Ian was so hot the sweat beaded on his exposed skin and ran in rivulets downward and dripped to the hard concrete floor. He was breathing hard, feeling the penetration, deeply in him, of the cock currently fucking him. He opened his eyes and looked up at Ryan, or was it Rick? Maybe his name was Steve. Didn't matter, right now he was a cock, thick and hard, plowing in his hole. Ian rocked back and forth, the sling swaying with their fucking and in the dim light of the basement he saw the others, some standing just out of the ring of light from the bare bulb, watching him take this fuck, the way he had his thighs held in place as the guy drove his cock into him, fast, full swings of his hips.

Sounds of sucking, of guys moaning and crying out from being penetrated echoed in the basement. In the dark corners were moments when a swinging bulb would illuminate the naked bodies, intertwined together with primitive undulating movement. The sound of sex, the smell of sex filled the air. It felt steamy in the basement.

Ian agreed to come with his friend Brian, knowing how much Brian loved to go to a sex party, but for Ian he wasn't so sure, usually preferring the simple hook-up when not dating someone. The house was in an old part of town, an area of old homes recently renovated and this one was no exception. The living areas had been beautifully renovated, furnished with modern furniture and art on all the walls. But they hadn't come to be social and the eight of them were soon in the basement where only two bare bulbs barely illuminated the low space, divided up into small areas by the support piers for the house. Ian saw the sling as soon as he came down the steep stairs, it sitting prominently under one light bulb, centered in its circle of light.

He recognized a couple of the other guys, Chris who worked at his company in another department and Sam who had a landscaping company some friends of his used. The others he introduced himself but knew he would have trouble remembering their names. Instead he'd remember what they looked like naked. They each stripped off their clothes, folding them neatly and placing them on a small table to the side of the room. Ian looked at the different bodies, the lean ones, with fair smooth skin, the muscular bodies of those who worked out regularly, their bodies shaved smooth, and there were those who were average, bodies in shape but not bulked up, and Ian noticed each one's cock, the differences in shape, color and how all but one were cut.

At first they had stood around, rubbing hands over each other, kissing, fondling cocks, getting them hard. Then a couple of guys were squatted down, sucking, noisily taking a guy's cock. Brian was standing behind Sam, rubbing his chest and pumping his cock against Sam's ass while another guy sucked Sam's cock. Ian was hesitant at first, stood to the side, watching, sensing how the atmosphere was changing; the charge in the air. He watched Chris being led to the sling, watched as two guys put wrist and ankle cuffs on him, pushed him back into the sling and secured him. Ian's view was blocked and he moved forward till he was standing to the side watching one of the guys rim Chris, loosen him up, get him wet and wanting. The other guy, one of the gym guys was at Chris' head rubbing his cock over his face as Chris moved his open mouth around trying to capture the cock. The guy took Chris' head and held it at the angle he wanted and he slid his cock into Chris' mouth, slowly till Ian could see how his air was cut off, his face and throat turning red, and the guy pulled back, only to do it again.

Ian watched as the guys took turns, fucking Chris, watched the way they slammed their hips against his ass, burying their cocks deep, pumping their hips so hard and fast they began to sweat, their skin glistening in the light. Ian absentmindedly took his cock in hand, it already hard, the head wet and he stroked slowly as he watched. Then he heard a smack of a hand and someone cry out. He turned and saw Brian had Sam bent over, his cock buried deeply into him as he was bringing his hand down hard on one cheek. The smack echoed in the basement making Sam cried out, and he pushed back, trying to get more of Brian inside his hole.

One of the guys came up behind Ian, ran his hand over Ian's ass and leaned close.

"You look ready for some fun" he whispered in Ian's ear and Ian turned toward him slowly, felt his hard cock brush against the guy as he faced him. Soon Ian felt lips on his neck, around his ear, and hands on his ass, wrapped around his cock, stroking it, smearing the slick down its length. Ian didn't see Chris being released, didn't see him take off the cuffs and move close, watching Ian being fondled, manhandled. Ian felt his guy moved down his chest, over his stomach and soon take his cock, sucking it into his mouth. Ian moaned loudly. Chris came up to him, grabbed him by the hair, pulled his head back and kissed him roughly.

"You want to get fucked?" Chris asked Ian. Ian could only nod yes as he felt the men touching him, sucking his cock, probing between his cheeks, touching him there. Chris picked up the cuffs and put them on Ian, working slowly but deliberately, getting each one on. The guy sucking Ian's cock had helped get the ankle cuffs on and then Ian felt his body move, get led to the sling, felt himself fall back on to the leather pad and he raised his legs letting them be secured to the chain supporting the sling. He felt one arm being secured then the other as Chris moved between his legs and push a finger into his hole, stretching him open. He hung there taking it, one finger, then two, three and finally, painfully, four as he felt his hole being stretched open. He leaned up and watched Chris, the look of determination on his face, of desire and Chris looked up at Ian and smiled.

