled with his feelings and the way his cock was responding. He hoped Stephen couldn’t see the way his cock was erect pushing upward obscenely in his jeans responding to their sitting next to each other and the thoughts he couldn’t control.

To get his erection under control Jake tried to remember how embarrassed he had been earlier when Stephen had arrived as his house. He had raced out to meet Stephen in the drive not wanting him to see the inside of his home, the impoverished condition of it and they met up on the porch where he quickly saw their differences, not only in physical height but in appearance. Stephen was dressed in designer jeans, trendy in the way they were faded and frayed and the v-neck dark gray t-shirt looked soft and the way it was skin tight against Stephen’s lean upper body made him almost gasp. And it made him aware that even though he was wearing his best jeans and shirt he still reflected his status. The ill fitting cheap jeans were gathered up around his narrow waist by the cheap scuffed up belt and his shirt was a hand-me-down from his brother who was more muscular, a larger frame, so it did not fit either. He saw Stephen look him over and he wondered what Stephen thought; did Stephen regret asking him to hang out.

But Stephen had smiled at him and gently popped him on the upper arm.

“Come on man, let’s go. The movie starts in two hours and that gives us enough time to drive to Greenville and get something to eat” Stephen said as he turned and went down the steps.

“Stephen, I don’t have the money for any of this…you know I…” Jake stammered as they headed to Stephen’s Jeep, it completely clean with no sign of the mud and spatter from the rain earlier in the week.

“Jake, stop worrying about the money…okay? It’s my treat so come on; let’s go enjoy ourselves” Stephen interrupted Jake as he moved to the driver’s door.

But worry Jake did, constantly aware of their class differences. He couldn’t even afford a vehicle having to rely on a bicycle to get to work and now he sat in a new Jeep, a big four door thing jacked up with expensive after market wheels and tires. He would glance over at Stephen listening to him talk and he saw the strong jaw, the high cheek bones and the nose with its slight curve upward. And Stephen’s dark skin, the smoothness of it and the way his thin eyebrows curved over each dark brown eye, and the way no beard stubble was evident but Stephen had sideburns that were long and cleanly shaped in front of each ear. And the edge of Stephen’s hair was neatly cut, not a hair out of place. He ran his hand through his own hair pushing it back out of his eyes. It needed cutting but he dreaded letting his mother cut it the way she left it uneven. Grown out the unevenness didn’t show up as bad and sometimes he thought it didn’t look so bad, almost like those male models in one of those magazines he saw at the grocery store.

Sitting in the dark theater he found himself focused back on his other problem, this attraction to Stephen, and it scared him, made him worry if Stephen could sense it or actually had some way of finding out what he was thinking. He renewed his focus on the movie and as the action picked up he found it easier to keep his mind on it. He settled down in his seat careful not to touch Stephen and watched the hero come to the rescue and he felt the thrill of the scene with even his heart beating faster in his chest. Then he felt it, Stephen’s knee pressed up against his own. The touch was firm and he felt it moving against knee; Stephen obviously was rocking his foot up and down. He started to pull away but he couldn’t do it for he wanted this contact so bad, had wanted to do it himself and he pushed back just a bit, not much, but enough and he felt Stephen return the pressure.

For the rest of the movie they continued to make contact, knee against knee, Stephen’s arm moving over till the elbow touched his arm. He didn’t pull away, instead kept the contact, even pushed back a little from time to time, all the while afraid he was reading more into it than Stephen meant. Stephen was so tall maybe it was just accidental contact, contact that meant nothing but the idea it was something more, something playful, a flirting between them was too desirous. Jake let the idea build in his mind till he was adjusting his cock once again.

When the movie came to an end, far too soon for Jake, he suddenly worried about the lights coming up making it obvious how aroused he felt? Would he be bulging the crotch of his jeans in some obscene manner and he found himself resting his hands over his crotch when the lights came up.

“What did you think?” Stephen asked.

“Huh…what?” Jake stammered.

“The movie…what did you think?”

“Oh…it was good” Jake replied feeling his face turn red. As they made their way to the lobby to leave Stephen worked his way up next to him.

“Hey I was wondering...what time do your folks expect you home?”

“I didn’t really ask…I mean they don’t really set a time really” Jake replied adding, “hell my older brothers use to stay gone all weekend when they were sixteen and seventeen so…” letting his voice fade as he realized what he was suggesting.

