The small town of Greenhill partnered with several surrounding small towns and the communities in between and organized a music festival that would attract people from the surrounding cities of Charlotte, Raleigh, Columbus and the smaller towns in the region. They had everything arranged and as the time drew near they pulled together to build the stage platform they would need to erect a canopy on top. The event was to take place in the open field at the back of the Pearson's farm. It was a field not cultivated in years and the ground had complete grass coverage. Parking would be in the two upper fields by the road, but the stage set up was in the back which insured the event could control the anticipated crowd.

The organizers got Jacob to head the site preparation which included his hiring who he needed to get the job done. Jacob was twenty-eight and still single much to the chagrin of many of the local women. He was five eleven and his build showed the hard labor of his farm operation. He was ruggedly handsome with his reddish brown hair that was usually long from him putting off going to a barber and he rarely had a clean shaven face, even having long sideburns. He was typically wearing jeans and a t-shirt or some old shirt with the sleeves ripped off and work boots, and of course a ball cap with frayed edges that made his hair curl out from the perimeter. He wasted no time during the first of the summer in arranging the help he needed. He hired three local young men who he felt he could depend on in getting the stage built and the grounds ready.

Dylan was his immediate first choice. He was twenty and worked with his father on their farm. He had a slim build, made more pronounced by his height of six foot three, but Jacob knew he was stronger than he looked having hired him to help him from time to time. Jacob also had ulterior motives, for he found Dylan extremely attractive. He had not made it public his being gay, but it was something he came to accept while he was in the Navy and when he returned home to farm he knew it was going to be tough. He spent many a weekend in Charlotte or Raleigh going to bars or to one function or another, and had met many guys he enjoyed being with but none that really aligned with his own desires, the biggest to live on his farm. Locally he would check out one man or another but knew most were not gay and at best would just play around some but none would be for any type of commitment. There were several boys he had found attractive but as many of them were still in high school he made himself refrain from looking too hard at them. Dylan was one that made it the hardest. Jacob just found the tall slim boy very attractive, with his short jet black hair and fair skin that up close made the light line of freckles over his nose so appealing. He had, against his better judgment, hired Dylan several times over the last few years to help him out and he had watched the teen grow into a young man, even though he maintained his boyish face that appeared to never need shaving. There had been so many times he wanted to try something, to see if there was any interest, but time and time again he refrained. But he still held out some secret fantasy for he knew Dylan was not in a relationship; didn't even date per the gossip, some saying the same thing they said about him, so he held out hope.

One of the Greenhill organizers recommended a neighbor's son who was home for the summer. Eli was twenty-one and played baseball in college. He was athletic, and at five ten his muscular body was stocky and well defined; a masculinity that made women throw themselves at him, and Jacob soon learned Eli took advantage of the situation, for he loved to have sex. He hooked up with different women as frequently as his class and practice sessions would allow. Eli was the fashion industry image of an all American boy; blonde with dark olive skin. He wore his hair slightly long, letting it hang down over his forehead and over his ears.

The third hire was one that had answered an ad posted by the organizers in Greenhill. Noah was eighteen, graduated from high school and preparing to leave in the fall for college. Jacob had spoken to Noah a couple of times on the phone and knew he had played basketball in high school, although he admitted he wasn't good enough for college and said he could handle the physical labor. When Jacob met with Noah in town to do one more interview before committing he was taken aback by how much he reminded him of Dylan. He was six foot two and slim in build, but where Dylan had black hair, Noah had light brown hair, so light the sun bleached streaks in it across the top of his head. Jacob didn't hesitate to hire him, knowing it was going to be a long couple of weeks with Dylan and Noah working by his side.

Four weeks prior to the festival Jacob gathered Dylan, Eli and Noah at the site to begin work. It was a warm morning with clear blue skies that all of them knew would heat up fast. Jacob was in his usual sleeveless shirt, tight jeans, boots and ball cap. He noticed right away how Dylan and he were dressed similar and the two guys from town were dressed similar. Eli had on a short sleeve shirt, tail hanging out over his tight jeans, work boots and ball cap. Eli was in a muscle shirt and baggy shorts, running shoes and ball cap, and Noah was in an old basketball jersey, the tank top loose fitting on his tall lean body, baggy shorts and running shoes, but, unlike the others, he wore no cap.

The first day they staked the stage, dug the foundation holes for the post supports, poured the concrete and began prepping the back stage area ground for a gravel layer. It was hard, hot work and all four of them sweated profusely. Except for Eli, they worked quietly, speaking only for questions or directions. Eli talked nonstop, about baseball, about the festival and about girls, but mostly he talked about fucking girls. Jacob kept pulling out the sun screen and passing it around, the intensity of the sun was so severe, and it was Dylan who had to put it on more than the others, being so fair skinned, but by the afternoon Eli and Noah were putting it on more and more, especially Noah, who was in a tank top with his shoulders exposed.