"Ian, I'm going to fuck the shit out of you" he said as he moved up between Ian's legs, wrapped his arms around each thigh, pushing his cock into the stretched out hole. Ian felt Chris sink into him, felt him push it all the way in till his hips pushed against his ass. Ian threw his head back and cried out. He didn't have time to rise back up when one of the guys was on him, rubbing his wet leaking cock over Ian's lips, smearing the slick over them, over his nose and cheeks.

"Suck me" the guy commanded as he finally let his cock rest on Ian's lips, and Ian open his mouth allowing the cock to slide in. Ian took the fuck, the way the cock slid into him, pushed deep into his body, and he felt the way the sling rocked with their movements, the way he felt so exposed, spread open, and he felt his cock flop back and forth knowing it was still hard. Ian lost track of time, didn't know how long Chris was at him, fucking him but suddenly he was swinging alone, his body still secured in the sling. He felt the sweat beading up on his skin, felt the way his hole felt like it was still pried open, and he felt the wetness of cum on his ass as it trickled down from his hole. The taste of cum filled his mouth and he swallowed again as he raised up trying to see what was going on. He could hear the sex, smell the sex and he wanted more. Suddenly Sam and Brian came into the light, both still hard, their cocks glistening wet and slick. Sam wasted no time in plunging his cock into Ian, slammed in so hard he rocked the sling back and forth pumping Ian's body along his cock. Brian came to Ian's side and leaned over and Ian felt the warm mouth take his cock, suck on the head, the tongue working along the shaft. He was so close and was probably the last guy who had not cum yet and Brain sucked him hard, worked his lips over the head and down the shaft till Ian felt his cum surging through his cock and he shoved upward and pumped his load into Brain's mouth feeling him suck harder, felt his throat swallowed each wad.

"Goddamn his ass is milking my cock" Sam cried out and he hammered his cock into Ian, swung his hips fast and hard and as he watched Brian lick Ian's cock clean he pumped his cum deep into Ian. He kept fucking, his cock still hard as he worked it through the cum, smeared it through Ian's tunnel and over his shaft till he felt it pump back out against him. "Fuck, I'm spent" he said as he pulled back, his cock finally deflating.

Then Ian had two other guys come over, both standing at his spread legs, one burying his cock into Ian as the other urged him on. Ian looked at the guy, one he couldn't remember his name and he didn't care as he fell back letting his body relax into the fuck, take the cock plowing through his hole. He felt the hard jerk of the sling with every thrust, felt the way the guy held his legs tight to his sweaty chest, his hips banging against his ass. The other guy began to rub Ian's chest and stomach, to stroke his cock as it began to get erect again. He leaned over and kissed Ian, ran his lips over Ian's neck, down his chest to one nipple. He tongued it, sucked it in his mouth, and then he bit down on it. The pain shot through Ian, the pleasure and he felt the guy fucking him pump hard, short jabs into his ass and he knew he was coming.

Ian leaned up and watched as the guy who had fucked him pulled back, his long cock deflating, and Ian watched the other one moved from his side and up between his legs, and Ian noticed how the guy's cock, now fully hard, the head wet, drool of pre-cum hanging from it, was a blunt thick instrument. The guy's hand didn't reach around it as he moved up to Ian, and Ian felt it rub his hole, smear the leaking cum over it and then he felt the guy push hard against him. Ian felt the thick cock breach his hole, stretch him open even more and he fell back, his body arched up, tight, taking the pain, focusing on it, letting it turn to pleasure as the cock slid into him, drilling into his hole.

Brain and Sam came back to his side. Sam took Ian's cock, stroking it slowly, as they watched Ian take this cock, watched it slide back and forth through the stretched out ring of his hole.

"Damn, that is hot" Sam muttered under his breath. Ian was sweating profusely, felt it run downward on his body. He felt hot, every sensation, the cock plunging into his hole, the hand on his cock and then Brain kissing him on the mouth. Ian felt his cock get wetter, felt the way Sam's hand let go, then the sensation of Sam's mouth enveloping it, sucking it. Ian bucked upward, pushed down with his ass, feeling his body respond, feeling his need to cum rise up quickly and suddenly he felt his cum surge through his cock again, exploding into the suctioning mouth. Ian felt his hole spasm, painfully, around the thick cock and the guy shoved in hard and cried out he was coming.

Then it was over, and Ian lay in the sling exhausted as Brian and Sam worked to release him. He felt how exposed he was, naked, in the bright light as others moved in the shadows. He heard them talking quietly and knew they were already getting dressed. Brain came over wearing his jeans, shirt still off, cum running down his chest.

"You good?"

"Yeah" Ian replied. "Help me up will ya?"



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