“Good, there is this little night club in town, more a bar than a club really, but I thought we could go there for a while.”

“I’m only 18.”

“And I’m only 20 but they’ll let underage in; we just can’t drink anything but water or soda.”

A few minutes later Jake found himself sitting in this small club on the outskirts of town. It wasn’t what he expected for when Stephen had called it a night club he imagined popular dance music playing, a lot of people dancing but this was different. The music came from a juke box and was playing mostly country music and there was only four people dancing. One couple just slow danced while making out, regardless of the music playing. It was an odd sight. But for Jake is was still an incredible night for he was with Stephen listening to him talk of college, the parties, the football and basketball games, and the pranks that were pulled on one another and he listened intently. He hadn’t laughed this much in a long time and even though he had felt some enviousness he kept telling Stephen how lucky he was to get away, to pursue something he wanted in life. He was sincere and kept his own situation pushed back, didn’t let it over take his thoughts and ruin the night. And there was the way their feet kept touching underneath the table, this contact between them that started in the theater continued.

“Hey we should go” Stephen said as he lifted up his soda and finished it off.

Jake saw Stephen’s watch and it showing it to be after one in the morning. How had it gotten so late he wondered standing up with Stephen and following him through bar. He saw Stephen messing with his phone, thumbing the screen and touching it a few times.  Outside Stephen slowed to a stop turning to him as he listened to the phone.

“Hey, I don’t want to drive back tonight. You okay if we just get a room in some hotel and crash here for the night?”

“Get a room…huh…yeah…okay” Jake stammered as he saw Stephen focus back on his phone not sure Stephen was even listening for a reply. He listened as Stephen found a room at one of the hotels out at the main exit off the interstate.

“Okay we’re all set” Stephen said motioning Jake to follow him to the Jeep.


Jake cleaned on Saturday morning for it was a way for him to keep busy and let Stephen study. Stephen used the day to do the toughest assignments, the writing of papers that took a week’s research or doing the longest required reading.  He liked to watch Stephen at the dining table, books and notes spread out, intently focused. He’d let Stephen study for a few hours undisturbed. He cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, dusted and did the laundry. He thought of the way Stephen jokingly referred to him as a kept boy but the reality was he was kept. Even Stephen’s friends on campus knew it and those that lived around them in the apartment complex. He thought it would bother him but it hadn’t for Stephen made it okay. He found a part time job and at first took all the hours he could till Stephen told him to cut back for he was needed at home. He kept the apartment cleaned, learned to cook to some degree for Stephen was a disaster in the kitchen and was there for Stephen whenever he needed him. Like days when Stephen studied for hours till fatigue began to set in. He knew the signs; the rubbing of eyes, the stretching more often and the cussing under the breath at making too many mistakes and he saw Stephen was at that point after nearly four hours of writing some paper.

Jake eased over to Stephen and gently put his hands on each shoulder kneading stiff muscles with his fingers.

“Shit that feels good” Stephen remarked and Jake leaned down and kissed Stephen along the neck and around the base of the ear till Stephen turned to him and they kissed, mouth to mouth, gently, a long lingering kiss.

Jake got Stephen to turn his chair around as he moved in front of him. He eased down on his knees and rubbed his hand over the soft cotton gym shorts feeling Stephen stir to his manipulations. He leaned up and kissed Stephen as he worked his hand into the gym shorts touching the bare cock, letting his fingers work along its growing length. Stephen rose up letting him slip the shorts down till they dropped to the floor as he moved down. He took Stephen in hand, held it up as he moved to it. He kissed the head, worked his lips and tongue over it till he felt Stephen push upward and he let the head push through his lips. He worked his lips down the shaft feeling it fill his mouth. He knew there was something submissive in him doing it in this way, fully clothed and little or no making out prior but he enjoyed it, the pleasure he gave Stephen, the way he felt Stephen’s cock in his mouth, the way it grew erect so quickly with his touch, and the way Stephen couldn’t hold back very long and was soon running fingers through his hair and pushing upward with his hips feeding him every inch.