Jacob would steal glances at Dylan, then Noah and finally Eli, each one attractive in their own way, but it was Dylan that he looked at the most. There was something comforting about Dylan, his mannerisms, the way he talked about farming, and they way he fell into step working side by side with Jacob the most. Jacob didn't realize it but Dylan wanted to be around Jacob, had since he was a teenager and saw Jacob around the community. But he had no idea how to approach Jacob or if it was even a possibility. Noah was the quietest of the four, rarely speaking. He just did what he was told and worked hard, mainly with Eli since Dylan had positioned himself along side Jacob.

By Thursday they had fallen into a routine, and the natural pairing of Jacob and Dylan working with each other and Eli and Noah working together continued. The day was hot and they soon soaked their shirts with sweat as they labored to get the stage built. When they decided to stop for lunch Dylan pulled Jacob's truck to the edge of the open field under the shade of an old oak where Eli had parked his Jeep. Jacob and Dylan sat on the tail gate of the truck and began to pull out their lunch when Eli came up, pulled his sweat soaked shirt off and tossed it in the back of his Jeep before getting in. Dylan and Jacob both stared at Eli's upper body, the well toned muscular form until Eli turned around and the two of them went back to eating their sandwiches. Noah climbed in Eli's Jeep and they dug into their lunches.

Jacob and Dylan ate in silence, an uncomfortable nervousness floating between them, each looking at the other, and when Eli had taken his shirt off, both saw the other looking. Jacob was so flustered he stammered whenever he did say something about the work they had to do, or the fact it looked like it could rain.

In the Jeep Eli rambled on, taking bites of his sandwich and continuing to talk. Noah just nodded or grunted a response from time to time as he listened to Eli. He found himself looking over at Eli, just quick glances, but each time looking at him in ways that made him feel uncomfortable. He noticed the way the sweat ran down Eli's chest, trailed down over his lean stomach, he noticed the trail of fine dirty blonde hair starting at his navel and disappearing in his shorts, he noticed the small tattoo on Eli's upper chest, just above his left nipple, and he looked down and really looked at Eli's legs, their muscular definition, the dark skin, so smooth looking, and the fine dusting of dirty blonde hair. When Eli tugged at the crotch of his shorts, which he did often, Noah caught himself watching as Eli thick fingers gripped the fabric and what was inside of it and tugged.

Eli noticed Noah's looks and knew he should be put off by it, but wasn't for some reason. He liked the idea of someone admiring his body, even if it was a guy. He wondered what Noah saw when he looked at his body, what he was thinking and he wondered if it was possible, just possible, if he could get him alone somewhere, to get him to suck his dick. He was horny all the time, felt horny now, with the hot sun keeping him hot, the sweat making his body feel slick, heated up, and he knew if he had been alone, away from the others he would have masturbated before going back to work.

After lunch they got back to work. Eli had his shirt back on since the sun was so relentlessly hot and intense. They were able to work for a little over two hours when the wind began to pick up. Then the sky clouded up, a greenish hue descending over the low clouds and the wind's force increased.

"Ok, let's put our stuff put away and get everything tied down before it starts" Jacob called out over the stage framing. Lightning flashed on the horizon and all too soon the rumble of thunder. The four of them hurried and got everything tied down and all their tools back in the tool box in the back of Jacob's truck. Eli ran down to the edge of the field where his Jeep was still parked and started putting the top up. Noah soon followed and helped Eli get everything in place. They got in and moved out into the open, not wanting to be under the tall old oak in a lightning storm. Eli parked a little ways away from Jacob's truck where Dylan and he were sitting, the plan being to wait it out a while to see if it was just going to be a quick shower and blow on by, and if so they would take advantage of the cooler weather and work the rest of the day.

Eli and Noah sat in his Jeep watching the leaves blow against the windshield as the storm approached. Eli pulled his shirt back off and tossed it in back.

"Damn, I hope it cools down. I'm so sweaty my pants feel soaked" Eli stated as he ran his hand down his sweaty chest and stomach, noticing how Noah seemed to be watching out of the corner of his eye.

"Yeah, it has been hot" Noah said, his voice low and distant as he watched Eli tug on his crotch, shifting his cock in his tight jeans. Noah couldn't stop himself from glancing over and looking at Eli's body, the firm muscular form, the definition of pecs and the way the sweat ran down curving around and over his skin. He felt his heart rate increase, his frustrations rise up. It had been like this every time he had to shower in gym, every time he played a game of basketball, every time he had hung out with his best friend, Chris. This feeling of being different, of wanting something from one of the guys, knowing they would not want, some even repelled by it. Now here was Eli, so openly sexual, the way he touched himself, his hand over his chest and stomach and the way he would adjust his cock, tugging on the crotch of his shorts.

"Noah, damn I'm horny. You ever get that way?"

Noah stopped breathing a moment as the question shocked him, this open admission. Finally he looked at Eli, knowing it had too much want in it and admitted it.

"Yeah...all the time."