It surprised Jake how someone who could fuck for such a long time would get to the point of cumming so quickly when their cock was being manipulated in his mouth and he kept working his mouth along the shaft till he felt it grow extremely rigid, the shaft swell up even thicker and he sucked on the head till Stephen cried out and filled his mouth.

Jake swallowed Stephen’s load and leaned up kissing him gently on the lips.

“You ready for me to make some lunch? It’s already after two o’clock.”

“I’ve finished this paper already so let’s go to the deli” Stephen replied and Jake nodded okay.


It was an economy chain, nothing fancy, not even a decent lobby, and when they got into the room he saw Stephen look around the room shaking his head at the bareness of it but for Jake it was nicer than anything he had at home. There was a television that was twice the size of the small one his family owned and the bed was the largest he’d seen. It was huge.

Then it hit him there was only one bed in the room and he felt suddenly anxious, a fear he didn’t understand.

“I hope this is okay. They had no more rooms with two beds” Stephen said.

Jake sensed it was a lie for the parking lot wasn’t that full and he saw how Stephen looked away from him when he said it. Stephen looked so cute with hands shoved down into the pockets of the jeans, suddenly seeming unsure of himself. Jake wanted to go to him, to give him a hug, but even something so simple seemed wrong and he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“I need to hit the bathroom” Stephen suddenly stated as he moved toward it. Jake went over to the television and saw the sticker on top listing all the channels available for viewing and he wondered what it would be like to have such a selection. He started to sit on the bed but he was so nervous he couldn’t sit. Instead he moved back to the window and parted the curtain enough to see out. It was so quiet and nothing was moving. He heard the toilet flush, the door open and then water run at the lavatory and he stood still, afraid to turn around. He didn’t know why but he kept his face up to the gap in the curtains even though he didn’t comprehend anything that was in sight.

“What are you looking at?” Stephen whispered his voice right behind Jake.

“Nothing” Jake replied and he swallowed hard and realized he was gripping the curtains tighter.

“Jake…I like you, you know?”


“Yeah. Didn’t you know I…in the theater…I was…” Stephen stammered unable to say it.

“I hoped that was the case” Jake admitted suddenly bringing their mutual feelings out in the open and he sensed Stephen behind him, very close, so close he felt the warm exhale of breath on his neck just before he felt them, Stephen’s lips gently touch him in the same place. He felt arms come around his body and pull him back till he was up against Stephen’s chest where he could feel its movement with every breath Stephen took.

“Are you nervous?” Stephen whispered and Jake nodded his head yes.

“Don’t be…I promise not to make you do anything you don’t want to do…okay?”

Jake turned in Stephen’s arms and finally faced him. Stephen moved down kissing him on the mouth and something let go inside of Jake, all his hesitancy fell away and he kissed back, passionately, slipping his arms around Stephen’s neck as he parted his lips letting Stephen’s tongue slip into his mouth. He pushed up against Stephen no longer afraid to let Stephen know how he felt, pressing his growing erection against him.

Stephen pulled back and took Jake by the hand leading him to the foot of the bed. He stood in front of Stephen, submissive, willing to do whatever Stephen wanted him to do. He watched Stephen’s facial expressions as he felt each button slip free on his shirt till it fell open and the cool air of the room caressed his skin making the nub of each nipple grow hard. When Stephen put his mouth over the right one and manipulated it, tongued it then sucked on it, he cried out pushing his chest forward and he felt his shirt slide off his shoulders and down his arms where he let it fall to the floor. He felt the hands at his waist first gliding along the waistband of his jeans then working the belt free. Stephen was stripping him and he grew a little self conscious, wondering if Stephen still saw him as that tenth grader from over two years ago. He wondered if his boyish looks would be a disappointment to Stephen who looked so much more mature, but he couldn’t stop Stephen; didn’t want to stop him. When the belt came free his jeans relaxed to their full size, far too large for his narrow waist and they nearly fell to the floor. Fingers moved over the exposed upper portion of his briefs, raked over his abdomen just above his cock till they got to his jeans and unfastened the button. They fell down his legs and bunched up at his feet. He was left in just his white briefs and he glanced over into the mirror and saw the tall lean body of Stephen, exposed arms more muscular than his own, and he saw how he appeared to glow with his fair skin, his bare smooth body still looked to him like a kid, with its bare smoothness, but he saw his cock, thickly curved upward in front of him. He was already so hard and he watched Stephen’s left hand move down his stomach, over his lower abdomen till the fingers slipped around his cock. He gasped and pushed forward pumping his cock through the fist that gripped it.