Noah watched as Eli tugged on his crotch once again and noticed how it bulged differently this time. He could see a tenting of his shorts just over to the side of his crotch, and he knew Eli was more than just a little horny. Eli's hand ran over the bulge, squeezing it, making it move beneath the fabric.

"Damn, getting hot and sweaty does it for me nearly as much as some chick wrapping her lips on my dick...ya know what I mean?" Eli's question was provocative, his tone questioning. Eli did know what he meant, but he knew he wanted to know in another way.

The rain began to pound down on the Jeep, so hard they could barely see thirty feet in front of them. Jacob's truck was a faint blur through the window as the rain pounded down on the canvas top. Eli looked over at Noah, noticing how he was looking down at his lap where he was manipulating his cock, pushing against it with his fingers, letting the feel of his growing erection confined in his shorts get to him...and to Noah. He saw Noah absent mindedly reach down and adjust his own cock, and he noticed how Noah's shorts had started to tent, obviously his cock had started to get hard.

"I'm so fucking horny. What about you?" Eli asked.

"Yeah" Noah whispered so low Eli wasn't sure he heard him correctly.

"You ever just jack off with a friend when you been so horny you couldn't stand it?" Eli asked; his voice barely audible in the Jeep.

"No" Noah responded, his voice so far away, his eyes so focused on Eli's hand playing with his cock he seemed not to register what Eli was talking about.

"Can I take it out?"

"Yeah" Noah answered again.

Eli undid his shorts, zipped them down and then un-ceremonially pushed them and his boxers down to mid thigh, his hard cock flopped out, lying over to the side, thick and swollen up hard. He wasted no time in taking it in his hand, stroking it as he held it up, letting Noah see it, fully hard, and a small bubble of pre-cum already forming at the head.

"Fuck I can't wait to shoot a load" Eli said as he stroked his hand up and down his shaft. He looked over at Noah who was still manipulating his own cock through the fabric of his shorts while staring at what Eli was doing. "Go ahead Noah, take it out. Let's see that hard-on you've got in your shorts."

Noah leaned back and undid his shorts, unzipped them and eased them down to his knees. He had on white briefs that were bulging up with his hard cock. He squeezed it through the soft cotton fabric making the head swell.

"Fuck Noah, you're as horny as I am; take it out goddamn it. Let's get off together."

Noah rose up and slid his briefs down, letting his cock pop free, smacking against his stomach. As he stroked his own cock he kept looking over at Eli's cock, looking at the similarities and the differences. He had dark olive toned skin like Eli but his cock was darker in skin tone where Eli's had the same tone as his body, and Eli had thicker pubic hair, blonde in color whereas he had less hair but it was a darker dirty blonde. He watched as Eli stroked his own cock, the slow movement of his hand up and down the shaft and he was soon mimicking his movement, down to the same rhythm.

"That's it, stroke that cock" Eli muttered as he glanced over to see if Noah was keeping pace. He watched how Noah moved at his own pace and he noticed how Noah watched him, kept his eyes focused on him and not his own cock and he wondered if he could get more from Noah. He wondered if Noah would do it, with a little encouragement; would he lean over and take his cock in his mouth.

Noah felt his hand get slick, felt the warm slick pre-cum leaking from his cock, more than he had ever felt before, his cock so hard it ached, and he pushed back against the seat, with his legs pushed out as straight as he could in the Jeep. His breathing had increased as he watched Eli's ever move. Eli switched hands, took his cock in his left, putting his right hand on the back of Noah's seat. He manipulated his cock slowly for a moment, letting Noah watch him use his left hand, moving it slowly up and down, then rubbing it over the head as he involuntarily pushed up with his hips while doing so. Eli moved his right hand forward a little, just enough to touch Noah, a light touch. Noah felt it, this touch and he wanted Eli to continue, to touch him some more. He wanted to feel another man touch him, but his fear kept him from acknowledging it. Eli moved his fingers lightly back and forth, casual, almost like a natural flexing of his fingers and again Noah let the tingling sensation run through him. Eli knew Noah felt it, his touch, and he knew he was hesitate to respond and that he would have to push him along. He moved his hand down firmly, taking Noah's lean long neck in his hand, massaging the sides with his fingers and thumb as he looked over finally, acknowledged what he was doing.

"Feels good don't it?" he asked.

"Yeah" again was all Noah replied but Eli saw the look on his face and he knew.

Eli pushed forward slightly just to see if Noah would respond or if he would push back. He pushed forward just a little and Noah moved easily in his hand, so submissively, Eli smiled. He then lightly pulled Noah back to him, just a little pressure at first.

"Noah, will you do something for me?" Eli whispered.


"Will you...lean over here?" Eli begged as he pulled Noah over a little more. "Please, will ya? I won't tell anyone...come it for me?" Eli pulled a little harder, more persistent this time, obvious what he wanted. Noah held back, resisted at first but his own lust, his own desires won out over his fear, his fear Eli would say something, or make fun of him. But he wanted to, had from the beginning, had for a long time, and here Eli was offering it to him and he leaned over, pushing Eli's hand away from his cock, taking it in his own hand, holding up the hard shaft and touching his lips to the head, tasting the pre-cum, its slightly odd sweetness, and then he did it. He parted his lips and let Eli's cock slid into his mouth.

Eli watched as the tall body of Noah leaned over the console, and realized it felt so different than when he had gotten one of his dates to suck his dick, how tentative some of them had been, but now with another guy, who once he started down didn't hesitate, just leaned over and put his cock in their mouth. There was something about it, something about the way Noah's mouth slid down his cock that was hot.

Noah let Eli's hard cock fill his mouth, push back over his tongue and he held still a moment, lost in his submission, lost to the feel of the hard cock he had his lips wrapped around. He slowly moved up, felt the hard shaft slid through his lips, the spongy head pass over his tongue. He worked back down and held still a moment and let his warm mouth heat the shaft. Then he work up again, down, up, down, over and over he began to move his mouth over Eli, working his mouth over the hard cock. Eli had been so worked up, his cock already leaking, it didn't take long for Noah's hot slick mouth to bring him to the brink, pushed him, made him tense up, his hips rise up, shove his cock up as he grabbed Noah's head and held him down. His hips pumped up and down a few times, as he sucked in air, felt his cock swell up, knowing he was going to cum.

"Oh fuck, Noah, take me..." his voice trailed off as he shoved up one more time, pushing up with his seed coursing up through his hard cock, blasting it out into Noah's sucking mouth. Three hard times he shoved upward with his hips, pushed his cock up into Noah as he pumped out his load feeling Noah suck it down, swallowing each wad. Noah sucked him dry and licked the head clean.

When Noah pulled up and sat back Eli watched his expression, noticed a fearful look pass over his face and he knew Noah was worried about him saying something. He ran his hand over his cock as it became flaccid, feeling the wet slickness covering it.

"Noah...look...I can't do that...but I'll help you...ok?" Eli stammered.

Noah looked at him, a look of relief passing over his face as he nodded. Noah reached over and for the first time in his life took another man's cock in his hand, felt the hardness, the wet slick shaft, the spongy head as he stroked upward, running his hand over the head where he felt Noah push up slightly, knowing working the head would be sensitive in ways that would push Noah's need, push him to get off. Noah leaned back pulling his shirt up and gave Eli as much room as he could as he held the edge of the seat in a tight grip, letting Eli's hand work up and down his cock, stroking the soft skin over the hard shaft. As Eli got faster his strokes got shorter until he wasn't rubbing over the head as he had started.

" all the way up. Rub the head too" Noah cried out, his urgency made his voice sound strained. Eli did as he asked, let the spongy head slid into his fist on every upward stroke and he felt the hot slickness he kept smearing down the shaft. He stroked faster and faster.

"Come on Noah, shoot that load...come on...let me see you shoot" Eli whispered, really wanting to see Noah shoot, wanted to see what he looked like when the cum flew out of his cock, and how much he would shoot. His hand kept up its stroking rhythm and he soon saw how Noah was pumping his hips in short jerky motions and he noticed how Noah's balls were drawn up tight and he knew Noah was about to cum.

"Shoot that shit out...fuck, Noah, cum...cum...come on cum" Eli begged and he felt Noah shove up into his fist till the head shot out through his fist, the shaft swell up larger and Noah cried out.

"Oh FUCK."

The first wad roped out thick, landing on the edge of the seat above Noah's shoulder and trailed down over Noah's shoulder. The second shot out nearly as thick, hitting Noah under the chin and dripped down on his chest. The remainder came out in shorter and thinner burst, landing on his stomach and then finally dribbling out where Eli smeared it down Noah's cock.

Noah fell back down in his seat, his breathing ragged as he looked down at the mess on his chest and stomach as Eli let go of his cock holding his wet hand over Noah's lap unsure what to do. Noah wiped off his chin and smeared it on his stomach.

"Shit man, you sure make a mess" Eli said, laughing at how much Noah had shot out. They sat for a moment and realized the worst of the storm had blown over and the rain was slowed to a steady slow drizzle. Noah unzipped the side window and held his hand out to wash the cum off.

"How are you going to get the rest off, uh?" Eli asked in a joking manner.

"Maybe I'll just get out and shower off in the rain" Noah replied, giving Eli a defiant look.

"I dare ya" Eli said and then he got an amused look on his face. "It has been hot as fuck all day, let's get out and cool off and wash the sweat and grim off...come on get out of those clothes."

Eli started pulling his shorts all the way off, taking off his shoes and his boxers too. Noah watched for a moment, not sure if he was serious, then he began removing his undone clothes, stripping completely. They looked at each other one last time before they opened the doors.

"Jacob and Dylan will think we've lost or minds" Noah said as he opened the door.