It was the first time someone touched him like this, so intimately, not ashamed to be with him, naked and aroused.

“I’ve thought of this moment for a long time” Stephen admitted in Jake’s ear as he guided Jake to the bed getting him to sit on the foot then lay back. Jake watched Stephen ease down between his legs, pushing them apart and moving up between them. He watched Stephen take his erection, pull it vertical and quickly sink his mouth over it. Jake bucked upward and cried out with the sensation on his cock, the slickness and the heat of it. Stephen sucked him, worked up and down his shaft and tongued the head till he couldn’t hold back any longer ejaculating his first wad into Stephen’s face. He felt the second wad racing through his cock and just as quickly he felt Stephen take him again, his cock pushing into the warm slick mouth ejaculating his second, third then fourth wads into it where he felt Stephen swallowing.

Jake was soon spent and felt Stephen release his cock standing up between his legs. He followed suit quickly getting up, reaching out and taking Stephen’s shirt tugging the tail free.

“Let me” he said and it sound like a plea. Stephen raised his arms and bent over letting Jake slip it off. Jake tossed it in a chair and began to undo Stephen’s jeans. He looked at the way the jeans bulged and he let one hand move over it giving it a squeeze till it felt the flex in response. Stephen’s hands rubbed along his bare arms and he returned to undoing the jeans till they fell open and Stephen’s boxers bulged outward. Jake eased down on his knees in front of Stephen pulling the jeans down as he went. He leaned forward and put his mouth to the bulging boxers, put his lips to the thick shaft and moved along its length. Nothing had every felt so right as he tugged the boxers down over Stephen’s cock freeing it from its confines. He looked at it for a moment, the rigid straight shaft with the flared head and its gapping slit. He watched a clear drop form in the slit and fall toward the floor. He moved underneath it capturing it on his tongue and moving upward till he felt the flared head on his lips and he pushed forward taking a man’s cock for the first time.

“Shit…that feels good” Stephen uttered as he fought the urge to push forward.

Jake struggled at first trying to get all of Stephen’s cock into his mouth, choking a few times.

“Just take what you can” Stephen whispered and watched as Jake settled into a rhythm, his mouth moving down the thick shaft then pulling back till Stephen began to pump his hips. He held onto Stephen’s thighs taking the slow fucking motion, inward then back out, over and over, the thick shaft moving through his lips. It made him grow aroused again. Stephen didn’t last long, the stimulation too great and he let Stephen hold him by the head pumping cock into his mouth harder, faster with an urgency to cum and he let his tongue push against the thrusting shaft as it moved in his mouth.

“Oh FUCK” Stephen cried out and Jake felt the first wad hit the back of his throat. He held Stephen by the thighs so he could keep just the spurting head in his mouth letting the cum fill his mouth. He let Stephen pump his spent cock through the load in his mouth a few times before he swallowed it and sat back on his heels.

“Jesus” Stephen uttered and Jake looked at how Stephen was still hard, his cock still sticking straight out.

“Will you…fuck me” Jake timidly asked and he saw Stephen smile down at him.

“Are you kidding…I’ve never wanted to do something so much” Stephen replied as he helped Jake to stand up. The two of them moved to the bed, pulled the covers back and eased down on side by side. For a long time they just touched each other, hands gliding over the other, over shoulders and chests, fingers rubbing over nipples and downward over undulating stomachs to hard cocks. Stephen stroked Jake’s cock and moved his mouth to the left nipple where he bit it lightly making Jake moan and push against him.

“Fuck me…please…” Jake pleaded as he rolled over on his back. Stephen moved between his legs placing one on each shoulder scooting up close till his legs were being pushed back and his ass rose up spread open. He suddenly worried about whether or not he could take Stephen, whether or not he could really take the hard thick shaft pushing up against his opening. He lie back, eyes closed and thought about how much he wanted Stephen, how much he truly wanted this intimacy with him and he felt himself push upward as he felt Stephen’s cock push against his hole

“Relax” Stephen whispered in Jake’s ear and he did with his eyes closed reaching over his head and pushing gently against the headboard mounted on the wall. Stephen penetrated him, eased the flared cock head through the tight ring of his hole and sank it into him inch by inch, slowly, gently till he felt himself loosen to the penetration and he pulled Stephen down into him all the way. Stephen lay on him, grinding cock in his hole as they kissed. He felt the weight of Stephen on his body, the warmth of skin on skin, slickly moving one over the other.