Jacob and Dylan sat in the truck watching the rain slack off, settling into a slow soft rain. They talked sporadically, about the project or about farming, eventually Dylan admitting his desire to get out from under his father and pursue his own farming, like the way Jacob was doing it. It made Jacob come up short, thinking of Dylan and how nice it would be if he helped him on his farm. As their conversation went back and forth Dylan suddenly saw the Jeep door open up and Eli and Noah get out naked.

"What the fuck" he stated, his face showing his surprise.

Jacob looked up out the windshield seeing the two guys letting the rain wash over them, wiping down their bodies. He noticed how both had naturally dark skin, he noticed the well built muscular body of Eli and the cock that hung at what appeared to be a partially erect state. He noticed the taller slim body of Noah, so youthful looking, his body so smooth and lean and again he noticed how Noah appeared to be sporting a partial erection. Eli suddenly threw his head back and ran his hands over the top of his head, this body stretched out, his arms spread open as he ran his fingers over short blonde hair and Dylan and Jacob sat transfixed, staring at the masculine form, the way the rain ran down it.

"Those crazy bastards" Jacob said in a low distant voice.

Eli suddenly stood straight and looked over at Jacob and Dylan, waving them to come over; then they made out what he was saying.

"Hey guys, come on; it feels great. Get your pussy asses out here" Eli taunted.

Jacob looked over at Dylan and saw his questioning look and thought about the chance to see him naked; to see that tall lean body, and he nodded to Dylan who smiled mischievously back at him as he unbuttoned his shirt to take it off. Dylan began to unbutton his own shirt as he kept glancing over at Dylan seeing his upper body, tall and lean, come into view as Dylan pulled the shirt off. As Jacob undid his jeans, took off his boots, socks and slid his jeans and boxers down, he kept glancing over Dylan who did the same, revealing his long legs, and when he sat back waiting on Jacob to get finished undressing, Jacob could see his cock lying over his balls, the fair skin along the shaft and the redder head and how it was topped with a small area of thick black hair. Jacob wanted to touch him, to just reach over and feel the heat of his skin, the way it appeared so smooth and fair, but he shook the images from his mind and reached for the door handle.

"Ready?" Jacob asked Dylan who nodded in return.

The rain was cool to their bodies, the air temperature having dropped enough to feel comfortable. The ground was a thin layer of water that was slowly running off the field, and their feet sank enough in the soft grass to have grass and mud up to their ankles. Dylan and Jacob let the rain fall on them until they could rub the sweat and dirt off their skin, letting the rain water rinse them clean. Dylan and Jacob kept looking at each other, standing in front of the truck. Jacob's masculine body, with his farmer's tan and the light mat of chest hair that narrowed to a thin trail and ran down to his navel and down to his pubic hair just over his thick cock which was getting partially erect. Dylan's tall lean body, with muscular definition from his hard labors farming was contrasted by his jet black hair on his head, thick under his arms and the small thick patch over his cock. His legs had a light dusting of black hair visible from the knees down.

Eli and Noah had stopped fooling around and watched Jacob and Dylan. Eli admired their bodies, especially Jacob's as he watched them rub their skin clean in the rain. But it was Noah who was staring transfixed, looking at the two naked men, the way the rain ran down their torsos and he let his guard down, allowed himself to look at them the way he had Eli earlier, with desire and longing. He wanted to go over and rub his hands over them, to touch their bodies; maybe even do other things. Eli looked over at Noah, saw his expression and he knew the look and he smiled, realizing how interesting this could get.

"Hey Dylan, I bet you can't pin Jacob to the ground" Eli yelled out causing the two of them to look up. Jacob and Dylan just looked back at Eli smiling.

"Well, can you take the old man or not?"

"Old man? Who you calling old?" Jacob replied, playing along.

"I could probably take him" Dylan said, the thought of touching Jacob racing through his mind. Jacob turned and looked at Dylan, smiling.

"Bullshit; I'd pin you down so fast you wouldn't know what happened."

"Sounds like a challenge to me" Eli said. He didn't know where this could lead, didn't consider the consequences as usual for he loved to push boundaries. He watched as Jacob and Dylan circled each other and he watched Noah's rapt attention to the spectacle.

Dylan foolishly went for Jacob, trying to wrap his arms around him and tackle him to the ground, but Jacob was ready, as he slipped to the side and came up behind Dylan bear hugging him and bringing him to the ground. The soft ground gave under their weight as Dylan was pushed down into the wet grass and mud. As Jacob tried to get him to say 'give' Dylan tried to break free, but he was too distracted by the feel of Jacob against him the way his body fit over his own, the way he could feel Jacob's cock nestled against his ass.

Noah watched them wrestle on the ground, the way Jacob had Dylan pinned to the ground, his body blanketed over Dylan's, naked body against naked body, and he wished he was in Dylan's place, wished it was him being wrestled to the ground by Jacob...or by Dylan...or even Eli. Eli leaned back against his Jeep, elbows tucked up and on the hood with his body leaned back against the Jeep. Noah looked over at Eli, saw how his muscular body was leaned back, the rain running down it, and he saw how Eli's cock curved out over his balls, thick and partially erect, then he looked back over at Jacob and Dylan, they way they struggled against each other, the muscles in their arms and legs so pronounced, and the way the rain ran over them and he felt his desire in his cock, the way it began to get erect again. When Dylan finally gave up, Jacob helped him up. Dylan turned toward Eli and Noah, smiling, showing his muddy grass covered body.

"I guess the old man got me this time" Dylan said to Eli. He looked over his shoulder at Jacob, his expression suddenly different. "Hey, will you knock the grass and dirt off my back?" Dylan's voice was different, the tone softer, as he thought of how Jacob had pressed his body against his own and he wanted an excuse to continue the contact, to feel Jacob touch him.

"Sure" Jacob responded as he moved up closer to Dylan, rubbing his hands over Dylan's shoulders, pushing the grass and dirt down letting the rain wash it on down his body. Jacob knew he was in dangerous territory, but he wanted so bad to feel Dylan's body, to touch him, to let his hands roam over the tall slim torso, and he let his hands roam down, all the way down Dylan's back, pushing the grass and mud down the slight curve of his lower back and he hesitated, wanting to go further, to move his hands over Dylan's ass. Then he did it, moved one hand down, over the curve of cheek and down this thigh as far as he could reach bent over just slightly.

Noah watched intently, every move, as Jacob rubbed his hands down Dylan's back. He glanced over to Eli, saw him still leaned back, legs spread slightly, cock arced over his balls and his eyes on Noah. Eli smiled at Noah, for he knew the look on his face, had seen it earlier and he nodded over toward Jacob and Dylan.

"Why don't you help Jacob knock that mud and grass off Dylan?" Eli said, his tone firm, nothing about it questionable; it was more demanding, telling Noah what he knew he wanted to hear. Noah moved over to Dylan, stood in front of him, hesitate at first to touch him, but when Dylan smiled at him, reached out and took his hand, brought it to his chest, holding it just a second against his skin, Noah relaxed and pressed tighter to Dylan. Jacob watched from over Dylan's shoulder, knowing this changed things, opened things up.

"It's ok Noah" Dylan said.

Jacob reached around and put his hand on Noah's shoulder and smiled at him, nodding. He then looked over at Eli, saw the smile on his face, saw how he was watching them, waiting to see what was going to happen. Noah moved his hand over Dylan's chest, pushing the mud and grass downward, letting the rain water help him wash it off. He pushed downward, hand firmly on the lean smooth skin as he traveled down over Dylan's stomach and he kept going, his desire to move on too great, lost in the moment and he moved his hand down through the pubic hair over Dylan's cock, then he moved over Dylan's cock, felt the soft flaccid shaft, the loose balls slid slickly across the palm of his hand. Dylan sucked in his breath at the feel of Noah's hand, leaning back till he came into contact with Jacob, his back pressed up against Jacob's chest for the second time. Jacob wrapped one arm around Dylan upper body, holding him tight, as he nuzzled up to his neck, putting his lips to the wet skin, feeling the cool rain water run over the warm skin. Jacob tongued his ear and nipped at it and then he ran his other hand under Dylan's chin as he turned his head around slightly.

"Damn, I want you" Jacob whispered in Dylan's ear, then he looked at Noah, who seemed so much younger, even though he was only two years younger than Dylan and he stared into Noah's eyes, seeing his desire.

"You okay with this, Noah?" he asked.

Noah just shook his head yes as he kept running his hand over Dylan's body and at times over Jacob's arm that was wrapped around Dylan.

"Noah, will Eli be good?" Jacob asked him, thinking he would know Eli better than he would. Noah looked up at Jacob and then back at Eli, seeing him watch them, take in their every move.

"Eli. Eli?" Noah called out.


"You okay if things go further?" Noah asked him.

"Hell yeah...can't wait to see what you pervs do" he responded, suddenly taking his half hard cock into his hand and stroking it lightly. Noah turned back to Dylan and Jacob and leaned forward. He kissed Dylan on the lips, softly, gently, just a simple kiss. When he pulled back he looked at Dylan and smiled, then he leaned forward again, and standing up on his toes, he leaned over Dylan's shoulder and kissed Jacob on the lips. The same gentle way, and he pulled back waiting.

"Will it be okay if I...if I join you, just this time?" Noah asked, suddenly his innocence, a tone of apprehension came into his voice.

Dylan leaned forward and hugged Noah to his body, where Jacob brought his arms around both of them. Dylan ran his nose and mouth through long dirty blonde hair and ran his lips over his ear.

"We'll have a fun together this time, okay?" Dylan whispered in Noah's ear.

Noah pulled back and smiled at Dylan before he dropped to his knees, took Dylan's cock in his hand and put the head in his mouth. He wasted no time sinking the cock into his mouth, letting it slid over his tongue, push to his throat. Noah worked on Dylan's cock, pulling back and pushing forward, letting it slid through his lips.