“Fuck…fuck me” Jake pleaded, the sensation of cock in his hole, pumping inward and out stimulating him like nothing before. He pushed upward to meet Stephen’s downward thrust feeling every inch moving into him, deeply, stuffing his hole full. Stephen rose up on with arms held straight either side of him with his legs trapped between them, his feet on either side of Stephen’s head and he felt it, the intense pace of Stephen’s fuck, full penetrating thrusts into his hole, over and over and over, Stephen drove cock into him relentlessly. He felt his own arousal and slipped his right hand in between their undulation bodies stroking his cock. He took Stephen’s steady fuck, working his cock to the rhythm of it till he felt it, the need to cum, his body stiffening, his cock thickening in his fist and he shook beneath Stephen as cum spattered his chest then stomach. His hole spasm around Stephen’s cock and he felt the rough jabbing thrusts into his hole as Stephen cried out.

“Fuck…I’m cumming” Stephen cried as he hammered his spurting cock into Jake’s hole. He fucked till he was spent and he fucked some more, not wanting to stop, this first time with Jake. He pumped Jake’s hole till cum pumped out around his cock and he didn’t stop till his cock grew too flaccid to continue. Stephen finally fell still and eased over on his side next to Jake who was still with eyes closed, smiling with joy at what they had done.

Jake felt Stephen’s fingers smearing the cum on his chest, swirling through each wad till it was smeared all over him.

“Come shower with me” Stephen whispered in his ear just before tonguing it making him giggle.

The shower was hot enough to steam up the small bathroom. Jake let Stephen bathe him, felt the soapy hands move all over his body, chest, back, arms, down to his cock and along his ass slipping a soapy finger into his loosened hole. He moved his hips pumping his hole on Stephen’s finger a few times as he pressed his growing erection against Stephen’s thigh.

“That feels good” Jake uttered as he felt the finger sink all the way into his hole again.

“My little whore” Stephen whispered, his tone amused, playful.

“Am I yours?”

“Yes” Stephen replied as he slipped his finger free and moved Jake around to face the wall.

Jake knew he had Stephen going again. He saw how erect he had been and he smiled as he leaned to the wall pushing his ass back, waiting, wanting it again. He felt the hard cock touch his ass, felt Stephen work it down between his cheeks. Felt it touch him there, push against his hole and he pushed back taking it. Together he soon had all of it buried in his hole and the tight grip of Stephen’s hands on his waist holding him in place as cock piston in and out of his hole. They quickly fell into a rhythm moving together with Stephen fucking his hole steadily, thrusting inward over and over for a long time. Stephen fucked and fucked and fucked till his own cock ached with its release spattering the wall with its cum. He had cum hard, barely touching himself with Stephen thrusting roughly in his hole while he ejaculated.

Stephen finally shot, pumping another load into his hole. Jake felt him lay against his back breathing hard, finally spent and exhausted by their exertions.

They dried off and eased into bed, side by side, Jake easily snuggling up against the taller body of Stephen. He listened to Stephen’s breathing, slowed by sleep and he shifted so he could prop up on one arm. He watched Stephen sleep, the steady rhythm of his breathing, the way he moved every so often, just a little shift in position. He looked at the triangular shape of Stephens face, the strong jaw line, the curve of the right ear and the way Stephen’s hairline arced over the ear and transitioned into the long sideburns. He slowly, gently let one finger glide over the sideburn till Stephen stirred from the touch.

Jake lay his head down and looked at Stephen’s profile, the way his nose upturned a little and the full lips positioned between it and the chin. He felt himself smile, a feeling of contentment he had never before felt. He wondered how long this summer he could hold on to this feeling, wondered when he’d lose it. Before Stephen left for college or after he wondered. Stephen stirred, shifted over closer to him pulling their bodies together. Stephen face was so close to his own he felt every exhale of breath.

“Jake…will you come back to campus with me in the fall?” Stephen whispered before falling asleep again.



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