"Oh fuck" Dylan cried out as he watched his cock move through Noah's lips. As Noah worked his cock he felt Jacob pull back and rub his back, then downward over his ass. He felt Jacob's hands spread his cheeks and then he felt fingers sliding up and down touching him there, over and over, and he leaned forward over Noah's head, giving himself to Jacob. When he looked up he saw Eli stroking his hard cock, watching their every move. Eli smiled at him.

"Damn Dylan, you're getting it at both ends" and he laughed; "You nasty fuck."

Noah pulled off Dylan's cock and stood up and kissed Dylan on the lips.

"Will you put it in me?" Noah asked; his voice tentative, fearful he was asking for too much. Dylan kissed him back pulling this body tight to his own, feeling the warmth between them as the rain water cascaded down their bodies. Jacob leaned around Dylan and told Noah to get on his hand and knees. Noah was soon in position, down on his hands and knees, letting his hands and toes sink into the soft ground, the surface water flow over his hands and legs as he waited, his legs spread apart, opening himself up. Dylan eased down behind Noah and moved up between his legs with Jacob right behind him. Jacob held his body tight to Dylan's as he reached around and took Dylan's cock.

"It'll hurt some, so you need to ease into him, just a little at a time until he loosens up to the penetration" Jacob whispered in Dylan's ear as he held Dylan's hard slickened cock, watching Dylan move to Noah. When he touched Noah, pressed the head of his cock to him he felt Noah push back, eager for penetration.

"Easy...ease it in him" Jacob's voice breaking through the fog of his thoughts, lost in his desires. His cock finally breached Noah, pushed into him slightly, making Noah rise up and cry out. Eli came over, stood by them, watching as Dylan's cock penetrated Noah.

"Fuck that's hot" he whispered, talking to himself.

After a moment of Dylan holding still Noah relaxed, felt the tight pain of his hole diminish, it loosen to the stretch of penetration and he pushed back some, feeling the thick hard shaft slide into him. Dylan watched as Noah moved back, his ass taking his cock, inch after inch slowly disappearing in the tall lean body below him. When Dylan's cock was all the way in Noah, Jacob pushed him over on top of Noah's body, pushing him by the neck, while his other hand continued its ministrations of rubbing through the cleft of Dylan's ass, stroking the skin, preparing him for penetration.

"Lay on him a moment and let him feel that cock buried in his guts" Jacob said to Dylan. Jacob then penetrated Dylan, pushed one finger through the tight ring of his ass, worked it around inside him. Then he pushed two fingers through the tight ring of Dylan's opening, felt the resistance, the stretch to accommodate his fingers and he felt the slight shiver run through Dylan's body. When Jacob had three fingers in Dylan, stretching his hole, feeling its resistance give way Dylan had rose up and grunted at first, but now he turned and looked at Jacob as he held tightly to Noah.

"Fuck me, Jacob, put it in me" he said, his tone determined, begging.

Jacob got into position, eased his cock up to Dylan and thought about all the times he had wanted this, to have Dylan, to penetrate him, take him, and he pushed against Dylan, pressed forward with his hips feeling his hard cock slowly breach Dylan, stretch his hole open and let him in. Dylan rose up and cried out 'fuck' and hugged tightly to Noah, pushed his hips harder against Noah, trying to shove more of himself into the body below him. Eli watched as Jacob penetrated Dylan, watched as the tall fair body took the hard cock Jacob was pushing into him.

"Goddamn" Eli said as he watched Jacob sink all the way in.

Jacob leaned over Dylan, kissed the back of his neck, over his shoulders, feeling his lips trail through the sweet rain water and over the warm skin. When he sat up he pulled back on Dylan's hips, as he moved back, giving Dylan room to move, to swing his hips back and forth, to push cock into Noah as he took Jacob in his own body. Eli moved in front of Noah and got down on his knees, his own cock hard and bobbing in front of him. Noah wasted no time in taking it, letting Eli push it into his mouth, sliding it back and forth through his lips as Noah felt Dylan began to move his body, to swing his hips back and forth, to work cock into him, to give him his first fuck, to take him.

Jacob held still, let Dylan do the work, let him work his hips back and forth, shoving his cock into Noah as Jacob's slid back and forth through the tight ring of his opening. He leaned over Dylan's body, felt the warmth even as rain ran down each of them and he felt Dylan's movement as he looked over at Eli working his cock into Noah's mouth, slowly pumping his hips back and forth. Eli looked up at Jacob and winked.

Noah felt Dylan's hands holding his hips, felt Dylan's cock working in his hole and Eli's in his mouth, both pushing in till he felt the fullness of them, then pulling back and it stirred his lusts, his needs and he was there on his elbows and knees, letting the rain wash over him, letting Dylan and Eli take him. It made his cock hard.

Dylan never felt anything like it before. Never had sex like this, the way his cock felt working through the tightness of Noah and the way he took Jacob's cock every time he moved back. The sensations just raced through him, made his body feel tight, with all his muscles tensed up, making his skin shiver. The cool rain did nothing to cool the heat he felt inside. Soon he got faster and faster, threw his hips hard into Noah, slammed his cock deep into the boy as he jerked back, slammed his own ass down on Jacob's cock, taking it all the way, feeling it fill him. He'd been so horny before, being around Jacob all day, and now here he had Jacob fucking him, holding his body tight to his back and letting him feel his hard body against his own, and in front he had Noah taking him, all the way he shoved his cock into the boy. Dylan fucked at a furious pace, his rhythm getting hard and jerky; the way he threw his cock into Noah. Jacob pulled back some, gave Dylan room to maneuver, room to hammer his cock into Noah and he watched as Dylan slammed into Noah hard, his grunting loud with each swing of his hips.

"Fuck...I'm coming" Dylan cried out as he shoved his cock into Noah, pushing his load deep into him. Jacob rubbed Dylan's back as he held still letting Dylan finish off in Noah, his short jerky thrusts of his hips obviously pumping his load into Noah. When Dylan was spent and he leaned over Noah's back, held him tight in his arms breathing hard, Jacob took his hips, held him in place as he started fucking him hard, slamming his cock into Dylan, over and over and over, knowing he too was close. He pumped his cock back and forth, felt his body tighten up, his cock swell up and then he came, hard, as he shoved into Dylan, pumping his load into his ass.

When Jacob pulled out of Dylan and Dylan got off Noah they saw Eli back away from Noah, his cock going flaccid, and they knew he had gotten off and Noah had taken it. When Noah turned and sat down in the muddy grass his own cock stood up hard and he began to stroke it, let his hand work up and down the length of it, but Dylan quickly moved Noah's hand away, leaned over and took Noah's cock into his mouth working up and down its length. Noah was so close and as he held Dylan's head firmly in place he pumped up with his hips.

"I'm going to cum" he whispered between deep breaths as he worked his hips up and down, shoving his cock into Dylan's mouth, watching his shaft push and pull through Dylan's lips. A few more strokes and he blasted his load into Dylan's mouth, pushing his exploding cock over Dylan's tongue shoving his load toward the opening to Dylan's throat.

Eli had stood back and watched Dylan finish off Noah and when Noah was spent and Dylan sat up, Eli looked over at Jacob shaking his head.

"You guys are some nasty mother fuckers" he teased.

"You guys? What about you?" Jacob teased back.

"I'm just along for the ride" he laughed out and turned and headed back to his Jeep.

Opening night of the festival was a huge success for the towns and the communities for the weather was perfect and attendance exceeded expectations. Eli came with Jean, whom he had dated in high school, and was walking through the crowd heading to the area for food and drink when he spotted Jacob and Dylan leaning against a security barrier having a beer. As he approached he saw Dylan give him a smile and nudge Jacob with his shoulder.

"Hey guys. I see you two are still hanging out together" Eli stated, his tone full of sarcasm, knowing the two of them had been inseparable since that rainy afternoon. The four of them hadn't had sex together again, but it had been obvious to Noah and Eli that Dylan and Jacob were getting together after work on a regular basis. Eli and Noah had continued to mess around, for Eli could not believe how good it felt to let Noah suck his cock, the way he just went at it, really wanting it. After they had finished their work Noah and he had gotten together to just hang out, having become friends as well and when they had done it one last time Eli had tried it. He actually sucked Noah's cock and the memory of Noah telling him he couldn't suck for shit made him laugh to himself every time.

"Yeah, we tolerate each other" Dylan said, making Jacob smile as well.

Noah was at the festival too, having came with a couple of guys he had gone to high school with, thinking of it as one last time together since several of them were leaving in a couple of weeks for college. They were standing near the stage listening to the band play when someone came up and tapped Noah on the shoulder. Noah turned and saw a guy he remembered seeing in town on occasion but really didn't know. He was slim and shorter than Noah with reddish brown hair sticking out around his cap.

"You're Noah right?" the guy asked.


"I'm Austin. I'm from Oak Hill up on the other side of town. I understand you're going to Virginia Tech in the fall."

"Yeah, leaving in two weeks to everything set up."

"Me too! I mean...I'm going to Tech too...and leaving in two weeks" Austin stammered, at a loss on what to say next, not sure what to say, especially in front of the others. Noah saw how Austin suddenly seemed embarrassed, not sure what to say, and then he saw the look on his face; that look he knew.

"Hey, you want to go grab something to drink?" He asked Austin. Austin looked up smiling.

"Yes. I'll buy."

As they walked through the crowd, finding out they were going to be in the same dorm, they passed Jacob, Dylan, Eli and Jean. Noah nodded to them, giving them a little smile and winked as they passed. Jacob and Dylan stared at Noah and the guy he was with as they walked away. Eli sniggered and looked at the guys.

"That nasty fucker; can't even wait till he gets to college" he jokingly stated. Then he turned to Jacob and Dylan. "You know that is the most aggressive one of us."

"Noah? Oh come on" Jacob replied.

"Think about."




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